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on August 25, 2016
Last month, I would have scoffed at that idea. But, now, thanks to Tuft & Needle, I know it can.

A year ago, my husband moved to a hospital bed, and since our queen-sized bed no longer fit in our room, I put it in storage and brought in a twin bed that had belonged to my grandparents. This bed is beautiful, but it has slats just a few inches from the floor, and when I finished it off with a fourth-hand Posturepedic mattress, I felt a bit like a toddler in my very low single bed. Plus, the mattress felt very hard, but I thought it might be because I was used to foam rather than springs. I'd been assured it had been used very little and then by small, lightweight children. And it was meant to be temporary. To raise the mattress, I bought a highly rated box spring, but ended up returning it because for some reason it made the bed feel harder than ever. Then I bought a two-inch memory foam topper and a cushy mattress pad, which made the mattress bearable, although still very low to the floor.

As the year went on, it became clear that the hospital bed would be permanent. Also over the year, my posture started to deteriorate despite my best efforts to stand up straight. I figured I was just getting older. Then I started getting a neck and shoulder pain that came and went. I thought it was due to all the time I spend on the computer as a freelance editor.

I started to think about looking for another box spring to elevate my bed, but I didn't even know where to start. I wondered if I needed to get a set instead. I did online "which mattress is best for you?" quizzes and ended up with recommendations for mattresses costing thousands of dollars. I'd pretty much given up on looking when I read a Consumer Reports article that listed the top mattress companies and their products. The highest level of customer satisfaction went to a company I'd never heard of, Tuft & Needle.

I clicked through to the website and read every page. I loved both the company ethic and the fact that they sell only one type of mattress, one that has been engineered to be perfect for everyone. I went on Amazon and read the sterling reviews. Then I went right back to the Tuft & Needle website and ordered the mattress, choosing to go through the company because the warranty period is 100 rather than 30 days. Right away, the amazing Tuft & Needle customer service team got in touch to thank me for my purchase and ask if they could help with anything. I even heard from one of the company founders. When I told them I hoped to elevate the mattress, they helped me identify a good box spring for it, sending me information and Amazon links to box springs that the company employees themselves have used and liked. I felt as though I was guided and supported through what might be a simple transaction for most people, but for me was a pretty monumental event--the recognition that I'd never go back to sharing a bed with my husband and had to set up a new place to sleep that felt comfortable to me.

The mattress arrived in its box, and it was so cool to see it expand to its full size once it was opened. Both the box spring and the mattress fit perfectly. The first night, I couldn't believe how lovely it was to look across at my husband rather than up at him. I could reach up to turn off the light by the bed rather than having to stand up. And, equally important, the mattress was the most supportive and comfortable one I'd ever had.

The next morning, I woke up full of aches and pains. I lay there thinking that maybe I'd made the wrong choice. I got up--and suddenly realized that my back was perfectly straight. The aches were my body adjusting to finally having the right support. My posture has been aligned since then, and the neck and shoulder pain completely disappeared after that first night. I feel as though I've gotten my old self back. And I've been able to move forward into my new reality with support in all ways. Thanks, Tuft & Needle, for making it all work!
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on June 18, 2017
Within hours of me writing my review T&N contacted me and told me that was not acceptable and to file a claim. I did just that and sent the required information to them and my replacement mattress receipt order was sent within hours. I received it a few days later and even though I set the previous mattress up all alone this time I had an additional problem of now moving the current one out of the way, so I had to wait a few days in order to set this one up. As soon as it was removed from the plastic bag this mattress inflated to a bigger size than my previous mattress immediately! I am very happy about that and REALLY appreciate the company doing right by me with the size issue. They also said I have another full 100 days to return if the other issues I was having are something I cannot deal with. Superb customer service and a very Happy Customer here. I have taken the suggestions to help with the heat and I am hoping that this mattress will be firmer and perhaps my previous mattress was just a fluke and not up to the companies standards.

So I did quite a bit of research and decided to try the Tuft and Needle for our new mattress. Previously we had a Sleep Number and I was excited to try this. I had a few friends give good reviews as well. So it's been a little over 30 days I've been sleeping on the King sized mattress. First off the setup went pretty well I was able to bring in and put on the bed all by myself. It decompressed pretty quick and achieved its 10" thickness immediately. The width however never did and still hasn't on the corners, in the middle of the mattress is close to being what it's supposed to be but the corners are at least 2-3" off. So the bed frame shows and I'm not really a fan of that. It said to give it a week but I'm assuming after 30 days that's all it's going to be.
As far as the comfort and support it is a lot softer than I was sink quite a bit into the mattress. It is supportive though so if your on your stomach you back isn't arching your just sinking in a bit more than I expected and not having anything to "spring" or "bounce" you out of it takes a bit getting used to. There is definitely more effort involved in turning over getting up etc. I had a knee injury so this made it a lot more noticeable to me perhaps. The first week I was really sore but I wanted to give my body time to adjust. The second week seemed a bit better but I was out of town for a few days and slept on hotel beds and was really ready to send this mattress back since I felt better in the morning while away from home. So I've had another 2-3 weeks on the mattress and now this last week the temperature has risen in the 100's in fact 107 today and I've noticed I seem hotter since I sink so far in mattress. I'm not getting good air flow and it wakes me up and I'm tossing and turning quite a bit. I'm not sure what to do, I'm not sure the mattress is supposed to be this soft and the fact it never got to full size maybe it's defective? I have to say I'm not sore anymore and hurting as bad in the morning so perhaps I'm getting used to it but this heat is another issue. When it was cold I didn't mind sinking into a cloud under the covers but now it's not nice. I still have more time to return but don't know where to go from here since this had the best reviews.
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on July 30, 2017
When we first received the mattress, we somehow go the wrong size (we ordered a king and received a queen). It was also only wrapped in plastic, not a T&N box, but it said King so we let it expand only to find it was only a queen (we measured but it was obvious). We taped it back into the plastic as best we could and luckily a very cool UPS guy helped us get it into his truck and returned to Amazon. Amazon was also very helpful, e,very they noted that if UPS wouldn't take it, it would be on us to get it returned (impossible, as we all know).
About 5 days later, we received the right size, properly packaged, cute sticker included and all (although not sure where we will use a sticker advertising our mattress). It had the memory foam smell but it wasn't overly strong and by the end of our day away from home, it seemed fully aired out.
This mattress isn't going to get a 5 star review from me because it is just way too squishy and soft. I saw other reviewers complaining about firmness and I can't imagine how that can be, seeing how after even just pushing on this mattress, ESPECIALLY on the edges, it just sinks so much. Our other memory foam that we were trying to upgrade from was a queen size Sealy and it was so perfect, firm enough but not like sleeping on the floor. This one is like sleeping on layers of blankets- zero support. My neck and back hurt so much that I slept on our old bed in the guest room to get relief.
Also, it is hot to sleep on, we were already used to that from our other memory foam, but this one doesn't seem so bad as far as trapping the heat. We got a cooling gel mattress protector last time and it seemed to help a little bit.
I'm not sure what we will do now, bc I am seeing that if you order from Amazon, you only get Amazon's 30 day return policy vice T&N's 100 days, and we are just past the 30 days of pretty much agony in this mattress; plus, it is a huge hassle to return a mattress when they expect you to somehow vacuum seal it and roll it back up into a box.
Looking for suggestions for a new one, now. I guess there are some things you really shouldn't buy on the internet or you'll literally lose sleep.
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on May 15, 2015
tl;dr: Great mattress, after some hurdles that were deftly cleared by stellar customer service. The entire saga, beginning with my original (unfavorable) review is below:

It hurts me to write this review for such a beloved product. Literally... I first became aware of this company when a blogger friend of mine wrote a sponsored post. I don't usually pay too much attention to the kind of endorsements you see on sponsored blogs ("they gave this to us for free, naturally we LOVE it"), but I know these people & trust their integrity. So when, several months after the initial post, they wrote a follow up reiterating their praises, I was intrigued. I'd been looking for a new mattress for awhile and this company's origin story was so relatable. I loved their mission, their philosophy, their business model. When I ordered my mattress directly from their site in January, I loved their efficient, friendly, but unobtrusive service. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the product.

I want to be clear that I'm not disputing the raves others have had. My blogger friends are 20-something skinny-hipsters while I'm a more ample Gen-X type. But three months in, it's become impossible to sleep on. The center of the mattress, while no visible indentation is present, has softened so much that it compresses significantly and quickly under my hips as soon as I lie down. By contrast, the pressure on my shoulders is beyond firm - which, as I'm a side sleeper, can be pretty uncomfortable. It's not possible to lie on this mattress for more than 2 minutes and maintain a neutral body posture. It's a pain in the neck. Literally! Again!

As I said, the mattress snows no visible indentation, so I don't think my problems fall under warranty or defective product. But I wanted to put this out there & let you know that if you're a chubby side-sleeper, this probably isn't the mattress for you. Pity.

Update: Upgrading from two stars to four. You've got to give a company props for working so hard to make their customers happy. I heard from customer service shortly after posting this review and was assured that the uneven firmness I've experienced is "definitely not normal" and offered a replacement at no charge. My new mattress arrives tomorrow and I'm comfortable saying that, even if this doesn't turn out to be the perfect mattress for me, Tuft & Needle as a company gets my recommendation. They're willing to stand behind their product and that's impressive these days.

Second Update: Have now been using the replacement mattress for a couple of months and am happy to report that it remains very comfortable. It seemed slightly less dense than the first mattress from the beginning, but has provided a very pleasant balance of soft & supportive. I'm officially a fan and also very grateful to the fine folks at Tuft & Needle for taking the initiative to fix this...they have my utmost respect. It took awhile -- but they've earned all 5 stars.

Final Update: Hi people! I didn't realize there had been so much interest in this review - sorry if I left your questions hanging. I've been sleeping on the replacement mattress for over a year now, and am happy to report that it remains one of the most comfortable mattresses I've ever owned. I'm even happier about getting a consistent, comfortable night's sleep. In my opinion T&N service AND product have earned every one of the five stars in this rating.
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on May 20, 2017
The mattress is OK. We gave it nearly the full 100 days to try it out, but in the end we had to do a return. My wife and I both would wake up in the morning with back pain if during the night we rolled over onto our backs... I'm generally a side sleeper, and even in that position I would struggle to get comfortable.
One user of this mattress suggested a Pinzon Hypoallergenic Overfilled Microplush Mattress Pad to help cushion the firmness of the mattress... and while that helped a little bit, it just wasn't enough.
I did a bit more research on mattresses... compared the Ghost bed and Purple... we ended up going with Purple and after only 4 nights of sleeping on it, all I can say is, wow! Neither my wife or I wake up with back pain anymore.
Long story short, if you like a firmer mattress, then maybe this one is right for you... the price is very reasonable, which is why we went with it in the first place. IF HOWEVER, you experience lots of pressure points while sleeping, or often wake up with a back ache... then I'd recommend trying out Purple or Ghost. All of these companies are awesome in that they offer a 100 night trial period. If you don't like the mattress you'll get a full refund.
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on March 15, 2016
Nothing short of amazing. After emailing Tuft and Needle in regards to my Great Dane. They emailed me back with an amazing response answering all my questions. I received the bed and it is beautiful. The next day I received a package containing a stuffed animal and two bones for Jackson. They took the personal time out for my precious Jackson and were so kind. That is real costumer service.
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on November 22, 2017
I have two other "bed-in-a-box" mattresses and this would be my third. I'm strange in the way that I am not typically brand agnostic. I like to try new things and try other brands. So in this case, the bed I currently sleep on (a Casper which I purchased about a year ago) is awesome and honestly I couldn't be more happy with it! The second mattress we have is a cheaper one I purchased on Amazon from Zinus (I honestly haven't slept on this one but my guests seem to like it). However when we recently moved and needed a third mattress I figured I would try something new just for fun. After a bit of poking around, I landed on Tuft and Needle, with the tremendous review count I thought I'd give it a shot... bad idea!

This mattress is so uncomfortable and so hot! First, I understand the recommendation to "give it time" so I did. I slept on this thing for almost three weeks and I just couldn't handle it any longer! It was rock hard at first and then as it "broke in" it became softer but also even more "dead" feeling. The mattress has no bounce or support as they claim.

After my poor experience I did some more research on their reviews to figure out why so many people apparently love this bed. I was amazed to see that there are articles supporting the claim that Tuft and Needle Amazon reviews are primarily false or skewed in some way. It really became clear to me when I searched their product on fakespot and they rated the Tuft and Needle product as an F!! I can't believe Amazon has let this go on and it certainly makes me questions all of Amazon's products.

Anyway, buyer beware and shop with care!
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on August 3, 2015
First things first, I bought this direct from Tuft & Needle. I wanted the full 100 night trial, instead of the 30 nights through Amazon. They did not ask me to post this review on Amazon, I wanted to give feedback since I had noticed some rumblings about reviews coming from Non-verified purchases, etc. I've had the mattress since Friday.

Here are my initial observations:
1. After taking out of the box, I would say that from unrolling the first layer of plastic to fully expanded took about 2 minutes
2. I think it might be an inch or two wider than a standard king mattress. I have not measured it but it does not quite fit in between the rails of my platform bed. It is not bothersome and does not hang over.
3. Agree with other reviewers, the sides do not have much support when sitting upright with the full weight of your body on the edge. But I don't typically linger sitting on the side of my mattress. Maybe a lean back to pull on a sock or two or shake the cobwebs out of my head before I get up. I don't feel that it in any way diminishes the sleeping area of the mattress because when you are sprawled out and spreading your weight more evenly on the mattress, you don't notice it.
4. Smell - there really wasn't an odor to the mattress at all. In fact, it just smells fresh/new.
5. Firmness - I think the reviewer that stated it was about a 7 out of 10 was pretty close. I am a side sleeper and find it closer to an 8 out of 10. My husband thinks it's fantastic, so I am sure that tossing a memory foam topper on it will make us both perfectly happy.

In summary, if you are looking for the marshmallow-like squish and conformity of a classic well-known memory foam brand, this is NOT the mattress for you. It is however, uniformly firm and supportive with just the right amount of give and a complete lack of motion transfer.
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on September 21, 2016
Overall, the mattress is very comfortable. My wife slept like a rock on it, I unfortunately did not sleep as well. We purchased the T&N to replace an old foam mattress that developed hot spots.
After the second night, I encountered the same problem. The big problem came when we returned it. If you purchase directly from T&N, you get to try the mattress for 90 days verse 30 days if you go through Amazon. Here's the BIG problem- Amazon requires you to box up the mattress before UPS picks it up ( no cost to you). This is easier said than done. The mattress is vacuum packed at the factory. Once you cut open the bag, it naturally inflates to full size.
Getting it back in the box is impossible.
Finding a king size mattress box was harder than expected. Our local Uhaul store had nothing and mattress stores typically don't keep old boxes on sight. I ended up purchasing a poly bag for the mattress at the Uhaul and, using a shop vac, sucked out enough air to roll the mattress small enough to fit in two large boxes. It took my whole family of 5 to accomplish this feat. What a pain. If we had purchased directly off the T&N website, they would have had someone pick it up and we would have avoided the whole repackaging nightmare.
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on May 17, 2017
Another update. Last update I complained about spending $900 on a Tuft & Needle when there was so many other cheaper brands of memory foam mattresses out there. I now retract that statement. We needed a new mattress for our guest bedroom. Needed it in a couple days and we had no time to shop, so I ordered a queen Lucid 10" Memory Gel mattress for under $200. Big mistake. Difference between the two mattresses is night and day. After the comparison, I have a whole new respect for my Tuft & Needle.
3-month update: We still sleep comfortable although I now find it a bit warm. We do use cotton sheets. Till I bought this mattress I had slept on a spring and coil type mattress for 50 years. And now I'm beginning to miss that. With so many other memory foam mattresses on the market I'm not sure why I spent $900 on this King one when I could've bought a pretty decent spring and coil for that amount of money.
We bought our son a similar mattress a few years ago and to this day he loves it. So when it was time to replace our mattress, we ordered this mattress. As soon as the mattress came out of the box, it aired-up nicely (takes in air on its own -- no pumps necessary.) The mattress sleeps quite comfortable and is cool (we live in south Florida). We don't use a box spring, rather we use bed slats set in a frame (Ikea). The slats lift the head or the feet and this mattress work fine with that setup. My only negative is when not sleeping on the mattress, it doesn't feel like a mattress. Try sitting on the edge of the mattress to take your pants off, and you sink way down. But if you can get past that, it's an awesome mattress.
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