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on February 9, 2017
Surprisingly good, and captivating for the younger toddler and pre-k set. My 4 yo describes it as her "figuring out how to do things show" and loves that the characters figure out how to solve problems on their own, without parental or adult intervention. I adore this too! We are not fans of most kid shows in general, but this one hits a sweet spot of innocent and creative/imaginative and intelligent (Peg + Cat is more in line with this one, but for the older pre-k and k set as it deals with more direct math concepts rather than what this program does: figuring out how to solve spacial/conceptual problems,which yes, older toddlers and pre-k kids can do)
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on August 23, 2016
We were looking for something else than Daniel the Tiger, to change it up a bit, and discovered this show.
Our 3 year-old twins LOVE this show. We don't watch much TV, and it was the first I heard them laugh so much while watching something.

Each episode follows the same structure:
A crab is on the sand, and fishes a couple of items. He keeps one for him, and throws away one that ends up in a chest.
The chest is located in the "finding place", inside the boat where Fig the fox lives.
Fig the fox realizes something has ended up in the chest and goes check it out.
Then it's an adventure about how to use this item, along with one of his friends, Mabel the bear, Hedge the hedgehog...

This show is very whimsical, the art style is original and beautiful, the characters are fun!
I'm impatiently waiting for more seasons to come.
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on January 14, 2016
Add us to the list of fans of Tumble Leaf. We allow our kids to watch an average of zero hours of TV a week, just the odd special or occasional video. I'm sure my 2-year old would like just about anything we put on but when we put on Tumble Leaf and I watch her face she is DELIGHTED by what she sees. She's involved emotionally, not just sitting there mesmerized by the motion and colour. Despite our preference for books or physical activities, her interaction with this programme seems genuine and that can't be bad.

As for the show and stories I'm impressed by everything about it. The production is rich and detailed. It looks like it is done with care, quality and pride. It has details in the animation that don't need to be there but someone has cooked them in because they want to do something special, not just pop out a show that kids will stare at.The characters are charming without being cloying or saccharine sweet. I like it that it comes in 15 minute segments and it's even fun to watch with the kids.
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on June 26, 2015
Our 2.5 year old son, who has only been allowed to watch a very small handful of TV shows, LOVES this show. And we (the parents) appreciate that each episode teaches about some specific basic topic (eg: springs), and always includes the main character having some initial difficulty with something but always saying, "Let's figure this out" (hence the main characters name, Fig... although it took me an embarrassingly long time to make that connection!). And best of all, each episode ends with Fig telling the audience to "Go play", a refreshingly nice alternative to "stay in front of the TV and watch more commercials."
We can't wait for Season Two (our son has already watched each episode of Season One dozens of times).
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on November 26, 2015
My son fell in love with Tumble Leaf in the first few minutes of it. He's extremely selective about what shows he'll watch so I was thrilled when he let me put it on. We were only able to watch the first episode for a few months until we got Amazon Prime, but he never tired of watching just the one. Now we've been watching the remaining episodes & he can't get enough. He gets excited every time the crab pulls the crate out of the water and throws something in the finding place. He loves to see what they're going to do with the found objects since they show more than one way the objects can be used. The dialogue is simple enough for a toddler to understand but explains/teaches ideas without "dumbing them down". It teaches critical thinking (ex: What can we do to fix that? or Hmmm, maybe I can do this to make it work.) and provides several scenarios in each episode where there's a small problem that needs solving. The problem & solution aspect is excellent for keeping my son's interest (as he usually has a very short attention span), because he loves to see if he's right about how they're going to solve them. There are several characters, each with their own quirky personalities & I think the're all absolutely adorable. Personally, I love the animation and the vibrant colors.
I've seen other reviews that say Tumble Leaf is appropriate for ages 3+ or 4+, however, my son has watched it since he was about 2 1/2 (he'll be 3 in Dec) and has had a pretty good grasp on everything being taught, so I would say it's perfectly fine for 2+ as long as you watch with them and engage them by talking about it with them. The earlier they learn problem solving, the better - especially if you have a child who gets frustrated easily when they can't figure out how to do something. It'll cut down on some of those meltdowns! Also, I like that this is a slow paced show. There are several educational shows out there, however I think some of them have too much action. Some of the information is missed because some children become more focused on the excitement rather than the actual lessons being taught. My son has a much easier time sitting still for this show since he doesn't feel the need to constantly get up and jump around like he does with the action packed shows. All in all, this is one of my favorite shows for young children and my son can watch it as much as he wants! I hope it's on for several more seasons!
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on November 7, 2015
My husband picked this show to start watching with my daughter and it didn't look very interesting to me from the cover picture and description. I was so wrong! We don't let our daughter watch much tv, but on Saturday mornings we like to cuddle in bed with a show that we can all enjoy. This one is perfect for us!

First, it's clay animation. How cool is it to see actual time and effort put into a children's show? It's fun for adults to watch and just marvel at how much detail is put into each episode. It makes me want to go and play play doh with my kid create a little world of our own! The clay-mation is not just interesting to adults, my 2.5 year old daughter is captivated by the animation too. Everything is so whimsical and cute!

The characters have the cutest names and looks. It is so adorable to hear my daughter talk about Fig, Stick, and Maple in her pretend play! One day I asked her what she was doing and she said "I'm making mud pies!" Something she saw on the show. I am not a person who believes that TV is evil for kids, but I also don't think children actually learn that much from television. Sure, they repeat things they see. But most things a parent claims a child has learned from TV could be taught faster with real world activities. I don't think my daughter actually learned what mud pies are. She is just imitating what she saw on the show. But something about this show has captivated her imagination. Something about this show makes her want to go on and pretend that she is in the world of Tumble Leaf. I think that's where the real learning takes place. Now I can make mud pies with her and she can learn through our activities. We can make mud pies from play doh or real mud (haven't been brave enough to try this yet!), or we can bake a real pie! I know parents can make any television show interactive, but this show really inspires her creativity while other shows seem to just make her zone out and stare.

The crab character is so funny too! I never paid much attention to the crab until my husband pointed out that he always keeps something for himself and throws the leftover item in the "finding place." Now that we are watching all the episodes again, my daughter is talking more about what the crab chooses to play with. It's just a funny little detail that we think is really cute.

So it's a cute format with cute character, but also, the subject and dialogue of each episode is also well constructed and written. We like the emphasis on science when most preschool shows only focus on colors and shapes.

We were really happy to see that Amazon has ordered a second season of this show! We hope the creators are given credit for creating a top notch show for children in an age where it is easy and cheap to just throw out a computer generated, low budget, "babysitter" show. One question though... Are they going to come out with some merchandise to go with the show? I am not one to buy my kids a lot of character toys and clothes but I think my daughter would adore a Fig and Stick doll or some Tumble Leave pajamas! This is one show that I would absolutely purchase merchandise for!
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on July 9, 2017
We LOVE Tumbleleaf!!! My 16 month old can easily sit through 1 episode while he has his morning milk or nighttime cuddles and smiles the whole way through. The writer, producer, and designers go the extra mile with attention to detail making it interesting for their audience. While it's fun to watch, they also work in education! Just a great all around show for kids!
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on February 9, 2017
My little girls, ages 5 and 3, really enjoy Tumble Leaf. I greatly appreciate the bright, vivid colors and the unique characters and scenery. I also am thankful for the calmness, sweetness, and tenderness of this series. There are no loud, jarring sounds or music, no high drama situations. There is an adventure in each episode, but the main character goes about it calmly and his friends are there to help him along the way. There are no "evil" villains and the dialogue is never harsh or negative. It is a great series for children to watch in the evenings or on a tablet device close to bed-time for winding down the day, but still enjoying some cartoons. How to treat others, how to work together with others, helping others is the overlying theme of this series and greatly appreciated, especially for smaller children learning how to interact with others in their world.
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on July 23, 2015
I wasn't real excited when my 2.5 yr-old daughter wanted to watch it. The character looked sort of low-production-value on the "cover". Those of you who have spent some time flipping through little kids' programs will know what I mean. There is a lot of shovelware out there.
I could not have been more wrong. The animation is excellent. It is in the Aardman Studios, Wallace and Gromit vein. Physical characters and sets, not CGI. I have no problem watching these repeatedly (like ya do) as there is always some other part of the little set to look at and be amazed by.
The Important Stuff: Beautiful to watch or not, what we worry about most in our house is the content and how the characters behave towards each other. We are trying to keep conflict out of our kid's entertainment for as long as we can. The characters in these videos treat each other with kindness and understanding and try to help each other. This gives us a lot of chances to chime in with "Wasn't that nice of him to share?" and "Aw, look how nice it is, they're helping each other!", which, as you know, only need to be reinforced about one-to-two million times.
There is also some very basic word stuff and the main character's catch phrase of "let me figure this out" leads him into guiding kids through very simple problem solving which is probably a bit advanced for our 2yr old to follow but may lead to good conversations with slightly older kids.
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on May 7, 2015
This is such a beautifully and thoughtfully made show. My three year old loves it and I find myself sitting down to watch it as well. The scenery and music is very soothing and in contrast to some of the obnoxiously loud and ridiculous cartoons for children. They way the creators decided to teach some of the concepts in this show is very layered which is nice for the different types of learners out there. I really hope that a second season is made soon!
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