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on January 3, 2014
My family and business dropped _thousands_ of dollars on accountants for years. Then we finally got sick of their do-nothing attitude and bought this. Been using it for five years and love it. Consistently outperformed the accountants in terms of saving us money and not making mistakes. Even if there are deductions somewhere the so-called pros could find that we don't find with this product (and I doubt that there are), the cost of those pros is too high to make it worth worrying about.

One complaint/suggestion for Intuit: It's not clear from the descriptions here that this product will, ultimately, let you do state filings as well, but that you have to download them after you have bought and installed this federal product. You might want to make that more immediately apparent, as all of the home versions emphasize they do both, so one has to wonder why this one might not (I assume it's because businesses might well have multiple state filing requirements, and you don't want to people think this one purchase covers any number of states at no additional cost, but somewhere there's got to be a person who can make that clear in your advertising copy for you).
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on December 12, 2013
I am a 9 year user of TurboTax for Business. The last few years corrected a number of older problems with multi owner LLC K-1 preparation and got rid of the need to do several manual overrides.

Thank you for posting the release early again this year so I can purchase, install it, and get a preliminary year-end run in as the IRS releases forms for 2013. This saves me time as we make some year end decisions.
I will update this review if I see any functionality issues once the final tax forms for 2013 are released.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 14, 2014
Form 1120S - entered depreciation of assets; however, form 4562 is not showing as a form that will be filed or can be printed. When in form view, it does not show as a form in my return; however, if I select form 1120S p1-2, the depreciation smart worksheet shows that a form 4562 has been created - yet is not showing for filing or printing? Seems to be a TT business programming error. Contacted support via chat, and I wasted almost 2 hours with two different representatives that stated that they could not relay this information to technical support and could not assist me with their limited knowledge. I was told that I would have to call the TT Business Department to get this reviewed and maybe (just maybe) get this code issue fixed....
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on November 26, 2014
I've had mixed experiences with Intuit products in general. Many of the times I experience issues with them locking up, not saving, corrupting files, and so forth. With this product, I did not experience that.

I purchased this software for a couple business returns I needed to file and was surprised at how easy it was to navigate through the various sections that needed to be filled out. The results were good and the return printed appropriately. The eFile worked well, too, and the return was accepted by the IRS within 8 hours.

I plan on purchasing the product again for my 2014 business returns. I wish they would include the personal 1040 return preparation feature with this, especially for the money you're paying. Unfortunately, you have to buy that separately, AND pay additional money to be able to prepare a state tax return with your federal.

All in all, I'd give the software a 4-star. There are improvements that could be made; there are features that should be added; but as it is, it does what it's designed to do and it doesn't take very long to get the hang of it, get your information entered, and get the returns submitted.
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on April 10, 2014
Maybe I just had too many expectations.
I love TurboTax, and have used them repeatedly for my personal taxes. I've always been very satisfied.
I assumed that the Business edition would be even better, since it cost most. I was sadly disappointed.

When doing my personal taxes, I click the help icon all the time and find wonderful information and definitions. The Business edition had lousy descriptions and definitions. I would click help, and essentially see the same words in a sentence scrambled a different way. This included numbers I didn't understand like 1099-G and Form K-1, which I then just had to Google, because their "help" icon just gave me information like "This is the 1099-G you should have received in the mail." Well, I didn't receive it, so I need to track it down, but I have no clue what it is because you didn't tell me anything useful.

There are also several sections with seemingly redundant names. One section said it included royalties. When I googled how I should report the apps I sold, it said I should do it as royalties. So I filled it all in, and then later on there was a whole section dedicated to royalties. So I had to go back, purge the old data, and then re-enter it into the section just for royalties. Such redundancies shouldn't exist.

...sorry, you can tell I am a little upset about it.

It works, it gets the job done, but you better know what you're doing, because it's not going to help you other than just making sure you get everything filled out.
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on January 9, 2014
I am running Win7 Home Premium (64bit)& have used TurboTax Business for the past two years.
I have always been very pleased with the product, though it has its little quirks like any piece of software.
I installed via the Download Process at Amazon without any problems.
The first time I ran TT it had a few updates to run that took less than 5 minutes.
I realize that I have to purchase a separate state product (not currently available on Amazon) but I will wait until I complete the Fed return.

It quickly found my return from last year & imported the data without a problem.

I realize that tax code changes are still being written at the IRS so I'm not concerned about the overall accuracy issue just yet.
Having the program early lets me enter data I already have whenever I have a little spare time.

I had been concerned after reading some of the negative reviews here but my experience is very positive so far and consistent with past years.
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on March 3, 2014
Maybe this is the best out there but I had problems. I had to do a 1041 trust return and 1040 the beneficiary. Next year should be easier. Some problems I had:
1) Cannot e-file Federal or state although it is possible according to IRS and FTB sites (but not through TT)
(The rest applies to TT premier and TT business)
2) It will ask questions during the interview but not explain what the ramifications of your answers are. I would constantly have to go to forms mode to find the line number and then go to the IRS site to look it up. Ex. Do you want to make a 663(b) election? Or regarding Foreign tax paid and getting a credit: something about first time you are eligible to not fill out form 1116, make a selection-once you make it you cannot change it without IRS permission!
3) I bought TT premier because I thought the K-1 info would load to the K-1 for the individual. It doesn't. You have to do it by hand.
4) When the state and Federal K-1s do not match and the first tier does not match, TT tells to you manually make changes!!! That's dangerous. I do not what I messed up because I tried this. And I do not know what is correct still.
5) I paid 130 for Fed, 50 for CA (541), $74 for premier because I thought I should use the same platform, and still spent days looking things up, confused, not knowing how to answer the questions, or fill out the 2 states (540 and 541).
6) When I made a mistake and started to add a 2nd RIC because TT did not make it clear whether it had extracted the Country information form the 1099div, I couldn't get rid of it in Col (b). I kept getting errors during the check. I tried to remove form 1116 and start over but I still had the errors.
7) "Est and other income taxes" paid- I want to see values next to the update button- not have to go into update to see what I put in. It has values next to update button in other areas of the program, but not here.
8) On the taxes paid page: when I update and then finish, TT should bring you to where you just made the change but instead it brings you back to the top of the page so you do not know what you just finished.
9) This is just a psychological annoyance- TT puts how much tax is due before you even start deductions-so you will almost always see that you owe a lot until you get to second and third parts.
10) Finally, I did my kids' taxes on TT premier. They had unearned income (interest, dividends, capital gains.) After the interview was done, it said I did not need to pay a "kiddie tax" form 8615. I redid it again because I manually did some calculations from the IRS worksheets and it seemed that I owed $. Still TT came up that may child did not make enough. I e-filed. I still wasn't satisfied so I gave my accountant (who does my taxes) the kids' returns. He said I do owe. Now I have to file an amended return.
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on March 12, 2014
I've been using Intuit products from the early days. I was a Beta tester for them for Quicken for windows 3.1. I've used quickbooks for a number of small business I have owned or been a manager or partner for for many years. Lets face it the ONLY reason to use a tax software or bookkeeping product like the INTUIT line is to save money on accountant costs. My business accountant as many do charge by the hour. The more my company does the less time he spends the more I save. The problem that I have with this products is the way it "imports" or really does NOT import data from it's sister product Quickbooks. I have both MAC's and windows computers. I tend to use the MAC's more (especially since Window's 8) for my day to day activities like bookkeeping. I have QuickBooks for the MAC and us it for my day to day bookkeeping chores. Come tax time I purchase TurboTax for business for windows (I have an s-Corp and Intuit doesn't have a MAC version for Business). My thought was the QuickBooks for MAC offers a future to save the company file in a windows version. So I installed the TurboTax for Business on a Windows 8 computer. Saved my QuickBooks for MAC in the windows format, copied to the windows machine, went to import the data into the TurboTax for Business, only to find that the TurboTax for Business does NOT recognize the QuickBooks Company file. Now both these products are made by INTUIT. I went to there help section of the WEB, and found out that NO turboTax for Business will only work for the Windows version of Quickbooks. Now I could purchase the windows version of Quickbooks convert my MAC version Company to windows and it will work. ARE THEY TRYING TO MAKE ME SPEND MORE MONEY ON WITH THEM? After all if the windows version of quickBooks can use the MAC Company File why doesn't TurboTax for Business have the ability to read the same file. After all these are all sister products from the same company Intuit. Well lesson learned for me, this one's going n the trash, back to the accountant. THIS WILL BE THE LAST INTUIT PRODUCT I PURCHASE. Shame for them as in the past I always have keeper current (PAID for it) on all their software.
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on January 13, 2014
I have used this software for tax prep for LLCs and partnerships for 5 years. It is reasonably easy to use, however the user must be familiar with tax rules, or frankly they could make mistakes with this software. For example, if a participating investor passes their shares to another party (due to death, etc.) TurboTax does not always handle the transfer correctly; TurboTax does not ask if there will be a "step-up"; TurboTax does not always handle the "step-up" depreciation correctly. So, I recommend this product with reservation - you MUST know about LLC/Partnership taxes before using this product!
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on December 25, 2014
I am a CPA but not a tax preparer. I recognize that any tax software has its limitations and none are perfect, but when they are marketed to the consumer, I would expect that the help or instructions would at lest be a bit more friendly because there are so many people relying on Turbo Tax doing their taxes correctly. In my case, I continually find errors in data not carrying over correctly between forms, not being picked up correctly between federal and State, and in missing forms. Also, filing instructions are very poor, especially when payments with extensions have been made earlier. Permissible state filing methods are also inconsistent with regulatory requirements, which can result in penalties and interest, so make sure you know your tax laws because Intuit does not stand behind their bugs.
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