Customer Reviews: TurboTax Business Federal+ e-File 2010 [Download] [OLD VERSION]
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on December 31, 2010
I've used TurboTax Deluxe for 12 or more years, and TurboTax Business for two corporations for 4 years, so I know what I'm doing. I can not believe they released this software in this condition. They should be ashamed. When you click on a previous topic area, it goes to a placeholder page that tells them where to put the titles, then freezes. If you try to save your file after transfering from last year's taxes and importing your Quickbooks files, which takes a lot of work to check over, it says, "Error 900! Can not save tax file!" and you have no way to save your work. If there's an autosave, it doesn't work. When I went to Intuit's site to look for a solution, it says this is a known issue and they are working on it! Hello? They've got NO business selling a piece of software that doesn't allow you to save anything in a business tax return! They invite you to send them your email address so they can notify you when they figure out what's wrong with this unfinished software they are selling. A piece of junk that will destroy TurboTax's reputation if they don't move to correct this fast.

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on January 12, 2011
Loaded program, as I have for the last few years, and transferred prior year info. Hit continue and the next screen is nothing and it will not let you save. Message says it is a known error but they are not giving a fix. Restarting and rebooting does no good. For now this program is worthless!

Please note that I have many years of experience with software and taxes using many different programs. This failure by TurboTax seems unreal.

Update on January 18, 2011: I have now received and email from the Project Manager for TurboTax Business saying they plan to make a fix available by January 24.

Update #2 on January 24, 2011. I am pleased to say "score one for TurboTax" based on downloading todays update, transfering my prior year data, and being able to save - it appears they fixed the error that occured when trasfering your prior year amounts. I still need to actually complete the tax return but expect it to go well, the same as it has for the past three years. Other than the delay TurboTax caused me, I can now reverse my earlier comment calling the program worthless.
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on February 15, 2011
I use TT Business for my S Corp. I got a bit worried seeing the earlier reviews complaining about missing forms. However, a visit to Intuit's support site indicated that an update had been made on Feb 11 that added most of the missing forms. I purchased the downloadable program, applied the latest updates, and it is working pretty well for me. There are still some forms that won't be available until March 1, but those are not common and don't apply to my business.

The "Quick Import" from Quickbooks works really well, and I had no problems with tax category mismatches that have plagued me in previous years.

Preparing the Federal return is really smooth and simple. My main gripe with this program involves the California State return. It requires entering data manually that it already knows. For example, the California depreciation adjustment is supposed to be added to Schedule M-2, but I needed to add it myself manually. If you are in a state with a less complex tax code, you should be fine.

If you use Quickbooks, and need to file a corporate tax return, this is the way to go!
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on February 3, 2011
I have two major issues with this product. The big problem is that I've been waiting and waiting for tax forms 1120 and 1065 to be ready and it seems every time I go on to the program, it pushes the date back further and further. I don't think they should be able to sell something that isn't fully functional. My other problem is that the product advertises its ability to create 1099-DIV and 1099-INT. I couldn't figure out where to do this in the software, I could only create 1099-MISC. I initiated a chat with support and they started telling me where to report a 1099-DIV as income. I had to tell them 3 times that I wasn't trying to report a 1099-DIV, that I was trying to create one. They finally said they weren't "trained" in the business edition and gave me an 800# to call. I called the number, and they apparently weren't "trained" either because he first tried to tell me that it wasn't supposed to create those 1099's. I had to point him to the page on the website where it was advertised, I sat on hold forever, to be told to go to to create my 1099's.
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on December 23, 2010
In the 2010 version of TurboTax for Business you cannot transfer data from the prior year and save the file. Program produces an error 900 code and the online response is that there is no known solution. Call to tech support told me this is a known problem and they do not have a fix. They said we either have to wait until they figure out how to fix the program or manually enter all of the prior years' data in the new year. They do not know when or if they can fix the problem.
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on December 24, 2010
If there was a problem with transferring prior year returns, it has been fixed. I've installed TurboTax Business from a CD I had received from Intuit, and it transferred 2009 return without any issues.
I don't see any dramatic changes comparing to 2009 - clear and user friendly interface and a wealth of supporting information in case you have a question. This will be my 12th year of using TurboTax. It has always worked fine, and I don't expect 2010 to be any different.
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on January 2, 2011
The business version works well, but I feel it was to expensive. I liked the feature of working with quickbooks, which is what I use for my business, but it was to pricy for what you get. I do regret buying it. After spending money on this version you still have to buy the state version, then you have to buy yet another version for your own personal tax returns. By the time you are done you will have spent $200.

I saw H&R block has a business version like this one with pretty fair ratings for about $80, which includes your personal income tax return a savings of $120. It's not worth the extra cost for the extraction of data from Quickbooks, all you need to do is run the tax report in Quickbooks and you will have all the data you need for entering on the H&R block version, might take you an additional 20 minutes, but when you consider the cost break down that is $360 an hour, which for me translates into a poor investment. Sorry Quicken, I'm all about the numbers :-)
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on March 5, 2011
If you have used Turbotax to file your personal taxes you will be stunned how poor the workmanship is in Turbotax Business. Little effort went into the making of this product and in the course of 5 minutes using it I found not less than 3 bugs. Despite the claims that you can efile here it is March and no form is available. Turbotax boast that the have a "GPS" feature to guide you through. Plan on being lost down a dead alley if you use it. I immediately found it asking to fill in information that was either irrelevant or not placed in the proper places. The consequences are dire. You can expect the IRS will know the difference between properly filled out forms and those from Turbotax Business. If you have not already filled in the tax forms manually yourself in prior years don't plan on using this. A Turbotax moderator claimed to have a bug fix that all I needed to do was to update the software. The bug fix was of no value and left the bug. Last year I spent 2 hours on the phone and found the Turbotax staff delightful, slow to fix the problem but at least they did. This year it was an entirely different experience. I spoke to a supervisor about the bug, whom immediately denied its existence. He was so rude, insolent and arrogant I wasn't surprised when he threatened to hang up on me. I was glad to say goodbye. He was having a very hard day. Left with the problem I was grateful that they have an OVERRIDE feature that allowed me to manually correct the columns that were placed in improperly. Thank gosh I knew where the information belonged and heaven help those of you who don't. Two years in a row they have had a bug that taxed the wrong party for trusts. All of the claims I have read from others about missing forms are true. Don't plan on efile your Federal regardless of what claim Turbotax is making. It comes up perpetually saying you must file by mail the trust return. I eventually gave up and filed by mail. Don't buy this product unless you are experienced on your own in filing taxes yourself without software. It is of little value. This product is overpriced and poor. Efile on state taxes went without a hitch. Expect to pay a fortune in extra dollars for the state forms. When they bankrupt you with charges you can use Turbotax Business to file your going out of business taxes.
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on February 2, 2011
Watch out with this product - it won't allow you to print or file and forms until at least February 12th. If you need your 1065s and K-1s sooner, you're out of luck.
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on February 25, 2011
Turbo Tax Business is supposed to make doing your own taxes easier. My husband and I own an S-Corp, no employees, and in the past have had a CPA do our taxes. Unfortunately they had become excessively expensive, so we decided to give Turbo Tax a shot. The walk me through it section was pretty good, but they don't give very lengthy instructions for things you have questions about. I did not do the live tax help, so that might have worked with some of the questions I had. I honestly found it easier to just go into forms mode and compare what our accountant had done in past years with the forms I had just filled out. By the by, they want to charge you an extra $45 to download the state forms, which can be found on the internet for free. I don't like that turbo tax does that--constantly trying to upsell or not including things you need on purpose in order to make more money. Kinda sleazy.
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