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on February 2, 2014
I've been using TurboTax since 1997, but this could well be my last year. The drill is pretty consistent year to year, so I can get through it quickly with some upfront organization - like reviewing credit card statements, checkbook register, and investment statements then consolidating my deductions and investment income in an Excel spreadsheet before starting TT. I'm usually ready to file after the first week of January, but end up waiting until February for everyone else to get their act together - whether it is the IRS or Intuit updating their software or banking institutions that take too long printing out forms with numbers that were already well accrued for the year - everyone seems to have an excuse.

I've successfully used the TT e-file to get my Federal taxes in this year. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to submit my Arizona taxes at the same time due to Intuit not having Form 140 completed. The software says I can't file, but gives no indication when this will be resolved - just check back for the update. You need to search for Inuit's web site where they list the details on form availability for both Federal and all State forms. It currently says I'll be waiting until Feb. 18, which is an extension beyond their previous forecast of Jan. 31. It's inexcusable to me that they can delay nearly half way into tax filing season before having a ready product.

Another point to be wary of regarding the "Refund Bonus Offer." I'm an avid Amazon shopper and I thought the idea of getting a 10% bonus for directing some of my Federal return to a gift card would be great. It helped push me over the edge on buying TT from Amazon. After reading the fine print, however, I'm not going to be taking them up on the offer. Once you're in the process of filing and you elect to take the gift card option, you are presented with a series of disclosure agreements that you must accept. It boils down to this. You agree to have a deposit account opened at Sunrise Bank. Your refund and personal information (it's not clear the extent of this, but it is at least your name, e-mail, refund amount, and direct deposit account numbers) is transferred to Sunrise Bank. They then handling the split between what goes into your direct deposit and gift card amounts. So, they transfer your direct deposit to your bank. Then they send the gift card amount to a gift card company in California, who then purchases the gift card from Amazon. All along your "personal information" is being sent and you agree to abide by their use of your information for marketing purposes. They state that they can use your information for up to a year, unless you call them to limit their usage. After walking through this process, I backed out. I couldn't justify the release of an unknown amount of personal data and 3rd party marketing, in return for a mere $50. ($500 + 10% gift card). Ultimately, it seems like you agree to them making money from marketing your information, in order to offset the additional 10% bonus - you pay for it in the end. Rightfully so, the Amazon fine print states that they are not affiliated with this gift card offer. Buyer beware.
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on January 14, 2014
I have been using TurboTax since about 1994, and have watched it evolve. In general, I like how it works, and am used to its overall approach. In the 2013 version, I noted a couple of things which I hope will be fixed in later versions:

1) When starting the process to select and download the one included "state" package, the dialog box shows the state you have selected in an area entitled "states not yet paid for." Along the top, there is a progress indicator, showing that the next phase will collect billing information. That was disconcerting and misleading enough for me to go back to the physical box and make sure I bought the correct product that includes one state for free. When I confirmed that I had the right product, I continued the process, and it turns out that it skips over the billing and goes right to the download phase - indicating that the one state was included for free. Whew. Good news, but the interface shouldn't imply that you will be billed unless you actually select more than one state.

2) This issue has been around for awhile, and I was hoping it would be addressed. I prefer to work in Forms mode, rather than spend time in the step-by-step interview mode. But no matter what mode you're in when you save and close, opening the return later always puts you in the interview mode. You can get back to Forms mode with one click of an icon (in the upper right corner), but when you get there, all the forms you had open before are closed. I would much prefer that it take me to whichever mode I was in when I last worked on the return, and if that was Forms mode, I would prefer seeing still open all the forms I had open when I last worked on the return. This is more of a pet peeve and annoyance, based on the way I tend to work (wanting to pick up exactly where I left off in Forms mode).
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on February 20, 2014
I am experiencing post purchase regret. I realized too late that I didn't need to pay for tax software. I could have gotten this much from the free versions that are out there. That said, the program worked ok. I partially entered some information in the deductions and expected the program to have an alert when I didn't enter anything in the sums, but it didn't. It would have completed the process with 0 in the form. Also they want $19.99 more to e-file state. They are charging for something that is already offered for free in my state.

For those of you who are tempted by the rebate... I was too. You have to sign a form that releases ALL of the information on your tax forms (not just that you have a refund or how much it is) to an unknown "bank" that issues the gift certificates. Included in that agreement is a privacy contract which informs you that they are free to share your information with, pretty much whomever they want. If you are comfortable handing over every detail of your financial life (and so much more) to an relatively unknown entity that has freedom to use that information anyway they would like to for a few hundred dollars, go ahead. I decided it wasn't worth it to me.

Also, one of the selling points of tax software is that it is tax deductible. Yeah, it is. But you have to spend a minimum amount of money first. For me it was nearly $1400. So, No gift card. No tax software deduction. Gaps in program. Not really happy here. I'm wishing I hadn't wasted $50. I could have bought a really nice new toaster.
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on February 16, 2014
Also don't expect to actually be able to contact anyone at Intuit about it, you can't get anyone to take ownership of this issue. I expected to get about 15% of my refund in an Amazon Gift card but not only haven't I received the gift card but my state return was filed without selecting, nor paying for the state efiling.
Intuit finally found a way to screw up a rock fight.
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on February 21, 2014
Compared to doing taxes on my own its a no brainer Turbo -Tax makes it very simple. I don't have a real complicated tax situation but this software has cut my time doing taxes by 70%. I paid the extra 20 bucks and had them file the state tax electronically for me after my state lost my return for 2012. It also printed out my local tax forms and I filed them electronically myself which took about 5 minutes. I was a very early filer and received my federal and state refunds in about 9 days. I have not tried any other type of tax software but the way this has worked for me I don't see any need to. I recommend Turbo-Tax to anyone who wants to simplify the way to complicated tax system at a very reasonable cost.
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on February 7, 2014
Everything was going great. I filled out all of the information for my Federal return and it was complete. Then came time to download the state (Virginia) forms. Once they downloaded, Turbo Tax quit immediately. I tried to reopen the program, only to have it crash again. After searching online, I found many people with this problem. Turbo Tax has yet to fix the issue and update the software. I have used Turbo Tax for may years and have never had a problem until now, which is why I gave a three star rating. Had this been my first time using TT, I would give it a single star. I am using TT on my Macbook. I don't know if the same problem is happening for PC users.
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on March 15, 2014
Every year I hope they will simplify the questions, and every year it gets longer. The software will ask a yes or no question and then query 3-4 more questions, even if the first answer was negative. VERY ANNOYING! I am sure they want to get "every possible deduction", but I am pretty sure if I have foreign investments or own additional homes, just trust me and lets go on! I hope that the results of the "audit" in the software are accurate, as by the time I get through, it has managed to ask questions that make no sense and help is non existent or dumber than the question as to what they are even talking about. I miss Parsons. Just let me fill out the forms and help if needed, thank you. Please make it easier for the 99% of us that have a simple income from one state.
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on March 24, 2014
I have been a very satisfied repeat user of TT since TurboTax 2007. Unfortunately, this year's version (TT2013, which has the same problems as TT2012), took me an extra hour for my State taxes (which I had to re-do), and it almost caused me to lose part of my state refund. ================ ATTENTION USERS: Watch out for the "automatic" state option. Just because your residence state pops up and you have no other states to add does NOT mean that TT is going to calculate everything for you. You have to hit the EDIT YOUR STATE button in order to get TT to guide you thorough how to pay all of your state taxes AND get all of the applicable state Tax Credits for each state, EVEN IF YOU ONLY HAVE ONE STATE !!! ================== HELLO INTUIT: I emailed your corporate website 14 MONTHS AGO and did not receive a reply or see any action taken to correct this problem. My email mentioned a good faith offer that if you fixed it right away I would not make my feedback public. Bad strategy to ignore a helpful customer who gives you important and valuable feedback!!! So, now that this feedback is here at Amazon, at the exact time when last-minute tax preparers would be buying from Amazon for immediate download and use, this will hopefully get your attention by sending some of your Amazon customers into the arms of your competitor, H&R Block's TaxCut. ========= Here's the issue... your programmers made a mistake when they tried to 'clean up' the screens. They should have left this very important button labeled as it was in TT2011, something like "Calculate Your State Taxes." Instead they changed it to a totally meaningless button label "Edit State" which exists on the same screen with "Add Another State." Any reasonably intelligent user would interpret this as "If I don't have another state to add, and the one next to the Edit button is already the correct state, then I should hit the Continue button." Unfortunately, this year's program, like last year's, is not as smart as the average user. Please fix this, and put out an immediate update, if you want me to consider editing this review.
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on May 30, 2014
The software worked just as expected, I've used for a couple of years now, and have loved it. But with the disc you can not import your info from Online and you can not export it to Online to keep all your records in one place for years to come. Seems COMPLETELY flawed to have that incredible disconnect...I'll go back to Online next year and will always be missing 2013 I guess.

Also bought a disc this year because I figured I could take advantage of the Refund Bonus and get a little Amazon cash. Just didn't work. Gave me an error that I couldn't do the refund bonus because I was depositing into a checking account, so I went back and got rid of the checking account and it yelled at me that I couldn't get a refund bonus unless I put in my checking account number!
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on March 24, 2014
The basics were good, but when I wanted to go back in and change information in investment income, from one rental house, it would not let me back in. Had to close and reopen, and that worked one time, then after that, it would not let me change any information on that investment. I had to delete the forms from "Forms" and start over, and not really sure it was correct as far as depreciation, etc. Could have paid much more $$ for the Investment Deluxe, but when I only had one rental investment, that did not seem like it was cost effective. Also could not correct the information on a home we sold - I had left out the closing costs, was trying to find it, but it was lumped in with the selling price. Then when I realized where it was, would not let me back in to correct it. Had to start over after deleting those forms. Very aggravating!
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