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on March 21, 2011
When I get this item in the mail, I like to say that "The Magic Box" has arrived. I say this because this handy little program really lets you maximize your tax return check and makes listing your deductions so easy. I know it says on the box that you can run through this program in about 30 minutes, but that seems pretty unrealistic. For me, it usually takes about two hours. Now, I know that I tend to have many more charitable contributions and donations to list than the average person, and often have more than one source of income, but I just don't think the average person is going to get through the worksheets in less than 1 hour. If you use this program for the first time, it will take longer than subsequent times, as your information will be stored in the program on your computer and automatically transferred over to the next year's returns which allows for faster completion. This program is also compatible with many other software programs and financial institutions, allowing for automatic transferral of much information.

This program is VERY easy to use and I always recommend it to all of my friends and family. If you haven't tried it before, give it a try and compare your tax return to what you got in the past. The average person is likely to find that the amount of their return is going to increase, as this program just seems to ask all the right questions to make doing your taxes a snap. Just make sure you keep good financial records and receipts in a file and save them until the end of the year!
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on April 2, 2011
I just finished my tax return for this year using this product. This is the 11th year that I have done my own taxes using TurboTax or the H&R Block TaxCut product. It is generally painless and, until this year, has always made me feel as though I had a complete and accurate return. This year, about halfway through the process, I realized that this Turbotax software never asked me for previous tax files like all of the other programs I've used did. I stopped, searched the menus and found the section that allows you to do that and went to import my 2009 TaxCut file. OOPS! Every time I try to import my 2009 tax files, I get an error message and am referred to the TT website. I followed all the instructions to resolve the problem. No dice. I cannot import my 2009 tax file. (I have always been able to import prior TurboTax files into Taxcut before.) HELLO!!!??? One of the huge advantages of using tax software is not having to import prior history. So, not only do I have to re-enter each type of deduction that I take every year MANUALLY, I get no comparison of last year to this year, no double-check to make sure I didn't miss anything I took last year, and no confidence that I've taken all the deductions I am normally entitled to. I switched to TaxCut a few years ago because I didn't like the way TurboTax jerked me around and tried to sell me more products or worse, things that should have been included for free, like multiple e-files. Apparently, I had forgotten how aggravating this company can be (I stopped using Quicken years ago because every click resulted in an attempt to sell me something.) If you used Taxcut last year, DON'T BUY TURBOTAX! Like many other failed software products in the past, Turbotax chooses to ignore that other products exist in the hopes that they will go away. Sorry, you lose. I will never, ever buy this product again!
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on March 26, 2011
Federal form was easy to use and covered all elements of my fairly complicated tax return. Plugs for other services or upgrades were irritating, but easily bypassed. Online help was very poor: no index, and over-reliance on user base. Not only does topic coverage suffer from user number at the state level, but the search engine is really poor.
The Wisconsin state software is uneven in coverage. While some fairly esoteric Wisconsin tweaks are included, a critical part of the income of many Wisconsin filers is essentially omitted. Unlike the IRS, Wisconsin taxes the interest from most municipal bonds, which of course are a common component of retirement portfolios. This is not a new thing, they've done if forever. But the topic is not covered in the TurboTax narrative at all. I'll bet many of the Wisconsin returns prepared with TurboTax go to Madison absent significant taxable income. One can force the issue by direct entry in form view, but the process is not obvious to the uninitiated. Trying to find out how to do that revealed the general inadequacy of the help menu.
For Wisconsin, anyway, TurboTax is taking advantage of their federal customers by touting state software that doesn't measure up.
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on February 15, 2011

Intuit has inserted a deceptively worded "RC Consent" form for your signature into TurboTax 2010 Deluxe which pops up JUST before you're ready to print or e-file your completed return(s). It looks very "official" by claiming Federal Law requires this that and the other thing, but it's actually a MARKETING CONSENT form which has NOTHING to do with filing your returns.

YOU MUST SKIP this form if you don't want Intuit (or one of their affiliates) trying to sell you all sorts of stuff. If you do not skip the form, you CAN'T GO BACK TO IT LATER. You can delete the form, but it will resurface and block your e-file until you fill it in again. If you don't skip that form, your ONLY option is to abandon your return and START OVER FROM SCRATCH with a new return.

Caveat Emptor.
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on December 17, 2013
I have used Turbo Tax for years, around ten I think, and they are so slick now the simplicity of use has diminished ever so slightly in the past couple years. Options to get to your basic return, in a stable way, should always be a priority and all the bells and whistles now in the program has diminished this facet. I plan to use TTax again for 2013 but I am going to do so with a very critical eye. Lots of superfluous, some even supercilious, stuff has been added over the past few years and I feel TTax has to get a grip and stay focused on basics, i.e., the basic tax filing forms (1040 and immediately related schedules) and how they all connect. In this specific area there has been some deterioration. TTax should stop the endless innovations now and refine the focus on the pages that are sent to the IRS, that would be my advice to TTax programming wizards, those who keep spiffying up this product to the point where it is so spiffy it is less usable. TTax has been "spiffied up" enough, keep things simple. Stop the innovations.
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on March 6, 2011
The federal and state taxes are very thorough and relatively easy to use, but I was disappointed to find out that even though I purchased the state along with the Federal that I was required to pay a 19.95 filing fee for the state and when I attempted to send another family member's state forms in I had to pay an additional 39.95 to turbo tax and yet another 19.95 fee to file the state tax electronically. I feel like a lot of US busineeses today, you get suckered in and then they just keep adding and adding until you pay nearly as much as going to a professional. I would rather see the entire package up front and then a reasonable decision could be made. I'll probably use turbo tax again but now I have some idea of just how much I'll spend. This year I originally purchased Turbo Tax Delux and then had to upgrade to Turbo Tax premiere because of investments. So I started out with reasonably simple taxes and paid a bit over 50 dollars and then add another 30 for premiere upgrade and then a 20 dollar state filing fee and then another 40 dollars to enable another state filing and finally another 20 to efile the state forms.So starting out a 50 dollars and increasing to 160, I'd say a bit much.
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on March 5, 2011
The software, which is reasonably priced for the overall value, helps you get through your return quickly and accurately. I end up doing filings for 3 or 4 family members and there are no restrictions on usage or the number of free federal electronic filings - there were a number of years ago. If you are an annual user, you can import basic and other useful info and data from prior year's returns creating an audit trail. You can also download your current W2(s) info from your employer and tax related investment info for many employers and investment houses. You can complete state returns very easily once you complete your federal return. The software can guide you through a step by step interview process or you can go directly to the Forms or any combination of both. At the end you can obtain advise from tax experts or the user comunity and finally file your returns electronically. Once I organize my tax info - it takes me 1 to 3 hours to complete my taxes and file both the federal goverment and state returns. I have been using Turbo Tax for more than 10 years and they have a solid overall product. I should say I am employed in a mathematically/computer oriented job, but the software works at many different levels of knowledge/expertise.
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on March 12, 2011
At first I was intimidated and just looked at box for a week or so. Mainly, this was due to the negative reviews from folks who've used the product for years. Only reason purchased was due to CPA constantly raising their price each year because I used a different form. Finally loaded -- couldn't get it to save to portable harddrive -- to netbook harddrive and no problems at all. I thought you'd see the IRS tax forms -- very unappealing to me -- as I completed, but not so... You see multiple choice questions with appropriate graphics, pop up boxes if you seek further clarification and the ability to save your work where you are to pick up at another time. I REALLY ENJOYED DOING MY TAXES :-) For a person who dislikes numbers and money matters in general, THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING. Easy, Easy, Easy!!! And, I found myself quite irritated that previous CPA firms weren't asking me the same questions because I've been receiving a little over $500.00 LESS ANNUALLY than I should have, had they taken the time. For instance, I'm eligible for several deductibles: PMI Insurance on my home, physician bills, etc... They never asked and I wasn't aware. I was able to inform my mother about vet bills for her dog and large appliance purchases which HER CPA didn't discuss or include in a review list. I never felt unsure because of the ability to further clarify with the pop up boxes or going further to the main internet site. Will purchase again and if you're on the fence... don't be. My refund came FAST via direct deposit and I can't complain. I also saved another $100.00 by purchasing this product vs. going to a CPA (I'm including the cost of buying this item in that number). Can't beat that.
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on February 8, 2011
Loaded on to XP flawlessly and quickly, ran updates, state downloaded super-fast, transferred last year's info, and ran just like it always has. Seems to be more questions but downloads from financial institutions ran smoothly... huge time-saver for stock sales, foreign interest, exempt interest, etc. I e-filed Federal for free but e-file for state was $19.95... so I went the 44cent route, especially since there was no refund coming. All in all I found very little difference from previous versions.
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on October 5, 2014
I love Turbo Tax. I have been using them for years and plan to continue using them until I have taxes so complex I have to go to a tax professional. (Hopefully that wont happen.) I highly recommend Turbo Tax for those that want the control of doing taxes yourself, but the piece of mind they are being done correctly.
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