Customer Reviews: Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Ghosts Ear Force Phantom Limited Edition Gaming Headset - Xbox 360
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VINE VOICEon December 9, 2013
Edition: Phantom|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'd love to be able to tell you that I'm reviewing this from my own experience, but these arrived, were immediately co-opted by my husband, and neither have been seen since. In fact, he's playing in the other room right now, and when I ask him for feedback, he just grunts and points at them with the thumbs-up sign. That's a seal of approval around here.

That said, there are a few things that I know from being here while he ripped into the package like a delighted five-year-old into a bag of M&Ms:

* These DO work for PS3. I had my doubts, since the listing says XBOX specifically. The website by the manufacturers does say that it works for PS3 (and PS4, with a downloaded patch), but that isn't always the case. For these headphones, the use was simple and flawless.

* Speaking of installation, they installed so easily that my husband was confused. He was able, within a few minutes and without the instructions, to get them to work for his game (Battlefield 4), and to run bluetooth music. Bonus score.

* They cancel out noise well. Y'know, like when I'm asking him to take out the garbage. A plus for him, not so much for me.

* He says that the sound quality is bar none. He's had numerous kinds of 'phones in the past (thanks to a stint with deejaying), and he loves the sound on these. He says they're amazing. Someday, I hope to get to try them, too. (Or to just get him away from them long enough to take out the aforementioned trash.)

* They do take up a little bit of room on your console. They come with the box-looking dealie in the picture, which serves as both the connector and the rest for them when they're not on your head. Which probably won't be all that often, if my experience is typical.

* They come with a fair number of cables in the box. We didn't have to buy anything extra to get these hooked up to any of our gaming systems, or to play music. The folks at Turtle Beach knew what they were doing.

* They are fairly big, so you *will* look like you're getting ready to take off from Mission Control. It's a small price to pay for the quality, he says.

I'm really hoping these never break, because I believe these may have ruined him for other headphones. They seem well-made, and have held up to a solid week of use so far with no problems. He's still enthralled with them.

Now if I could just get a turn.
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VINE VOICEon November 25, 2013
Edition: Phantom|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First off, even though the title says "Xbox 360" ,these also WILL WORK with the PS3, PS4 and with Bluetooth, the PS Vita, phone or tablet.

Straight out of the box the sound quality it stellar -however can tweak it with 8 different sound setting (bass boost, treble boost, "Superhuman", a setting to boost the sounds of footsteps or other faint sounds great for stalking/stealth, expanded stereo etc..)
(I like setting 4 Dolby with full bass and treble boost, it's great with BL2 and GTA V. On Rsogun I use expanded stereo mode 5, it's pretty epic sounding)

You also have a mode settings (I think it's Game, Music, Movie and PS4 mode- TB has released a download for these that give them a new "PS4 mode", it took about 5 minutes to install and it works great!)

The chat/mic mode is extremely versatile, with 8 options - from voice shifting, to boosting it during loud gameplay, cancelling out ambient sounds to focus on chatting and more. There is a control to change how much you alter your voice, but I usually use it on mode 1 (normal. No processing) Also the mic can be removed, it's on a thin goose-neck

As for actual use:
I have tried them with COD, (oh btw the voice prompts, for "low battery", the mode selections, etc are from the same voice actor used in COD) and BF4 For both chat and solo.
I also used them with the PS3 with GTA V, and Borderlands 2.
For the PS4 I tried them with Resogun, AC BF (the surround sound is insane with this game) and with Killzone.

I haven't tried the BT streaming from the iPad yet, the controls are on the ear of the headset.

The battery life is really good so far, I fully charged them and so far the haven't gone dead yet, they last longer than the Sony Pulse set I have by a lot, I usually can get 2 sessions of GTA V before they start to give me the warning beep' with these they are STILL showing 2 bars left, pretty nice! To charge you can use the same USB cable as other stuff ( like the ps3 controller )

Side note: I use my FIOS cable box's USB port to charge my stuff, it's always powered so I don't need to keep the PS3 on or the PS4 into standby. I don't know if it supposed to work... But it does!

I would say the only thing I could nitpick on is that I wish these had vented ears (the tiny cooling holes) like the TB PX22's -
Th2 22's seem to stay cooler than these (or any other pair I have).

In a nutshell, yes they are pricey, but with these, you get what you pay for. The quality is definitely there; TB makes good headsets, (my px22's have seen their fair share of abuse) if you want a great pair of headsets try these out, and if have multiple systems, you should *really* check these out!

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VINE VOICEon December 26, 2013
Edition: Phantom|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It's important to note that the Phantom isn't XBox 360 specific. As long as you have a device with an optical port, the audio portion of the headset should work (the microphone is a different story). For example, I plugged the Phantom into my PC's sound card and it performed just as well as when plugged into my PS4. What makes this special for the XBox 360 is the bluetooth adapter it comes with, which plugs into the XBox controller to give the mic it's connectivity. Keep in mind that the USB cables are for power, not connecting the headset to your device.

On the Phantom wireless transmitter, there's an optical "out" as well as "in". Because of this, I was able to plug my console into the optical "in" port, then plug another cable in the "out" that went into my Yamaha receiver. That way, I can have the console play through my speaker system AND headphones. I say AND because, technically, you can do both at once. There's no switching back and forth. If I want just the headphones active, I simply turn my receiver off; and vise versa.

I also have the Turtle Beach PSX and can say the build quality between the two is like night and day. The build on the Phantom is sturdy and solid, whereas the PSX feels a little cheap. The Phantom is more comfortable to wear too. I'm quite impressed with the attention to detail they added on the Phantom. It even has a voice that tells you the different commands you are executing, such as powering up and connecting to bluetooth, whereas the PSX simply beeps.

The optical cable that comes with both the PX4 and Phantom is extremely thin. I suggest investing in something like the Mediabridge Toslink Cable (6 Foot) - Optical Digital Audio Cable, which should provide better sound quality. On a positive note, Turtle Beach does give you a really long USB charging cable. The idea is if your headset battery runs out of power, you can plug it in and still be able to play at a distance (something most bluetooth devices don't allow).

Another thing to consider is that there are two items to power. (1) The wireless transmitter, and (2) The headset -- when charging. That means there are two USB cables that need to be plugged in. The Phantom connects using a mini USB rather than the more modern micro, so depending on your device, you may not be able to share cables. I picked myself up a powered USB hub and stuffed it behind my media center. That way I can power the transmitter and charge the headphones while keeping the cables hidden. Too bad Turtle Beach doesn't provide an AC adapter themselves.

The sound quality on the headphones is pretty good, and there are 6 different angle presets, depending on the type of game you are playing. For Call of Duty: Ghosts, you are able to better hear footsteps approaching. In addition, you can connect a bluetooth device to listen to music or chat with your friends over the phone. But don't expect the bluetooth to enable the mic under all instances. As mentioned above, if you use these on the XBox 360, it comes with a bluetooth adapter to plug into the controller. This gives you wireless connectivity to the mic. On the PS3, it's compatible with the built-in bluetooth, so no need to plug anything in. On the PS4, you need to plug the headset into the controller using the supplied cable and update the headset's firmware (for whatever reason, the PS4's built-in bluetooth doesn't pick it up). For the Xbox One, you need to purchase the Xbox One headset adapter from Turtle Beach.

Overall, I really like this headset. The build quality is amazing and it fits comfortably on my head. I'm confident that these will last me for many years to come.
review image
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on January 6, 2014
UPDATE 2: So one of my original problems is still present in the new headset. Previously I had a problem where the sound from the left would come out on the right and vice versa. That problem only happened on the PS4 previously because I didn't play XB1 often. I was just playing XB1 and it happened, restarting the headset worked, I didn't have to restart the console. Now I know this isn't a console issue because it happened on 2 consoles. Another problem I noticed, (I mute everyone on XB1 because I can't speak thru the headset yet because this isn't compatible with XB1 til March or so) is when you don't have the wire plugged into the controller, whether on XB1 or PS4, the chat volume is extremely louder than the game, with no option to alter it (there should be an option to alter it on the consoles, but of course there's not, unless you're on the PS4 with the wire plugged in, but I'm talking about when you don't have it plugged in.) There should be a wire with a volume control for chat on it like in previous turtle beaches, but alas it does not. Is it me or is technology continuously going backwards? The PS4 is slower than a PS1, many options have been taken away from XB1, I'm not even going to continue this rant because it's irrelevant to my review, but c'mon! Life is always about moving forward and progressing! Get wit it, you greedy cheap companies. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, it randomly stops working on my phone and computer (Mac.) Sometimes restarting it works, sometimes I have to unsync then resync just to get it to work again. If you get what you pay for, then give me a discount. ;)

UPDATE: Ok, so my initial review was written about my first Phantom headset which I found out was faulty. I've been using my replacement headset for 10 days now. The only problem that I initially wrote about that is still present, is that, when somebody calls me while I'm already using the headset while I play a game, sometimes they hear me low until I reset the settings, or if they hear me fine, and I hang up, the people playing hear me very low until I reset the settings. Then when I reset the settings back to PS4 mode, it doesn't go back to the preset I was on, it always goes to preset #6, I use #7, so I only have to click it once, but still, it should go back to what I had it on. Other than that, there isn't any other problems that I've witnessed yet. The headset could be a little louder tho. They do have a preset which is super loud! But I use the preset that focuses on footsteps, and even when I plug it into my computer, and edit the preset with the program to make it the loudest it can be, it's still not "loud enough" to my liking.

So I used to own the Earforce Deltas (MW3 ones) which were great except for occasional static/cutting in and out. The Phantoms have better sound quality (I tried the Earforce Deltas on COD Ghosts as well before purchasing these) but have way more problems. I believe I have a faulty set, I'm receiving a refund and am going to order another pair to make sure, if my original headset was faulty, I will update. As of now tho, where do I begin with the problems? First off they say it works great with PS4, but fail to mention, in order to properly communicate with other players via PS4, you need to have a Windows PC (not Mac, unless you have Bootcamp on Mac with Windows, which luckily I do have) to download a program which can download an update for the firmware, because you have to use the "mobile cable" to communicate with people since PS4 doesn't support bluetooth headsets (yet, I believe they're going to update it, they should, since PS3 could easily use bluetooth headsets, things are supposed to progress no?) You can also edit the presets yourself with this program which is great. On to some more problems. We buy surround sound headsets to be able to hear who is around us, from what direction, but, sometimes the volume from the left comes out from the right, and the volume from the right comes out from the left. How do you have to fix this? Restarting the headset rarely works, you have to restart the whole console. I've only experienced this problem on PS4, I rarely have used these on Xbox One, since this headset isn't compatible with it until about March. Another problem, this headset is supposed to be compatible with smart phones as well, I have it connected to my iPhone while I play so I can answer calls while I play. When I talk to someone on the phone, the people in the game can hear me and I can hear the people playing, which is awful since the people playing are usually louder than the person calling, on the Earforce Deltas I had, there was a switch on the chat cable to mute my chat (although with those you didn't need them because when you received a call, the people playing couldn't hear you nor could you hear them anyway until you hung up.) Not only that, but if I'm in a game, and somebody calls me, sometimes when I answer, they can't hear me, until I either switch the settings on the headset, or restart the headset. Or if I am playing, and someone calls me, and they can hear me, sometimes when I hang up, now the people playing can't hear me! Sometimes randomly for no reason people can't hear me until I change the settings or restart. I was on the phone earlier today (using this headset but not playing any games) I spoke to 2 people just fine, a 3rd person called me, and they couldn't hear me. I didn't alter anything or touch anything, it just happened after 2 phone calls for no reason. The game volume gets really low randomly for no reason, which defeats the purpose of being able to hear people around you, especially for me because they have presets already made, and I use the one which focuses on footsteps. I even went into the program where you could alter the presets, and raised the volume all the way up, still have the same problem. I can't lower the chat volume in games (you can for phone calls and anything bluetooth related) from the headset, I have to go, in mid game mind you, to the options in the PS4, just to lower the volume. If you play COD, which you probably do, you know time is very crucial, and just a split second could mess up the flow of the game. Sometimes the incoming chat volume gets low as well for no reason. I feel like I'm forgetting something, so if I am I will edit this. This isn't a quick analyzation, I've been using these since about November 21st or so, and I've used them several times a week for at least an hour or more at a time, so I've had plenty of time to analyze this headset to write a proper and descriptive review. Again, if this one headset was faulty, I will update this review after I test out the other headset for at least a week.

Is it the game or the headset? I can hardly hear people climbing ladders anymore, even tho I mostly use the amplify perk. When I played MW3 I could hear everyone climbing a ladder even if I wasn't close. But now I could be right above the ladder and barely hear them. Would appreciate some feedback on that.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 30, 2013
Edition: Phantom|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I love wireless headsets versus the ones with cables they are just so much better. At the time of writing this review you can get these for under $220 And that is a good price. If you're somebody was looking for headphones and your budgets around $150 save up a little more cash and get something like this for only $70 more. Headphones to me are worthy investment like speakers for your computers they'll last a long time and technology doesn't make them outdated for many many years. Case in point have had my computer speakers for 8+ years and I spent $200 on them and they're still great whereas most technology is thrown away after four years.

On a side note wireless headphones are just better than cable headphones for the simple fact you can pull your console off the shelf. As someone who's used a fair amount of cable headphones I constantly would forget I had them on my head and almost for my console off the shelf. What are the thing about wired headphones is nice is that you can go to the fridge or the bathroom and your friends can warn you when the game your playing is about to start or that your crawler zombie died and the new route is started and more zombies are coming. It's little things like this that make wireless headphones so much better and worth a little bit more of an investment.

So to me the sound quality of these is spectacular and while not somebody who requires sound whoring (using in game sounds to get tactical advantages over your opponents in multiplayer games like Call of Duty) as I play games like Borderlands 2 and Grand Theft Auto Five.

The one thing you need to worry about with wireless headphones is the battery life and these things last forever. When I say forever I mean a full day of gaming without a problem just be sure to charge them every night or every other night. But most times most wireless headphones will last eight hours but these seem to go at least that long.

One last thing these are pretty big headphones I have a fathead and these fit my big skull comfortably. I've seen some remarks of people with smaller heads having problems so keep in mind if you're buying them as a gift or your younger person who has a small melon. But the good news and upside is you'll grow into them as you age.

Thanks for reading!
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on January 7, 2014
So I once purchased a cheap Bluetooth headset here on Amazon which had this annoying bright blue blinking light that I had no way of turning off short of putting tape over it. I think I spent like $25 on them and ended up returning them because I could not watch in a dark room without illuminating the whole space subsequently distracting myself and my significant other (my cat). Well this $300 set has the same issue as those cheap headphones. I bought these to play my PS4 in the dark while my "cat" sleeps. When using them to game, the annoying bright blue light is less noticeable. However, when listening to music or watching a movie in bed with the lights off, it is far too distracting. The worst part is that I can't leave charging when I go to bed because they remain on and we cannot sleep with that annoying blue light flashing. You may think this is silly, but is a big issue for us. I am vainly hoping a firmware update will allow me to turn it off somehow.

My last first TurtleBeach headphones were the PX5's. I ended up returning them due the loose fit and interference problems. The interference problems have been fixed with the dual-band wifi, although I do get a weird humming sound every once and awhile. They also do fit better, however they are still a little loose. For a premium headset, I hoped for a true universal fit.

They work well with my PS4 for the most part. I do hope Sony will support third party bluetooth headsets otherwise I wasted a lot of money on these. I will not use chat until they are supported, because I paid for wireless headphones and using a cable defeats the purpose. It is also infuriating to not have the PS4 mode integrated out of the box. Every time I have to press and then hold to get into "PS4 mode" and I hear that cheaper sounding female recording, I die a little inside. For a premium headset, I would have hoped for true next gen gaming support.

1. Multi-purpose; powerless use with line in audio cable. I also love listening to music while playing games using the second Bluetooth connection. I have not tried answering a call because I have no friends.

1. Fit; not quite as snug as I would like.
2. Heat; I only wear earmuffs to keep my head warm outside where it's cold, not to game in the comfort of my own home
3. Form-factor; buttons can be hard to find and I look like a helicopter pilot.

1. Non-integrated and inconsistent PS4 support; these "wireless" headphones currently require a wire to chat.
2. Annoying bright blue light with no user control.

Long story short, you would think for $300 they would have thought of everything. Unfortunately that is not the case here. Selfishly, I would love to be on their product development team to help them create the perfect pair of wireless gaming headphones that I would want. That is not to say that TurtleBeach didn't get closer with this iteration.
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on May 11, 2014
He was so stoked when he opened up the Amazon box!!! I did a lot of research and wanted to give him a great pair that has interference free WIFI. He uses them every single time he plays C.O.D now. They are loud and crystal clear. They have all these different presets and he can change the settings on them anytime he wants. I used them before for a conference call and they worked just fine. He has some concerns over button placement on the headphones, the mute button is on the side and it is fairly large so it is easy to accidentally hit it while playing. Also, the Bluetooth function likes to randomly turn on and off. We can't figure out why. If you are a girlfriend that gets easily annoyed by the constant gunshots and bombs going off in your house via C.O.D, then go ahead and get these for your man. He will be satisfied and so will you. It's so nice not to hear that stuff anymore on the TV, just faint noises from the headphones!!!
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on December 31, 2013
Update#1-I got it to turn back on using the ASE that had bricked it in the first place. For some reason resetting it to factory defaults didn't work the first time last night. Today it magically worked. Anyway I am starting to like it mainly because of the voice changer presets. They are fun to use and my girlfriend couldn't stop laughing at the voice changer. I had trouble trying to get her to give the headset back. The mic picks up my voice better so maybe the updated firmware did something but the chat quality is still bad. I'm going to continue tinkering with this. I take off 1 star because of how I followed the instructions to update the firmware and it bricked itself. Another star off for not being able to plug and play to get the chat quality the way it should be. I will update again if I can fix it or not.
Original review(12/31/13)These worked okay out of the box. I didn't get a chance to test the sound quality when playing a game because they only lasted less than a day before they turned off and wouldn't turn back on. Before they stopped working I only got to test the chat quality and I have to say for $200+ it's pretty bad. My girlfriend sounded a little distorted and some of her speech would cut out. She almost sounded like she was using a kinect to talk to me. I normally use the first generation of wireless Xbox 360 headsets that they discontinued which surprisingly have a much better chat quality than these Phantoms. I disliked the chat quality of the Phantoms so much I took them off and just went back to my old small wireless headsets.

I figured I would try updating the firmware on the phantoms and see if I can make the chat quality better through the computer later. When I decided to try and do this, the app you need to add presets and update the firmware for the Phantoms were updating like they should have except half way through it stopped and my headset shut off despite being fully charged. Now I can't get them to turn on. I have contacted TB and I am waiting for a response to see if I can try to get it to work or just exchange it for another. I will update my review if I get these to work or get a replacement.
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VINE VOICEon December 10, 2013
Edition: Phantom|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Update #3 - i received the new xba (bluetooth adapter) from Turtle Beach, and chat is still not that clear. Maybe my expectations from a bluetooth connection was too high. Kudos to turtle beach support for being so responsive and sending a new one. I guess this is not really a dealbreaker, since even if I have to use the talkback cable to get clear chat audio, it is still an excellent headset.

Update #2 - Turtle beach is sending a new bluetooth adapter that will hopefully fix the chat audio issue. I will update after I receive it and can see if it resolves the issue.

update - even after updating the firmware, I am having problems with the mic audio - others say it sounds like I am talking on a Kinect. The mic picks up a hum or something that appears to be caused by the bluetooth adapter. That is the only thing that stops this from being a 5 star product. Using a talkback cable with it produces excellent chat audio.

Original - As far as I can tell, this is basically the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX51 with Call of Duty Branding and colors (at an additonal cost). So if you want to save some money, and don't necessarily care about the Call of Duty Ghosts branding you might want to consider getting the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX51 instead. That being said, if you or your kid is a big Call of Duty fan, then this is absolutely the coolest Turtle Beach headset you can get. The headband is a nice padded leatherette material, and the earcups are nicely padded as well. Style-wise, it looks like all turtle beach's, just with a higher end feel. The base station has the blue LED's which I like, and the headset's LED's are blue as well. Another lovely touch is the voice that says "'powering on" when you turn it on - very cool. Using the various presets, you can easily set it for any audio source you are listening to. And the game sound on this is fantastic. Very crisp, accurate audio.
As a mom, I like that it is rechargeable, which is really a must have for these or you will be buying a ton of batteries. I also like that you can hook it up to a computer and program/update it. What my son loves, is that this is the must have headset among teen boys. It's cool factor is thru the roof.
Setup was simple and intuitive - I didn't really have to break down and read the directions - just plug in USB power, plug in Optical cord and attach the mic. Another nice touch is the bluetooth adapter for the xbox controller, so it is truly cable free use. All cables are included (even the optical cable), which is also a nice touch. What I also like, is that the headband to earpiece attachment on this seems to be re-enforced, and possibly even replacable, as there are screws on the top and bottom. With past headsets, the point where the headband meets the earpiece is always the most fragile point and usually ends up breaking.
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on December 2, 2013
Overall I like the phones. I am using with PS4 and it works (most of the time). The interface to PS4 is via a TOSLINK (optical) cable so the best you will get is 5.1 audio. The chat interface is via a hard wire from the PS4 handset to the headphones. This is not an issue for me and is actually Sony's problem as they presently don't support Bluetooth for headphones yet (go figure). You need to install a firmware upgrade to use with PS4 and this requires you jack the phones into your PC via a USB cable and install a program on your PC in order to perform the update. Nice thing about this program is that it lets you customize the phones to you liking as well setting equalizer settings and programming the various modes, etc.

Now for the fun stuff... the buttons on the phones are not very ergonomic. If you want to mute the mic, you need to fumble around looking for the mute button (which is right next to the Bluetooth on/off button. There are no tactile indicators that help you locate the button easily. Same for all the other buttons (mic volume up/down, mode, etc.). Every now and then I can't get the mic to work and need to fumble with power on/off, etc. to get it to work. You need to enable PS4 mode on the phones to use with PS4 which is unfortunate (BTW... these phones work great with my PS3 via Bluetooth). When you enable PS4 mode, the voice announcement is from what appears to be a developer that engineered the feature (someone in a room with some echo.. very cheezy). Nice feature is that when you talk through the mic, you hear your voice in the phones, albeit VERY LOUD. The phones provide very good sound dampening. In other words, they really do a good job blocking out ambient room noise all by themselves. The mic gain is very sensitive so it picks up and amplifies all room noises so be aware. Periodically I have had a "helicopter-like thumping sound in the phones, which drowned out all other game sounds. Not sure what causes this, but when it happens I pretty much have to shutdown everything to resolve. The phones have a very snug fit... squeezing rather tightly and the cans get a little hot after a while. Regarding sound quality, I would consider these phones "good".. not "very good", not "great", just good. For the price, I would expect top-of-line. I have other phones that I use to watch TV and they are "great".

Overall, these phones appear to be of very good quality construction. Some ergonomic issues. Some firmware issues. Very pricey. I will report back in a few months once I've used them for an extended period and hopefully one Sony enables Bluetooth for mics.


The range of the phones is somewhat limited. From the base station to the phones, you have about 25-30 feet before the connection is broken and sound cuts out. For most this is probably not a problem. I have other wireless phones for listening to TV, etc. and their range is significantly longer
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