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on October 28, 2015
If I can convince one person to go with these instead of ridiculously overpriced Beats by Dre then this post was worth it. These are LEGIT. I did A LOT of due diligence before I felt comfortable committing to these and my high expectations have been delightfully exceeded by a wide margin. I never post reviews for things I buy, but felt the need to share in this case. I had a hard time finding reviews on work-friendly headphones, so if you're in the market, this one's for you guys. I'm on the phone a lot for work everyday and am constantly multitasking. I use these about 6 hours everyday whether I'm on the phone or listening to music. My experience thus far has been fantastic. Here are my remarks on various aspects of these headphones:

Comfort: Excellent, even for all day use
Hearing people on calls; Excellent
People hearing me: Excellent
People hearing me outside & windy: Excellent
Noise cancellation: Excellent, love it can be on/off
Music quality: Excellent, love audio mode options
Voice morph modes: Hilarious & awesome
Battery life: Excellent, yet to reach low battery
Overall quality "feel": Excellent, esp. for the cost

If I had to give a con it'd be that they're a tad bulky, but sleek design isn't important to me. Although I do like the look of these. My last pair was a Skullcandy $150 wired pair. I was aiming to get a pair just as good but wireless... I had no idea what I was missing out on all this time.

If something happened to my pair (lost/stolen) I would immediately buy another pair without second thought or hesitation.

10/10 Highly Recommend
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on February 23, 2016
Amazing. I am no audiophile but I own about 4 pairs of headphones - Sennheiser HD280, Sony MDR V6, Jaybirds X Blue Bird and another pair of Senns.

Audio quality is not near HD280 and Sony MDR but those are studio headphones, wired, and come with none other features besides sound quality.

I don't miss them when using i30 at work. They block out the sound VERY well. Surprisingly well. I took them to best buy to compare with Bose's noise cancelling. I'd say they get you there 80% of the way. And music quality BLOWS the Bose away.

They also DUAL pair, meaning they are connected to my iPhone and laptop simultaneously. I can listen to music on my phone and if I click a video on my laptop, the sound switches over.

Mic is ok, above average but not as good as wired mics. Such is life. The equalizers on the headphones are super useful.

They have 50MM drivers which are much larger than the competition. These are more comfortable than all of the other sets I own with the exception of the MDR.

Buy them, you won't regret it.
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on August 30, 2017
Wow. I was looking for something that would work in my home office. This did nicely. The active hearing sound cancelling is nice. I have an 18,000 BTU air conditioner above my head and these make it to where I’m not sure the unit is on, amazing. It does not block out other people talking or the TV, but it does reduce it. Seems it blocks the lower frequencies, enough that with just a little bit of music the rest of the world goes away. No one has complained about the microphone (and I have some really picky people that I didn’t tell them I was on a wireless microphone and they didn’t say anything about the voice quality!). I am a big boom mic fan, so I was pleasantly pleased with this non-boom mic. Bluetooth works great with my IPhone SE on phone calls and Pandora (On my IPhone I had to turn off the mic noise cancellation, but that had nothing to do with the headphones). Fantastic music. Very immersive. They are a little heavy, but they do completely surround my ears without touching (small head?). I really like that the headphones themselves swivel, gives better fitment to my head, and when I take them off my ears and rest them on my neck I turn the phones down flat against my chest so they are not in the way. The audio command feedback is not too loud and really just the right amount of feedback (does not get annoying). My favorite part is the MUTE button! Guess I might as well go buy another set before I can’t find these anymore.
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on September 27, 2017
I use these whenever I need to work in our company's server data center. When noise cancellation is running it does a great job of drowning out much of the HVAC and fan noise so I can work for several hours without my ears being in pain. Beats regular ear plugs since not only can I tell when I receive calls, but I can actually take a call too.
I pair these with my phone so I can listen to music to drown out the remaining noise that ANC doesn't get, and to take calls without feeling like I need to shout for people to hear me. I also keep a USB battery pack around so I can charge the headphones while still staying mobile. I've paired them with my laptop several times for some web conferences too and had no problems.
I really like the voice prompts it gives you when you press most of it's buttons. There are some that don't give you feedback, they have a reason for it but it feels a bit strange when you're using them. I guess it'll just take some getting use to.

I have poor hearing and can be perfectly happy with what others would complain about being "tin cans", so I can't say much about the audio quality from the earphones, but hey sound fine to me.

I have not had any issues with the microphone like some of the other reviews here, it's possible they were pairing multiple devices and had an issue with multiple devices like i'll explain in my next paragraph. These headphones don't have a boom mike, so they do pick up a lot more of the room noise, like typing on the keyboard, banging as things get installed in the cabinets, and cables clacking as they're getting routed, so I wouldn't recommend these for desktop gaming headphones. However, everyone I've had a call or web conference with could hear me just fine and didn't get any of the HVAC noise.

Two issues I'll note for anyone looking to purchase these:
Pairing with multiple devices is a bit buggy. It's nice that it can tell when I'm receiving a call on my cell, and will stop playing audio from my laptop. However, audio on the call will be choppy and distorted until I manually pause playback on the computer.
I have a pair of headphones from another company that will let you mix wireless and analog audio. I just want to note that these headphones will not do that. You can use analog only mode or bluetooth only mode, it will not mix audio from the two for you to listen to both at once.
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on February 22, 2018
These have been around a while and while they aren’t the coolest looking they are my undisputed best pals in a noisy office. They don’t leak sound through the cups, have an optional noise canceling feature and a variety of controls for whatever you’re listening to! They don’t fold but are durable and have an excellent battery life. I literally bought a second pair of these as I literally wore my first pair to death. Ear cups can be replaced if the leather outer coating begins to flake but you better be careful with the headband itself!
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on November 1, 2017
I looked for a long time to find good noise canceling headphones that were comparable Bose but without the large price tag. I was starting to think it was impossible and then I found these. I would place them at about 80% to 90% of the quality of the Bose noise canceling headphones but at 1/6 the price! These sound really great and the noise canceling is good. Built in hidden mic on both sides and a 3.5 mm Jack. These are great for gaming, (have to use the 3.5mm to the controller on PS4) watching movies on the laptop, or just listening to music. Very comfortable to wear although they can feel a tiny bit heavy if they are on for long periods of time. Battery life seems good and all cords are included. The storage bag is very nice also. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for good, versatile headphones.
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on March 4, 2015
Really good build quality. Almost feels like an Apple product. Bluetooth connectivity is very solid. Nice to have all the 4 different sound settings. the BIGGEST draw back is the inability of these headphones to get really loud. But other than that, the sound is crisp and clear. Build quality is a A+. It has good bass, but not bass heavy. Noise canceling is not the best, but it gets the job done. Built in Microphone is very solid. The buttons are very responsive and the machine talks to you when a feature is turned on or off, or when switching from one sound setting to another. So there is no guessing wether a certain feature is on or has been changed. For $300 dollars this is not a good buy for the sound. But, if you can get it for around $160 or less.......I think that is about what these headphones are worth.
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on June 1, 2017
Why four stars, it sometimes cuts in and out of signal. Not a huge deal unless using it for live gaming. The preset EQ are awesome and give extra punch when needed. Noise canceling is great for normal use, keep in mind no headphones noise cancellation while omit all noise. Voice morphing is cute, not necessary but nice it's there. Dual pairing is a huge plus. I have it paired to my phone and Mac at the same time.
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on December 5, 2017
Great headphones if they don't quit working. this one failed after 120 days so warranty is void. Purchased 2 others with new warranty of 1 year prior to these and they also failed but were covered under warranty. They are still working currently.
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on December 13, 2015
Audio quality is good. ANC works well in my IT work environment and the closed design keeps well isolated. Dual BT pairing performs nicely when I simultaneously connect between my Surface Pro 3 and Nexus 6. On average, I have to remove my headset every 2hours because of slight discomfort around my ears.

I have had connectivity issues with Azurewave BT modules and Windows 10. I don't think it is the fault of the i30, but a driver issue with Azurewave. Mic quality is meh. I've been told i sound like I sound like I'm in a large room during phone calls.
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