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Enthusiast: Photographyon December 7, 2016
I got this as an alternative to a scarf to help keep my face from freezing in frigid weather. Scarves always fall down but this will stay over the lower part of your face. I purchased the cream color because of the inevitable mucous that accumulates when covering your nose in cold weather :/ I'm glad I got this.
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on February 1, 2017
This was perfect for a ski trip and would probably be great for those living in or traveling to colder environments as well. It's a soft, flannel-like texture, and it is easy to clean (just throw it in with your other laundry - no special process required). The material is thin enough to breathe through, so it can be used to cover the lower part of the face, but it doesn't exactly replace a scarf since it stops at the base of the neck. If you have a coat or jacket that zips up pretty high, this should be enough to keep your neck warm.
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on March 6, 2017
I bought this neck Turtle Fur Heavyweight Fleece Neck Warmer for taking walks on cold days in the mountains of North Carolina. The wind chill here can be very cold. This neck warmer is less bulky than a scarf. It fit easily over my head and is very warm and comfortable. I'm 5'5" tall, weigh 103 pounds and have a 13 inch neck.This fits a bit large, but fulfills my purpose of keeping my neck warm. I'm not subtracting any stars from my review because what can one expect with one size fits all! Had I wanted to use this as a face warmer, I would have needed a smaller neck warmer.
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on December 8, 2016
I have bought this item twice. The second time was after losing my first one. I use it to cut the cold when snowboarding and when in below-freezing weather. It works wonderfully. I don't have an issue with its length or width (I believe I have an average neck size for adult women) and the color I ordered (nightshade) is as depicted. The material is also soft and comfortable even when sweating, stewing, and through multiple washings (though I do hang dry it which does not take long as the neck warmer is water resistant). I find it to be perfect for the price.
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on June 24, 2017
These are more medium weight and not heavyweight. I own a Turtle Fur neck/ear warmer which is thicker and these are thinner. But for me, thats perfect as I was using for 30-40 temperatures and using the neck warmer and fleece hat kept me very warm. While other reviews said to try, these worked for my "large head" and I'd buy again, if needed. I haven't washed yet - so can't comment on whether they will last or stay as soft after washing - tho I plan to hand wash and air dry. They have the softness you expect out of Turtle Fur.
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on September 29, 2016
I love turtle fur!! I am a rather tall and lanky person, and often jackets do not offer much protection to my neck. Turtle fur saves the day by offering absolutely soft and comfy layer to my neck area which makes a HUGE difference to keeping warm. I've used it for a year to brave the cold weather in New York, and it works really well. With turtle fur neck gaiter, I feel much warmer than putting on extra layers of clothing. I also love how soft it is, and is much more comfortable than wearing a scarf. The design allows for the gaiter to also cover parts of the head and mouth if necessary. Looks good too, and pairs well with the jackets I wear. Highly recommended!
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on July 2, 2015
Okay, call me crazy but I buy these for my dogs. They are sporting dogs, not little foo foo dogs. I was working at a thrift store where I volunteer and one of these was in some clothes that were donated. My 100 lb Yellow Lab was with me so I slipped it over his head. It fit perfect! Plus, surprisingly he seemed to like having it on. It looked very good on him and it's not something you see on dogs often if at all. It had the Turtle Fur label in it which led me to Amazon. Since then I have bought several and I get compliments on them all the time. I buy the kids size for my beagle. Now in the winter when the dogs see their Turtle Furs come off the shelf their tails start wagging like crazy because they know they're going out!
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on February 21, 2015
My context:
I'm a college student, specifically a commuter, so I go from indoors to outdoors very often. I usually rush from building to building to secure a front seat in lecture halls - possibly grab a snack on the way too. At the moment it's too cold for my bare face, even if I'm just walking.

The Turtle Fur Neck Warmer:

The bad:
One wash in and it started "pilling," I've provided a photo to show the extent just after a couple of washes. On top of this it seems to have gotten a little loose since I've first gotten it, hopefully this doesn't persist. It still stays in place now but it may become difficult. Something to keep in mind is that it isn't wind-proof. I never expected it to be but hope to prevent the shattered expectation of another consumer post-transaction.

The good:
All I have to do is pull it over my head before putting on my hat, adjust it a bit, and I'm done. I used to use a scarf for my face like other students but this is so much easier. It does a decent job of covering my face and keeping it warm; I'm not concerned about my neck since my jackets cover my neck already. I'm sure it'd cover my neck and keep it warm just as well.

The verdict:
This thing is super convenient! You don't have to worry about it falling off. I've had mine for about a month and am going to buy another for a relative. It's not of the finest quality, but I only paid $11 so I'm not complaining. It definitely gets the job done.
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on May 15, 2017
Got my turtle fur neck warmer today, and it's exactly what I wanted. It's a very thick, double-layered fleece that seems like it will be a lot warmer than a regular scarf or other types of neck/face warmers. It's also quite soft and comfortable to wear, no itchy fleece here! I'm happy it's stretchy enough to stay up over my nose without being uncomfortably tight. Only thing about it that's a little different than what I wanted is the color. I ordered it in Poseidon Blue, and it's not even close to the purple-blue color shown in the picture... instead, it's a bright teal color. But whatever the color may be, I'm looking forwards to keeping my face warm this winter.
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on March 7, 2017
I am a big fan of this neck gaiter. It's SUPER warm and very soft. I use it when walking the dogs and on winter hikes. It sometimes gets so toasty that I need to take it off! On cold, blustery days it really makes the difference. I cannot feel the wind or cold on my neck when it's on, and there is enough fabric so that I can pull it over my chin and cheeks to warm my face. The fleece is doubled over, so it is not just one layer. This is worth every penny!
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