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on April 9, 2012
-- Very comfortable headset. The fabric mesh is so cushioned and the headband adjustments fit 99% of all heads
-- High quality sound. Something that Turtle Beach has always came through in
-- Very customizable. You are able to adjust any sound cues possible, as well as how far you want the sound-field
-- Many different features. Pick up phone calls with the headset while gaming (dual pairing bluetooth).
You can use the headset with Skype as well. An auxiliary input lets you connect an iPod Touch or any mp3 player to listen to music while gaming
-- No interference. New 5GHZ WiFi base station gives you no interference at all
-- Fully wireless. The new XBA allows you to chat wirelessly, making this headset capable of using no wires at all

-- Wish the price would be dropped a bit :(
-- At first the headset does not feel the most comfortable, but you will get used to it quickly

Final Verdict:
The Turtle Beach XP300 Headset is definitely worth your money, but it will cut your savings pretty low. The features alone make this headset worth every penny. Having a wireless headset makes it so much simpler to game, not worrying if you'll trip over them. It provides a much cleaner setup. I would recommend anyone to purchase this headset who is looking for a durable, light, comfortable, great sounding, feature packed headset for their Xbox 360 or PS3.

I give this headset a 9.4 out of 10
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on September 25, 2012
I would recommend this. It takes a little getting used to. At least for me. Getting it to work with either console, the X-Box 360 and the Playstation requires a bit of configuring when you switch from one to the other and is cumbersome in the beginning. I would say this awkwardness is something that can be overcome with practice and a little familiarity with the product. RTFM. If your having problems, read the manual again.

We did have a little problem getting it to work with the Xbox in the begining. I think what was happening is either my son pulled the detachable mike out of the headset or it just wasn't seated properly initially. We couldn't get the XBox to recognize the audio out device (I think that was the error when we tried to create a voicemail)This took me awhile to figure out and was stressing me out.

First impression was that for a headset this is way more complicated than it has to be. Then again it does work on both consoles and now that I know what I'm doing I would be more inclined to blame the console manufactures for making this harder than it has to be.

But once the break in period is over, this has turned out to be a great headset so far! Wireless, good sound, comfortable to wear, lightweight, seems to have quality construction, not industrial strength, but not cheap either, somewhere in the middle. Nice features, once you get them figured out. A better man may not struggle as I did with it in the beginning.

I'm satisfied with my purchase. I hope it lasts longer than those stupid $20.00 XBox headsets.
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on October 6, 2013
This review is from my son:
This headset is plain Awesome. If you are a CoD player like me, you might want to read this. When you get this headset you will notice you get Headphones, Microphone, Wifi Transmitter, Sticker, and more stuff - everything you need except for 1 missing component: a Turtle Beach audio adapter which is $20 extra :( . Not sure why they don't make it included - it's kind of crazy. You get the product in the mail - you want to get it installed and use it asap... But no, you have to run the the store to find this adopter. If you play CoD like me, these headphones will allow you to hear footsteps. We had some technical problem setting it up because we needed the adapter. But other than that this headset is awesome.
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on November 16, 2013
So for over $120 headset, it requires an additional purchase if you use the Xbox with HDMI. It doesn't really integrate with the Xbox, but splits the audio off the RCA audio connection....but if use HDMI that wont buy something more. No thanks. I can hack a similar solution with parts from Radio Shack, split the audio myself to any non Xbox licensed gear....for $20.

And the power button stopped working the first hour out of the box. Back it goes.
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on August 19, 2016
Great head set sounds great feels great and looks great I've had mine for about 1 year now and it's still working just fine so easy to use and very easy to set up although my battery won't charge in it so I just play with it plugged in which is no problem
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on February 11, 2016
I got these for work for the main purpose to pair with my work iPhone via BlueTooth. It works perfectly for this. Slightly odd thing, music doesn't come through via BlueTooth. However, with the included WiFi wireless hub, you can connect any device that has a audio out, to the audio in to the WiFi hub, then get any music you want wirelessly to the headset. The mic monitor is nice as well, so that you can hear your own voice during the call (I tend to talk loud). The boom mic does a good job in localizing the mic. I love this for work, and might even take it home every once and a while for some weekend gaming. LOVE IT!
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on May 30, 2014
Had quite a bit of trouble setting this up. I also don't care for the charger. Need a USB port which there is only one of on the ps3. If you need it for something else at the time or don't want to leave the unit on your out of luck. It also doesn't stay charged for very long. The sound is pretty good but setup and battery life are a hassle.
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on July 14, 2015
Great headset. I stopped playing xbox a long time ago and was worried I wouldn't be able to use it anymore. I simply paired the bluetooth with my PC and was using it to talk to friends on skype and play games on my PC no problem. The "EQ" settings and sound buttons seem more gimmicky than anything. I just keep everything default and it works fine for me.
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on January 20, 2016
Great pricing, was kept up-to-date on shipping with the tracking feature. Disappointed it didn't ship with prime shipping however the product was discounted and was as listed and works wonderfully. Son figured out it is compatibly with PS 3 as well as Xbox 360. He was very happy!
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on August 13, 2012
This headset is very flawed. I would love to blame it on the fact that maybe I just got a bad set - it happens. But I have now returned TWO of these same model. My first set I had for one month and one night the chat stopped working, I could hear others but they couldn't hear me. It also had many problems with wireless chat disconnecting randomly. It was very easy to put it back on by pressing the button on the puck that connects to the controller, but this would happen sometimes over 5 times in one gaming session. Annoying to say the least when you get cut of in mid-sentence. With the second set, the chat disconnected even more frequently and also would come completely unsynched from the transmitter often. After a week it wouldnt even synch at all to the transmitter and was completely dead (even when charging). I've returned both sets and am considering going with a different brand. I like the idea of wireless chat but I refuse to spend more on the XP400's or XP500's just to have the same problems. Very dissapointed in Turtle Beach after this experience.
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