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on May 21, 2010
This brush is easily on par with many badger hair brushes costing four times as much.


I read some of the previous reviews regarding excessive bristle loss, cracked handles, and the knot coming out of the handle. ALL of these problems are symptoms of improper care and use! I'm willing to wager that this is the first shaving brush for most purchasers, who are attracted by its inexpensive price. So, here are some care and maintenance rules for shaving brushes:

Although a shaving brush has a flat handle, this is so it can be set down conveniently while shaving. It should NEVER be allowed to dry sitting on its handle. It is absolutely crucial that you rinse the brush after use and then HANG IT WITH THE HANDLE UP (BRISTLES DOWN) in order to dry. Failure to do so will result in an early demise of your brush -- cracked wood handle, rotting bristles, loosening of the knot, etc. You can make a holder out of wire or a coat hanger if you do not want to buy one.

Also, when whipping up lather, your finger tips should be grasping the base of the bristles where they meet the handle, with the flat of the handle against your palm. Whip the lather using only the TIPS of the bristles. You don't want to "squash" the bristles while whipping up the lather.

Finally, when you rinse the brush, hold it bristles up under a gentle stream of water. Then, hold it with the bristles down and wring the bristles by gently squeezing the bristles between your fingers and thumb. Now, holding the brush where the bristles and handle meet between your forefinger and thumb, GENTLY shake the brush two or three times. Vigorous shaking holding only the handle will damage the brush. Now hang the brush with the handle up to dry.

Follow these rules -- which are standard for any brush -- and you should enjoy years of shaves from your Tweezermans brush!

[UPDATE #1: I wrote the above after two months of use. This update, after ONE YEAR of use, convinces me even more that this was one of the best shaving buys ever. It continues to perform perfectly, is well broken in, and is NOT losing bristles! I have recommended this brush to many friends, and all have been very happy with their purchase. Follow the care instructions above, and I believe you will be very happy with this brush!]

[UPDATE #2: 2 years, 8 months later and still going strong! Although I have two other brushes (mostly for travel) this brush is still my "go to" and on average gets used 5 to 6 days a week. I still stand by my review above. This is without a doubt one of the best values for the money.]

[UPDATE #3: 4 years, 4 months, still going strong. Still getting used 5 to 6 times a week. BTW, when I shave, usually at a minimum I do a "two-pass" shave (with grain, against grain). So for every shave, I lather up at least twice. On Sundays and days with important meetings, I do a 3-pass shave (against-, with-, & across-the-grain).]
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on June 5, 2016
This was my first brush while entering the world of double edge shaving. I would say for the price it's a good value. My one gripe I have is that it has pretty consistently lost hairs every two shaves or so. It lathers quite well with the Proraso green shaving cream I picked up. It sucks up a lot of the lather so I find I can squeeze a good amount out of it and apply the remaining lather by hand rather than using the brush. For the first or second pass depending on how I am feeling applying with the brush seems to work fine enough.

Update 5/21/2017
I have been using this brush for a while now. Overall it definitely does the job of working up a nice lather. I let it soak for about a minute in water, shake it out, drop some cream on it and work it in my bowl. My problem is it loses hairs constantly and I am not sure how long it'll be before I need to buy a replacement if the hairs keep coming out like they have. I guess next time I'll have to spend a little more for a nicer brush that has the hairs better secured to the handle.
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I purchased this for my husband as a gift. We have had it in the household for several weeks. I have noticed him using it every time he shaves regardless of what method he uses. He mentioned that he liked the way this brush felt on his face.

I purchased this based on price and reviews. It seemed to be a good value for the reviews that it had attained thus far.

The base is wood and the bristles are badger hair. The whole brush measures about 4.25" long by 1.5" wide at the base. The brush fits nicely in the stand that he had for his disposable razor. He rinses his brush and lets it dry upside down after every use.

So far so so good. No complaints or cons to mention thus far.
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on March 27, 2014
Just a couple bristles were lost during the first shave - no more than hubby's good silver-tip badger brush! No bad smell and it's not coming loose from the handle yet. (It is kept in a stand and it's shaken well before it is put away.) We'll definitely update if problems arise, but so far so good!

This would be the perfect for a DE shaving beginner or for travel. It's cheap enough that you won't cry if you lose it, and you won't wince if your pubescent teen flings it into the toilet.

PS...If you are one of those guys that is still buying over-priced crummy cartridges for those over-priced disposable razors, don't be shy!! Grab one of these, some Proraso shave soap, a Merkur blade, some Feather or Merkur blades (for just pennies each!) and give it a try. (Those disposables have 3-6 blades for a reason - they stink!!) Look up how-to on the web. Tons of great video out there about DE shaving. Your dad and grandfather had the right idea when they went to the barber for a shave - there's nothing like it!! My husband is really glad he went back to DE shaving - his skin is much healthier and my sons are saving oodles of money! All the girls in our house also DE shave (Cremo creme for us) and we love it. I cringe when I think of all the $ we spent on cartridges - and all for crummy shaves! Give it a try - pamper yourself!
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on January 16, 2013
I really wanted to like this product and was hoping my experience would be better than some of the other reviewers here complaining of lost bristles and handles splitting and cracking, but I wasn't even given the opportunity to try this shaving brush out. The packaging was terrible, arrived loosely packaged with an "air pillow" packing fillers and the brush was bouncing around loosely in it's plastic package inside the box (which is probably the cause of the damage). I consider myself fortunate, since It seems to be poorly made and the knot would have separated from the handle eventually, saving me the cost of repurchasing a new and better quality brush. Returning to Amazon promptly and ordered a:
Colonel Conk Progress Model 247 Pure Badger Shaving Brush with Chrome Handle
This is handmade by Vulfix a well know and respected brush maker from the Isle Of Man, it may cost almost 3 times the price, but it is still fairly inexpensive and should last a long time.

Don't bother with this shaving brush spend a little more for something that will last.
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on April 29, 2017
Although it does a good job for lather it loses hairs like no brush I've ever seen. I picked at least 12-13 hairs off of my face. This is unacceptable. At this rate I likely will be left with only a handle in a couple of weeks. However, the annoyance and time wasted by picking out hairs off of my face before making passes with the razor is far worse than not having a usable brush. If you shave without picking out to those bristles than your razor can skip and cut you as has happened to me. Besides picking hairs off one's face is far more preferable to doing the same off of a D.E. razor.

That said, the bristles are of a higher quality than the previous model by Tweezerman that I owned but have lost (which was why I purchased this). That, too, would lose bristles/hairs but no where near as much to be more than a mild nuisance. This model's bristles are softer yet I find it doesn't hold water as well as the previous brush. Also the handle is much nicer than before. It's a shame about the quality of this brush's construction.
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on August 3, 2014
This was my first shaving brush, and I've gotten quite hooked on shaving this way now and can't quite imagine returning to the days of using big spray cans of Gillette shaving gel. I've been using this brush almost daily for coming up on two years now (purchased Nov. 2012 from Amazon), so this is a review from a long-use perspective. There was a period where it shed a noticeable number of bristles -- 1 to 3 lost on a near-daily basis over a couple of weeks' time -- I can assume this was just some spots where the adhesive wasn't good or something. Once that period of shedding was over, it's been fine. Rarely loses a bristle (perhaps once a month?) and it never lost so many as to really impact the density. Despite best-use and proper storage techniques, the wooden handle cracked slightly a few months in, so I used some clear epoxy-type glue to just fill it in. This too has never been a problem since. So yes, there were a couple of issues, and I don't know if they're endemic to this product across its production or if I just got a bad one, but apart from these two problems, I've been really pleased with the brush, particularly given its entry-level price point. After the initial problems and just under a year after buying the Tweezerman, I bought another brand "pre-emptively," kind of anticipating the imminent failure of the Tweezerman. That subsequent purchase is actually still new in its box, sitting in my closet. Maybe one day, I'll relegate the Tweezerman to "travel shaving brush" status and break out the new one, but for now, nearly two years on, it's still doing the job admirably.
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on March 3, 2014
I will start by saying that this is my first and only shaving brush and I do not profess to be a shaving guru. I am just a regular guy who is forced to shave almost every day. Using a brush helps to get the most out of your shaving cream or soap lather-wise, and it feels pretty darn nice as you use it on your face, too. The bristles are softer than I figured them to be and you can really notice the difference in how comfortable your shave is when you use a brush. I cleaned the brush prior to my first use and the musky smell was gone after a week or so. Yes, I lost a few bristles during my first few shaves and catch a straggler badger hair in my bowl from time to time but that is no big deal. The brush seems durable and I store it bristles down in my shave bowl as many reviewers have suggested. For the price this is well worth it.
I comparison shop a lot before buying anything - hopefully you can benefit from my time investment and review.
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on April 28, 2016
Got delivery yesterday and immediately shaved with it. This was going to be a travel brush, but I realized that the quality of the bristles are way beyond "pure" -- maybe beyond "best". I was, therefore, thinking of making this my everyday brush and relegate the current everyday brush to the dopp kit. This Tweezerman brush has very soft bristles, a true pleasure to shave with, very soft on the face. However, the smell of it is not to be believed. It's like a dead, wet dog. I even soaked it in liquid hand soap and water, trying to get the stench out. So far, it's still there. Even Col Conk Bay Rum lather can't cover it up; it's just the opposite. I swear after one day, I can still smell it on my face -- as crazy as that sounds. Since it's only ten bucks, it's not worth the trouble to return it. It is worth the trouble, however, to just throw it out. But if anyone has any suggestions on how to get rid of the smell, I'd love to update this review with accolades for this super soft shaving brush.
UPDATE: I have now been using this brush everyday for a couple of weeks. Have washed it with liquid soap everyday as well. Until today, the smell had subsided significantly, but there was still a hint of the dead, wet dog. But my wife bought some vinegar today and, having read a review someplace about using vinegar with a smelly badger brush, I soaked it for a few hours. I, then, washed it out with liquid soap and shaved with it and am happy to report that after almost a month, the smell is finally gone. And it is still a great, soft brush. I have given it four stars because I shouldn't have had to put up with the smell for almost a month. But the brush feels and lathers like a five star brush, especially considering the low price.
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on December 15, 2012
A few reviews state that the failure of this brush is due to improper handling, use, drying, etc. This may be the cause in many cases, however I believe there is a serious lack of quality control on these brushes. I have posted pictures showing the separation of my brush from the handle after only 2 uses. The pictures clearly show that the adhesive used was insufficient and did not contact both the handle and the brush. If it would stay together, I imagine this would be a very good product.
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