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on June 16, 2014
... yes I do! Zecharia Sitchin brings into focus so much of the Bible shrouded in mystery ... its Cliff's Note summary gaps allowing too much interpretation for misguidance, ultimately resulting in religious wars. Sitchin fills in some of the blanks and it makes absolute sense.

I traveled to Peru after reading the first three books in The 12th Planet series. Awing the wonders with an entirely new understanding than the tired, worn out assumptions of anthropology and boxed religious rantings.

The 12th Planet is not an easy read unless you are well versed in myth(?)ology. I finally gave up and bought his Index making it much easier. Not a book of fiction, rather based upon reliable research, excellent quotes from substantiating references, The 12th Planet will awaken knowledge you know, but have lost through generations of DNA reconditioning. Political/religious control/manipulation.

The 12th Planet is Sitchin's life work. Spirited into the subject as a child by a teachers inability to answer his questions ... her attempt to corral his mind into isolated, acceptable thought ... Sitchin stretched his mind ... learned to read the Sumerian language, allowing his research into ancient records that few have dared to travel, because the information potentially destroys current religious culture/beliefs. If only minds would open to the possibilities Stitchin offers in his literature. Perhaps sooner than later, since science is discovering new huge planets that could support life; how the moon was formed, all pointing to the man who for years purported a truth everyone snubbed. I wish only he had lived long enough to see his research validated by the very sciences that ignored, even castigated his work.

It took me three months to read The 12th Planet. 1) Each character with various names depending upon the culture being discussed, and succeeding paragraph easily change cultures, 2) So much knowledge is packed into every page, some page ideas stumped me. I had to put the book down for several days or weeks to digest the new way of seeing, which in some respects will totally distort currently held belief systems ... especially fundamental Baptist upbringings, even though already I was way past that box, or so I thought.

Sitchin brought me so much farther. He opened my eyes, expanded my mind, offered me new possibilities for my very existence. And, I believe.

NOT RECOMMENDED for orthodox Christians unwilling to consider possibilities outside the theology of the church. To read Sitchin's works, one must be treading a Spiritual Path, willing to accept new ideas, able to open their vision that just maybe we are the fabric of another race ... without erasing the fact there is a Creator ... One, who created all things and another, that just possibly formed us out of the clay ... just not exactly the way we have been led to believe.

I Believe. Do you?
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on March 18, 2017
Now that there is so much FACTUAL material available on the subject, anyone who doesn't explore the EVIDENCE behind the Ancient Aliens hypothesis with an open mind should no longer be considered a well-educated person. You may not agree with all of the CONCLUSIONS that writers such as Sitchen reach. However, the archeological and contemporary first-source historical records seem to indicate that mainstream academics are wrong about many things. In this book you will explore first-source material directly - you will not have to rely on anyone's interpretation.
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on March 21, 2011
Going into this book I was a bit skeptical about Sitchin's theory of a 12th planet. The idea that a rogue planet, with a 3600 year orbit, has been floating around out there for millions of years is pretty wild, especially considering we have yet to physically see it or take accurate pictures of it(despite being able to see millions of galaxies). Throw in the theory that this planet not only planted the seed of "life" on Earth and was responsible for the formation of our moon but also contains "The Gods" / Aliens I was almost floored with how silly this theory sounded. That all changed when I began to read this book.

Starting from the beginning you are immediately hit with just how detailed Sitchin's work is. The huge bibliography in the back isn't just for show. 30+ years of research shows in his writing and the detail he goes into with subjects (in fact sometimes it can get tedious). Sitchin's book (The 12th Planet) fires on all cylinders providing the reader with some very solid evidence towards backing his theory up. With each page more and more information is presented to the reader in the form of biblical quotes, maps, detailed images / sketchings, and even hand drawn diagrams breaking down material. All this content is used to slowly build up a large background wealth of knowledge to be used when Sitchin finally gets to the "meat" of the book (Chapter 6: The Twelfth Planet). At this point you might find yourself deeply drawn in, or perhaps chuckling to yourself how silly this all is; but either way it will be hard to put this book down once the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place.

Everything about this book feels well thought out. Sitchin clearly spent a lot of time researching the material and organizing it. The staggering number of correlations he finds really gives his theory a solid leg to stand on, plus gives answers to many questions scientists had at the time. Even with all this material, and so many discoveries there are plenty of holes in Sitchin's Theory. I found quite a few when it came to the orbit of the 12th planet, as well as the strange lack of gravitational influences the 12th planet has had throughout creation. However, this goes to show why it is a THEORY and not fact; as the validity of the material can be brought into question. Keep in mind however, Einstein's E=mc^2 equation is only right about 99.7% of the time which is why it is called the THEORY of Relativity (not a LAW); and at one point it was considered ridiculous that the Earth was round.

The 12th Planet is a must read. It is a fantastic book that brings mountains of facts and pieces together to create a giant puzzle that gets solved right before your eyes. However, I can see why people question the accuracy of Sitchin's translation of Sumerian and the Religious scriptures. At times it sometimes seems too "perfect" a match and there just seems far to much evidence to support the theory. Am I still skeptical about "The 12th Planet" existing, YES. However, this book opened my eyes to many similarities and events scattered across Mankind's history. The material is very in depth and even if you do not believe, this book makes for a fantastic Science Fiction piece then. This is a book that will not disappoint!

**NOTE: This Book is actually classified as "NON-FICTION" which surprised me, as often controversial theories like this get labeled as fiction. This shows just how solid the physical material being used by Sitchin is. (Only real argument I could make is his translations of the material and there seems to be a lack of understanding of gravitational physics)
**NOTE: You should go into this book with an open mind. There is a fantastic wealth of knowledge here as long as you are willing to open your mind to it
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on July 10, 2012
I never got any answers in Sunday school. I never got answers from history books. I could never reconcile the "established" line that everyone seemed to tow. With all the questions that each answer kept producing, nothing seemed to satisfy. Why, oh why, did it take so long for me to learn about this book? This series. I agree with absolutely everything in the series. Finally someone who was willing to look beyond what we were always told with that tired line: "You have to have faith." It's not a series that denies everyone's faith for even the Anunnaki believed in a higher power, after all, who made them? Who seeded the Universe? So let go of that and open your eyes and minds to the fact that we were created from an existing species and that the Bible is actually a road map if you stop thinking about it in terms of "one god". A higher power I'm willing to concede - but multiple "gods" were at the beginning of our history and THEY caused the wars and troubles between men and cities by using us like chess pieces. Since we have the Nefilim's (Anunnaki's) DNA in us, that explains why we are vain and fight and disagree over everything because they definitely did. And they thought we were less/lower than them, because they created us and they treated us accordingly. Enki, one of the Nefilim (and one of the trio who actually created us) came to love us and tried to fight for us on several occasions (read the series to learn more) but was often over-ruled by their King, the heir-to-their-throne and their council. Are they coming back? I believe so, but the question comes up: Whose side will they be on?
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on February 14, 2012
I can't look at any other history books about ancient Sumeria the same after reading The 12th Planet. At first the whole "new planet" thing was a real turn-off and that is why it took me so long to actually get the book. But once I read the theory it makes some sense. At the very least, his theory really can't be proven FALSE. Maybe he can't prove it to be true either, but in science you don't prove a hypothesis, you disprove it...if it stands up over many tests, it is considered to be true until it isn't. That's pretty much how science works. Since ALL HISTORY is subjective, this version is no more or less valid that any other work.

This book was not difficult for me to read at all, but I am a scientist. Which leads me to some of the genetics mentioned in the text. I was cringing, just waiting for him to get some small part wrong, after all - his theory is decades old now and hypothesized long before we had even sequences the genome, but his stuff is pretty solid. Of course, he could not expand on anything if it wasn't written down, and the ancient Sumerian language, or at least the translation from the ancient language (and clay images) to our modern one, is rife with hidden meaning and descriptions. So there are no details.

I picked this book up to research for another publication, and it was definitely a fun ride into the past! Unfortunately, Sitchen's take on stuff has really soured me to the dry and boring "mainstream" interpretations of the Sumerians, like S.N. Kramer's book - which is sitting next to me right now and I will still use as a reference, but I have no interest in the "safe" version of ancient Sumerian history. Give me a pioneer any day.

As far as those who think you have to suspend reality to consider the theories presented here, they are just closed-minded. There is nothing earth-shattering here...if you still believe we're alone in the universe, well that's a hypothesis which requires the suspension of reality - not the belief in life beyond our small blue marble.
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on March 5, 2014
Sitchin's theory reminds me of an episode of the British comedy "Red Dwarf" where the main character causes one planet to hit another to fill in a white hole (using the interface of a pool table shot to do it). Only, Marduk/Nibiru's shot was a glancing shot that shot Earth into orbit, caused the asteroid belt and, to borrow again from Red Dwarf "shot Marduk off the table and into someone's pint of beer."

I love reading about phenomenology, the occult, the paranormal, ancient astronauts, etc. However Sitchin is just a little bit too far for my tastes. And I think I know why. Born in the early part of the 20th century, Sitchin's "scientific" terminology and knowledge is just too dated for modern readers. Anyone with even a nodding education in physics or astronomy knows that his theories are ludicrous. But its not so much that Sitchin is an idiot but that he is a product of his times. Its like the 19th century phycisists or modern occults use of the term "magnetism." It doesn't mean what the modern scientific definition of magnetism is. This is how stichin is with terminology like "radiation." I do not think Sitchin means the same thing that we, in the post-atomic age, know as radiation (visible light, gamma radiation, microwaves, the spectrum, etc etc).

Indeed, Sitchin has that quaint early 20th century idea that all radiation is good radiation. Nibiru didn't need the sun in the depths of space because it had its own "radiation" to keep it warm (kind of like a microwave!). I guess Sitchin never heard that, except for a very narrow band, most radiation is very very bad for organic life.

Wrapping your head around Sitchin's cosmology isn't just a stretch, its a rip. But if I was going to try, I'd say the closest anyone else has ever got to Sitchin's idea for Nibiru was Brian Aldiss' "Helliconia" series which postulates a planet with extreme climactic eras because of being in a double sun system. Could Nibiru's radiation keep something warm for 2,000 years of deep space? Oh sure, I can imagine silicon based lifeforms that could be bathed in microwave radiation like we sunbathe... make a good episode of Doctor Who, I bet!
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on February 4, 2014
There is a great deal in this book that 'I' had a difficult time to digest. However, I breezed through the 400 plus pages in less than a week while on vacation in Mexico. Mr. Sitchin (like most of us who write) apparently left no stone unturned, and that is what created some problems for me. Because he came across an ancient carving of a 'supposed astronaut' wearing some sort of bracelet with 24 (I believe that was the number) stones on it the writer tries to make the case that each stone represents all the planets including our moon, the twelfth planet, Nefilim, and other moons larger than 100 miles in circumference. Well, without doing the research I believe that there are many more moons in our solar system that qualify as being larger than that. Regardless, the book is well worth the time. I for one have often thought as I've stood before some of the world's many ancient structures, "Modern man does not have the equipment to build something this magnificent! He must have had help from a far more intelligent source!"
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on April 8, 2015
I found this book about twenty years ago, and since then I started to ask myself the same questions about how man came to be. I believe in God. But perhaps our history is really wrong, like Erik Van Daniken said. I like to think logically, and there are a lot of logical answers in this book. Now, I do not agree with everything Sitchin says, but for the most part I do. Especially the part that is in the Sumerian tablets. And I will tell you why. I went back to most of the referenced books and works Sitchin used, and whom he thanked at the beginning of this book. The sources used here are from renown professors of Near Eastern Studies, like Dr. Samuel Noah Kramer. Essentially all the translations that Sitchin references in his works, are from scholars like this one, who led archaeological excavations in Iraq, and who dedicated his life to the translation of Sumerian Mythology. And I must say, that his works corroborate with the references cited by Sitchin. So it is really plausible, that our ancestors interpreted what they saw in these myths. Why not? Sumerian history is fascinating. I recommend to get a couple of books by the scholars referenced in the back, and you will never be bored again! I haven't for twenty years now, and many more to come...
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on August 16, 2015
This book is so loaded with profound research and archeological discoveries that it will knock you out.Try to argue with ancient writing tablets with a detailed presentation of the structure of our universe and the twelve planets that reside there. Try to argue with Old Testament scriptures that lock into a rational study of a diagram of orbits unknown to the modern world but practically accepted B.C. Enjoy this Hebrew scholar's rich understanding of a language foreign to us all until modern digs gave up many details that complete a believable picture of gods who flew to Earth and back to Heaven.Of Man the Slave and Adam created long after another superior race was already formed from Nibiru.
Meet extraterrestrials who brought advanced civilization we knew nothing about.We were not the first ones on Earth and this will prove it with a rich bibliography of consenting contributors of brilliant languages.
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on April 21, 2012
The story of humanity's ancient past as interpreted by Zecharia Sitchin (and Erich von Daniken) has been popularized as of late by the History Channel television show Ancient Aliens: Season One. In his book, Chariots of the Gods: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past, Von Daniken has shown that ancient cultures from around the world have left clues to suggest that our Gods of old are actually advanced extraterrestrials. Sitchin interprets ancient Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian texts according to a similar premise.

The Premise
The basic premise behind Twelfth Planet: Book I of the Earth Chronicles (The Earth Chronicles) is that the ancient Gods of humanity are actually extraterrestrials whose home planet is Marduk (also known as Nibiru). Marduk, according to Sitchin, is the twelfth celestial body of our solar system (the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Marduk) and orbits the Sun in a 3600-year orbit.

These extraterrestrials from Marduk are divided into two classes - the Deities and the Annunaki. The Deities are the gods of old - the elite class. The Annunaki are the worker class. 400,000 years ago, the Mardukians began making settlements on Earth and began establishing royal lineages. While the Deities ruled these settlements, the Annunaki mined the Earth's resources.

Around 300,000 years ago, the Annunaki rebelled against their toil, and the Deities responded by creating Mankind to carry on the work in the Annunaki's stead. Mankind was created by a genetic hybridization of homo erectus and the Mardukians.

Mankind was created to be the slaves of the Mardukians.

The Deluge
Sometime around 13,000 years ago, a global cataclysm occurred. This idea is, apparently, supported by science. Although I have not personally seen primary source material to support this, the anecdotal support is quite large. Between scientific hearsay and the mounds of ancient texts that support the idea of an ancient global cataclysm, I'm of the opinion that there truly was something akin to a global flooding sometime around 11,000 BC.

According to Sitchin, the Deities knew of the impending cataclysm. It was to come as a result of the tidal influences of Marduk's orbital approach. But the Deities were displeased with Mankind - for reasons that I don't find altogether clear. As they evacuated planet Earth, they left Mankind to wash away. However, there was one God, Enki, who had been deeply involved in the creation of Mankind; and he chose to save one set of human beings. This story would become the basis of the Noah myth.

He Who Tells the Story ...
John Lamb Lash, author of the mind-blowingly brilliant tome Not in His Image: Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief, made a very astute point during a radio interview. He said, and I paraphrase, that these Mardukian Deities, who have undoubtedly exerted their influence throughout Mankind's history, have proven themselves to be trickster gods. And we should be wary of taking their stories at face value.

It seems quite logical that it would serve the Mardukians to convince us that we are their slaves -- because ultimately, isn't that what they want?

It seems likely that the Mardukians did have an influential hand in jump-starting our civilization, because some of the most monumental societal achievements have occurred in 3,6000-year intervals:

11,000 BC: Agriculture and the domestication of animals began.

7,500 BC: Pottery appeared

3,800 BC: Sumerian civilization appeared as if out of nowhere - along with textile weaving.

Where civilizations sprang to life, so did royal dynasties - dynasties that not only claimed direct lineages to the Deities, but whose existence rested solely on the Deities' blessing.

"As time went on, the gods became overlords, each jealously guarding the territory, industry, or profession over which he had been given dominion. Human kings were the intermediaries between the gods and the growing and spreading humanity. The claims of ancient kings that they went to war, conquered new lands, or subjugated distant peoples `on the command of my god' should not be taken lightly. Text after text makes it clear that this was literally so: The gods retained the powers of conducting foreign affairs, for these affairs involved other gods in other territories. Accordingly, they had the final say in matters of war or peace.

"With the proliferation of people, states, cities, and villages, it became necessary to find ways to remind the people who their particular overlord, or `lofty one,' was. The Old Testament echoes the problem of having people adhere to their god and not `prostitute after other gods.' The solution was to establish many places of worship, and to put up in each of them the symbols and likenesses of the `correct' gods.

"The age of paganism began."

The Creation of the Solar System
The creation of our solar system, according to the ancient Babylonian, Akkadian and Sumerian texts, assigns each of our celestial bodies with the personage of a Mardukian Deity. And Marduk itself is granted the title of the King of all the celestial bodies.

According to this creation story, our solar system began with 11 bodies - the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Tiamat, Kingu (Tiamat's satellite, which would eventually become our Moon), Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. Then the wayward Marduk was pulled into our system. Marduk threw Pluto off its orbit (sending it to its current place as our system's outermost planet) and smashed into Tiamat. The result of this collision created the Earth and the Asteroid Belt.

Rocket Ships
One of the issues I have with Sitchin's reading of the ancient texts is his interpretation of them in light of 20th century technology. One of the main sources of Sitchin's astronaut theory is that Sumerian symbology points to the idea that the Mardukians traveled back and forth between Marduk and Earth using rocket ships that were "chariots of fire."

The symbols that Sitchin identifies look like pointed, multi-stage rockets, often with fire shooting out the back ends.

I have a hard time believing that extraterrestrials with the ability to supposedly genetically create Mankind were saddled by combustible fuel technology. Although we've made significant advances to combustible fuel technology over the past 150 years, it is still a 150-year-old technology. And the only reason we are still saddled with this archaic technology is because alternative propulsion systems have been suppressed by the global cabal that aims to keep us addicted to petroleum.

The Soul
And then there's the question of the soul. The Mardukians may have the means to genetically modify DNA, but do they have the means to spiritually endow Humanity with souls?

I think not.

In fact, Sitchin, in my opinion, is hamstrung by the same handicap as Darwin. Both fail to see a Universe endowed with consciousness. Both see the Universe from a materialistic perspective in which we evolved consciousness as a result of evolving matter. I disagree with this concept. We are, rather, beings of Light, eternal sparks of the Source that have descended into the material plane.

When we die, is it our Mardukian overlords that await us on the spiritual plane?

I doubt it.

The 12th Planet also makes no mention of our Lemurian and Atlantean heritage. In fact, I would suggest that it serves the Mardukian agenda for Humanity's memory of our Lemurian and Atlantean past to remain severed. And the stories told in the ancient Sumerian tablets do just that. They replace our actual pre-diluvian history with a history of their own making - a new history that places the Mardukians as the creators of Mankind.

Humanity's Story
Despite my doubts, I'm confident that there is an enormous amount to learn from decoding, deciphering, interpreting and understanding the ancient Sumerian, Akkadian and Babylonian texts.

But it is only one part of the story.

The Mardukians may very well be the force behind the global cabal that aims to enslave mankind this very day. And to understand fully what kind of situation we are in, I'm confident that it will take a deep understanding of whence we came.
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