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on March 3, 2012
My wife had been hinting for a while that she really wanted to see the latest movie in the "Twilight" saga at the theater, but beyond the basic notion of it being about vampires I had no idea about the backstory. So, on to Amazon I went...and picked up all of the Blu-Ray releases thus far. I hate to admit it, but these movies are mesmerizing. The acting is just so-so, the story is a little convoluted and to top it all off the friggin vampires sparkle in the sunlight. All that being said, you really can't help being drawn into this world and these characters. The movies may lack a little when it comes to vampire lore, but the whole package somehow just works. The high-def transfers look really good, and my only complaint about the discs is that the dialogue always seems overpowered by the score, even when run through a home theater system.
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on January 1, 2010
I have never been much into Vampire stories, but my friends persuaded me to read the Twilight series. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading Twilight! It was very captivating and addicting, so I was and still crave more Twilight! I was VERY excited and anxiously awaiting to watch the movie version of Twilight to actually see the book come to life, rather than the little imaginary movie in my head. After watching the movie I would rate it as "Good." However, I felt there was a lot of potential for it to be so much better. I liked the characters; the main characters especially fit their parts. I was a bit disappointed in Bella's friends at school. I felt the book did better in portraying her friends, the movie just made them plain annoying and obnoxious to watch. The acting wasn't the most convincing and most of the graphics and effects were pretty cheesy and unrealistic. I think my biggest disappointment was the movie strayed very far from the book. I understand the book is pretty long, so they were trying to condense it into a movie, but the movie felt so rushed. There were major scenes or important discussions in the book that were completely left out or completely altered. There were characters that played key roles in the book's story that were left out almost completely in the movie. I was even more disappointed to find different added scenes or comments in the movie that never once occurred in the book that were just plain ridiculous. All I found myself doing was asking, "Why this?" All of the add-ins in the movie felt all together irrelevant and unnecessary to the story. They could have easily left out most of the add-ins and instead use what was actually in the book for a more successful story. I'm not completely opposed to movies that don't completely follow the book, as long as the movie does a better job or just as good a job at telling the story. But I wasn't completely sold on the differences in the movie, they just didn't compare to the book. Why try and change an already great story in a book? I almost feel that it would have been worthwhile to just make a longer movie so that they could have added the complete storyline that was in the book. I'm sure all the Twilight fans would have loved to get extra footage of the characters and the story, since the story of Twilight has you always craving more! Also, I watched this movie with my husband, who has not read the book. When the movie ended, he had so many questions as to what happened and what was going on - since it was not explained well or brought up at all in the movie. The book addressed all of the questions and issues, so I was unsure why they left many of the key explanations and parts in the book, out of the movie all together. I had to explain to him what really happened so he had some sense as to what was going on. I wouldn't mind watching the movie again, especially now that I own it. I think people can like the movie, but they have to try and separate what they read from what they saw in order to not become disappointed. Or maybe just watch the movie first before you read the book, so you have more to look forward to. If we're lucky, maybe they'll use the same cast and do a re-make of Twilight, but I doubt that would happen. Haha. Oh well. At least I have faces to put on the characters for the little imaginary movie inside my head, which should enhance my reading experience of the second book, New Moon. I heard the movie New Moon follows more closely to the book, so I'm excited to see how they might have made an even better movie!
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on May 5, 2014
I bought this movie for only one reason: so that we could watch it while listen to it being heckled by the geniuses at RiffTrax. But if you want a movie that tells girls that a stalk-y, creepy, potentially violent BF is the ideal, then this is the film for you. Otherwise, give it a pass, or pair it with RiffTrax for an evening of fun.
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on May 29, 2015
It's a chick-flick, to be sure, and even within that genre it's much too Wuthering Heights for my taste, but Twilight is still a good movie. Just as important, it's family-friendly enough that I can get buy-in from all stakeholders.

The Pacific Northwest is by turns coldly gorgeous, sumptuous and scary. The sets are well done, the actors watchable, the conflicts easy to follow. There's just a bit of memory-test and guesswork, as in "What was that vampire's special power again?", "Who are the Volturi?", but there's usually someone around who's read the books well enough or recently enough to fill in the necessary information.

To sum up: fun and family-friendly. Teen-angst played for high drama. Pretty good action-scenes, although the wolves are a bit too obviously CGI.
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on January 16, 2017
Girl falls for hot but really pale boy with an eating disorder. They go hiking in the woods and when he stands in the sun his skin sparkles. They discuss eating disorder and its inconveniences. Girl meets boys family, all of whom share the same eating disorder and are also pale. They all play baseball. Family's estranged relatives interrupt game. Girl and boy run away together. Girl wanders off, and gets attacked. Boy murders his girlfriend's attacker and destroys the evidence. Deceased attacker's girlfriend spies on girl. The end.
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on October 27, 2014
I turned out to be wrong about Harry Potter and even Hunger Games. I avoided both for years because of the hype and because of the target demographic... and when I finally bought in, perhaps because my expectations were so low, I was really engaged. Neither are Shakespeare, of course, but they were both great stories with rich characters, captivatingly written and with unexpected turns.

After however many years it's been I gave in and decided to try Twilight, and in order to try to be fair watched the second movie as well. What drivel. The story is so simple and banal, the characters are moronic and they add nothing new to the world of vampires or werewolves. I was not only disappointed but was left despairing for our species. I mean, not to be melodramatic but these are in the top 25 best selling series ever. Toxic fillings, nuclear weapons and Twilight.

Two stars because it takes gumption to write books and get them published.
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on May 1, 2013
I went into the Twilight movies sort of under protest as my granddaughter had the books and said I just "had" to see the movie.

Let me tell you I actually found myself really enjoying the movie from the very beginning, which for me was extremely unusual as I really was never much a fan of vampire type movies. I did like supernatural type movies - but never a fan of gore and to me vampires rated up there with gore or cheap B rated, unbelieveable type movies. So it was with this mindset I had never been drawn toward the books, never mind the movie itself. But I do like movies featuring young people and looking at life through their eyes - and did see all that I did like about movies right from the start of Twilight. The edging in of the vampire twist was so subtle it practically went unnoticeable by me as I got drawn into the story of Bella and knowing what it had been like to be the new girl in school - many times through out my own early life. So when the fact the more beautiful than life Edward appeared on the scene - I could already feel a beautiful love story unfolding long before I knew he was a vampire.

I also loved the way he made vampirism not the gore and horrible threat it had always been portrayed in Hollywood since there had been motion pictures. It was fun discovering Edwards world and the history of his family (clan) a small piece at a time - so that truly by the end of the movie I was not only hooked on this truly lovely unfolding young love story, but I was hungering to see more and learn more of the histories that had always been such a horror story to me before. I was at last actually turning tides in favor of vampires and actually wanting to learn everyone of the families stories - yet at the same time learning the story of Bella, her own family, and getting to know the regular kids she was forming friendships with.

It did not hurt I was also being drawn in by young Jacob Black, as I was always fond of the histories of real life American Indians, so it was a bit fun to look at Jacob and his family as not really being any different than any other American young person - yet it was obvious there was something about this tribe that made it a little more special than any other. So at the end of the first movie, I was also interested in knowing much more about Jacobs family and history as well.
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on February 11, 2014
I thought it was phenomenal, action packed, love story that demonstrates both masculinity and intimacy. It evokes emotions, that may cause one to become emotionally involved, as to connect to the story/actors in an unexpected least for me it did. I'm not really into chick-flix but this one caught me off guard, in the middle of the night, bc I sleep with the TV on some nights (I was vulnerable guys don't judge me). Anyway it was breaking dawn part 2 that got me hooked. I, was in no way interested in watching the twilight saga series prior to breaking dawn 2, but after seeing it had to know the beginning; so I watch "ALL" prior movies over the weekend..."yeah, and"...? Seriously, they were great, I encourage others to check it out. If you collect movies this is one to add to the collection.
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Enthusiast: Doctor Whoon February 11, 2014
This is the first in the series, I am of the belief that you should at least see a movie before you can make comments on it. I put off for ages watching this movie. I thought it was going to be a really sappy teenage angst movie. It was. With that being said. I was surprised I did enjoy parts of the movie. The movie doesn't really get Good until you get to the end of the film. But I promise the movies get better with each new film.
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on May 30, 2015
Kristen Stewart sure looked different when she was a teen than she does now. Frankly, her younger face and long hair is MUCH prettier than how she looks as I write in 2015. A fun, occult love story that does not disappoint, but I don't know why all the fuss happened when these films were first being produced. Yes, they're fun. But they're not that fun. And none of the sequels had enough of the luscious Dakota Fanning in them. Kristen is letter perfect, captures Bella perfectly, down to the clumsy fumbling, tripping, and dropping of back packs which she makes look like REAL clumsiness. If you like fantasy, vampires, or romances with superb acting from great looking young people, you can't go wrong here!!
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