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on December 31, 2016
Love all of the Black Jewel Series, I actually purchased them at this time for my sister as a Christmas gift. My sister had read the first 3 but hadn't had the opportunity to read any of the others so I purchased the entire series for her. She loved the first 3, I'm sure this one will be no different. These books are definitely not for the kindhearted and I would describe them as dark and disturbing for most of the series, they can be graphic, horrifying, fantastic, whimsical, saddening and much much more. I have found myself actually laughing out loud, and crying so hard I had to put them away for a while. I've read and reread them probably close to 10 times and can say that I feel they blow most other writers and writing styles out of the water. Everyone is all about 50 Shades of Gray for its sexual content and heat but, in my opinion, nothing beats these books in that aspect as well as many others, I find myself wishing I could step through the pages and live in their world. These books are definitely something you read with an open mind and they are by no means written for children.
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on August 28, 2013
*** SPOILER ALERT *** Ok. This book is really hard to rate. I've absolutely loved the majority of the Black Jewels series books and I greatly enjoyed the first three stories in this book...but the last...oh the last. The last broke my heart.

I've always believed - and still do - that an author has the right to write a book and/or series anyway he or she wants to. It's her series and her vision, after all. But I wish she hadn't written this one - or at least I wish I had not read it. I hated hated hated the last story.


How could she kill Jaenelle & Satean off? HOW??? Those two absolutely made this series. Obviously she is done with this series but still. I wish it had not ended this way. I wish I could UNREAD it!!! If she was tired of writing these books and wanted to concentrate on something else, I wish she would have just done that and NOT wrote this book. It would have been better to end this series after any of the previous books but NOT have done this. I just can't get over it. The characters acted in ways that went completely against the people that they had always been. This just did not ring true. I actually really did like the character of Surreal but not with Daemon. She should have had her own love. She deserved that. This series should have ended before either Jaenelle or Satean died. There was no reason why Jaenelle & Daemon should not have had their happily ever after. Jaenelle was Witch. Being Witch could have easily explained Jaenelle living much longer than normal humans.

Signed - A Desperately Unhappy Reader
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on December 20, 2014
Honestly, with a world as beautiful as Bishop's Black Jewels your heart hurts with the idea of an ending, ANY ending, because you want it to go on forever. But after years of wondering how so many of these stories would wind down, and years of wondering if we'd ever get to find out, I couldn't imagine a more perfect way to end it. I absolutely cried the last 25% and loved every moment of it. Still my favorite series ever, forever, and I'm going to reread them all again now. I'm not sure if Bishop reads reviews, but to her - Thank you for this.
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on March 20, 2011
Loved the first story - all the humor and liveliness of previous BJ books (excluding Invisible Ring, which I prefer to forget whenever possible). Second story surprised me - we all know Falonar was killed by the Sadist - but the unfolding of the drama is well done, although Lucivar is way, way too forgiving. It doesn't really ring true from what we know of him.

Third story - well, Tangled Webs has grown on me over the years (pun intended) but let's face it, mystery writing isn't Ms. Bishop's forte. And this one is even weaker, with holes an Eyrien could fly through with wings fully extended. Does anyone think this is a satisfactory ending for Sylvia and Saetan? Sheesh, I hope not. Bishop plays around with her own canon, and she could easily have pushed it to a more satisfying conclusion.

Fourth story - ahem. Cough. It's the first time I've felt Bishop was forcing her characters to do something they didn't really want to. I write a lot of fanfic and know that quite often characters take on a life of their own and won't cooperate with their creator. She might have always intended Surreal and Daemon to get together. But this felt wrong as a pairing and the characters are fighting her all the way through it. Surreal, the kick-ass assassin/whore, suddenly turning into a version of Marian? Content to play second fiddle, Daemon-you-have-all-my-heart-and-I'll-wait-forever? Why is she suddenly turning into the Dea al Mon version of a Stepford Wife? It's hard to believe there's no Warlord or Prince in the BJ universe that would appreciate her prickly, hot-tempered, aggressive personality just as she is.

I like the sweet sadness of the 'passing of the mantle' from Saetan to Daemon. But I adore Saetan, and without him I don't find the others have enough to play off of. Daemon is an incomplete version of his father, and released from Witch's Triangle, is a lot less interesting as a stand-alone character than Saetan, or even Lucivar.
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on July 14, 2011
Somewhere along the way Anne Bishop lost a step, when it came to her Black Jewels book series. The first three books were (not to sound too cliché) awesome! I own them, I reread them often, and I enjoy them every time I do. The books that followed the original trilogy, however, have gone from OK to mediocre. This last book, Twilight’s Dawn was the weakest yet. Bishop just seems to have lost ‘contact’ with her characters, their personalities, their nuances. If I had read this book blind, I would have sworn it was fan fiction – someone trying to copy Bishop’s work, but not quite hitting the mark.

The tone of the book and the tone of the characters is all “off”. Formerly strong characters appear moody and petty in this book. They just don’t sound like themselves (if that makes sense when referring to a fictional character).

Bishop is a good writer, however. Her original trilogy proves it. As well as her new book, Written in Red, which I enjoyed very much and am eagerly awaiting the next installment of.
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on March 7, 2016
Please Anne Bishop tell me that this was not the end of this series . This group of stories was excellent joyful and sad to say goodbye to witch, but the doo is open for other stories of his daughter.....
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on March 28, 2017
Her writing style is so fun. I love the relationships that develop through the story lines.
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on February 11, 2015
I love this series so I am prejudiced, I have always found it to be humorous and entertaining. The men and women are fascinating, each character fully formed and complete.
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VINE VOICEon April 4, 2011
I love the books of Anne Bishop, so I was waiting on tenterhooks for this book to come out. I guess I didn't realize it was going to be a four novella book instead of a full novel regarding the history, use, future, of the Twilight's Dawn jewel.


Fans of Ms. Bishop will undoubtedly read this book, and I think that there will be two camps - love it or hate it. My favorite story would have to be the one regarding Winsol and its deeper meaning of family. Some of the characters seemed to become a little less...ah...intelligent than they typically are in her other Black Jewels novels, but as what happens it real life, it could just be the holiday setting.

The story I was most disappointed in was that of Falonar. In Queen of the Darkness so much was alluded to when Lucivar met him at the service fair, and upon seeing their relationship again as part of this book, I truly was hoping for more of Lucivar's background in the hunting camps and courts and time as a slave. I also wanted Falonar to become a much more developed character. In this book, he comes off as an angry, self serving jerk, but the question is, how did he get that way? Was he like that from his childhood because of how he was raised, did it happen in one of the corrupted courts, how??? And I was sorely disappointed at how little was written about his relationship with Surreal. She is a very interesting part of all the books, and here it was mostly just a throwaway in order to move the plot along. There is so much that could have been added to the background and richness of this particular time frame that I am heartily disappointed this was not make into its own novel.

The story of Sylvia and No Face was an utter letdown as well. Again, there was a total lack of background on this character. While Ms. Bishop had to leave some villains/bad apples after the events in Queen of the Darkness, she also had to leave them with some sort of history! How did this character get this way, how did he go on committing crimes for so long...the list of questions is endless in my mind. And it was all tied up too neatly for me. I would have loved to have read more about Saeten and Sylvia's time together, and the years Janelle spent as the Halaway queen. Once again I felt left hanging by the sheer omission of depth in this story.

The final story I am split on. Once more I would have loved a huge novel instead of just several chapters. I would have loved to know of everything that went on during the next several decades of Janelle's life. I do appreciate how her passing was handled and that the story was more than just about each person's grieving process. When Saetan made his final choice, I knew that something would be gone forever from the Black Jewels books. He was so much a part of everyone's lives that I will admit I did cry for the passing of a fictional character.

I do hope that Ms. Bishop will continue with more books in this series. I would love to know so much more of Janelle Saetien and how she uses the jewel the original Janelle had. I would love to know why the kindred faded away from the humans after Janelle's death, and why this child is suddenly reconnecting worlds. What is her destiny, her purpose? Regarding Surreal and Daemon, I agree that their relationship is what Daemon's and Janelle's should have been. Theirs was about passion, fire, his knowing that he was meant to be Witch's lover. And if you notice, no where does it ever change to life mate. Yes, they do marry, but Daemon's connection to his softer side always comes back through to Surreal, and it's alluded to in the story that Janelle is fully aware of this. I cannot deny the characters were not written as being in love, but personally, Daemon and Surreal ARE love. They have been there for each other for centuries. They have fought and reconciled, protected each other, helped each other through tumultuous times in relationships. In essence, a true partnership forged on trust, love, understanding, and commitment.

I eagerly look forward to more stories from the Black Jewels series, and hope that the next contain more about Janelle Saetien, Surreal, Daemon and the kindred. I would also like to know more about Cassidy's adventures in Shalador Nehele and how everything progressed there. And, since it is obvious Witch still lives in the Darkness, will she become a bigger part of things in future books? And what of Lucivar and his family? He has changed the way Eryians think and live. What impact will that have on future generations? What is in store for his children? Will either he or Daemon become Guardians? It would also be a tremendous treat for Ms. Bishop to give us more stories from Saetan's past - the first war between the Blood, his 50,000 years waiting for Witch, his time with Cassandra, everything. Ms. Bishop has created a world without a foreseeable end for which to plumb for stories of so many characters we have come to love and adore.
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on March 1, 2011
I purchased the Kindle version of this book just after midnight the day it was released, in eager anticipation of hearing more about the characters I'd come to know and love. This was the only version I purchased for my Kindle - the rest are well-loved books, and almost tattered from many readings. I'd been waiting so long for this to come out!!! More about my beloved SaDiablo family - who could resist?

Honestly, I wish I hadn't purchased it. To be frank, it seemed that Anne Bishop really "called it in" rather than put the incredible thought, vision, and world-building into it that she has in the past books about the SaDiablo family (I was not a huge fan of the "Lady Cassidy" side books, but they were passable).

What was she thinking? I truly don't understand the leaps in time. It's almost as though she didn't want to bother putting the thought into it to make time pass and just wrote, "Ten years later" or whatever. I am literally heartbroken that there was so little heart put into something I've invested so much time into reading. I really cared about the SaDiablo family - something that is rare in fantasy literature. There is plenty of cliche fantasy out there, but not that much that I LOVE this much and is one-of-a-kind comes out of my favorite genre.


I think it was a huge mistake to kill off Jaenelle with no LIFE. Any real life would've had more stories, more adventures, more love and pain and joy in 70 years. But it's just... gone. There was so much more that could have been written! And no children??? She could have even explained it away by the damage Jaenelle suffered to her body during her purge of the realms, but nooooo. It's like the author was tired of writing about Jaenelle, so just killed her. Poof. With Saetan it made more sense, he was QUITE old already and had lived quite a full life even before Jaenelle came along. But even that was done relatively quickly. What touching moments and memories she could have created in a novel - but it's like she couldn't be bothered. I believe the author was simply done with the joy SHE took in the SaDiablo part of the novels and wanted to end it, regardless of whether the fans were done with those characters. It just seemed too trite, the sentences too quick.

And having Surreal become Daemon's one-night-stand then wife?!? And PREGNANT by being so careless?!? What the HECK? Honestly that was the laziest plotline I've read in quite some time. Don't bother introducing a new character that Daemon could slowly come to realize he loves after being exasperated by her innumerable times in some humorous way, just use someone else that is already there and bore the stuffing out of your audience. To be honest, for most of the story I kept thinking it had to be some weird dream Jaenelle was having or something. Imagine my horror when I realized it was not a dream or some other crazy plot twist! I think I get what the author was thinking there - that Daemon would never love another like he loved Jaenelle, but the implication is that he settled for Surreal. Surreal who was fun and angry, sexy and smart... reduced to a grudging substitute? (Not to mention her mini-breakdown before that!)

I gave this novel two stars because it did still contain some of its trademark humor. As far as the writing goes, though... it was certainly lacking and in my opinion, VERY lazily written. After reading the Lady Cassidy stories and now this, I sincerely doubt I will be purchasing any more Black Jewels novels should there be any. My interest, I'm afraid, died with this book after Jaenelle and Saetan did.
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