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on January 15, 2013
UPDATE 2/4/2015
I was excited to hear that the manufacturers updated the Twist and Shout Mop. I was very happy with the original (and still use it) but I'm thrilled with the new one and use it at my retail shop! Whether it's for home use or business, you can't go wrong with this mop. I like the improved splash guard on the pail and I also like that the handle is longer. I am not that tall so the original mop design was fine for me but since I use the new mop at my shop, my employees are grateful, especially the ones that are over 6' tall :-) It's been 2 years now that I've been using this mop, and I will never use another product. My hands don't get dirty, and no sore back!

Original Review:
I used my mop yesterday and I loved it! First, it was easy to assemble and to use. Second, I only used water and I couldn't believe how much dirt it picked up from my tile floor (and I thought the floor was clean!). I have purchased a lot of products over the years and I have to say that I think this mop is better than the Swiffer Wet Jet. The Wet Jet seems to push dirt into my grout lines and then I have to go back with a brush and clean the grout, I did not have this problem with my new mop. The Wet Jet also streaks my tile floor and because my surface area is large, I used up to 3 cloths, which just seems like a waste to me. Anyway, I'm going to use my Twist and Shout mop on my wood floor next and I'm sure what I thought was clean will have a lot of hidden dirt that this mop will pick up!
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on May 27, 2015
I guess I am confused about some of the 1 star reviews because I found this mop to be terrific. First, it is not "heavy duty" metal or wood on the handle. But if it had that, I would not be able to use it. I am 68 and a female disabled vet. So if it is heavy I wouldn't have it. I think I have the "new version" and some of the reviews are for the older version so that might be what some of it is about. But, anyway ....We have a house that was built in 1988 with original ceramic tile in the foyer, hallway, kitchen and eating area. We had cleaned our grout with a substance that left a film on the tile (or at the least left the tile really dull looking). I tried washing/scrubbing the tile with Pine Sol using a squeegee type mop. (They don't make them like they used to though). the sponge of the mop left streaks and malfunctioned. So my husband got down on his hands and needs and tried washing the tile with rag and bucket. Better but didn't change the dullness of the dial too much. We decided we did not want to use a wax or polish that would make the tiles slipper. First, I have a disability and am either in a wheelchair or on double crutches. So I can't afford slippery tile. Second we have a mini dachshund and I don't want her little legs to go sliding out from under her either. So after trying a second sponge mop (Opens like a butterfly) but returned it as the butterfly effect didn't work real well but mostly it streaked too, we went for the "newest" Twist and Shout Mop. Is it perfect ..maybe, maybe not. As I said the handle doesn't seem real sturdy but I am not going to fuss about something that hasn't given me a problem yet.

I can use it from my wheelchair so that works for me. You put the water in the bucket with whatever cleaner you use. Someone said they thought the bucket was 2 parts, one for the dirty water and one for the clean water. That I think would be nice but the bucket would have to be way bigger, which would make it heavier too. So put the mop in the water side, lift up. I hold it there for a few seconds that move it over to the side with the "strainer" on it. Yes, you have to get the little tentacles into the strainer but I did not have a problem doing that. Gentle push up and down on the handle and the strainer spins (kinda like our salad spinner). You can spin it until it is as wet or as dry as you want. Then start mopping. Some folks are saying the handle bent. I just don't know how you could do that. You would have to be pushing/scrubbing so hard that I can't even picture that.
Perhaps if I had some kind of dried on material I'd soak it a bit first or use a kitchen scrubber.. maybe.... first. But I had put some food fluids on the floor and let it dry. Went over it a about 3 times and it was clean. I did not scrub hard. Another test spot where I had put food liquid (green bean liquid from the can) and some ketchup. Made sure I did not spin the mop real real dry and left it wet enough to work on the drive liquid area. Got it up without much problem.

Read where someone said it was not picking up liquids. So I poured 1/2 cup of water not he kitchen floor. Mopped it. Got the water. The made sure I spun the mop out before I put it up. But, decided that was not enough. I put 1 cup of water on the kitchen floor. Just poured it out so it would really make a puddle. Got the mop. Sopped it up. Pretty Good, but kinda missed on area. So put the mop in the spinner and put it back on the area and got it all. I cannot what another mop could do that this one can't. I love being able to spin the excess water out whether it was while cleaning with the floor cleaner or just getting the puddle of water.

If you get the mop you will see a white handle (plastic) thing about midway up the handle. Do not not put that plastic piece in the "up" position. This locks the handle so you can mop up a wall or something like that. In order to get the spinner working the handle has to go up and down and if you have it locked then it can't do that. So keep this white plastic bit in the down position while regular mopping.

Ok, to the end of the story. My tile came out really great! The shine is back (yeah.. no wax needed) and not one streak. I will repeat NOT ONE STREAK. The only thing I feel bad about was all the work that went into washing the floor (800 sq feet) by hand, then 2 times with sponge mops and having lousy results.

Read the directions too. You have to put the mop head on the mop. Put the head on the floor, put the mop disc on the top of the head and gentle step on it with both feet. (husband did that part). But it is not heard. To take the mop head off you have to step on the mop tentacles and pull up.
don't stand on the disc like when you are putting the mop head on. It was very very easy. It even has pictures of what to do.

I am not using the mop and handle as a "scrubber". If something is on that tough then I let it soak a few minutes or we would use a pot scrubber or something like that. In our case, running the mop (Ok ... it's called mopping) over the floor with a cleaner got up everything. Puppy footprints, human footprints, general "stuff" that winds up on floor) was well.. mopped up. I did have to go back and forth a few times on some marks (Hey it's called... yep you go it.. "mopping"). It is lightweight, the mop head cleaned well in the laundry (gentle cycle) air dried. It is not a baseball bat or a chisel or a shovel. It is a MOP. It does that it mops and it made my tile look great with NO STREAKS. No MESS. You do have to hold the mop head and its' tentacles correct over the spinner, but I did not have a problem with that. Just perhaps a bit of patience but the tentacles are wet, they hang down and you just have to lower into the spinner. If someone finds that difficult ok but I did not and it is soon much better than having to try an wring a mop out by hand or on your hands and knees mopping or using a stupid sponge mop. In this package you get the handle, bucket with spinner and 4 mop heads.

PS Decided to add some photos and one additional reminder. The mop is flexible so you go under things. That being said when you go to put the mop back in the water then if the handle is tilted (see my photo) then it can't do down in the water correctly. And even if you get it into the water it will be difficult to get it into the spinner. So I am showing the wrong way to put in into the water and the the right way .. straight up and down. If you put it in the water straight up and down then as you pick it up and put it over into the spinner then you will be ok. But if it is a little off you can touch the disc part of the head to straighten it out. Also showing a picture of my kitchen floor ! Love it!
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on October 1, 2013
My wife is a very fastidious housekeeper, and also suffers from arthritis in her hands. For years she has used the traditional mop with presser on the bucket. The presser on this particular bucket doesn't extract all the water, so she was using her hands to do the final wringing. This was, of course, painful. She recently lost the lady who was doing the heavy cleaning, leaving this task up to her and me, in our 70s and in a 2 story house. She reported that her mop was leaving deposits of lint on the freshly-mopped floor, so I decided to search online for a lint-free mop. That search led me to the Twist and Shout website.

I watched the video and thought this might be the answer, so I bought the mop, with the extension handle and extra heads. It got here in what seemed like 3 days, I couldn't believe how fast it came. My wife was skeptical at first, but I demonstrated the spin feature and she was impressed with how wrung out the mop got. She and I did a heavy cleaning in the house, I ran the vac and she did the mopping. We left the floors spotless. Our wood floors really never looked better, but the best news is that with repeat moppings, there doesn't seem to be so much dust and lint. The house seems to be getting cleaner and cleaner with each mopping. I'm guessing the lint-free microfiber should get the credit.

This mop also works great as a dust mop when used dry. This mop is a Godsend for those suffering from arthritis. The extension handle is well worth getting, for sure. You can read the reviews here and get a good idea of the quality of this product. As for the 3 star reviews, I don't know what they did but if you follow the instructions and don't mop as if you were King Kong, it will perform beautifully. Watch the video put out by Twist and Shout, and you can't go wrong.

In case you're thinking, here's some husband giving what he thinks is a great practical gift, but what does his wife say? Well, she flat-out loves this mop, and tells me so nearly every time she uses it. And this is from a lady who would mop 3 times a week if the floors were slightly dusty.

I know you will love it. In fact, I just bought another one for my daughter in Texas, who is a working mom with a huge houuse with tile floors and 2 small kids. This mop is fast and very light, so it's easy to use and you don't feel wiped out after using it. I highly recommend it. I would give it 10 stars if Amazon allowed that; it's that good.
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on March 19, 2013
>>>>>>>>>>>>Update 2/6/2015<<<<<<<<<<<<<
I had the pleasure of testing out the newest version of the Twist and Shout Mop. The first and foremost improvement is in the handle design. The handle is much sturdier, and longer. The handle length allows the mop to be used at a proper angle. It also has a more comfortable, rounder end piece on the handle.
The bucket design has a new splash guard. This was a real concern for me when I purchased the original mop set. I gave the new bucket and mop the splash test and found there is virtually no splash or spray! Love that!
Of course that mop heads are amazing at picking up dirt. Just to let the readers know, I still am using the very first mop head that came with the set. It is used for a commercial cleaning business. It is used, laundered, sanitized, and ready to go back to work...amazing!
I have used many cleaning products over the past 25 years for my business. Some are good, some are not so good. But then there are some that are outstanding. The Twist and Shout Mop is a product that is outstanding. If this product does a great job day in and day out for commercial cleaning, imagine how it will withstand home use. I highly recommend the Twist and Shout Mop.

((Original post)):
I bought this mop for my use at my job. The mop and bucket are very well made. The mop handle is metal and can come apart for storage. The bucket is the perfect size; small enought to tote around yet large enough for a proper rinse of the mop. The mop is operated by a spinning basket in the bucket and a spinner in the mop handle. There is a lever that engages the spinning action on the handle. It works well for small areas. When using in a large area or several floors, the engaging and disengaging of the lever action becomes more work than simply wringing the mop by hand. But I can deal with it. The major flaw I found is that the mop handle is too short to be used with comfort. I am not a tall woman but I have to use this mop at almost a straight angle. Perhaps another six inches longer handle would have made this mop a pleasure to use.
I want to mention that the cleaning heads themselves are wonderful. The microfiber does a great job in picking up dirt and grime. I bought extra mop heads right away. Hopefully they will last a good long time with frequent use.
One more thing, I found that placing the whole bucket in a bathtub is the best place for spinning the mop. There is some spray that comes out of the bucket while spinning.

(Original Update 7/26/13):

I had the opportunity to test an 8" handle extension piece. After using the mop with the extension, I have found that the Twist and Shout Mop is now the ideal length. A good product has now become a great product! I still use the mop for work (a commercial cleaning service), and the mop has held up amazingly well. The first mop head is still in use and still works as well as the day I purchased it.
The mop handle extension is now available through Amazon.
Thank you Absolushion Inc.!
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on August 22, 2015
First time I used it, I wasn't convinced this was going to be any easier or better than any other mop out there, but I realized the bucket fit in my kitchen sink and was super easy to fill up. Emptying is also a piece of cake. Everyone talks about how dry the mop gets, and it does, but you can't mop with a dry mop (that's called sweeping), I actually spin it just a bit to make sure I've got enough water to wash with, then spin it dryer to dry the floor. The mop head is full. The bucket is sturdy. The handle on the mop seems like it could be a little sturdier but it worked just fine and kids haven't broken it yet (not for lack of standing on it and hanging from it). Hasn't broken it yet, but I also haven't seen replacement handles available if they do. After using this just a couple times, I won't go back to my roller mop or huge industrial mop that is way too cumbersome in a small house. Gets the job done and quickly. Love it more each time I use it.

Started washing walls and cobwebs out of the corners. Something I haven't been doing.
Kids still keep the house pretty messy, but if I get around to sweeping I wil almost always mop while I can, just because it's so quick and easy. We grab this immediately when one of the kids spill (almost daily) and if saves washing towels, since my kids don't always spill a little "paper towel could wipe this up" mess. We used this to soak up water when my front loading washer threw up gallons on the floor. Mop, spin, repeat! Easier than dealing with towels or getting out the noisy wet dry vac.

Update: My hubby used my mop to clean before our move out inspection and finally busted the handle. I bought a sponge mop because they're really cheap. Problem is they mostly just push the mess around. I finally thought my floor was clean, walked through 20 min later and my feet were sticking to the floor. Replacement handles are not available right now, so I bit the bullet, and just bought a new twist and shout mop. So much quicker and easier than anything else I've tried. It's not some big ordeal to put 3/4 gallon of water in the bucket, mop, and dump it out. Takes about 5 min, really! Almost as easy as sweeping. We've been our new house for 2 weeks and with 4 kids, I've been so annoyed using a sponge mop. It's almost useless! Anxiously awaiting the new mop and really hoping the company gets their $#|+ together and makes replacement handles available.

Updating again: I did find a replacement handle (too late) at the company's website which is listed on a peice of paper in the box my new mop came in. Unfortunately my hubby threw away the old bucket, so I had to buy a whole new set anyway. As of right now, it's $9 for the top or bottom part of the handle or $18 for the whole thing. Shipping included. Yay! Still loving my mop!
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on June 6, 2016
I desperately needed a real mop, complete with mop bucket to manage my floor after getting a puppy. He'd track in dirt and mud, and my steam mop which had previously been adequate, was now just smearing muck around.

Twist and shout mop has done a better than expected job, and is kinda actually fun to use. It's easy to get the mop the correct dampness based on how many times I spin it. For my disgusting floors I usually do a slopping wet mop, followed by a dryer mop up.

The only problem I have is my dog tries to play tug -o-war with it as I mop and drinks from the dirty mop bucket water.
review image
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on October 11, 2015
I'm really disappointed in this mop. Please read the below correspondence with Twist and Shout...
Original message to Twist and Shout, Oct. 8, 2015:

Dear Twist and Shout Team,

Allow me start off by sharing that I’ve tried a few different spin mops out there and none of them held a candle to your gem. Specifically; the Hurricane 360 and O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop. Both were returned because their mechanisms were cheaply made and simply didn’t make the cut. I was pleasantly surprised when I received your “Award Winning, Newest Version” Twist and Shout Mop, delivered on-time via It did just what it claimed to do! It spins effortlessly in the reservoir with just 2-3 pumps, picks up spills and grimy-residue from my floors, and washes wonderfully in the washing machine!

Until last night, that is…
I was using my mop for the ~3rd or 4th time, just spinning and mopping away!!
After spinning the water out, I lifted the handle to remove the mop head from the tray and all of the sudden -- the top portion of the handle was DETACHED leaving the bottom half of the handle + mop head spinning WILDLY OUT OF CONTROL! After a few more revolutions the lower half of the pole lost it’s upright position and spun at MOC-4 into my shin, breaking the skin.

To add insult to injury…
Once I stopped the bleeding, I had to use my trusty off-brand paper towels to clean the blood off the floor, since I didn’t exactly have a mop.

To sum it up:
See attached for where the handle came apart. Weeks ago, I threw out the original shipping and retail box it arrived in because I was so pleased with the product. I do hope that this design flaw has been rectified and I welcome any suggestions in next-steps to clean up this snafu.

Emily Hodges


Twist & Shouts’ Response on Oct. 9, 1015:


We are sorry that you experienced an issue with your handle and that you got hurt when the handle came apart. This is definitely unacceptable and we will relay this information to our manufacturer. According to the picture, the upper handle appears to have a manufacturing defect which is covered under warranty. We will ship you a replacement upper handle right away via USPS First Class Mail.

In the future, we suggest that you pull the lower handle (not the upper handle) to detach the mop head.

If you have any further concerns, please let us know.

Warm regards,

Customer Care
Twist and Shout Mop
review image
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on February 17, 2017
The household mop had finally reached its point of expiration, and I was in the market for a new one. I have a habit of spending a lot of time diligently researching anything I intend to spend money on, and during this search I had settled on two different products: The Mopnado brand spin mop, and a micro fiber mop with replaceable heads and dust mop head.
Both had over 1,000 reviews on Amazon (in the Mopnado's case reviews had reached +3,000) and both were within the number I was willing to spend on a mop. The microfiber mop was similar to the one my wife and I had before and I HATED it, so a glorified Swiffer was never really an option.
So it was looking like the Mopnado would be the one. I wasnâ(tm)t crazy about it being $60, it was a little larger than I would have wanted and there was an alarming amount of reviews claiming pieces had just broken without cause, but it was the best I had researched up to that point.
Then, at the 11th hour I found the Twist & Shout spin mop. It was slightly cheaper than the Mopnado, and compared to the Mopnado's 11% 1-3 star ratings, the T&S Mop had only 7% of +3,000 unfavorable reviews from Amazon verified purchases.

Now, there were two big things that sealed the deal with me on the Twist & Shout spin mop:
- The Twist & Shout folks respond to EVERY critical review of their product, even offering replacement part(s) if a defect is indeed found. Hopefully I will never have to take advantage of that kind of customer service, but it's nice knowing that they take themselves and their product seriously in case I ever do.
- There is a lifetime warranty. This is what really did it for me. Sometimes you can't get around quirky mishaps. Things break, accidents happen. I don't know if the critical reviews of malfunctions with the Mopnado were legit or user error, and the same is to be said with the Twist & Shout mops reviews of cracks, bends and breaks, but I like knowing that if some crazy thing happens and the mops breaks due to a manufacturing issue, I can count on getting a replacement part well after the first year of owning the mop -- Mopnado only offers a 1-year warranty.

I've since used the T&S mop to mop my entire apartment and here is what I think:
- It's a mop, and it does a great job of mopping. Nothing broke. I didn't hurt myself. I just mopped all of the mop-able floors in my house and went on about my day.
- There were some critical reviews about "wobbling". Have you ever loaded up your washing machine with heavy fabrics like wet denim and heard your machine wobbling noisily during the spin cycle? If you haven't, it's a thing that happens and the same basic thing is happening here. You're taking a soaking wet fabric and running it through a spin cycle at a high rate of speed, and all of this is happening inside a plastic bucket. If you really bear down on the mop during the dry-spin and try to reach maximum velocity, yes, the mop and the bucket will wobble. The quick fix to that is, DON'T DO THAT. It's not necessary to reach 1200 rpms when spinning the mop.
- Critical reviews about malfunctioning handles or broken mop heads. It's impossible to know if these are legit or user error, but to ensure that you are at least using the mop properly, WATCH THE VIDEOS. And if something crazy happens outside of your control, you've got that lifetime warranty to fall back on.

There are two things I want to point out though. I'm 5'11" and I have to bend over to mop even when I'm holding the mop at the very end of the handle. As I was mopping I couldn't help but to think that if I was having to bend over, I can't imagine how this must feel to someone who is 6â(tm)0" or taller. A longer handle, or an extension would be nice.
The cloth mop head is machine washable, but do NOT run it in the dryer. It will shrink. For the sake of transparency, it could have just been my dryer which is abnormally powerful, even at low heat. After losing several of my nice sweaters and shirts to shrinkage I've learned to either dry clean or air dry. I guess this will also be the case for the T&S mop heads going forward. So that was a little disappointing, to lose one right off the bat, but they send you two so I guess I've got a spare.

In all, I'm very happy with my purchase and highly recommend the Twist & Shout spin mop.
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on October 30, 2015
I hate mopping. I had a housecleaner until January 2015 who came in every other week and swept/mopped my floors. I primarily used the Bona system and if we went too long, she used her mop. Bona is great for light cleaning, but not when you have gone 4 weeks and you now own a dog. So, I wanted something that would not damage my wood/bamboo floors, and not kill my back. I thought for sure these reviews couldn't be right as there are so many of these tainted reviews where people get something for free in exchange for a review. But, I took a chance. the price may seem a little high, but it is at least 20$ for a simple foam mop at the grocery store. (I know because I bought one to clean my siding.)

So, I took a gamble and I LOVE this thing. It really does work just like the videos. Admittedly, I don't use it as often as I should, so longevity, I cannot speak to, but it is easy to use, the spinner gets the mop as dry or wet as you want it. And, we even use the mop dry as a dust/small spill mop. And, it doesn't hurt my back a lot.

I really would rate it 4.5 stars but Amazon doesn't allow that. I take away 1/2 star because A.) It could be slightly more absorbent and B.) I still haven't figured out how to remove the mop head from the frame without using a screw driver to pry it. The videos make it look so easy, but I haven't gotten it to work that way.
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on March 28, 2017
Edit 4/14/2017: The seller quickly intervened to solve problems identified in my earlier review of this product. They replaced the defective parts, and everything works great now. I really love this system!

3/28/2017: There is no question that this is better than the old standard string mop and wringer set-up, and it is world's of improvement over gross sponge mops. The bucket and spin system works great, with mop heads emerging from anywhere from wet to damp depending on the user's vigor with the device. The mop heads clean well, and then clean up well. Storage when not is use is easy. Practically everything about this is great. Stars are lost though because the mop head attachment is finicky and often unreliable. I heartily dislike having to reach into mop water to snatch out the mop head that has, once again, come off during immersion... a mop head which I knew had snapped loudly into place onto the handle minutes before. This happens a LOT, with mop heads old and new, though I know they'd been securely in place. Just this morning, while mopping a short length of hallway floor, I had to retrieve the sopping mop head and reattach it five times. I don't plunger the mop up and down in the pail with any enthusiasm because I dread thought of seeing the handle come back up naked again, but vigorous swishing isn't even necessary to induce the definite sucking sound that accompanies pulling the mop up out of the water. This is a source of frustration that starts now with the mere thought of mopping the floor. That's not good. It's almost bad enough to drive me back to icky spong mops. Please don't make me go back there. Solve this problem.
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