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Twisted Metal
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:$22.90+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 9, 2014
The most disappointing game I have ever played and spent money on. That is not to say the game is awful or even bad, but it's nowhere near as good as I was expecting it to be. I'm a big Twisted Metal fan, with Twisted Metal: Black being my favorite entry in the series. It continues to be. Twisted Metal (PS3) lacks the creative maps and unique vehicles of a great entry like that of TM: Head-On, as well as the dark and interesting characters, style and stories of Black. Gone are the individual stories for every character in the game with their unique vehicles. They have been replaced by an uninspired (and disturbingly realistic, yet ridiculous) larger storyline featuring only 3 characters, all of whom can use ANY vehicle in the game. That is a sin in the Twisted Metal universe. Gone are the unique and variety of maps with hidden areas worth discovering. They have been replaced with a few super large maps that can be split into smaller areas to battle. Some may argue that, in actuality, you're getting dozens of maps. Realistically, however, all of these maps alterations don't change the fact that they feel too similar (they're also not the most eye-catching maps in the world). Speaking of similarities, some of the vehicles feel too similar in this entry. They even have the same specials with very minor modifications! Multiplayer is fine, but with so very few people who play online, the expectation of purchasing on online pass to play online if you purchased the game used is a waste. Buy new if you're going to buy at all (online pass comes with each new copy). But don't expect to be blown away by its multiplayer. There's also the fact that you have to unlock almost everything in multiplayer with "XP" before it can be used online. Ridiculous. I will say it's miles better than its single player, which is also plagued by horribly frustrating events that are far from being the Twisted Metal you know and love. The controls are fine, but locking onto the helicopter is far more difficult than it should be. The game is enjoyable for what it delivers, but it could have been so much better if the creators didn't everything what makes Twisted Metal so fun.
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on June 27, 2015
This game still holds that memory in a way (especially when single player) The mechanics are much simple like to jump, freeze cars, etc. theres no special combination for that like the past games (I praise this) the controls are much like the past ones only that youll use the analog stick to steer. As for the main story mood this is where the game is much different. The game doesnt offer many characters (Only 4) Sweet tooth, Grime, Dollface and that preacher person or whatever. The story is more in depth kinda like the past ones with cutscenes. the cutscenes are pretty darn good honestly and makes up for it. The gameplay is fair. the AI is tough for one main reason... All AI bots only attack you and that honestly doesnt feel like a free for all or anything. This game isnt a sequesl or anything.. its more like a different dimension of twisted metal black minus the dark shade colors and numerous characters. There are cars to choose from instead along with skins and paint color. Theres 8 stages (as far as I know) pretty massive but limited. If you youre a huge fan of the series (Like I am since the 90's) you will likely enjoy this.. I also like the feature of playing your own music in the game. It gives it a better vibe of jamming to some good stuff you like that pumps you up. Especially for a game like this. This game worth getting if it costs you no more than 20 bucks. Dont bother with the online, thats dead now
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on January 22, 2016
So I haven't payed this game for 12 years. Not since the first few on ps2 or ps1. But I must say this game is still on my top list for these kinds of derby killing games. It does have a bit of a creepy intro, but again that is what gives this game character. I am going to keep this post short for time.

Main idea. It's to me a derby game with guns. A creepy clown killing people, just so he can kill this one girl. The gameplay is good, a little crazy to beginners. But I must add there are glitches in the game where it seems in story mode everyone hits you and kills you almost instantly. That's probably why I have rated a little low. Overall it is a fun game, I played it last night to kill time and I must say it felt like a 5 minute game turned into a 20 minute game. This game does pause so you can take breaks @i don't know about online yet@ but yes it does take some time to play 1 mission. You can choose your own car and guns.

Without further address, I must say I would recommend this game to those with the interests of ABOVE. I personally would maybe tell people who are into a GTA style, rally racing games. But if you want to try it out just to try it out like I did. Go ahead. Odds are you wont be disappointed.
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on December 2, 2015
I kind of feel like this is a game that had a lot going for it at the design phase, but ran out of money to actually smooth everything out during production. At times it's just like the old games where you just have to eliminate the other drivers, but others are races which I'm not a fan of. If it was nice and smooth like a racing game it be one thing, but the controls just don't seem right. There's minor customization in that you can pick your sidearm, which you slowly get as you make your way through the game. I don't think there's really any advantage to using any of them over the default mounted machine guns. I'm a bit conflicted about the ability to select three different cars during most rounds. Being able to swap out when you're low on health is nice, but the cars aren't unique to your character like the old games where you had to learn to use their cars to beat the game. Would have been nice if they would have made custom cars for the characters, specially since there's only three.

Isn't terrible, but sure isn't an improvement like black was.
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on March 24, 2015
Ever since owning the original PS1 I have enjoyed the Twisted Metal Series. My absolute favorite being Twisted Metal Black.

This new iteration is a decent follow up to the previous games. I feel like it doesn't give you as much freedom when it comes to the main story as the amount of characters are much more limited this time around to only a few. A main draw for me is always the crazy storyline of each character to go through all the wonderful mayhem to be granted a twisted prize upon victory. That being said, the story content that is presented is top notch as is to be expected from the series and at least has favorites like Sweet Tooth still implemented. Some of the boss battles are pretty crazy and unique as well.

As far as game play goes it feels like twisted metal to where each car has it's unique strengths and ability. The power ups are still present and the graphics are very good.

The online component was quite nice as well. It plays like it used to when playing with friends yet only on the usual online arena that games work on these days.

This title is great for old fans and newcomers as it won't alienate either group.


Solid Story
Great Car Combat
Slick Presentation


Story itself could use more variety in terms of characters.
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on July 26, 2014
after a pain in the butt of getting this game, i bought it from a pawn shop first, just randomly, and a different game was in the case, ... so then i looked up the game and decided to order it online, it looked like a lot of fun, but then after spending another $10 (not much), on the game, i had to spend another $10 to play online, ... and yes the online gameplay is fun, but not many people were playing it, i was stuck to one online game option, the other options did not have enough players to even kick off, and it is fun but it isn't better then any of the free online games i have played, it isn't so cool that they should Make sure everyone buys a fresh copy of the code, not everyone who buys a game is going to be dedicated to it, i ran into the same problem with other games that wanted players to pay extra to play their game online, "not enough Players" ... you wait and wait and then get lucky, but then your limited to that one group that you happened to find, kinda sucks,
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on January 20, 2014
Okay so after this game went down in price I decided to get it cause it reminded me a lot of the old Vigilante 8 series from the N64 days. After starting it up and trying to play for a bit I kinda found it to be kinda boring in a way. Not only did it take a while for me to get used to the controls but the story didn't really do it for me. I played for a while but it just wasn't much fun. Idk what it was. Maybe the fact the weapons only seemed to be good for 20-30 seconds before having to get new ones or that there wasn't much of a story. Or maybe something else. I tried to get into this game but I ended up shelving it after an hour or two. Maybe I will come back to it later on and find it more fun but it just didn't do it for me this time and when you have other games that look more fun ready to be played you kinda don't want to force yourself to play a game that isn't much fun.

It kinda made me want a new Vigilante 8 for this generation or something (but not that x-box live arcade version that looked like garbage). The old ones on the N64 are still fun with interesting plots and great 70's music. So far Blur (which the company went under while trying to make a sequel which blows cause the first game was awesome and second ones videos looked amazing), and split second are so far the only 2 racing type games that are close to this type of genre which are kinda fun. Blur being the better of the two so I suggest checking those out and telling your friends cause those games need the support.

Well that's it from me I might update this review in the future if I play it again anytime soon but until then that's it. Hope my review helped.
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on November 24, 2012
Eat Sleep Play created Twisted Metal to be more complex than any previous games in the series. This game expects the player to do too much more at the same time, which significantly reduces the fun factor.

Firstly, there are too many unnecessary weapons that only add confusion to the game. There are two different shotguns, some weapons that are too similar, and many vehicles have similar special moves. There is so much redundancy with respect to the arsenal.

I constantly wasted weapons in my arsenal because it was difficult to keep track of my inventory and attack an opponent at the same time. The battles are so chaotic, it was difficult to keep track of which vehicle I was shooting at. Likewise, expect to be rammed by other vehicles very often (which will throw off your aim and focus off). Chaos can be fun but it's annoying in this game.

To make matters worse, the targeting system is lackluster and less than worthless sometimes. I was constantly locking on to the wrong target or the target would switch right before I fired. This creates an endless amount of frustration because my weapons were constantly being deployed at targets that obviously couldn't be reached instead of the target that was close by and almost directly in front of me.

The story is weak for the most part, but that can be expected. The boss fights are all surprisingly tepid and annoying. The last level is awesome in theory but poor execution make for a frustrating experience. The level design throughout the story is mostly great--probably the best in the series. And the new racing levels can be fun to play--even with all the flaws.

The controls are actually a step backwards from Twisted Metal: Black (PS2). But the controls aren't bad. The vehicles feel much heavier than they did in Twisted Metal: Black, which makes ramming opponents fun. It's a double edged sword though. Being rammed constantly combined with all the flaws in the game, make the experience far more frustrating than fun.

There is so much more to cover but in the end, this Twisted Metal game doesn't deserved to be named after the original Twisted Metal. This game feels tedious, frustrating, clumsy, awkward, and ultimately unsatisfying.
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Enthusiast: Sunglasseson April 14, 2017
I absolutely love this game and have since I was a kid . Still has everything the old versions have but better graphics obviously. It only took me a week to beat this game but we'll worth it
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on March 29, 2013
It's the Twisted Metal you love, but a couple of the new challenges just don't fit; especially the damn Death Race level. It was a bad idea. The only thing it adds to the game is frustration. Try any strategy you can think of, then google in search of an angle you haven't thought of, and you will still likely be stalled out on this nonsense for a bit, unless your luck is better than mine.
It's a forgivable, but critical misjudgment on the developer's part. There I am, happy to be back in Sweet Tooth's grim little world, thrilled with the game's presentation and familiar mechanics; pleased that though it's been 5 years since I last piloted a gleefully psychotic death machine, my hands remember how to efficiently operate as a vehicular spree murderer. It's challenging enough to keep me on edge, but completely fair, and I'm charging doggedly through my opposition with none of the tactician's artful flair, but possessed of the satisfying blunt cruelty of the slaughterhouse worker who always volunteers to swing the sledge hammer because secretly, his favorite sound in all the world is the sound a cow's skull makes when it yields to blunt-force trauma and the downward arc of heavy metal.
Then I advance to the Death Race level, and 6 tries later have advanced no further. I'm no longer having any fun. I'm frustrated and a little disgusted that someone thought it would be a great idea to completely disrupt the flow of the game by implementing this little "improvement" to a series nobody wanted improved.
It pulled me out of the game, forced me back to the real world (where idiotic "improvements" such as the passing and enforcement of lame new laws to protect us all from ourselves every time some idiot gets himself killed doing something stupid, like dumb people haven't been shooting themselves in the foot all along, keeps me angry a significant portion of time. The seat belt law really crossed the line. It's my car. It's my body. My life. Driving from point A to point B is not complicated or dangerous in any quantifiable way, I grew up on a farm, driving trucks and tractors since I was 12, and despite all the terrifying dangers around every corner the govt. is now assuring us will kill us all unless they protect us with very important new laws allow police to interfere with our day, make us feel like a delinquent for not complying with an obviously frivolous law nobody asked for, and then doing a cop's real duty: write a ticket for an unfair amount of money [$215], so our govt., which has lately gotten impatient with taking our freedoms and the $ we work for inch by inch and so is now eyeing the miles, can inflate and expand itself, because it will never be big enough, so that it can think up more laws to protect us... maybe next it'll be $500 fines, for leaving the house without a padded helmet, ignoring the ever present danger of bumping into a tree).
See what I mean? I haven't played the game since then. I will eventually, I paid for it. But I'm not looking forward to having to play that stupid level even one more time.
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