Customer Reviews: Twisted Veins (10 ft) High Speed HDMI Cable + Right Angle Adapter and Velcro Cable Ties (Latest Version Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return)
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on November 3, 2011
I got this cable because it had a great price & the listed specs were similar and at par to the branded and expensive cables. Well it worked great for me. I tried this cable on a brand new Samsung 8000 series 55" LED TV, connected to a Samsung 3D Blue Ray player and an Onkyo sound system. 1080P, 3D, audio return, Samsung Smart TV options (internet), all worked like a charm. I also tried connecting the cable directly to my laptop with No problems . The 10' length (versus 6') also worked out very well for me. For installation, I wall mounted the TV and I ran the cable through the wall. The inputs for the Samsung LED are on the far left and the position of the inputs on the DVD and cable box were on the right. Add in the wall space and you really need about 8-9' of cable. The 10' cable gave just the right amount of slack. On top of everything else, the cable looks good to. It has a sheathing of some kind that gives it a texture and a blue/black pattern. Nice connectors too. Very basic packaging. Just a plastic bag. But for the price and the fact that it works, I am glad they apparently put the money into the cable rather than the packaging.
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on March 19, 2012
I a going to make this simple. I have ordered cases of HDMI cables from monoprice and other websites. NONE have ever been anything near the quality of this cable, it is simply amazing how nice they are..... I will be ordering A LOT more of these.
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on October 28, 2013
I received the 10' cable as a freebie when I ordered the Cheetah TV wall mount.
Here are reasons why you may be having issues with the cable.
It's a typical, inexpensively made cable, at it's core.
- It uses cheap, small gauge wiring inside
- The solder joints at the connector (under the casing) are TINY and done I'm sure in an automated production line
- The casing under the braiding is an inexpensive, stiff plastic.

HDMI connections are extremely sensitive to minute voltage variances - this is why long cables which introduce a small amount of signal drop-off don't work - the equipment is made to detect these variances and not produce a signal.
Also, unfortunately by nature, an HDMI connector and it's socket are not and example of the best engineering - they don't lock positively, and the shape and thinness don't allow for a truly firm grip on the connector.
Given the inherent weaknesses of the connection and nature of HDMI, it becomes vital that the cable and connector are NOT subject to any sort of lateral stress at the connection point. This will eventually deform the socket or the connector, and signal flow can be either reduced or broken, which have the same result - no image.

The Twisted veins cable has an impressive, LARGE plastic connector housing. This is then connected to a very stiff cable, made stiffer and heavier by the braiding. There is also a short "stress relief" section of the connector, effectively extending the length of the connector further from the connection point.
The results of these "quality features" is that the cable has undue stress on it from the moment you plug it in. Because of the stiffness, any movement along the entire length of the cable transmits that movement (and stress) to the connection point, which will eventually render the connection broken.
So, if your using it for a computer monitor, any small movement of your monitor (adjusting it up, side to side, etc), is taking the leverage force created by the stiff cable and warping the connector and your display device. Basically, doomed.

This cable may work fine in a completely static environment, where the sag of the heavy cable and connector can be relieved by tying it up or immobilizing the cable somehow.
And you wonder why they were giving away "Cable ties and Right Angle" connectors - it was an attempt to correct the design flaw in their product.
Basically, Twisted Veins was trying to cash in on "old" analogue understandings of signal path - big, heavy cables, woven "cable shield", large connectors, cable strain relief, etc. A lot of folks who are very familiar with what USED to be good features in a cable, look at these and go, "Ooooh, nice!".

If you have a normal length run (3-12 feet)and are passing a normal video/audio signal (10.2Gbps or less), buy the most flexible, skinniest cable you can get. Also, make sure the connector is SHORT, ie. it doesn't stick out two inches from you device.
Almost everything else (in a short cable run) is superfluous to the quality of digital signal passed, and will not make any difference to your video. A small connector, highly flexible cable will last WAY longer, and be absolutely equal in passing your precious video signal.
An example of these engineering basics well-executed would be the Monoprice Redmere cables - thin, flexible, tiny connectors and with the added advantage of technology that allows them to work at distances up to 50'.
Hope this helps

UPDATE - Was contacted by Cheetah Mounts and asked why I gave a bad review. They offered to replace the cable, which I appreciate. However, I'm not sure why I was called by Cheetah Mounts - I have purchased several of their mounts and love them for the cost factor. Well made, easy to put up and sturdy. I purchased one recently, and the cable for which the review is given above came with it as a Freebie. However, I could care less that they bundle a Twisted Veins HDMI cable with their product. I tested the cable, it gave a faulty signal and over time would put my equipment at risk at the connector (see review above), and so therefore wanted to give information to the many folks here who have stated in these reviews that their cable stopped working. 5 Stars for the Cheetah mount, but still one star to the Twisted Veins Cable.
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on February 24, 2012
Excellent quality cable and connectors with beautiful insulation.
Ideal for use with all HDMI devices like TV, computer, Xbox, Sony playstation etc.
Extremely recommend!
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on August 26, 2012
Updated: 2013-10-22

I originally wrote this posting a year ago when the product sold was very different. The item received was very unreliable and so I returned it for refund, and wrote a single-star review. (retained below for the record)

Earlier this year they contacted me and offered a free sample of the new product to make up for my inconvenience. The replacement received is as-per the current product description (i.e. with the right-angle adapter).
When I finally had a need for another HDMI cable, I used this one and it appears to work fine. If this was what I received to begin with I'd probably rate it 5 stars, it seems extremely good for the price.

On balance, modified my rating to 3 star to average out the two, to allow for the time and effort it took to get a working cable (and unending phone calls and emails I've been receiving from them asking me to update this review).

==== Original review, posted 2012-08-36 ====

The cable I received was almost unusable: signal would drop out completely if either connector had the slightest knock. Every time this happened it would take a few attempts to re-connect the picture & audio -- removing and reinserting jack or gently levering it downwards would generally get it back for a time.
It suffered this problem on both the Media PC and receiver ends of the connection. I swapped in another cable and no problems at all.
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on August 9, 2012
I received my Cheetah cables yesterday & thought I had a problem with them. I e-mailed my question to Amazon, and within 10 minutes I had a call from a Cheetah rep! This is almost unbelievable in today's economy. Maria was very helpful, and problem was resolved (it wasn't with the cables) I'll certainly buy more. Best price, Best cable, Best customer service - it doesn't get any better. Thanks Cheetah!
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on November 23, 2011
Have been using two of these Cheetah Mounts 10' HDMI cables for several days now. They seem to be working extremely well. I do not yet have any 3D movies to watch, but I can see no problems while playing DVDs and Blu-ray discs. They seem to be well constructed and the connectors fit securely into their respective plug-ins. No complaints against them so far.

Dec. 2012 -- Have been using both of these cables for over a year now and they are both still working great. No problems with either of them.
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on August 7, 2013
This is great price for an exceptionally well made cable. i like the twisted pair "Look" although i don't know if it does anything other than look cool....maybe it is physically more durable...time will tell....or a function of the shielding design. The neat 90 degree adaptor is very useful for some setups and the three velcro ties are handy.

Just say NO to the over priced snake oil cables...this one is easily their equal. As an electrical engineer I am constantly amazed at the BS companies use to sell their cables. There is no secret trick....thicker wires can pass more ampacity, good shielding controls interferrence and electronic "noise". The gold plated connector is a plus and the shielding is more than adequate.
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on September 17, 2015
These are quality, braided HDMI cables. I purchased several of them to fish through my wall to get from my cable box to my HDTV. When fishing them through the wall, I was afraid I they would snag and break with all of my pulling and yanking, but they held up just fine. I love how the outer braiding protects the cable and the HDMI tips are very solid. The 90 degree angle end adapters are a life saver as well when you need them, especially for equipment where it wouldn't fit otherwise or it plugs in easier that way. I have had these cables for 2+ years now and they are going strong without any issues.
review image
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on April 17, 2013
What can I say? It passes a digital signal through and it works. Don't listen to "quality" gremlins; if it's passing the signal it's 99% likely that your not losing "bits" of quality.

It's a bright aqua turquoise type of BLUE!!! I have several HDMI devices so having a unique looking and coloured cable is great. Looking at the back of my AV reciever seeing 6 HDMI cables I know exactly which one is my laptop cable now.
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