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on October 7, 2015
Twisted Veins (10 ft) High Speed HDMI Cable + Right Angle Adapter and Velcro Cable Ties (Latest Version Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return)
Looks good and works fine.
It's not as flexible as I would like, but it's worth it to have such a rugged cable that works with no problems.
Actually it will easily pull out but all HDMI cables have that problem.

Update November 4, 2015:
Ordered July 23, 2015. Delivered July 25, 2015
In October, 2015 I received a credit to my account for the full purchase price of this cable.
I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to get the refund, but had no idea why they did it.
Today, November 4, 2015, I got a call from a guy at "Twisted Veins" who explained that it's something they do to assure great customer satisfaction, and asked if I had had any problems at all with the cable. I told him I had not, and he asked if I could suggest any improvements to their product.
I explained that HDMI cables all seem to pull out of their connectors quite easily, and I had assumed it was a function of the connector specification, rather than a fault with the cables themselves. He told me he will pass that information on to the engineers, and asked me if I would mind updating my review to let others know about my experience with their products, which I am doing now.
The only thing this company could possibly do to make my experience more pleasant would be to serve tea and cake.
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on September 17, 2015
These are quality, braided HDMI cables. I purchased several of them to fish through my wall to get from my cable box to my HDTV. When fishing them through the wall, I was afraid I they would snag and break with all of my pulling and yanking, but they held up just fine. I love how the outer braiding protects the cable and the HDMI tips are very solid. The 90 degree angle end adapters are a life saver as well when you need them, especially for equipment where it wouldn't fit otherwise or it plugs in easier that way. I have had these cables for 2+ years now and they are going strong without any issues.
review image
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on January 6, 2015
First let me begin by saying I purchase A LOT of products online, and rarely do I ever feel compelled to write a review. In all honesty, this is probably the least expensive item I have purchased in all of 2014, but it is the one that impressed me the most! I can't believe I am writing a review on my HDMI cable but not on my $1,500 television!

I think what impressed me most is that this company clearly takes pride in their product, something which you don't see very often anymore. They sell HDMI cables, people. But what sets them apart from the thousands of other companies that do the same? Quality and sparing no expense!

Before I even talk about the product itself, let me tell you about the packaging and all the little extra goodies you get with this cable... Say what? Yes, that's right, I said the packaging. In today's world where you so often need to fight with absurd plastic packaging for an hour to finally reach the imported garbage that is contained within, this product was a breath of fresh air and impressed me before I even opened it! It comes packaged in a beautiful box that is almost worth the amount I paid for the cables themselves. The items inside were well packaged and arrived without any damage, and get this, it took me less than 3 seconds to open the box (after I was done admiring it of course). No need to get the knife, scissors, or reciprocating saw, and no plastic crap to pick up afterwards.

Once I opened the box, not only did I find the cables, right angle adapter and velcro ties as promised, but they also threw in 2 other items not even mentioned in the description! I can't even tell you how many times I have ordered something only to find that I was missing parts, never before have I ever found BONUS items in with my goods! Who does that?!? Twisted Veins does, that's who! As for the extras, there was a small microfiber cleaning cloth (can't have enough of those) and a handy little keychain light that I immediately used to illuminate the way as I crawled behind my entertainment center to hook up the cables. Talk about convenient!

Ok ok, so about the cables themselves... they are just as great as the rest of the shipment! Some think that HDMI cables are all created equal, and in a way this is partially true when it comes to data transmission. But the quality and construction of these cables were much nicer than most others I have seen. They were a treat to work with and the right angle adapter was a nice touch. I didn't find a single physical flaw with these cables and the picture quality is nothing short of fantastic!

So bravo Twisted Veins, on a great product which shows pride in retail! You make me want to buy more electronic components so I have to order more of these cables! And to anyone reading this review, stop now and just click the purchase button!
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on August 7, 2013
This is great price for an exceptionally well made cable. i like the twisted pair "Look" although i don't know if it does anything other than look cool....maybe it is physically more durable...time will tell....or a function of the shielding design. The neat 90 degree adaptor is very useful for some setups and the three velcro ties are handy.

Just say NO to the over priced snake oil cables...this one is easily their equal. As an electrical engineer I am constantly amazed at the BS companies use to sell their cables. There is no secret trick....thicker wires can pass more ampacity, good shielding controls interferrence and electronic "noise". The gold plated connector is a plus and the shielding is more than adequate.
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on February 3, 2014
These cables are an above average version of the HDMI cables you've used for years.

The benefits:
(+) Sturdy, thick cable construction meant for durable use
(+) Gold connectors for superior connectivity
(+) Most recent and up-to-date version of high-speed HDMI supported, though most cables can do this.

The negatives:
(-) The cable sticks out rather rigidly from the HDMI slot about 2", which didn't quite fit behind the cable-groove on my wall-mounted TV.
(-) The connection head seems bulky

Though, beyond the cables themselves, which I'd rate at 4 stars of their own accord, you get the following items:
- Keychain LED light
- 90deg HDMI connector (which I found useful as my TV had three wall-parallel HDMI connections and one perpendicular)
- Microfiber cloth
- 3x velcro-fasteners which are as good or better than any zip-tie you might use behind the TV

For me, this made the package. The HDMI cables were of solid construction with no noticeable video problems, and as such a standard; though, the extras will potentially help you with the ease of setup in your Home Theatre.
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on September 11, 2014
First of all, these cables present a flawless picture quality and I've never experienced any diminished picture or jitterbugging images before. Never any cutouts or blackouts in picture either. They have been flawless. With literally thousands of options in HDMI these days, a cable needs to be 100% on image quality because if not, there are plenty more in line that will give you flawless image.

Now that we've established that these have top notch image quality, let's get to the FUN stuff!

They look and feel really cool! They come with a "protective braided jacket" which not only protects the cord but makes it look and feel really cool. They are also easier to grip for when you are getting them in place. Not as slippery as regular plain plastic cords. Also included are some Velcro ties which are awesome for bundling up your excess cord once you've connected your two devices. They also have right angle adapters for connecting to harder to reach places or for getting your cord to be flush with the device and not stick out as far.
They even come with little LED button flashlights! (a cool little added bonus!)

I will be returning to Amazon to buy twisted veins (weird name) HDMI cables EXCLUSIVELY whenever I need HDMI cables.
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on March 6, 2014
Having bought a plethora of HDMI cables over the years, I have bought everything from the super cheap to the ridiculously expensive. No matter what anyone tells you, the differences in cables are more marketing than anything. As long as the cable is able to carry the bandwidth to support your use, then you have nothing to worry about. For my latest project, I mounted our 1080p 70" LED Flat Panel on the living room wall and needed a score of HDMI cables to connect everything. I had had a bad run with Monoprice cables as of late and even though they have an excellent guarantee, it's troublesome to have them replaced whenever one malfunctions or breaks. I struck out to the Twisted Veins on a whim and couldn't be happier.

The cables are very sturdy and excellent quality. They are capable of full 1080p, 3D, and support all the modern conveniences. You should have no problem supporting up to 4k resolution with these bad boys. With that said, buyer beware as the spec is constantly changing and you may find yourself with a cable that is not futureproof. The binding on the outside of the cable is more than gimmicky marketing and actually makes the cable feel more substantial. The connectors seat very comfortably in all of the electronics that I used them in. The velcro ties were a nice added addition. I had no use for the angle adapters as they were seated correctly versus the orientation of the female ports on my devices. I was so pleased with my first order, I ordered 4 more. I would totally recommend these and will use Twisted Veins as my go to brand from now on.
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on December 5, 2015
I bought this item in August of 2013, as a way to connect my laptop to my television screen. It is now December 2015. I still use the product regularly, and it still feels like a brand-new item. I haven't had any issues with the cord itself- there have been some issues with the computer and TV, both of which I've since replaced. It rolls up nicely for storage, and the fabric that is around out outside of the cord makes me feel secure that the wires themselves won't be compromised. Two and half years with no issues! I'm impressed with this product.
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on March 28, 2014
I run HDMI to and from my sound system, the right angle adapter is definitely worth the money. It's thick, the braiding is thick, and it performs as HDMI cables should perform.


These guys aim to please, geez. I didn't just get one, but five calls, from them (I didn't pick up the first four times because I was busy doing stuff like living life). They did manage to get a hold of me today. So here are some more things of why I upped it from 4 stars to 5 stars.

1) Ever bought anything on Amazon, liked it, and the company still called you because you gave them 4 stars? Yeah, that's the way they do business.

2) The right angle adapter was great but I did run into some issues where I couldn't use it. They took that "complaint" to heart (it's not really a complaint in the sense that I'm mad, I really didn't care but to them, if I found something useless it's an issue).

3) I swear these guys are Canadian with the amount of apologies they threw out. Then again, in a world where customer service is often lacking, I'll gladly take their overly Canadian apologies. Good customer service is so hard to find these days, mind you, I bought three $6 cables and they actually gave enough of a crap to call me and ask if I was fine with my purchase.

So far, the cables are good. They're doing their jobs, no loss of quality, no sound issues

So in short, if you want to be hounded on by customer service reps who actually give a darn about you liking their products like a Canadian, buy their stuff.
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on August 10, 2014
I bought this cable for the price and length. At 10' it was just what I needed at a similar price to the many 6' options. When it arrived on time, I was immediately impressed by the packaging graphics and sturdy box. Then the little extras amazed me; things that were great to have when you buy an hdmi cable. I do not need the right angle jack but have seen many flush instalations where it is mandatory. I have bought several packages of Velcro cable ties and always need more so this was great. I like to have screen wipes in handy places to clean phones, tablets, and TV/monitor screens. Again, more of these is better. Finally, the tiny led light is genius for a cable kit. My components are each in dark hidden cabinets since my wife won't allow them in sight of visitors to spoil her decorating themes. I am often searching for a flashlight to work on cable changes or adjustments but more often to read the subdued labels on the dark buttons. Now I will hang this tiny light in the cabinet and search for more to improve all the cabinets. Ohhh, and by the way, the cable is very durable and easily traceable among the spaghetti behind my components.
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