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on September 11, 2011
I have been using twitter for a year with great success, meeting interesting people, making friends, sharing my thoughts, and also using twitter to promote my two books that have both at one time ranked in the top 2% of all books sold on Amazon. So I found this book to be very similar to my own experiences on twitter both my successes and learning experiences.

I found myself agreeing with everything in this book and also learning a few things I did not know.

This book is mainly geared to people that want to use twitter to promote themselves or their business but also strongly recommends bringing your own personal touch to twitter. Even a business account should have a real person behind it that people can relate to. The author gives great examples of both successful and unsuccessful accounts ran for businesses.

Joel Comm is adamant about telling readers how twitter gives anyone a voice to potentially millions of people online and that twitter's true power comes through when connected to other social media sites like a blog, facebook, or youtube, etc. I completely agree.

If you are interested in monetizing twitter the author advises the formula is Know me. Like me. Trust me. Pay me. Just like in the real world of sales. Twitter is not a get rich quick scheme and people that launch into sales with no relationship will fail quickly.

Twitter users will not find instant success in the short term. Twitter is about building relationships, building trust, and building a brand. It is about creating value for your followers. It is a long term commitment to success.

Your goal on twitter if you want a lot of followers and to be successful is to create consistent tweets that are entertaining, interesting, and fun. (I would also add informative.)

Great book that I think anyone can get several great tips from to learn how to be more successful on twitter.
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on February 27, 2010
Best-selliing author Joel Comm has done for the social networking site Twitter what he did for Google's AdSense. He has created the definitive guide, titled Twitter Power.

According to Comm, "Twitter is the water cooler of the 21st Century, a gathering place for bite-sized pieces of information on the fly." You can build relationships very easily and use it to brand and grow a business."

For those not yet using Twitter, it is a site where people write messages that are no longer than 140 characters in length. These messages, or "tweets," can range from what somebody had for breakfast to their thoughts on a book they just read to advice on a variety of topics. Often these tweets contain links to blogs and websites with more in-depth information or interesting videos.

Although Twitter flew out of the nest as a place for people to socialize, it has become a powerful tool for branding and building businesses.

Many large companies such as Comcast and Zappos use Twitter to keep in touch with customers.

This book covers everything you need to know from setting up your account, how to write your bio for maximum effectiveness, how to build a following, the most popular kinds of tweets, Twitter applications, how to use Twitter for customer service, and much more.

I highly recommend this book.

Danek S. Kaus, author of You Can Be Famous: Insider Secrets to Getting Free Publicity and co-author of Power Persuasion: Using Hypnotic Influence to Win In Life, Love And Business
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If you want to understand HOW and WHY to use Twitter, this is the book for you---Twitter culture and strategy---everything you'd want to know to be effective on Twitter. And if you want to use Twitter for business purposes in the most powerful way possible, this book is the best. This is the third book I've read on Twitter, and it is my favorite.

Once you already know how to use Twitter, you'll want to develop a strategy for online marketing; this book shows you how. If you simply want to enlarge your social network (like me) the book is also very helpful because it helps you to target your goals and connect with like-minded others instead of mulling around making mistakes (for example, the chapter on "Building a Following On Twitter"). Some people like to learn by doing; I like to read about how to do something from an expert like this author and then go out and customize it to meet my needs.

If you plan to use Twitter for your business, don't be without this book.

Highly recommended.
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on September 19, 2012
I thought this book was absolutely awesome. I have avoided social media, esp Twitter for a long time. Only have people I care about on Facebook (friends and family). I've been looking for a job for 3 years. I finally decided I just needed to start my own business, which means learning about all this stuff. I feel like I've been in the dark ages. Just working on my website, I was schlogging thru it and getting really impressed with myself, til I put in one wrong code and the whole site went down. I asked for help on twitter, and my problem was solved in 5 minutes. i was ready to spend thousands of dollars on a designer, but twitter saved me. I couldn't believe it. i highly recommend this book.
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on May 12, 2015
Market domination with twitter is possible. I've read the book through and use twitter frequently for releasing new products, but I've found my favorite times to use it are when I'm promoting product and discussing highly intense topics and events. My following has increased and I definitely have a greater sphere of influence based on the education from reading this book.
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on February 22, 2009
I signed up for Twitter last year and quite frankly was not sure how to use it, wasn't sure what to do and didn't do much with it for almost 6 months. Over the past few months I had heard that Twitter was a great way to meet people and spread the word about my business, but I didn't understand how. I have followed Joel Comm and his newsletters for years and when I found out he had written a book all about Twitter I just had to get it. I knew that the information inside would be fun and informative.

Twitter Power is mostly for those in business, like My Space, Twitter is becoming the next great market for online businesses to meet and greet others who are in their niche market. In just one week I have learned how to change my boring background on twitter to something that is more in tune with my personality, have met wonderful new people who are interested in the health and wellness industry and have great new friends online. All from following Joel's well tested ideas.

In Twitter Power there are tips, tricks, and websites to help you use the power of Twitter more effectively, many of which I had never heard of before reading Twitter Power.

Joel talks about branding your company and how many big corporations are also using twitter. Now if Dell, JetBlue, Home Depo among many other corporations are using twitter to keep in touch with their customers than you know that its a very valuable resource for your own business.

With humor and valuable insight Joel makes reading Twitter Power fun too! While some people may say that the book isn't a help, I disagree any information that gives you a heads up on the newest technology and great insights into how to brand yourself and stand out among the millions of other businesses than it is a valuable resource!

You can never stop learning! Because your competition doesn't!

Besides working from home can make you feel isolated sometimes and by joining in on conversations with people you know on Twitter it is like having a GIANT water cooler to help break up the mundane while helping you get connected with people and businesses in your niche market.

Knowledge is power!

I would love to connect with you! Follow me on Twitter [...]

Rebbekah White
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on March 18, 2012
I feel that Mr. Comm is a very credible source of information on social media. The way he made the book so easy to follow was very impressive. He has many theories that are tried and true. By making it very easy to follow he makes it seem like everyone can accomplish what he has done (which obviously is not the case, he is a brilliant mind) but users can certainly use his advice to their advantage. The depth of information is for impressive and the example he uses help readers follow exactly what he is saying. The diagrams throughout the book are a very helpful as well. After reading this book it makes me wish I had a business model I could build through Twitter.

There are two weaknesses that stand out to me while reading the book. I consider myself to be fairly well versed in the aspects of Twitter and I found at some times, while the ease of reading is strength, thinking that the book needs to pick up. Show me some insight on how to gain followers, make money, promote etc. Then at other times some of the things he was explaining with third party apps was completely over my head. I feel that the organization could have been slightly better, by that I mean some of the third party examples used in the meat of the text should have been placed in the third party chapter.

Overall I would certainly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn how to promote themselves, or brand through The Power of Twitter.
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on February 28, 2009
Whenever I get involved in something new, I like to get the definitive source of information to make sure I do it right.

"Twitter Power" certainly fits the bill on that score. Lucid and well-written, the book will be my Baedeker as I navigate the world of Twitter and social media.

I only wish Comm had spent a little more time on the most basic of basics -- deciphering the Twitter interface and Twitter conventions, for example. It took me a while to figure some of that stuff out and I'm still learning.

He should also yell at his publisher for the sloppy editing job they did. Comm deserves better.

But these are minor carps. The book is a must for anyone who wants to get started with Twitter the right way and it is highly recommended.
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on June 24, 2010
This is the best guide I have found regarding all aspects Twitter related! I have been in marketing for many years and this book was easy to read, not too technical, and gave me a good foundation. I read the reviews before purchasing and I was impressed with the book when I received and read it. I am completely educated about Twitter marketing now. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to learn how to market on Twitter!
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on December 16, 2014
Mostly filled with commonly known Twitter information. I would only suggest this book to people that are brand new to Twitter and do not have a teenager that can guide them.
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