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on September 11, 2016
The Twitter Revolution is a complete start to finish on what it is and how to use it. And, it gives you the tools both in the book and in what applications it mentions to truly take advantage of what Twitter is and what it can do for you. Get the book and get a jump start on how to use this platform and use it right.
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on January 1, 2009
As a former journalist and current copywriter, I know the value of saying much in a few words. But only now has something opened up to us all that allows us to gradually brand ourselves and get business in bites of 140 characters or less.

Deborah Micek and Warren Whitlock have created a helpful book for all those who are using Twitter, plan to use it, or wonder if they should. It's not a rule book. There are no rules on Twitter. But it is an easy-to-read, well-written map about how to get people to follow you, who you should follow and how to build your brand in a safe and effective way.

You can avoid many of the mistakes people have made in tweeting by reading this fast read. What you put on Tweeter, stays on Tweeter --- forever. It also gets in many corners of the net. It never dies. So, one does have to be a bit smart in what one says.

You'll find lots of really great tips in the book that you won't hear elsewhere. At least, I hadn't heard them or read them. I'd call this book a must-read.

I didn't like the fact that it doesn't have an index. Books DO need an index. I also had a bit of a problem knowing if the voice was Deborah's or Warren's. I think it was pretty much Micek.

There are many resources in the book that you'll fine quite useful.

Highly recommended.

- Susanna K. Hutcheson
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VINE VOICEon November 28, 2008
First off, I loved the way Warren and Deb wrote this book. It's fun and easy to read, while being informative. I've known several people who signed up for a Twitter account, only to cancel it because they didn't know how to make Twitter work for them. This book will teach you how to get the most out of Twitter, whether you're using it to connect with friends or promote your business.

If you're new to Twitter, I suggest pay close attention the first section, especially chapters 4 through 6. These chapters explain how to attract and keep followers. Sections Two and Three cover a broad spectrum of topics, such as how to tweet, how to deal with trolls, how to market yourself, etc.
My favorite chapter was 10, which lists all of the current apps that were designed to enhance Twitter. Being an Internet junkie, that chapter alone was worth the cost of this book. I now have all these resources in one place.

I enjoyed reading the last section, which covers the aspects of branding yourself and marketing your business to potential customers while making powerful connections with the influencers in your niche. This section is also worth the cost of this book, as it will teach you the basic fundamentals of marketing that so many people miss.

Do you need this book to succeed on Twitter? No. Patience, observation, and participation will help you succeed. However, if you are new to social media and don't know where to begin, this book is an excellent resource. Not only can you use these techniques on Twitter, but you can migrate them to other social media sites, such as Ning or MySpace. Highly recommended.
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on November 14, 2008
My initial impression of Twitter was negative. It seemed to me to be a huge waste of time that could honestly be better spent. I then had the pleasure o attending a seminar with "CoachDeb" (Deb Micek, one of the authors of the book.) who succeeded in getting me interested in Twitter enough to give it a try.

I found Twitter to be an effective tool for communication and business. In fact, I liked it so much that my friends started suggesting that they needed to send a Twitter Intervention team to get me off the thing. Twitter is fun and addictive and, if used effectively, it can positively impact both your business and personal life. This book is the tool you need to take advantage of Twitter.

THe book is an easy read..I read it over a 4-1/2 hour plane flight and has information you can put immediately into use. I highly recommend it.
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on November 29, 2008
I just finished reading Twitter Revolution and wanted to say how fabulous it is!

Even if you've been tweeting for some time now, you'll still pick up some neat tips to help drive your conversations and your brand deeper into the Twitter universe.

It's packed with dozens of links to explore; all while written in a friendly, easy-to-get tone of voice.

Thinking of joining Twitter? Buy this book, sign up on Twitter and start discovering how the power of 140 characters help grow your network!
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on March 26, 2009
My health center is looking into social networking to it's primary population, college students. I bought this book to explore Twitter as a resource.

It reads like a stream of consciousness between a personal coach and a marketing professional. I found that interesting but less than informative for someone trying to understand this medium. I did find a couple obvious good ideas - like their suggestion to secure your brand or name as a Twitter account. So there. you have it without buying the book!
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on December 15, 2008
@coachdeb and @warrenwhitlock know how to take you from a user of Twitter to a participant of Twitter. I had the technical side down, understood how to use the tools, but something was missing. Once I read Twitter Revolution, I realized I was a one-sided tweeter. This book helped me to realize just how important it is to participate in the community. Not only does it build a rapport with others, it really makes you feel connected. Thanks for the great book. @rachelcanales
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on December 12, 2008
Two Words. GET IT! if you're confused about all the Social Marketing buzz and words like Tweet and Twitter make you cringe, you NEED this book. Deborah Micek and Warren Whitlock unravel the mysteries behind using this as a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. After you get it... read it.. and then get going with Twitter. Tweet me and let me know you did, I'll introduce you to all my followers and get ya jump started!
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on December 24, 2008
Twitter is a microblogging platform of 140 characters per tweet that is deceptively simple. Even well-known marketing mavens have made blunders by not understanding all the nuances of establishing a successful reputation on Twitter.

What's a newbie to Twitter to do if even marketing mavens blunder? Buy TWITTER REVOLUTION, read it carefully, and then follow its advice carefully to tweet your way to success. @WarrenWhitlock and @CoachDeb have done a terrific job of sharing the tricks and techniques to becoming an ace tweeter.
-- Phyllis Zimbler Miller
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on February 14, 2012
Twitter Revolution really illustrates how Twitter has been embraced by the sole-proprietor marketing set. It may be useful for the uninitiated, if there are any uninitiated out there left.

I'll start with the pros:

- Takes into account mobile phone usage
- Provides good info on what to do with Twitter squatters
- Provides a good starter collection of Twitter apps

The cons:

- Dated; doesn't wear its age well
- Cliché-ridden, full of vapid bromides like "share the love" and digerati buzzwords such as "peeps" and "tribes" and "tweeples." Yuk.
- Poorly-designed cover with cheezy stock-photography models
- Not really written for the enterprise level
- Doesn't provide as many technical tips and tricks as I expected
- Doesn't provide examples of how various types of professions use Twitter - e.g. how does a doctor, or a lawyer or an auto mechanic best use the platform?

Unfortunately, Twitter Revolution isn't worth a re-tweet.
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