Customer Reviews: Hypario® uv5r Two-way Radio Battery Case for Baofeng Uv-5r ,Uv-5ra,Uv-5re ,Tyt F8 F9 ,Vitai Vt-uv3 Vt-uv9r Two Way Radios
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on November 7, 2013
This tray installs with a nice firm click, and comes off with a nice clean release from the UV5RA that I have. There's probably some variation in manufacturing that won't guarantee for everyone this good of a fit between the two pieces, but I lucked out. There is no interference with the belt clip. In fact, it sits better on the belt when using the combination of a longer replacement antenna and this extended battery housing.

Some Customer Images show you what it looks like, installed, from various angles on the radio. Cosmetically the texture indentations don't match those on the radio, but that's not a big deal. For me, it's a great improvement to bulk up the radio with greater height and depth, making a better grip and a more substantial feel.

Among the Product Questions, we've discussed the matter of acceptable supply voltage to the radio. The factory specifications suggest an operating voltage range for the UV5RA of under 9 volts, yet, a fresh set (six) of lithium or alkaline cells will start at 9 volts and perhaps a little higher.

Two answers can solve the problem: use only NiCd cells, which are rated at 1.2V. Or, locate / make yourself a "dummy" cell that takes the place of an AA in the rows when installed. The total voltage supplied by the set is then about the same as the stock, original battery. Radio becomes happy.

Note: using a full set of six 1.5V cells in this tray will allow the use of the receiver portion of the radio, not including the FM Broadcast Band. The transmitter is disabled by circuitry within the radio that protects against overvoltage.

Why get this substitute tray? It's been my experience that manufacturers often come out with a replacement model that won't take the previous battery. This tray, and the widespread, long-term availability of "AA" cells, guarantees you'll be able to keep this radio powered up for years to come.
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on November 23, 2013
The perfect accessory for your Baofeng radio!

Most Baofeng radios come with a rechargeable battery only.
Now, with using this adapter unit you can power your radio with AA rechargeable batteries.

I saw a video online where the guy claims that when using six AA batteries, he can get about three times as much "life" out of the radio compared to the stock 1800mAh Li-ion battery that can only be used with the Baofeng charging base.

He also pointed out that if you use Tenergy (or similar) batteries, they will fit a little better than just a standard alkaline battery. Rechargeable batteries tend to be a very tiny amount larger in diameter and length. (approx. 1/10th of an inch.)

The case is well made and slides onto the radio very easy. The case is very easy to open with a "press" tab on the bottom.

I really like the way the small HT radio looks and feels with the larger battery adapter on it! Small is cool, but I like the way it fits and feels in my hand. If I want or need "small" I can always use the stock battery...or...I am thinking about ordering the Baofeng battery adapter for AAA batteries, too! The AAA battery adapter will not make the radio any larger and it's always a good option to have in case you run out of AA batteries, you can use AAA size. Though, being a smaller battery, they might not last as long as the AA size, but convenient, small & rechargeable either way.

You can also find a socket-size car charger for a typical cigarette outlet in most automobiles that will allow you to plug it into the Baofeng charging base to use with charging the stock Baofeng Li-ion battery. A little "clunky" to have in your car, but allows you to charge your stock battery on the go!

If you have a Baofeng this. You won't be disappointed!
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on February 14, 2014
I saw multiple reviews for these that said they were light duty and tough to get on and off your radio so I wasn't surprised when I received mine and experienced those same problems. But I was able to easily get both of mine to work with no tools and just my hands and a towel. I realize you may not want to spend the little bit of time that it takes to make these work, or maybe you don't think you should have to make them work, but if you do want them to work try this:

I have arthritis in my hands from working with them on all kinds of things for over 50 years, so I approach things a little differently than an ape with great strength. Instead of trying to force things, I finesse them. First I put a nice soft towel down on a table so I wouldn't scratch up my radio. Then I took the empty battery case and started opening it, taking it apart, and putting it back together. After about 10 times of doing that it opened and closed easily because I had worn the latches in. Then I took it apart one more time, turned my phone face down on the towel, and started sliding the part without the latch up into phone where it belonged and then pulled it back out again. I did this about 10 times to wear in the area where it slid up into the phone. Then I took the part with the latch and slid it up where it would latch. This was tricky because it had to line up just right without the other part to guide it in. The latch was very stiff and I had to really work it back out the first couple of times, but I did it about 10 times until it was working ok. I figured out that if you would try different ways of holding the phone and holding the part that some ways worked better than others. Then I put the battery case back together and worked it in and out of the phone about 10 times just to make sure it functioned ok. It was easiest to get in if I pushed the case up as far as it would easily go, then put my thumbs on the bottom of the phone and my middle fingers on top of the phone and pushed them together. To take it out I would hold the latch down with my left thumb and put my right thumb on the back of the battery pack and my fingers on the keys and use my thumb to push the pack out. I then put my batteries in and tested it and there were no problems. Be careful pulling your batteries back out as the metal contacts are not firmly anchored in the case and can be pulled out. If you watch what you are doing you will notice if they are coming out and can push them back into place. This whole procedure took maybe 5 minutes per case and they work perfectly now as backup if I need them.

Also these did fit my UV5RAX+ without modification. As different vendors on Amazon sell different versions of the same product, I will say that mine came from twowayradiowholesaler.

I use Amazon for most of my purchases and update my reviews if anything changes with the products. I do this so other Amazon users can get a real feel for the life of the product. You can look at my review which will be close to my purchase date and tell how the product is doing as time passes. I am not associated with any company and all opinions are my very own.
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on December 16, 2013
First off, you gotta have this. They won't make battery packs for these radios forever, and when they've all gone bad in 5 years (just like an old laptop battery) you'll be stuck with no radio, as the Baofengs don't have a direct AC adapter. Fortunately they make this. AA batteries will be around until the apocalypse, and for some time afterwards.

You will need to put in a few minutes worth of work, but it is worth it.

Using this on a stock UV-5R. Works well. Needs a bit of filing on the latch up top; otherwise you'll have a real bad time ever removing it. Once you can get the pack in and out OK, the fun begins.

The radio will receive just fine if it gets more than the 7.4 volts the Baofeng batteries put out, but it won't transmit. If you fill this pack full of alkalines, you're going to get a bit more than 9 volts coming out of the pack. It will receive just fine, but won't transmit until the pack voltage falls somewhere below 8 volts. The solution is a "dummy cell". I used one of my "Bluecell 8 PCS Clear Color AAA to AA Battery Holder Converter Adaptor", purchased here on Amazon, with a stretched ballpoint pen spring inside to bridge the contacts. This works great, giving you 7.5 volts.

If you're using rechargable AA cells, you get 7.2 volts with all six cells installed. No problem, no dummy cell required.

Yeah, it's a bit of a hassle, but if you wake up one day 20 years from now and need an emergency radio, you'll be glad you have this.
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on October 21, 2013
I didn't give it a 5 because it is difficult to take off the radio- had to take it apart just to create some "wiggle room" in the release to get it loose. I got it for emergency use only, so I can live with it.
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on May 12, 2015
not as cheap and crappy looking as in the picture, the quality is actually pretty decent for the price, great addition to your baofeng, mine fit and functioned as it should, i'll be purchasing a couple more now that i know what to expect. shipping was fast with prime, well packed, I expect you'll be happy too.
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on March 4, 2015
needs a bit of sanding on edges to fit radio but a great way to continue communicating when you cant recharge your standard battery. Be sure to get 1 dummy battery as putting 6 alkalines in is just enough voltage to trigger radio safety circuit and shut it down
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on August 21, 2015
Works great with 1.2 VDC rechageable batteries. WILL NOT work on the UV-5R with regular 1.5 volt batteries as the total power will be too high. You can use those with a "dummy" battery (just a filler that simply passes power through but adds none) but this does not come with a dummy battery. So get the 1.2 vdc batteries (I chose duracell 2800 MaHr NiMh rechargeables) and it will work great.

Fits the UV-5R but is a bit tough to get off.....but it won't be falling off on accident. LOL
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on December 17, 2013
Initially was going to rate this four or five stars. Put the batteries in (eneloops, just like in the picture), attached it to the Baofeng radio and it worked. Was happy for the first try but the found the product weaknesses...the pack is extremely hard to take off the radio and you have to really work hard to remove it; the batteries rattle around in the case and thus power comes and goes based on movement of the radio; and the biggest problem: the bottom latch that keeps the case together does not hold well...the back can pop off and the batteries fall out.

Overall, disappointed...was good in concept but execution is lacking.
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on March 21, 2016
This works for my BF-F9 v2+ radio. It works with 6 NiCad batteries or 5 Alkaline using a dummy battery. I use Hot 2a Dummy Fake Battery for my dummy battery and it works great. The battery case snaps completely into the radio and does not slip out. I always have a battery case like this for when I don't have time to charge the radio's rechargeable battery. This case works just fine for me and will work fine for you too!
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