Customer Reviews: Dual LCD Monitor Stand desk clamp holds up to 24-Inch lcd monitors
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on March 4, 2010
Clamps to the desk with two finger screws, which doesn't seem like it would be very stable, but once installed it's rock solid. No wobble, it doesn't feel or look cheap. Very solid, relatively easy to install; height adjustment is only possible for both monitors at a time, not individually, but that's no big drawback. Cable clamps along each arm, which feel a bit flimsy but work. Comes with a surprisingly good, big, rubber coated allen wrench to tighten the screw that holds the arms vertically. Quick adjustment of the monitors is not possible, so it's a set-it-and forget-it mount. If you need to adjust monitor height frequently (such as transitioning from sitting to standing), this one's not for you. It's no-frills, but very good build quality. I don't think I'd be able to find another monitor mount of this quality for this price.
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on January 21, 2010
Picked up this stand over the holidays. It has excellent quality! I have 2 Samsung 23" monitors mounted on it with no problems. VESA screws that came in the kit worked excellent. Unit is very adjustable, tilt, pan, height, etc etc. It even looks great!. If you are looking to clean up the clutter that sits in and around your monitor bases then this fits the bill. Even comes with built in clips to manage your cords! I would highly recommend.
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on February 22, 2010
This stand is extremely sturdy and adjustable. I've had it for over a year now and have not had any problems with it. When I first bought it, I was expecting something satisfactory at best, given the low price. Every other VESA mount I had seen was at least double to quadruple the price, so I figured I'd be cheap and get something that works barely. Instead, this stand exceeded my expectations in every category. It mounts easily, is solid, looks good, and lets me adjust the display's tilt and angle with ease.
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on May 16, 2011
I was a little nervous about the clamp when I ordered this. I figured that it wouldn't get tight enough to keep from moving around. But my fears were unfounded! It is incredibly secure feeling with minimal tightening. It is even clamped to a desk with a glass top! (The glass is sitting directly on the desk top; I wouldn't recommend doing this with a glass top with the little rubber bumpers underneath, it would probably crack the glass.)

Something useful that I couldn't find in the specs: The part of the clamp that touches the desk top has a foam pad so as not to scratch.

My only real complaint is that the pole that the arms are attached to is ridiculously long. I have two 20" (diagonally) monitors mounted on it which measure 13-1/4" top to bottom. The pole is 27-1/2" from the top of the clamp to the end of the pole. I have the monitors mounted such that their bottoms are about 6" above the desk surface. That leaves about 8-1/4" of pole sticking up above the top of the monitors. It looks pretty goofy. One of my co-workers made a stripper pole comment minutes after I finished the installation...

I can't really move the monitors more towards the top because that would make them uncomfortable to work with. I am intending on removing the plastic cap from the end of the pole, cutting it off, filing the rough edges, spray painting it back black, and reinserting the plastic cap. That is a lot of modifications to do to something that isn't really intended for modifications to begin with. Wish me luck! I'll try to post an update later this week about the results, good or bad.
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on November 30, 2011
I decided to purchase and install this stand in a completely different way. Instead of clamping the unit to my desk, I took off the clamping mechanism and instead screwed it right to the back of my desk. This provides a very solid attachment and works well for me when my desk didn't have much of a lip to attach the unit to. I'll post a picture above so you can see what I'm referring to. While this does require 2-4 small holes (I used grabber screws with washers) it's not visible on my desk which is against a wall.

This alternative installation method is working very well for me. I'm extremely happy with the ergonomics of this system. I use it to support 2 24" dell monitors and they both are very firmly attached yet they also swivel and move easily when I need to adjust my desk for whatever reasons.
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on June 26, 2010
Like other reviewers who stumbled upon this dual mount stand this is an outstanding gem of a deal. It took me a while to buy it because the product details were skimpy. I'm not sure if similar pictured items listed on Amazon listed for different prices and/or monitor size is the same item or not as dimensions, manufacturer and materials are not fully given. So this review is listed for the 24" lcd monitors. I'm very happy that I took a chance and bought it.

Stand is made of steel not aluminum as described (tested with magnet). Which to me is a good thing since steel in this case gives stability. So the shipping cost is quite justified since it is really heavy. The base plate is 1/8" thick steel plate: it may look a little small in the pictures but believe me, it is not going to budge. The pole is welded onto the base plate. The finish is really superb with everything very smooth and no sharp edges. Even the welds are so smooth that at first I couldn't tell it was welded. They even give plastic covers to hide the tightening nuts at the joints. The plastic covers are not flimsy at all and snaps into position solidly which gives you an idea of the manufacturing quality of this stand.

I have a 25.5" and 19" monitor mounted with no problem. The 25.5" sits 9" in front of the pole and just touching the dividing line in the middle. I mounted them by myself but I would recommend two people if you are not strong. It would be wise to measure everything precisely and fix the height first because it would be very hard to move the height with two mounted monitors afterward. Be prepared to have a strong table: I have a steel engineering table and the edge bowed slightly although the mount didn't budge.

All in all, a really superb product.
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on July 28, 2012
I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again. I was able to get my monitors up high enough that the middle of the screens are at eye level which has helped me to stop slouching when I work. Also, being able to turn one of the monitors vertical makes development easier since I can see more on the screen at once.
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on July 16, 2011
After finally getting Dell to agree to fix my computer fan issue I wanted to get my home office setup cleaned up a bit. After reading some reviews I purchased this Dual LCD Monitor Stand desk clamp from Amazon. I paid a $55 for it with free shipping (thanks Amazon Prime!).

As a small side note: I can't tell you how awesome it is getting upgraded to next day air on 90% of my Amazon purchases!

Installation was a snap. The arm came in 3 pieces. The first two are the desk clamp and vertical pole that holds the arm. Took less than 2 minutes to secure to my desk. Third was the arm itself. This arms will hold monitors with both the 75 x 75 and 100 x 100 vesa mounting patterns. After getting the arm at [what I thought was] the proper height I mounted the monitors (Dell 22 inch ultrasharp). Was fairly easy to do myself...

Turns out the monitors were a tad high but adjustments were fairly easy with the included heavy duty wrench. Getting them into position on the arm was a snap- tension on the joints seems to be just perfect out of the box.

Don't plan on getting much help from the instructions (not that help is really needed). Easy five start product based on cost and quality. Wish I would have done this years ago!

Wish there was some soft of cable management system on the vertical pole but it appears none of the arms in this style have that...
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on May 28, 2011
Have to agree with good reviews...unbelievable quality for this price. Very fast shipping to Texas got it a day earlier than was predicted. At work I have a $200 version and was looking for something at home. I like having one monitor in landscape and another in portrait. My desk presented a little bit of a problem b/c it has a back and this is meant to slide under and attach from the bottom so any trim on top of the desk (underside should be okay as it allows several inches). I drilled 2 holes in the back of my desk after setting the pole on the back to measure. The problem was that the screws supplied were really not meant to go thru any other material prior to going into the other side of the clamp. I went to home depot and bought one inch long, ¾ inch hex bolts with nuts. These fit perfectly in the holes and matched threads(narrow). Don't buy the bolts too long or you won't be able to screw the included sturdyscrews to the underside of your desk. Hope this helps someone else b/c you really should find a way to make this product work as it is sweet. Using a 24 inch and a 22 inch Samsung monitors and it holds them like a champ. True you can only move up and down the pole with assistance as this is screwed tight but once I found the best height it was not a big deal. Even moving it up or down with the monitors on was not too difficult but required a second set of hands. Once that bolt is screwed down you can twist, turn, tilt, pull, or push the monitor away from you. Oh, the bracket that holds the monitor do not come off, so I found it nice to stack books to the height needed and then put the screws in so you do not have to hold it steady and possibly strip a screw in the process. So much reclaimed desk space and such a great product...don't look at another review buy it now.
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on December 10, 2010
After reading all of the other fantastic reviews for these monitor arms, I had no doubt they would adequately fulfill my needs. They are heavy duty and probably worth far more than the price I paid. However, I must give them four stars because of one problem.

After installing and adjusting both of my 24" monitors I sat down to find out that one monitor is about 1" lower than the other. Given that the arms do not have independent height adjustment this is a bit of a problem. I've tried adjusting them every way that I can but I can't get them level. Please note that this is not a tilt problem. I've double-checked every joint and in almost every other respect the monitors are in symmetric positions, but the left one is an inch lower than the right. I'm not sure if this is a defective unit or if others just aren't as picky as me. Other than this small issue, I'm very happy with the purchase thus far.
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