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on March 13, 2016
A couple things to keep in mind when considering these boots. They are 16$, made in china, look as high quality as the picture indicates (the picture looks like a boot top on a old style plain flip flop right), and last as long as you'd think they'd last at this price, being what they are.

Within a week wearing these indoors only, the front and back edge of the thin sole started to separate from the EVA sole. Yeah, hot glue would be in order. I ordered these as comfortable and easily worn knockabouts. I had no visions of quality, durability, just hopefully fairly comfortable warmth. And they are comfortable for about 10minutes. There is nothing on the insole. Insoles from the store helped and make this a wearable slipper.

Updating the review since somehow the reviews of these boots are being clumped together to the sellers benefit.

I'd ordered the heavy soled version to use in snow and muck after the first boots ended up marginally acceptable. I recieved the lug soled version of these boots today and I must say I'm appalled. My first reaction after "you got to be kidding me", was to leave a review, and I had no option to review this lug version, since I'd already done a review. Hmmmm.... Amazon really needs a better database.

The lug sole is priced 10$ more, presumably because it's better constructed and has a thicker, heavier sole to wear in real inclement weather. What you do not see is that the bottom of the sole is not lugged in the boot sense, it's basically flat with a few cuts, much like a children's shoe. The construction of the boot itself and the material looks even worse than the cheap classic version. Luxurious fleece? Take the product misspelling as truth, there is nothing luxurous or even luxurious about these boots. The sole is actually barely 1/4inch thick. The sidewalls are basically that, thin sidewalls and if I could actually get my feet into the boot, I'd daresay it's warm on a 75 degree day only.... This boot is marked 11, but it's far too short to be a real size 11, and far too narrow. This is a kid's shoe, a shoe for a child that cannot speak and ask why you're making them wear such a piece of garbage.

After seeing that, I'm returning everything from shoes18, because they're peddling trash in the worst way. Color me silly for trying to save some money on shoes, I've learned my lesson, I'm going shopping for the real thing and avoiding all this knockoff junk.
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on April 27, 2015
Well for twelve bucks what can you expect. If I paid more for these, I'd rate it a one star, but since they were so inexpensive I'm rating it with that in mind.

I purchased these because I was pregnant and towards the end of my third trimester my feet were really starting to swell and my regular boots were uncomfortably tight and had gotten to the point I had to struggle (and struggle) to zipper them up. I am normally a size 8.5, but I purchased these in a size 9 thinking my feet were bigger than normal. I was only planning to wear these for a month, so didn't want to spend a lot of money. The right boot fit perfectly, the left one was too big. I thought maybe my feet had grown disproportionate, but no - the shoes were slightly different sizes. This was annoying and caused me to drag the left boot slightly and have to kind of limp to keep it on. Again, for twelve dollars and for one month I don't care that much… BUT it was definitely annoying. Also, in terms of quality, from afar they look good like normal uggs, but upon closer inspection you can tell they're cheap. Also the bottom of the shoes are super thin… like really thin. If there was ice on the ground I could have slipped due to the lack of traction.
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on December 3, 2015
You get what you pay for and in this instance you could pay only a little more and get much better. The sole is very hard, does not flex and is slippery, just as other reviews mentioned. The opening is tight around calf and not able to wear jeans tucked inside very comfortably. I can see why the boot separates from the sole. Like the height of the boot but disappointed that I paid what I did and could have found the boot at a retail store for about the same price and have a better boot for a bit more money. Don't purchase these.
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on May 2, 2016
This boot is so very comfortable and also stylish! I love how it combines the traditional look of an Ugg boot but at a much more reasonable price. It is very easy to clean. So comfortable and warm to wear. It has a nice thick fur lining and a cushiony sole that makes it very easy to walk around in. The only negative is that the bottom sole of the boot seems to wear down, like most shoes, after a lot of use, making it slick when walking on the snow and ice. But that also goes to show that I wear these boots often and get a lot of use out of them. They fit as expected and do not seem to run too small or too large.
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on January 16, 2014
Why oh why didn't I read the reviews first!
how much common sense does it take to put a pair of boots in a box?
They put a rubber band from what looks like the newspaper... (it was soooo dirty)...
around the top of the boots that they folded in half and put on top of each other and squeezed in a box!
There is a permanent crease on the top corner of one boot, from being folded and THAT rubber band placed around it incorrectly!!! It won't come out! they are already flimsy...You could buy these at CVS!
Amazon has had some very bad retailers lately!... They use to care who sold on their site.... apparently they don't anymore... for this has been happening lately.
Also if you wear 1/2 sizes which are hard to find in these type boots...forget it they run in whole sizes!
I asked for 8 1/2 and it definitely was an 8 because it was too small.
Another reason I bought from them was because they had 1/2 sizes!
I think I got my dissatisfaction all out! I could go on more but you get the gist...
Do not waste your money on these boots!
oh!... be prepared to spend at least $6.00 non- refundable shipping it back too!... not worth it girlfriends! :(
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on January 23, 2014
The product descriptions include the statement: "These boots make you feel like you walking on clouds." While I have to admit, I've never walked on a cloud before, I imagine it doesn't feel like walking barefoot across cement. And the "Luxurios Faux Shearling" (spelling errors intended - is "shearling" a noun or a verb!? I'll assume they mean the lining in the boot) is about as thin and cheap as it gets. If they were wearable, or had just a little hint of cushion at the bottom, I'd probably have kept them because they are so cheap. But they have a comfort level of zero, and I'm sorry I have to give it even one star because that's the lowest possible rating. To describe these boots as soft should be a criminal act of fraud.
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on October 31, 2017
Great for the price. Fits good. Size up if you want to wear thick socks
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on January 11, 2017
These boots were not very furry inside like ones that I've had in the past. And they ran a little bit small. So I returned them.
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on May 9, 2017
Poor quality but I guess you get what you pay for. There is not much support or cushion on the boot.
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on February 5, 2014
This pair of boots was sent to me free of charge, for which I'm very grateful; unfortunately, the new free boots were the same size as the first pair, for which I paid. Do you have this pair in a size 9 M, perhaps? I really like them, it's just that they drag the floor when I lift up my feet as I walk.
Is there a way I could exchange these 2 pair for a Size 9 M in the black Tall Bear Paws? My real width is AA, but a Medium width (B) would be fine, I believe.
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