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on February 25, 2016
PROS: Details relating to survival psychological mindset, possible situations relating to enemy territory, overview codes of conduct relating to survival situations. Useful info can be applied in civilian survival situations as much as military.

CONS: Just meant as a guide book, though detailed it is not a substitute for survival procedures taught in military training, dialogue is rather boring and dry. It is a text book basically not a fun reading adventure.

Overall I have enjoyed learning procedures used in the USAF for survival situations. It is simplistic and lays things out in easy steps. I wouldn't use it to refer to in a life or death situation, more it is a reference book for refreshing on training you may already have or will be in soon.
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on April 15, 2012
It should be fascinating. It's just the USAF manual "64-4"(your tax dollars at work) but the QUALITY OF THIS COPY IS TERRIBLE! No way would I have bought this if I had seen it first in a store. (Note: Amazon graciously gave me a refund, no questions asked.)

* The font is way too tiny. Forget your reading glasses; get a magnifying glass!

* The line drawings came out OK, but the photos are so low-contrast that I can barely make out what they are! They're just light-gray blotches. The photos for distinguishing different spiders all look the same. The evasion chart might as well be any map because nothing on it is readable.

The screw-ups who threw this together didn't even spell-check the cover they put on it. (The word "is" is spelled "iis.") I'd much rather have the USAF reprint with its plain Manila covers and gigantic font --the one that's actually meant to be read by a flight crew. This doesn't even come close.
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on February 11, 2010
This book is packed with useful information. It makes a great study guide or even just as an informational book. It includes illustrations and surprisingly detailed instructions for just about everything in the wild. It has everything from lashing and knots to wild plants and maps. The back of the book says it includes "First aid for illness and injury, finding your way without a map, building a fire, finding food and water, using ropes and tying knots, mountain survival, concealment techniques, signaling for help, survival at sea, building shelters, animal tracking, predicting the weather and much more"... and I've looked through the book, there really IS much more.
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on April 19, 2011
Having used this Survival Handbook as a text while teaching survival skills to military personnel, I was pleased to find that it is now available to everyone. It remains the most comprehensive and useful general survival manual around. It is well researched, well evolved, and well written and although it's focused upon the general global survival needs or Air Force flight personnel, it provides a great foundation for any outdoorsman. Because it emphasizes survival with access to certain materials and tools, I highly recommend supplementing it with Larry Dean Olsen's "Outdoor Survival Skills" which assumes you have almost nothing to work from.

Remember, the most important, lightest weight, always with you survival tool is knowledge and the most important survival skill is will.
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on September 9, 2012
I have always been looking for a basic survival guide and this one is the best out there among all the TM's and what not. The only downside is the size. IT'S HUGE! If they made a pocket version of this book, it'd be superb! I can barely fit this into a backpack, much less carry this around with me. Another problem is that it's for free on various websites. All you have to do is download the PDF and you're good. If you don't have the ink to spare to print one, I guess you could buy it. The details are gone over to a great extent, but I feel that this book could be shrunk down a lot. Also a lot of things that are gone over that really have no use.
Goes over a TON of things, maybe too many.

Free on the internet
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on June 7, 2011
Having had a few FM's over the years( the Ranger Handbook, FM 21-76(1970) & FM 21-26), I now have the MOTHER
of all manuals! I am too aware that survival is more than just "Macgyvering" it (you know, the tarps, bungees, Swiss Army knife,duct tape~ which I do carry), it boils down to a will to survive(psychological)
coupled with good ol' fashioned wits/ adaptability! this manual covers ALL aspects of survival, should you find yourself in such circumstances..I would marry this with the big survival book(
Too bulky for a pack, but an essential to read, memorize. Tip: practice a few skills 1st, then add more as you become confident.. PLEASE READ THE SECTION ON SURVIVAL PSYCHOLOGY- it will prepare you to become adaptable, confident & boost morale! Now get out & enjoy the outdoors!! Hope this helps.
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on May 10, 2012
I am a former combat veteran in the United States Army. I know there are a lot of solders now wondering why the heck I purchased anything from the Air Force. Let me explain. This manual has everything that the Army survival manual has, plus a lot more. It had more detailed survival situations that would be compatable in a larger number of habitats. It gave a very detailed description of shelter construction in the woods, desert and in the snow as well. It also gave suggestions on packing a survival pack (or Bug Out Bag). Being a male, I like pictures. The Air Force manual has more detailed pictures than the Army manual. Plus it also had color pictures of edible and non edible vegetation from multiple regions through out the planet.
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on June 15, 2011
I was a soldier in the U.S. ARMY from 1992-2001. As a soldier in the ARMY, I was/am fond of all things Army. The competetive nature of serving in the military told me the Army has the best FMs(Field Manuals) because why wouldn't they? After all it's the Army! The fact of the matter is all branches of the US Armed Forces, publish many great manuals on survival, However the U.S. AIRFORCE AFR64-4 Survival Handbook, is hands down the most complete. This book is filled with information on survival all people should know. The book contains many great, and practical passages. The one thing this book contains, which is a must read for people who spend a lot of time in the outdoors, is the mindsets you go through, of not knowing what could happen if a situation arises. The psychology of survival is just as important as the know how.

For the little money you spend for this handbook, you'll realize it's a steal. You may never have to worry about crash landing in a foreign country, or navigating through a jungle. Heaven forbid anyone should. It's the "what if" question that lingers for many people, that should compell you to take a look, and read for yourself. No knowledge, is useless knowledge.
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on November 27, 2012
I am truly sorry I ever bought this book! It is filled with alot of useless survival information for the average person.
The book covers survival information that you would need to be trained by military instructors to really understand and perform properly.
Ex. Using a helicopter hoist to extract a victim from a mountainside or proper use of search and rescuse procedures for a downed pilot.
The information in tis book will not help the average person lost in the woods or in an urban area during a disaster of any kind.
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on January 7, 2013
Recently, as I have taken up camping as a hobby, I have found myself again and again coming to gear and equipment designed or employed by the U.S.A.F. Who would have guessed? Regardless, it is the truth and this book is thorough and complete. It is well organized and meant to be read in reference. It's a great reference book with many illustrations and it is easily navigated through it's index or table of contents. It is a large book, 8x11, and over two inches thick, so it's not portable. Lots of these types of books out there- I choose and recommend this one for it's ease of use and ready readability. It has answered all of the questions I have been able to generate so far.
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