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on March 24, 2015
I couldn't be more disappointed in this watch. The discoloration of the black plastic fading - and the awful manner in which the orange band has been ruined by that has made this completely unacceptable in regards to durability. The proof of that is in the photos attached to this review.

In terms of performance - it's a simple watch. It'll tell you the time (with the hands) but good luck making any sense of the LCD display on the bottom. Instructions provided were far from helpful, too.
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on September 8, 2016
This is a beautiful watch, great for wearing to the beach and otherwise in the summertime, and it keeps good time.

A couple of words of caution, though: the watch face is VERY heavy, and so if you accidentally knock it off a shelf, it will come RAPIDLY CRASHING to the floor, often causing the back to pop off. I've gone to the jeweler's more than once to have it popped back on.

Next, I personally find it difficult to control the alarm, which I don't use anyway and so I just remove the digital battery from the back. I'm perfectly happy with the analog part for keeping time.

Finally, the rubber watchstrap is not particularly durable and may need replacing from time to time.

So, if you remove (or silence) the alarm/digital portion, replace it with a better watchstrap, and be careful not to knock it off the counter, this is a wonderful watch, especially for the price!
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on December 3, 2015
Probably the worst watch I've ever owned. Heavy, bulky, buttons are difficult to press, digits not visible in sunlight at all, color of the hands is the same as the color of the dial. Oh, one more thing - one swim in the pool, and the glass fogged from the inside. Watch went dead in about two weeks after that. Can't even move the hands. What a piece of junk!

And another thing - when you try to get it exchanged, they want you to pay for shipping the watch to them,m padded and insured, and cover return shipping and handling of $6,50. So it comes up to $12-$15, with no guarantee that they will honor the warranty.

So, remember - whatever you do, do not swim with this watch, so not go under the sun with it. Simply buy something else, if you want a functional watch.
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on September 16, 2015
i liked the watch but the strap broke off after six months. Also the strap got dirty with time n the dirty word not go off. For the price I ain't pained about the loss though
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on December 29, 2014
Love the look of this watch but I was ready to throw it in the trash because the hourly chime and alarm were so annoying. The instructions to turn on/off the alarm functions are a total joke. Whoever translated these instructions in english did not do a good job. I had to go online and research how to do it. Unfortunately, that didn't work either. The only thing that worked for me was to hold and press all four buttons down at the same time to turn off the chime and alarm completely. The date is off by one day but I'm so afraid I'll activate the stupid chime that I'm just going to leave it as is. I won't buy another US Polo watch if they have any type of digital read out included in the watch. Not worth the effort!
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on February 7, 2014
I just received the watch, and the 'instructions' are on a small wadded up few pieces of paper that make figuring the watch controls out less than ideal. First take the two sheets flatten them out and place them in your copier and copy them under magnification so they become readable. Now get a small pair of needle nose pliers to pull the white plastic locking clip completely out of the watch so the stem can now be pushed in to make the watch operate after you have set the analog time for the first time.

Now, set aside an hour or so to read the magnified and consequently now readable instructions that you re-copied, and begin trying to fathom how to set the date, the digital time and the date. I will do this another day as life is too short to stop now, but the watch can tell me what time it is, so I'll take it from here.

The photo here shows a yellow watch, it is fact unquestionably orange, hope you're OK with that.

It was only a twenty dollar watch so if it does anything well, I'll be delighted so far the instruction sheet doesn't impress me.
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on December 29, 2013
It was delivered on time as promised. I like the colors the black and orange. Only two complaints it's very big and bulky you can feel the weight all the time especially when running or other physical fitness activity, something the designers should have considered? The other thing is that you can't make the date remain displayed in LCD window. Why would you need to see the time displayed twice and have to push a button to see the date, another design oversight. My wife says it's very fashionable I'm glad I bought it for myself and it was not a gift from her otherwise I would have to wear it all the time. I could return it Amazon is always great about that but the watch was inexpensive it's not worth the time and shipping cost. Maybe it will grow on me. I'm sure it will be fine for bike riding and fishing. If you like big watches and don't mind pushing a button to see the date then this would be a good purchase for you.
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on June 30, 2017
I got this for my Godson- he loved it, but us adults had a hard time setting it up. The directions were clearly not written by anyone whose first language is English. His Dad finally figured it out enough to just get it working, but IDK if it's ever going to be fully set-up.
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on May 17, 2013
After a few days, so far I like this watch. Be aware, it is BIG as is the fashion now (48mm diameter, 15mm deep). At first, I thought it would be too big for me but now that I'm wearing it, I like it. It keeps accurate time.

PACKAGING/OPENING: The display box it comes in is very hard to get the watch out of. You have to break off a plastic panel thing on the bottom of the box then cut the zip ties holding the watch in the box. The watch comes with a little plastic piece (called a crown stopper) on the stem that is also near impossible to remove and doing so improperly could probably break the delicate stem.

The setting/operation instructions that come in the box are scant, very difficult to decipher and obviously written by someone for whom english was not their first language. I eventually figured these out.

BIGGEST ISSUE: After I finally figured out how to turn the alarm off using the instructions, the watch continued to beep every hour on the hour. There was no way I could figure out to turn this off and I had to put the watch in another room otherwise it would wake me every hour. Not good since I want to use this watch for travel.
I looked up the contact info for the US distributor on the good old information superhighway web and faxed them. They emailed me back another sheet showing how to disable the hourly chime.
To toggle the chime on/off; Press and hold 'RESET' (bottom left), then at the same time press 'MODE' (bottom right).

There was some sharp-edged plastic flashing on the bottom of the clasp that stuck out and hurt my wrist. I filed this down and now it's comfortable.

For the price it is a great-looking and striking watch. I already have received compliments on it. Too bad about the lack of instructions, though. Having read some of the other reviews, I hope it keeps working.
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This watch i've had for years and it's been through all types of wear, tear and weather and is still ticking on. Looks good, but the black parts are fading and revealing a silver underneath. Very comfortable, though, and I wear it quite often. Really looks good.
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