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on December 20, 2012
I needed these in a pinch for travel i was going on and chose it based on its size, reviews, and available colors. I liked that i could get a different color than a standard plain black, and the green suited me just fine, and also if a friend ever needed to borrow it it would be gender neutral as opposed to a pink one (which i would have loved lol). Though true to other reviews the green color is NOT as bright and pretty as it appears on the photo, it is a little more muted, but a little more woodsy than olive id say. I have a ton of pics i took from various angles of all its features and even with it stuff full but i don't see where i can post them on this particular items page. :(

I have no complaints over the durability of the suitcase (i don't use the mini one) kinda stupid, don't know if anyone ever uses them, not big enough for my laptop. So the suitcase will be the main point of my review.

The item held up just fine and had no problems with it as a carry on. I flew through American Airlines for all flights and never once had any question of its size/weight issue and didn't have to check it. It rolled smoothly through the airport. the wheels worked well and had no issues with the handle. extended/retracted simple and quickly with a push of the button on top. there was an occasional tip or flip, but i attribute that to my handling of the bag as its a narrower than a larger one so it was easy to accidentally twist when pulling it up next to you, But that was mainly just how i was handling it.

It can actually fit a pretty good amount of stuff in it. I had 2 pairs of jeans, house sweats, yoga style sweats, 8 shirts, 10 underwear and a couple bras, 4 pairs of socks, and a pair of low profile sneakers, pair of flats, and heels. Oh and an extra hoodie on top of all of that. Also had my makeup bag stashed in it too. All that WITHOUT the use of the 3" extender that unzips if you need it. I didn't want to risk having to check it. However on one of my flights, to/from an airforce base in a tiny plane, they had no room for carry ons so they had to be checked (no fee i might add) and it help up fine against their rough handling.

Made it through the airports 6 times and came home in just as good condition as we left. Fortunately no scuffs or marks from being handled by agents or thrown on the belt or plane, and held a ton of stuff! all the intimates and socks and things were stowed in the zip mesh pocket on the inside, packed shoes in the bottom, then pants, then tops, then hoodie,

I am very please with the durability and quality of this piece for a pretty decent price. It did what i needed it to do and did its job well. i really have no complaints about it at all and can't wait to go on another trip with it.
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on September 30, 2016
I recommend this set to all my family and friends. I had won a blue set from an Amazon giveaway right at the time I was looking for luggage for our Christmas Vacation. It was perfect so I ordered 3 more sets, the yellow set, the purple set and the green set. The luggage is the correct carry on size and the smaller bag can fit under the set on the plane. They roll great and my kids were able to handle their own luggage. As you can tell from pictures, the smaller bag fits on top of the bigger bag perfectly.
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on March 2, 2013
I got this suitcase set yesterday, and I'm very pleased with the design, construction, and, especially, price.

I did read several of the reviews here; some are pretty entertaining, especially those that complain that the suitcase is too small. (E.g., the guy who said his one pair of pants and two T-shirts filled the main suitcase. Huh? All I can figure is his pants are fashioned from a grizzly bear's hide, and his T-shirts are lined with sheepskin.)

Well, the dimensions for both pieces are provided in the item description, and they are accurate. Are some of these people buying only on the basis of pretty pictures?

I'm heading to the Philippines tomorrow for a two-week trip, so I did my packing today. Just as a point of reference that might be helpful, here's what fit:

In the main suitcase (with the 1" expansion zipper closed), I have: 1 pair of pants; 6 short-sleeve shirts; 3 long-sleeve shirts; 2 T-shirts; swim trunks; 12 sets of underwear and socks; 4 handkerchiefs; 2 pair of sunglasses; water mocs (which double as slippers); digital camera and charger; and a 13" laptop computer with power supply and mouse.

In the separate tote, I have: another 13" laptop computer and another digital camera with all cables and chargers; 6 print magazines; all my toiletries; an inflatable travel pillow; and a 5.5" x 8.5" notebook that I use to carry papers, passport, extra credit cards etc. The tote fits easily under a plane seat, and will have all the stuff I want during the flights.

Btw, I'm taking two cameras and computers because one of each will stay behind in the Philippines as gifts -- so, I'll have room on my return trip for a few souvenirs. Plus, I've still got that expansion zipper I can open up.

Btw #2, I am not a dwarf, with doll-size clothes; I'm an average old guy of average size (5'9", 170 lbs).

Btw #3, you people do know to roll rather than fold clothes, right? It saves space and helps reduce wrinkles.

Btw #4, on many of the smaller aircraft, they won't let you carry-on anything bigger than a 21" bag; they'll take it from you as you're boarding, and make you wait for it when you land.

Btw #5, on the puddle-jumper planes they use between islands in the Philippines, there's a luggage weight limit of only 15 to 20 kg total (and 8 kg for carry-ons) -- yet another reason to keep things simple.

Whether this set is right for you (or not) is going to depend on five things: destination, duration, purpose, statement, and style.

Destination: Where are you going? I'm headed to a hot climate. If I were going to Juneau in January, I'd need bulky stuff like sweaters, coats, etc. Note that I'm also not trying to lug along a lot of sports gear; I'll rent what I need.

Duration: How long are you going to stay? If you've done the math on my packing list, you've figured out that I might wear the same shirt twice. Oh, the horror!! Well, if any get too stinky, I'll rinse them out in the hotel sink.

Purpose: Why are you making the trip? i.e., what will you do when you get there? Mine's purely leisure, so I don't need to pack suits, ties, dress shoes and shirts, etc. Maybe you're a bridesmaid in a wedding, and you have to pack a big, ugly, pastel dress with matching shoes, I dunno.

Statement: Do you care what others think about your luggage? Seriously, to some people, this is an important fashion statement, so they buy Coach, Louis Vuitton, Tumi, et. al. I guess my statement is, "efficient cheapskate."

Style: What's your attitude about what's necessary? This is the biggie when it comes to luggage, and it's entirely personal. As you can tell from my packing list, I'm willing to "suffer" through the repetition of some clothing items. On the other hand, I once lived with a woman who -- even if we were headed to a beach in Mexico -- needed an entire suitcase devoted to nothing but her shoes. If that sounds like you, then yeah, this set might be too small.

UPDATE after 18 months:
I'm knocking off one star, because the outer fabric doesn't hold up over the long term. I had the mustard orange color, and it got very dirty and frayed from hundreds of planes, busses, boats, and taxis. At home, I tried to clean it with a damp rag and mild detergent, and the fabric practically disintegrated -- so much so as to be useless. SO, I threw out this set and will buy another of the same size. But considering the price paid, and the amount of use I got out of it -- more than 60.000 miles -- I *still* think this is a very good set.
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on April 23, 2012
I have owned this carry-on set for about 6 months now, and got to use it for a few trips (3 weekend getaways, and 2 five day trips).

Since I do not travel a lot, I did not want to pay too much for a luggage set. This one fits the bill perfectly.

Here are the good points I see:
* the price is right. I will not be mad if one day I have to check the luggage in, and the airline looses them.
* it is a real carry-on for ANY airline: sure, some airlines will accept over-sized carry-on. But the day the plane is really full, they start being picky and asking people to check the carry-on in. With this set, you would be very unlucky if it was to happen to you. Also, rolling it down the aisle is easy as the bigger piece is narrow.
* color is nice. I got the green one for me, and my wife chose the orange (that is more yellow in my opinion). Both are really a nice change from the regular black/brown you usually get, but it might stain more easily of you were to check it in, which hopefully will not happen.
* quality: I was expecting less for the price. If you avoid checking it in, it should last a while. Fabric and zippers feel durable. The handle might be the weakest part, as it does not feel that strong, but so far, so good.
* the small piece fits on top of the bigger one, and has a strap to be attached to the handle. In this configuration, getting out of the plane, switching plane and walking in the airport is very convenient, as you only need one hand for both pieces.
* The small piece is the perfect size to fit a tablet or a kindle, as well as whatever you would need close to you during the flight or for your trip. I am able to fit: full size headphones, one tablet, one travel guide, a collapsible umbrella.
* For me, this set size is enough for a few days trip. But it might be too small for others. This is hard to comment on this.

A few minor points that explain the 4 star rating:
* when I received the set, the chemical smell was quite strong. The smell went away fairly quickly by leaving the pieces open for a few days in a well ventilated room. But it would have been great if the manufacturer took care of removing the smell for me.
* When you expand the bigger piece, and fill it completely, it will loose it's balance and not be able to stand vertically by itself. This is not too much of an issue as I did use only this feature once. To try to make it better on the way back, I tried to put the heavier items first, and toward the bottom. Balance was better, but I could tell it was still close from falling if I was to let it stand there.
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on April 27, 2017
I saw some negative reviews about this suitcase. I bought it for a trip home and it worked wonderfully. purchased the "one size" size and recieved both bags. Unsure what the other size means or why it's so much more expensive. That's why I give it 4 stars, totally unclear what that means. I took a risk and got it, and totally worth the money. I fit easily 5 days worth of clothes a pair of tennis shoes, toiletries, and books in it without issue. Also comes with a cheapo travel lock. Main pocket has interlocking zippers which is great.
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on June 17, 2017
I originally bought this bag because the nasty yellow color is easy to spot on a carousel, but this little bag has impressed me in other ways. The purpose of luggage is to absorb the abuse so your stuff doesn't have to. You can spend a lot of money on a super-rugged bag and hope it lasts a long time, or you can spend a little money on one of these and be impressed at how far your money goes. This is the second time I've purchased this exact bag, because I finally wore out the first one (the zipper on the bag-expander broke...everything else still works). I've flown this bag all over the world, usually checked instead of carried on, and it has stood up well to the abuse.
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on January 22, 2017
This took me to Spain, London UK, and Germany plus back here to the USA. Love the size, and I had no problem getting it to fit and any size overhead bin.
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on December 12, 2016
Originally bought this last year for a month long trip in to the South African bush, as it is lighter and slightly smaller and a bit more rugged than my trusty old carry-on that nowadays barely meets overhead requirements (assuming you win the battle of space with fellow passengers). I had two days in cold London en route, so I packed featherweight base layers to wear under my black travel clothes. By wearing my heaviest shoes & clothing items and packing the lightest, I was also able to fit a camera, 2 lenses, Tablet, phone, and accessories, I only needed a shoulder bag to fit the overflow. The outer pockets are surprisingly roomy and even when full they don't exceed the overhead space. This has now become my go-to suitcase. The expansion feature is very handy when you're moving from one place to another and don't want to re-pack everything neatly. It still looks like new - I can't believe the price. And that includes a small matching bag (which I never use).
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on October 11, 2016
I flew DELTA. Even packing the bigger one completely full, it still fit in the carry on perfectly, and it was only 25 lbs.

For anyone wondering how much you can fit, I packed for a 5 day trip from a warm climate year round to a colder area.

Bigger bag: Knee high boots, 1 pea coat, 1 pr of flats, 8 t-shirts, 2 long sleeved shirts, 2 pr jeans, 1 pr pajama bottoms, 2 prs of pajama shorts, 3 pr leggings, 1 dress, 3 "nice" shirts, 2 bras, 7 pairs of socks, 7 pr of underwear, 2 belts, 3 sweaters, 2 pr pantyhose, blow dryer, straightener.

Little bag: Big book, cell phone charger, extra sweater, bag of toiletries, small purse, makeup bag, paperwork for the trip, hairbands, jewelry... I'm sure I'm missing a few things, but you get the gist of it.

Yes, the bags are SMALL, but with enough determination you CAN fit quite a lot in these.

I got it in the green color because it was the cheapest and I needed them FAST (arrived in 2 days). I'd say the color is a bit darker than the picture, but I like it. The bigger bag even came with a lock (score!).
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on April 14, 2017
I wish this was just a little bit bigger, but i used it for a weekend trip to Disney and was able to squeeze everything i need into it. Jeans, jammies, shorts, shirts, sandals, tou name it. I like the buckles inside to keep everything in place. And the small duffle bag was perfect for my toiletries and such.
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