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on January 25, 2017
I am very pleased with the Suaoki U2. It really acts as a Swiss Army Knife in a form of a portable battery, 3-in-1 solution. My intent with this battery is for camping in case my vehicle battery actually dies. I had close calls and my battery dying because I have left the dome lights on. I am hoping this will fix that problem without asking people around when they are available to jump my car. I will give an update when I use this portable jumper, hopefully it isn't the case, but I will be testing it to make sure it works.

As of now, I am really enjoying the benefits of using the battery pack to charge my Google Pixel. So far the battery is able to charge my Pixel 2 times with ease on a full charge. I really like the fact that it is not bulky and slim in design. I have added photos as a size comparison to my Pixel. Here is my list of pros and cons:

3-in-1 Battery Pack (Battery, Jumper, Flashlight)
Well built
Slick Design
Battery Level Indicator
Fast Charge

None at the moment

I was going to use a multi-meter to test the voltage but "A. Silva" did an excellent job on covering that. I have other battery packs and by far this is my go to now because of the 2.4 amps speed and slim design. I will update if I use this in the real world.
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on January 1, 2017
I'm happy I took the chance on this, it's much better than the big car jump starter I own, I've only charged it once and I've started my car and 4 others and it still has power left. My old big one had to be recharged every time I used it and sometimes it wouldn't work even if I did. It has been able to recharge my and it has a flashlight. It's small enough to fit in the glove compartment or in my purse. I received it quickly and well packaged. I would definitely recommend it to others.
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on March 29, 2017
The Suaoki U2 jumpstarter is an amazingly powerful unit for it's small size. I would compare this to the size of a small paperback book. The styling is excellent with a checkered pattern in black with red all around the sides. The U2 even comes with a velvet black carry bag with drawstring and Suaoki logo. The side has bibrant blue lights indicating the amount of charge left in the unit. The top gives you a bright led snd usb charging port. My unit came directly from Amazon in perfect condition. The included instruction manual is clear and concise. The "Smart Booster Cable SS200" plugs into the main U2 unit and the standard color coded red/black battery clips are on the other end of the cable. Safe starting and proper connection were not missed when they designed the U2. If the charging cables are not hooked up properly the unit has colored light indicators and prevents damage to the unit and the battery needing a boost.

I tested this after a full charge first on a Craftsman 18HP mower that sat all winter with not even enough power left to spin the starter at all. I hooked up the U2 and it took less than 10 seconds to spin the starter up and crank the motor. This is the fastest it has ever started and would likely have started faster but I drain the fuel lines before winter storage.

Next I moved on to starting a 1990 Isuzu NPR 2.9 liter diesel box truck. This truck is used mostly for auctions during the spring and summer months. This truck like the riding lawnmower was almost totally depleted with the dome light barely glowing. The starter was placed on the battery and the glow plugs warmed with no problem or heavy power drain. I turned the key and to my amazement the truck came to life.

I figured that the U2 had done all it could but I wanted to go for broke so I went to my last truck that has sat for over a year. I hooked up the unit to my Ford F-350 7.3L Crew Cab pickup which showed right at 9 volts between the 2 installed batteries. This would be the ultimate feat to start this beast after already being used twice without recharging. The U2 was hooked up via the alligator clips and the voltage meter on the dash jumped up instantly. This time I had to warm up much higher power draw glow plugs for the 7.3L PowerStroke engine and the voltage dropped while warming but returned to 12 volts after. The key was turned to start and while it did start it took 3 tries but this was expected after all the use the U2 had been through without recharging.

Overall this is a unit small enough to keep in your glove box, backpack, or pocket. When used under normal circumstances this is a powerhouse in a small easily storable form and for the low price this is a MUST HAVE. Don't get stuck adking a stranger for a jump or worse pay $100 for a tow service to jump start your car.

I have tried many other "starter boxes" and they all failed to meet the claims made. In my opinion this is a true 5 star product that everyone should keep with them.
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on March 29, 2017
Suaoki U2 400A Peak Portable Jump Starter (Up to 2.5L Gas) 8000mAh Power Bank with Intelligent Clamps and LED Flashlight, Black

I think we all have that special person in our lives that constantly needs their vehicle jumped for one reason or another. This is the absolute perfect size to keep in your glove compartment, book bag, or even your purse. Stranded with a dead cellphone, no problem this can also be used as a power bank to rapidly charge your phone. In addition to these awesome features it also has a built in LED light with 3 modes: Ultra bright, flashing, and strobe. This really is the perfect product!!!

This measures 5.6 inches by 3.1 inches by 0.7 inches and weighs 1/2 pound. This is actually smaller than my Samsung Note 4. To turn the Led light on press and hold the power button on the side for 3 seconds, automatically shuts off after about 15 seconds, and comes fully charged. Use the included USB plug to charge the unit. This can be charged from your vehicles accessory plug, power strip with USB ports, or a power cube.

Comes with your jump starter, clamps, instruction manual, and carrying case. It's lightweight, compact in size, fully portable, affordable, and multi functioning. Please note the USB charging port is not compatible with Galaxy Tab S2/Blackberry 9900/Disney M7007/Google Nexus 6p/Google Nexus7.

Sample was provided and I'm thrilled with every aspect of this product. I will defiantly be purchasing another one so my teenage driver can have his own. He will never be able to use the excuse he couldn't call home because his cellphone was dead!!
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on February 3, 2017
I admit I had a doubt or two, however this is an incredible piece of tech!!!! I had not started a totaled auto for seven months and the battery was completely drained not to mention old. It started on the second try and still the unit had 4 LED lights as if I had never used it.
The other charging abilities are a handy addition. We are going to purchase one for every auto in the family!
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on March 13, 2017
This thing is fantastic. I had no idea bike batteries were so fickle. My Triumph seems even more so. I know most people say a battery tender. But I have not gone down that road yet. After being stuck in my garage and once on a ride. I keep this thing in my pack or it could even fit in a jacket. Starts right up.... Vroom Vroom baby
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on April 10, 2017
I was able to use it for one jumpstart. The device stopped working less than 2 months. I would not recommend this product to anyone else.

Update - I was contacted by customer support and they worked quickly to replace my non working device. Hopefully this replacement will last more than one Jim start. Let's cross our fingers.
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on January 29, 2017
Bought four. Gave everyone a jumper for x-mas. Mass approval. Great item to have in car. This is truly a "MUST HAVE" at all times in your car. Excellent quality, small & came with all the right stuff.
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on March 22, 2017
First use, pass the test, start the car.

the charger continues with 4 charge lights.

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on January 28, 2017
Actually pretty nice. Packaged well, have not used it, but bought for my wife in case she has a problem and I'm out of town.
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