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on May 6, 2014
This Quad is really very nice for the money. I paid $65 for the UDI 818A with camera included. I removed the safety canopy and replaced it with one I made from a plastic cup. This allowed the quad to be more agile due to less surface area contacting with the wind. I suggest the Turnigy 600mah batteries. These take about 45min to charge and give about 9min of flight time. Also, due to their discharge rate, they provide allot more response from a lower throttle position. The auto-stabilization is pretty extreme which make this great for someone learning to fly as well as a stable platform for taking pictures. The camera itself is nothing to write home about but it works as advertised. One thing to note is that this quad is virtually indistructable! Crash after crash, it continues to perform reliably. Out of the 9 quads I currently own, which range in price from $40 to $175, the UDI818A has proven itself to be the best overall value for my money.
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on November 22, 2013
This is a great flying little quad, although it has been fairly windy since this has been delivered I have still enjoyed it, it does fair in light wind but it is a very light little machine and a gust of wind will pick it up and carry it away fairly quickly, It's a tough little bird though, I hung it up in a tree yesterday and instead of freaking out I looked and saw how it was hooked to the tree then I flew it right off the branch fairly easily, then instead of getting hung up even further up the tree I let it fall the rest of the way down, it smacked just about every branch on the way down and really don't even have a scratch on it.

The camera is a fairly decent little camera although I upgraded the MicroSD card fairly quickly, the 1gig card fills up pretty quick. I use a USB cable to copy the video files to my computer instead of taking the SD out every time I'm sure taking the card in and out so much will wear it out fairly quick.

The remote is great, it feels comfortable in hand and has digital trim settings and a digital readout showing throttle setting, remote battery life, trim settings, camera settings, etc, it also has the 360 inversion button you can tap to make the quad do flips, be sure to have some altitude before doing this a be ready to hit the throttle again to keep the quad from hitting the ground, you can also use the top left button for this, press it and when it starts beeping you can tap you rudder controls up, down, left, or right ta make it flip in the direction you like, this is a little more fun than just the 360 inversion.

Other than that there is not much more I can say about this Quad other than I love it, I do plan on building my own quad in the future and this is giving me some great training on the physics of a quad and how to fly one.

Let me add that some proper care an manteinence of your LiPO batteries will make them last long, There are many videos on Youtube on proper care of your batteries but here are some tips.

* Your batteries will come from the factory charged, but not fully, Charge them fully before flying.
* Do not run your battery down all the way, leave about 20% power in the battery, you can purchase voltage alarms that will buzz at a specified
* after flying wait about 15 minutes for battery to cool down before re-charging.
* when putting batteries up for storage do not fully charge them, charge them about 80%.
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on January 14, 2015
The GOOD. Ordered evening of 1/7/2015. Estimated delivery 13th-17th. Arrived afternoon of 9th.
Packaged very well, read instructions (couple of times because English version a bit cryptic, but decipherable). Charged the flight battery supplied ... always takes about an hour to green light on charger. (I've since ordered two additional flight batteries.) Plugged in 4 AAA's (not supplied) to controller and did initial flight testing on our billiard table. The user docs states the rear left black rotor should turn clockwise, and rear right black rotor anticlockwise. Physical rotation is just the opposite to balance the front white rotors (left clockwise, right anticlockwise). So ignored the doc on this issue.
Came with four spare rotors, one for each location, charger, and USB cable for camera.
Time of use is ten plus minutes depending if you leave the five led lights on (top right button on controller flips them on/off). The undercarriage blue lights in front and red in back are always on. Number of photos or how much video you take also makes a small difference. Ten minutes of full concentration on my part is enough. I'm over 60 by the way. (A 12 year old would already be an expert.)
In order to fly well, the unit must be above it's backwash, I found that to be at least three feet off ground level. The controller screen has a bit of information on it, which is not well described in the manual, but is easy to figure out. Lights, photo, camera, indicators.
The REALLY GOOD. Little thing is well designed and constructed. I've crashed it a dozen times or so, hard landings on floors, roadways, parking lots, and trees. Even have a great video of flying it into a tree 20 feet up, cutting the rotor power, and watching it fall into some waste high bushes. No damage except to my ego. I've even tried a couple of times to chop off my fingers, the rotors just stop, and the design compensates to insure no damage is done to the rotors or blades or fingers. Trying hard not to do anymore self testing on this issue.
I've been using mode 1 for beginners. A mode 1/2 I would find useful. Mode 2 for experts I'm not even planning to try. The controls are really sensitive, and you need to anticipate the power, flight, etc. If you are keeping the unit in the same location off the ground it will tend to continue to rise until you begin to panic and reduce power. If you fly the unit, it will need more rotor power to not loose altitude.
Sensitivity to wind is real. So I've given up trying to even fly if there is anything more than a light breeze. After all, the unit weighs less than the birds I've scared out of their trees a couple of times.
The pictures and video are surprisingly good. Pictures are 1280x960 or 550KB files. The pictures and video require a steady flight, something I'm working hard to yet achieve. The video of my flight into the tree is actually a bit too clear. I've included a picture I was finally able to get of the front of our house that is actually in focus. For the price, this is a great purchase.
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on July 1, 2014
My first foray into multi-rotor flight. I picked this up as a starter set based on advice from a local users group that learning to fly is best done before investing in a copter that does all the work for you by relying on gps and altitude locks. You will need to actively fly the UDI U818A. It's stable in flight, but easily pushed around by the lightest breeze. It doesn't hold a specific location or altitude on its own. It worked right out of the box as soon as I had charged the flight battery. Be warned that there is plenty of power to send this flying quickly out of your control range, which will then cause it to loose synch and flutter lightly back to the ground (or tree top). The only damage mine has incurred is the occasional displacement of a prop shaft that needs to be pressed back into place to fully mesh the offset gearing.

The on-remote trim switches can be used to dynamically adjust the stability of the quadcopter. You can zero out any slight side slipping or rotation by tweaking the three trim switches this way or that. Once that's done, the copter will park itself quietly over a single location until the next change of wind or joystick input disturbs it.

The onboard video and picture snaps are not high definition, but they are static free and very stable when loitering at altitude. You won't know what you've captured in the camera until you get it back to your computer to transfer the files from the camera via the included USB cable. For those who might prefer an FPV setup, there is an upgraded model of this quadcopter on the market that swaps out the onboard storing video camera with a broadcasting camera that your wifi equipped smart phone can receive video from.
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on January 13, 2015
My son got this for Christmas. He loves it! We downloaded the pictures and videos onto my computer and they're very clear. I highly recommend! Here's a photo my son took of our house with it!
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on March 23, 2015
Bought this for my son's 9th birthday, and it was the first experience with a quadcopter/drone for both of us. I'd definitely recommend this as a good starter unit. We were both able to fly it with a decent amount of control the first time out. We learned quickly, however, that this model is susceptible to the slightest breeze, so keep that in mind when you take it out. Also, consider buying a few extra batteries to extend your flight time, 7-8 minutes goes by quick.
Having an onboard camera is what I looked forward to most. It does work - taking pics or video is easily triggered right from the controller. But don't expect high res images. This camera isn't even up to par with low res camera phones from 10 years ago. But considering the price, I can't complain too much. They're at least good enough to get a birds-eye view of your neighborhood. And it did come with a generic 2gb micro SD card installed.
My only real complaint with ours is one of the rotors had a malfunction right out of the box. 3 of the 4 spin immediately when power is applied, but the 4th needs a slight push to get it to spin up. Again for the money, it wasn't worth returning it. But since it won't take off with only 3 of 4 rotors spinning, if I ever accidentally land it on a roof, I won't be able to fly it back off, I'll need to get the ladder out.
Overall, for the money, this is a decent, well performing drone for first timers.
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on February 20, 2015
Love it. Just wish the snow was gone so we could get it outside. My grand daughter who is 13 picked it up fast. I am still practicing with it. It is a great quadcopter to start with. The camera takes decent pictures and movies. Once I get this one down pat I will be getting a better one. But for the money it is worth it. Oh yeah, it is a good idea to order some extra batteries as they only last around 6 minutes. I ordered 5 extra batteries that came today.i will get these charged and keep them on hand. I recommend this unit for beginners. My only complaint is the batteries only last around 6 minutes but I knew that before I bought it.
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on December 6, 2014
I have owned the quadcopter for about 2 months now and it is still flying without any damage after countless crashes.
The outerframe is flexible and resilient which is nice for learning. It has led lights with a flashlight on the front you can turn off and on via the remote control.
It has a sport mode(mode 2) for more power. I think its better for outdoor flying. there is a button on the controller to change the mode near the lid screen.
It also has a trick button. You hit the flip bumper button and turn the stick and it flips in that direction(Does not work out well indoors) .
It does flies pretty stable though for pictures and videos. It takes video and pictures easily via buttons on the controller. Don't expect HD quality video/pics, but it's better than what I expected for $60.
Wind can be an issue flying outside, but it's small enough to fly inside while you get a basic understanding of the controls. An explicit outdoor version of this for up to $120 would be great!
Battery life is approx 10-15min depending on flying style and if you are shooting video. FYI, spare batteries are cheap and I would recommend buying at least 1. I think 3-4 batteries is a good amount if you are rotating with someone.
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VINE VOICEon October 31, 2014
 The UDI U818A 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter came working right out of the box. I was also quite impressed that the construction seemed to be quite sturdy. I tried out the quadcopter both indoor and outdoor, crashed it many times, and the unit is still working like a champ.

The battery would last for about 7 - 8 minutes of flight time. Recharging is pretty quick. One drawback is that the charger does not show the charging status of the battery but it seemed to achieve a full charge within one hour.

The control could be a bit tricky at first. But after playing with it for a couple of hours, it became pretty easy and fun to play. I would recommend to those who are new to RC copter to practice flying it at a lower attitude and smaller area before going out for a full outside adventure.

The attached video showed how I used this fun flying toy to check on the top of my roof with the camera. It saves me the trouble of climbing up the roof next time. The actual video was quite sharp with nice details. The uploaded version lost quite a bit of resolution.

I would consider this a pretty good ideal for a fun flying quadcopter with camera for under $70.
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on November 25, 2015
 I just got this in the mail today, I ordered during the Black Friday Week deals. I was skeptical about it but hoped the positive reviews were correct. I've been able to fly/charge it a few times today and so far, it is fantastic. It took a few minutes to learn the controls but even while learning, it is awesome to fly. The videos have been what you expect for a cheaper drone, not HD quality but fine for my 6 year old and I to have fun with it. I've had it close to 100 feet high in the air, I hope to try for higher on a much less-windy day. For $47, its great, I've already ordered two more batteries so it can be used longer in one session. Highly Recommended!!
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