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Price:$5.00 - $500.00
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on September 21, 2015
The motion sensing algorithm on this game is the worst I've ever experienced with any Kinect game (and I've played quite a few). Despite showing me a very accurate looking 3d image of myself performing lots of beautiful push-ups, jumping jacks, or jabs, the game for some reason does not recognize or count over 75-90% of my moves. I do kickboxing and have good form, am standing the correct distance from the sensor and have good lighting, etc., so there is something just wrong with this game's sensor. You will get stuck in endless loops doing 100s of jabs, trying to get the dumb thing to count 2 as correct (which it will not). There is no way to skip ahead if it is not working, so you are just stuck.

In addition, the constant repetitive dialogue from the coach/trainer is SO annoying, you would not want to play this game even if it did work. They seriously repeat the same phrase over and over again like a broken record.

I would love to have a fun kickboxing kinect game to play - too bad they failed on this one.
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on January 18, 2014
I love the work out when the program is working effectively. Unfortunately, there are quite a few hurdles that keep it from being effective. 1) I prefer that you could mimic the screen exactly. Instead, the trainer shows you what to do and you have to do it in mirror form - or reversed. If you are not familiar with the moves - it is one more step to figure out. 2) The kinect/UFC didnt work together well. I have yet to have success in having the kinect read any floor work the trainers take you through. This isnt a kinect issue because the Nike training is picked up by the kinect. 3) I often encounter one of two problems, either a) I do the exercise correctly and the trainer screams that I am doing it incorrectly and takes me on an endless loop of repetition; and b) I am given credit for executing the more complicated moves which I know for a fact I am not executing properly. Conclusion: inaccuracy is a nuisance.

You can still get a fun work out, but you will likely have to skip exercises throughout. If they updated the program to provide the type of feedback that Nike does....this game would be EPIC!
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on March 24, 2014
I have a feeling that this could be a really fantastic training tool.

Unfortunately, it fails due to a critical error in programming judgement.

For most activities, the game will ONLY register your movements if you are a) in the proper position, and b) not only do the movement, but do the movement at the EXACT time it wants you to.

In some instances, this results in a workout that is just too slow. Jumping jacks, for instance. The only way I could get the game to register more than every fifth JJ was to slow WAAAAAY down. So much so, that it was barely worth doing the exercise. Now, maybe it's possible to figure out a tempo that allows me to do the jumping jacks at a pace that is effective for me AND have my timing match what the game wants, but I shouldn't have to do that. It's capable to seeing my movements (as evidenced by the mirrored "avatar" of me doing the activity on screen), so I don't see any reason it shouldn't have the ability to count every JJ.

In other instances, you have to position yourself in such a way as to make it difficult to view the screen (such as when doing situps), but you still have to perform the activity when it wants you to in order for it to count. The result is 50 situps in a one minute period where not a single one is counted by the game.

And therein lies the problem. The "game" essentially is built with two levels of failure for any given exercise: first, it prompts you to do the activity, then looks to "see" if you do it. If the timing is just slightly off for either, it doesn't register that you've done anything.
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on April 8, 2014
Bought the xbox & this work out for the hubby who was excited about not having to hold or attach a controller while working out (we transitioned from the wii). However, after 1 day's use he never touched it again. He said it was too hard to get the machine to recognize his movements. I've been happily working out with Zumba on the xbox 360 with no such problems, so I didn't know what he was talking about. I gave this game a try and now I see exactly what he's talking about. If you don't get the movements EXACTLY in position and at the exact timing, it doesn't register your move at all. After doing about 5 jumping jacks and not getting a single register (oh and you can't move on to the next step unless you complete each sequence) I was ready to throw my shoe at the animated trainer and tell him to stick it where the sun don't shine. With every sequence I tried it was just about trying to figure out exactly what angle and timing would satisfy the machine, and even when I thought I got it down so that I got 5 moves correct in a row, then a glitch on my or the machine's fault (still haven't figured out exactly why something does or doesn't register) would cause it to register only every other move. It seems like a good game in theory, but it was just too frustrating and I think I will stick to my Zumba. I would have given this 0 stars but I'll give it 2 for the concept and the possibility that it would be a great workout game if it only worked.
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on February 26, 2012
I wanted to buy this game for a while now, but after reading the complaints, paying full price was out of the question. I had read online that updates/patches had come out and then saw the price dropped so I had some gift card money and took a chance.

I don't know what they fixed with the updates but it certainly was not the movement detection. I can understand if you have a small area and are doing floor exercises that it might be difficult for the camera to find you but I was doing jumping jacks right in front of the camera and it registered about a dozen out of 50 or so.

The hit the mitts game is very fun and for the most part picks up my punches but not all the time. It can be slightly frustrating but manageable if you are not seriously looking to have every single rep counted in a serious exercise program. I have been using this as a supplement to other workout games and just use the mitts game to change it up a bit.

This game had so much potential; it's a shame they were unable to get it to play nice with the Kinect. I will say that I have somewhat limited space so I am using a Nyko Zoom to cut down on the amount of space needed to play. I don't know if that is a cause of problems with this game but when I calibrate the Kinect, it picks me up as standing in the "Better" zone rather than the good and the calibration process goes very smoothly. That apparently is not translating into this game. Other workout games fare much better in picking up movement.
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on July 26, 2013
So.. I'm in relatively fit. I road bike countless miles, hit the gym regularly, and generally in pretty good shape.

Ordered this based on reviews, NOT to try and fight or learn to strike by any means, just to have something to do at home when I don't feel like leaving the house.

Here's the problem with the game IMO.
Each routine starts with the same boring warm up. Along with that, the trainers all say the same 3 lines... over and over and over. This warm up lasts about 6 minutes.
Then you do the actual training for about 6 minutes... all while the trainers say the same boring lines.. over and over and over.
Then you do the SAME boring cool down stretching regardless of the trainer. This cool down goes for 6 minutes while the trainers say the same 3 lines thing over and over and over

I have a pretty big play space but needed even more. Especially when doing push-ups. The Kinect doesn't seem to recognize me and the game pauses. It's pretty frustrating when you are doing pushups and the game pauses, forcing you to stand back up so it recognizes you.. only to repeat the pause when you go back to the floor.

I have only played it three times and with each time get more and more frustrated. I did the evaluation and it put me in moderate shape based on my score. The routines at moderate pace are kinda weak. Yes I broke a sweat but it was also 80 degree's inside my living room. Was my heart racing? No

Two stars because it was cheap and it did get me to sweat.

Side note, my girlfriend LOVES Zumba Fitness Rush for the Kinect.
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on July 16, 2011
I was skeptical to get another workout game for Kinect. Every one of them that I have tried have left me either irritated with the constant chatter, had finicky movement tracking, or plain had very little content with which to actually perform workouts. For example, Your shape had maybe a little over a dozen different workouts and no way to customize or modify them. The background music is terrible for working out and the instructors repeat themselves constantly.

This game delivered much better on many of these issues saves a few. The instructors again repeat the same 3 or 4 lines during a workout and can get incredibly annoying. Again, there is no way to filter out this mid workout garble without shutting off all the dialog. Unfortunately again, there is no way to import your own music into the workouts but at least you can pick from a few different genres of music for background so that is a plus.

The improvements of this game over any previous title though are considerable. You can now custom build workout programs to fit your specific desired workouts or you can jump into many of the different preformed workout plans. It even has different 30 and 60 day challenges that focus on different areas of improvement for you. This range from anything from fat burning to increasing endurance to strength and speed training. It also has different workouts you can perform if you happen to have a basic weights set which again is a nice perk. The tracking in this game is about as good as the tracking in Your shape. It is pretty good and it usually tracks all of your movements. However it isn't as picky as Your Shape in that if you do not complete a movement exactly right or not in synch with the trainer it is OK. I found this to be a perk but some people prefer the trainer yelling at you whenever your out of sync or performing sloppy movements. Occasionally with certain exercises though it does have difficulties reading full movements and as such, you can end up getting dinged for exercises you actually performed correctly. Intensity wise, this program is much more strenuous than Your shape although the beginner routines aren't particularly hard. My only wish is that they had put in some kind of modes that allows the program to interface with training equipment to better boost the workout experience. I personally have a body opponent bag that I would love to be able to strike at instead of doing shadow boxing against a virtual bag on screen that provides no resistance when striking.

All in all if you are looking for a at home workout program, this is the one I would recommend to anyone that can get into a little more strenuous workouts at home. Some are martial arts based but from what I have experienced so far, many are basic cardio, strength, and toning exercises. It's worth the buy if you are looking for a good workout program to help you stay on track as it will program days of the week that you need to sign in and do your workouts on to stay on track. This is helpful for those kinds of people that struggle to stay dedicated to this kind of thing without some kind of schedule.
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on January 25, 2012
I like this game, but the Kinect implementation sucks.

The Bad:
I checked to see when it was released and expected it to be close along the lines of the first Your Shape game. Unfortunately, it's sad that it was in fact released 7 months after, but the Kinect response and registration feels more like a Kinect launch game. Several times it fails to register my movements, and tells me I got 90% or something at the end when I probably did an extra 5-10 reps that it failed to recognize. The voice recognition is also not very good. I tell it 'Trainer - Skip Tutorial' and it pauses the game. I put the tv on mute in case it's having trouble distinguishing my voice, but it still just pauses the game. After a few tries it will eventually recognize the command, but to me that is unacceptable. I use the Kinect commands to play Netflix, and the only time I have an issue with it registering my command is when the volume is up, as soon as I mute it has no problems. The main issue with this failure is there is no other way to skip the tutorial that I could find, so I am stuck either doing the tutorial for the 20th time (haven't had the game that long yet) or shouting at my tv 10 times for it to register. The other disappointing thing is the lack of dialog in this game. In one 60 second exercise I hear the same 3 lines 10 times each. You don't even have to be doing the exercise and the trainer will continue to say 'great job'. Also when doing stretches it will say, 'lay flat on your back', or 'look over your shoulder', but it will not tell you when to switch. Obviously if I am following their instructions I cannot see the tv and so you have to continually break the stretch or just go on your own. Considering the lack of dialog I figured they should at least be able to tell you that much. Also with the stretches where you lay on your back it will often 'lose' you and pause the game, despite being green (your outline shows up green when the Kinect is registering you).

The Good:
The exercises are awesome. It is an incredibly good workout. You can select a program, 30 days or 60, and it has a calendar with the days you should work out, the exercises all laid out. During the program it tells you how many exercises you have remaining and at the beginning it tells you an estimate of the amount of time it will take. I also like that it has you do stretches before and after the program.

It seems that despite being late to launch the game, they did not take the extra time to make sure it would work well with the Kinect (I'm basing this on the fact that the second Your Shape, fitness evolved, works considerably better with the Kinect). If you are just looking for something to show you how to do a good workout, and good UFC training, and to keep track of your workouts (moderately well) then this is a great game. If you are looking for a game just to keep you in shape, that works really well with the Kinect I would either wait for a second release or go with Your Shape Fitness Evolved.
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on July 1, 2011
If you are looking for a game with an actual workout, this game is for you. After using UFC trainer for a couple of days I was burning up a sweat. For all the people that wanted P90X on Kinect this is as close as you will get for a while.

This workout is not for your if you are completely out of shape, the workouts assume you are in decent shape unlike other fitness game on the market. This game has a lot of content, from 30 and 60 day workout plans (with days off planned in between) based on your goals(endurance, weight loss, strength) to random activities like punching a speed bag and sparring with UFC fighters.

I personally love the way the 30 and 60 day programs are designed. I currently just started a 60 day cut cycle and it starts you off with a 20-25 minute workout which includes stretching and cooldown but when I took a peek at what I will be doing in the last couple of weeks it goes up to 50 minutes. It gradually picks up pace.

Now for the flaws people should know about before buying the game. You will need space, not just vertically but horizontally. During many workouts you will have to lay on your back horizontally facing your TV screen, even though I have plenty of room, some were hard to do with my space. Also, sometimes the game doesn't recognize what you are doing, although this happened rarely and could have been my fault, throwing it out there. The last thing I didn't like is the constant warming up. After I finished a workout which was part of my 60 day workout plan, I picked "Quick Workout" to test it out more, and I had to start the warm-up all over again. Maybe there is a way to skip it, but I don't see it.

Again, if you are looking for a good workout and have space this is a great game. And it is the best in the market.
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on November 24, 2012
I've had this product for a few weeks now and I wrote a product review shortly after receiving it. I wanted to give a better idea of what you're buying then my previous review. First, this game is not going to get you ready to fight anybody. In or out of the octagon. If that's what you're looking for keep looking. However, if you're looking for something different then your standard aerobic/cardio programs then this is something you may like. The game has many different plans you can take. Weight loss, Endurance, Strength or any combination with a 30 day and 60 day program. I am doing the 60 day Strength/Endurance. Before you start you will have to do a fitness regimen do determine your fitness. I fell into the intermediate. I was a bit disappointed since I think I'm in pretty good shape. So far, I'm in my fourth week and not only can I tell a difference but my girlfriend has to. So, if you stick with it you will see results. Now, here are the Cons: 1: it is hard to get the kinect to see all your moves. plan on spending a lot of aggravating hours figuring out how to perform certain exercises in a way that it will count.2: some of the exercises are borderline stupid. like the hip raises and the get ups. 3: the trainers get very annoying very quickly,say same things over and over. thank god for mute button. 4: the number of reps for some exercises are unreasonable. here's what my workout included today: 4x25 pushups 4x25 t-pushups. that is 200 pushups in an hour. and that doesn't include all the other exercises. I don't mind saying I cheated on half of the push ups. Overall, it's a good product and I would buy it again if only because it's pros outweighs it's cons and I do like a challenge!. As with any program you have to stick with it and follow a sensible diet to see good results.
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