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on December 17, 2014
I’ve now owned 4 Jawbone Up bands; all of them were the second generation. They each lasted about 3-4 month before failing. Initially Jawbone customer service was very good about shipping a new band and minimizing the time I was without their device, but after my initial warranty period expired I made the decision to stick with this product (simply because I didn’t want to learn a new data system) instead of switching to a competitor’s product. This means I purchased my second band (which was the 4th I’ve used; the initial warranty period saw me go through 3 bands, and again, each failed after a 3-4 months’ time) and when this one failed after four months, I assumed the new warranty would ensure I got a replacement band as it had before. This is what eventually prompted me that I needed to switch to a different activity tracing band. Despite purchasing a new band, Jawbone would not replace my newly defunct Up band because my Jawbone account, which is required to sync the data from the band, indicates my very first purchase date and they won’t honor the warranty, and I can’t simply create a new user account, because my latest broken band is already associated with my email address/account…. I can no longer support such a poor quality product when the fit bit, Nike fuel, and other activity bands do the same, if not better job, but last longer than a few months. The Jawbone Up band is a decent concept which is executed much better by their competitors.
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on June 18, 2013
I ordered the band a month ago and have been wearing it all day every day (and night) and while I love the concept of the device, the execution is lacking in some aspects. First of all, yes it counts steps, calories, idle and active time, sleep time and patterns, and all that it claims to do. The app is actually great, it's well laid out, attractive, and intuitive. However, the faults of the unit have begun to drive me crazy, and when you're using the product all the time, every little fault becomes a big deal, even though many of you may read this and think I'm being persnickety. Firstly, the fact that the band doesn't actually clasp around my wrist is maddening. The unit moves up and down my wrist (I measured according to the company's recommendations and chose the appropriate size for my wrist!) and seems to be stretching out a bit. It never lays flat. There is always an end sticking up/out, and while this doesn't seem to affect the functioning of the device it catches on everything! I mean ev-er-y-thing! When I get dressed and undressed it snags on my shirts; when I go to sleep it gets caught on the sheets, pillow, my t-shirt, etc; it gets caught on doors, counters, my belt loops, anything around me is a potential problem for this band! Not that it falls off every time, and in fact, it has never fallen off! But it is a constant reminder that there is something on my wrist and when you're expected to wear it 24 hours a day, you want it to integrate more seamlessly into your daily activities. Also, I really don't mind the wired sync system (though bluetooth would be so much more convenient, I don't understand why Jawbone is trying to pretend like pairing bluetooth device is a hassle) but the connector is covered by a small plastic cap and I am certain that it is only a matter of time before I lose it and have the headphone connector exposed at all times, and at that point I likely will dispose of the unit. These problems seem to be nonexistent for the Fitbit Flex (which a friend of mine owns) but since they are sold out everywhere, I will just keep the Up for the time being and switch later when I have the money to blow. As for those who have said that the unit actually stopped functioning after a short period of time, I haven't experienced this yet but when I do I'll update this review to reflect that, but if I get 6 months out of it I won't begrudge the hundred dollars I will have lost. All in all, I'd probably choose the Flex (I even like the visual appeal of the app and website better for the Fitbit) but this is still a decent product that does what it claims and keeps you working toward your fitness or holistic goals.

UPDATE: As of December 2013, the band fails to vibrate now and I was relying on it as my sole means of an alarm clock to wake up in the AM. At first, it was just here and there, I would find that I wasn't waking up on time so I had to start using my phone alarm as well, which rendered the band pretty much useless, but I continued to use it. Now, it has completely stopped vibrating and I just can't see any reason to keep using it. I got a good six months out of it, but for the price, I'd have expected a year or more. Perhaps the new model has improved upon these issues, but for the time being, this is great concept that has a long process of evolution to undergo before it becomes the device that I expected it to be and that I paid 130 for. As a result, I am lowering my 3 star review to 2 stars.
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on November 13, 2013
I'm on my fourth Jawbone UP in six months, and a few days in, it's already not working. The first one lasted the longest -- a couple months -- before it could no longer maintain its alarms or other settings. The second one stopped taking a charge within days. In the third one, the clock failed to keep time, losing 15 minutes in a day. The fourth one seems to be acting like the first, where it either can't remember alarms, or it won't activate them consistently.

With each broken device, I've tried soft resets, hard resets, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and more. Once I've gone through all those steps, Jawbone support has been decent -- at least in the sense that they will quickly replace my broken UP band with another UP band, broken in a different way. (From reading the other reviews, I can see that they've gotten a lot of practice at this.)

What they won't do is issue a refund. They have my $130, and it seems there is no way they will give that up. I'm stuck with a device that can't be trusted to keep time or ring an alarm, which ruins most of intended functionality. Since the alarm is the main feature that caused me to buy this over other options, I find this extremely frustrating.

I had read about the notorious failures of the first Jawbone UP, and somehow I thought they would learn from that, and be extra careful to release a polished product. I was wrong.
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on February 4, 2015
Very hard to get this device working initially. Kept getting 7 blinking lights and both product manual and product website were not helpful.. Had to look through tons of websites looking for a solution and found one two days later.
Product worked fine for one month and then started shutting off randomly (even on a full charge). I contacted Amazon and got a refund. Disappointed in the band as I was really excited to use it.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 26, 2013
There are both pros and cons to this product, the biggest issue is the accuracy, it's not overly accurate unless you are really pumping your arms, I have a treadclimber at home which I use every morning, I do not hold on to the hand rails while walking on it, but I also do not pump my arms like I would if I were running, after an hour on my treadclimber it typically says I've taken between 250 and 350 steps and that my activity was low, same effect when doing a spinning workout. This is really not what I'm looking for. When I'm just walking (when I tend to swing my arms) it seems pretty accurate, but that goes out the window if I'm carrying something in my hand, like my purse, that causes me not to swing my arms as much. The real positives to this product are the silent alarms, they are fantastic, I use this as my morning alarm it wakes you up very gently which I love, it also has a power nap feature and an inactivity alarm, both of these are very nice as well. The syncing of this product with my phone is easy and quick, and the battery life is great. Overall this is a poor activity tracker, but a great alarm, just a little bit expensive to only be used as an alarm.
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on March 22, 2015
Has allowed me to keep track of sleep, exercise, and to be more aware of my activity level.

I use it to remind me to move after 30 minutes of being stationary- and as a gentle alarm to wake up in the morning. The app allows you to customize your UP band that suits your needs. (for instance, if I set a reminder in my phone - I usually sync it to my up band to vibrate and alert me that I have something coming up soon.)

I have a small to medium wrist. I tried the size template on the box before opening, and after trying it on vs. the size template on the package - I wish I would have purchased a medium. It is a bit more snug than the template would indicate. All in all, best bang for your buck.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 14, 2013
I bought my Medium Black 2nd Generation UP Band in January 2013. A lot of fun features, and I especially used the sleep monitor function, calorie count, and step count regularly. However, I am currently on my THIRD unique band 9 months later. The first band stopped vibrating during all features and would not correct itself after following reset recommendations by customer service; first band was replaced after just a few months. My second band's button stopped working after just a few months as well. Again, the button did not begin working even after all reset options were completed per customer service. I am now on my 3rd band, and so far it is working just fine.

Glitches have remained throughout all 3 bands including: a) timed workouts not synced during that same day get lost and unrecorded, b) I recently lost all data from 3 days as the band uploaded all information, but did not get recorded on my iPhone app, c) the button was designed in a square shape with sharp edges. Loved ones have been scratched, clothes have been snagged, and I have nursed some wounds myself.

Customer service has been very good. I just wish the good people at Jawbone Customer Service had a better product to help us with. I do not recommend purchasing the UP band until Generation 3. Great idea, but still needs much work to be mass marketed. Any product that is replaced 2 times during the first year of use is in need of a tremendous overhaul.
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on February 24, 2016
I love this UP by jawbone. I have an Apple watch that tracks me and my steps and flights of stairs all day long. I wanted something to track my sleep and naps and show deep sleep. This is great. I bought used so it was dirt cheap but it does so much! It even has a smart alarm that will wake you up when you aren't in a deep sleep. The band vibrates to wake you up, so it doesn't wake my husband. It provides a lot of insight to my sleeping patterns, etc.

It does everything and more than what I expected. I love the UP software and prefer it to the Apple Activity or Health apps (I use all 3 to get all the best features of all of them). The UP software motivates me every day to eat well, step, and get to bed on time. The UP syncs with my IPhone so the UP software has all my steps all day long even though I am not wearing the UP band.

I only have to charge the band every 10 days or more because I only wear it at night.

This old style UP has a hidden plug that you have to plug into the earphone of the IPhone. It does not continuously sync by Bluetooth like the new ones. This is not a problem for me using it at night. I have no need to know the data immediately because I am sleeping. I plug it in every morning to transfer the night/sleep data and then I switch to my Apple watch. The UP software monitors/syncs the daytime steps continuously all day by syncing directly thru my IPhone via the Health app.

I couldn't be happier with my UP by Jawbone. I have had it a month and it has worked flawlessly. We will see how long it lasts? All I know is it was worth it just for the software alone.

I highly recommend for anyone using an Apple watch to add night/sleep tracking and to have a more motivating app that uses both the Apple watch and the UP data.
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on May 24, 2016
Here's why only 1 star...My opinion only...I've owned this exact item since 2014...But...One of the lights (sun dial) has faded away, which is no big deal and doesn't effect the product what so ever...So when I saw this item advertised on Amazon (knowing the item had been long discontinued by Jawbone) , I was extremely happy and decided to order two (2)...But here's the problem...Discontinued or not, the item is supposed to hold a charge after charging it to 100% for up to nine (9) days, just like my original does...NO WAY...I'd charge it to 100% and within less then two (2) days, it went to an average of 27%...I called Jawbone and told them my story and I also told them that I tried both the soft and hard reboot, a procedure I know very well...Jawbone and I both agree that the unit is so old that the battery has lost any life left in it due to a rather long-long-long shelf life...Interesting is that both of these that I ordered performed the same way...THEY JUST CAN'T HOLD A CHARGE...And you can not replace the battery in them...My opinion is that if Amazon continues to notice several returns due to the same reason I've listed here, that the item(s) should be totally removed from being offered for sale...Keep in mind that I only like the Onyx color...Other colors are available, but I have no information if the others have the same problem...Again, this is my personal experience with an item that I'm all too familiar with...Perhaps you'll have better luck...Thanks for listening...
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on January 3, 2015
review image review image
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