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Size: MacBook Air 13"|Change
Price:$8.28+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on October 5, 2012
I've been using a Moshi keyboard cover and after a few months it started to discolor. Moshi claims you can wash it, but it doesn't remove the discoloration. My Moshi keyboard cover is partially cloudy white and looks like the black from the keyboard has transferred to the keyboard cover. I found this keyboard cover for 1/3 the price of the Moshi and it's just as good. This keyboard cover fits just as well and feels thinner than the Moshi. If you're looking for a clear keyboard cover, look no further. You can't beat the price and quality of this one... I'll update my review if I notice any discoloration from this keyboard cover over the next few months.
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on July 15, 2012
Basically a condom for your keyboard, it's not as intimate as without, but it's safer.
Fits snug and makes the keyboard a little mushy.
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on June 29, 2012
I enjoy a nice cup of coffee whenever I'm home on my computer. I bought this keyboard cover 'just in case' I happen to spill any liquid while working on the computer as I have done in the past. Overall, the quality of this cover is excellent. They used very precise molds that fits PERFECTLY over the keyboard without any signs of misalignment, or inconsistencies.
One thing I would like to point out though is, with all keyboard covers, the feel of the keyboard will change, regardless of the brand or quality of the film you get. Each strike will feel mushier, but not stiff. Because it's one sheet, pressing one key will tend to pull on the keys surrounding it, thus requiring added pressure on your keystroke in order for your strike to register. They keystrokes feel like using a calculator with rubber buttons. You have to get used to it. Personally, I found myself typing less accurately for the first day but since I don't do any extended typing, I find that I dont mind it at all. You might however, if you find yourself writing pages of text as the keyboard will not feel as crisp as ones without a cover over it. It is however fairly easy to get used to.
If you want to protect your keyboard, get this. This is one of the best covers I have used and one of the best made ones. I plan on selling my air next year so I want to keep it as pristine as possible. This is more that enough protection to keep small spills away from your internals or bits of doritos and dead skin away from the insides of your computer.
This product does not come with an adhesive. It basically just lays over your keyboard. However, it will not fall off (unless you really try and flip your laptop upside down) as the fit is so snug over each and every key that it basically keeps itself in place.
I am giving this a 4 star review, rating excellent. The only reason for this is because I would have liked this pad if it had some adhesive around the edges of the film. Without adhesives, liquids will be able to bleed around and under the skin which may eventually find its way in the cracks between your keys.
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on September 3, 2012
The Macbook Pro keyboard is so open and exposed - very susceptible to accidents. I was looking for a keyboard cover to protect my computer from my 10-month old baby's sticky fingers and impromptu sneezes while Skyping grandma... but it does an awesome job of protecting my computer for all the things I didn't think of:

- my coffee as I'm doing my morning web surfing
- ingredients as I follow an online recipe in the kitchen
- residual breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner crumbs on my fingers as I type
- sticky baby fingers
- wet fingers when setting my computer up for a sitcom show for bathtime
- and the list goes on...

I'm so glad I purchased this. I haven't even had my new keyboard cover for a month and I already spilled soy sauce on my keyboard while cooking (using good ol' Allrecipes) - but the cover protected it from the spill and I was able to quickly pull the cover off before the soy sauce leached around the edges. It definitely saved me from the panic and headache of the ol' computer flip-n-dry technique. Whew!

Also, I originally planned to get one of those cute colored ones - but read the reviews and decided against them due to complaints about
- letter printing not being precisely placed, creating a doubling effect
- not being translucent enough for the lit keyboard to show through

Overall - one of the best laptop accessories I've purchased besides a privacy screen and compact speaker ball. :)
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on April 1, 2013
I just got a new 13" Macbook Air, and was looking for a keyboard protector to fit. Compared to my former Macbook pro, the keys aren't as high on my air and for that reason I was worried about buying a product that didn't fit perfectly. My last keyboard skin for my Macbook Pro was made of soft silicone, and it bubbled up occasionally. When I closed my laptop, the silicone made imprints on my display. Since that one didn't fit my new Air, I was looking for a new one that's better quality than the last.

This keyboard skin has so far met all my expectations. It is MUCH thinner than my previous one, it fits my new air PERFECTLY (so it doesn't fit my pro), it doesn't bubble up, it's not as soft as the silicone one -so it does not leave marks on my display. Yay!

Like other reviewers stated, it fits snug right on top of the keyboard and doesn't come with adhesive or anything to make it stick. (Who would want something sticky on their new laptop?!)

Things I've noticed since using it:
1. I barely notice it. It does not (in my opinion) make the keys any harder to strike. If you don't look at the keyboard while you type, I doubt you would notice this skin much.
2. Having the skin on doesn't make the glow from the computer any harder to see.
3. It has prevented a lot of dust and fur from getting stuck between my keys (I have one cat)
4. I'm not sure how well this will protect you computer from a spill.

Let's be real here, you should still avoid spilling things on your expensive computer, even when it's wearing it's little keyboard skin. If I put cream on my hands, or if my hands are a little damp, I feel confident my computer is protected. However, still try to keep drinks away from it.

If you are looking for ways to protect your 13" Macbook Air, I recommend both this product and Incase Incase Neoprene Sleeve For Macbook Air 13-Inch - Black (CL57802)
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on October 8, 2012
- Fits perfectly on Macbook Pro with Retina 15.4" keyboard
- Does its job of protecting and covering your keyboard area

- Translucent finish (cover isn't transparent; your keyboard isn't as black)
- $8. Not cheap, but not expensive

- Makes it slightly harder to type. I am a touch typist; I like to type really quickly without pushing down on keys too hard. This cover prevents that, and I find myself having to go back and re-type things more often, especially stuff that I like to type quickly (AKA passwords/login)

I have never had a keyboard cover on my laptops before. This is my first Macbook and my first keyboard cover. I didn't know what to expect, but this product will do in terms of covering and protecting your rMBP keyboard. Some people might not like the translucent finish, but you can still see that your keys are black and illuminated. Others won't like the typing hindrance, which may be really minor to some but more bothersome if you like to type with minimal force like me.
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on November 20, 2013
So I just bought a new Macbook Pro 15", but not the new retina display model. Based on the large number of positive reviews, I went ahead and purchased this keyboard protector. I've had it for 24 hours and I'm already pretty frustrated with it. First, it doesn't fit well at all: the indentations to fit over the keys are much too shallow, so the whole thing sits well above the keyboard. As a result, it is difficult to type and when you do other keys are frequently pressed because pressing down a key pulls on all the other keys around it quite a bit. Also, the height and width dimensions are a little off, so if you get it to mostly fit down on the right side, the left side pops off. Given the poor fit, it won't do a very good job of protecting the keyboard, since things like dust and crumbs will easily make their way into the large gaps. Second, apart from problems of fitting, it's not soft at all. In fact, it's quite stiff. It takes about twice the amount of force to press a key with the cover on than it does with the cover off.

I'm a law school student, so I'm on my laptop during most of my waking hours. In a given day I have to do a huge amount of writing and research. This keyboard cover is so bad that I can't work with it on because it impedes the use of my laptop so much.

I have to say that, given the large number of positive reviews, I'm a little surprised at how bad this cover is (it is truly awful!). Perhaps most of the covers are good, but the manufacturer's quality controls are inadequate. So maybe I'm just one of the unlucky ones who got a bad one, and other people's have been great. I don't know. I do know that the one I got is unacceptable.
review image review image
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on August 3, 2012
This keyboard cover does its job, I just wanted something that would keep dust and hair out without changing the look of the computer. However it is so thin that sometimes when I am typing the cover sticks to my fingers and lifts off the keyboard. I'm hoping once it settles in that will stop. I really like the fact that it lets the back-lit keys shine through though.
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on February 17, 2013
PROS: Fits every key on my 13" late 2011 MacBook Pro like a glove; ultra thin as advertised; this keyboard cover is so thin that I can even feel the bumps on the f & j keys; only slightly opaque, which allows you to see the letters & symbols on all keys; after using a different, $4.95 keyboard cover, this one is 99% unnoticeable.

CONS: This cover fits so tightly on the keys that a minor bit of air is trapped beneath the cover. This air can be squeezed out by placing all eight fingers on the center of the keyboard and pressing outwardly toward the keyboard's edges. Either way, it feels the same and the trapped air does not appreciably affect the cover's "feel."

I don't write many product reviews, but this particular keyboard cover is so good, I'm writing this review.

I replaced a (probably) two year old "tired," cheapie cover with the "UPPERCASE Ultra Thin Clear Soft TPU Keyboard Cover Skin for the MacBook Pro." The UPPERCASE cover came in very attractive packaging, a sign to me that the manufacturer is proud of their product - and, in my humble opinion, they have ever right to be very proud of this keyboard cover.

The difference in the old cover and this one was remarkable at the least. I read in another review of this UPPERCASE product that this cover takes some getting used to - not true! It's extremely easy to get used to and this cover is 99% unnoticeable fitting my keyboard like a ultra-thin glove. I can even feel the little raised bumps on the f and j keys, something I have not felt in the past two years while using the cheapie cover.

If you're looking for an inexpensive, high quality, low cost keyboard cover, you need look no further!
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on October 2, 2012
This cover is awesome. I ordered several keyboard covers for my Macbook Pro and this happens to be the best one I have ever used.

When they said it is ULTRA THIN, it is. Upon inspection of taking the product outside it's packaging, I was astonished by how thin it was. I placed it on my keyboard and started typing away. Just like any cover, this needs the user to get comfortable with it. Even though it is extremely thin, you can still feel a difference when you type on the keyboard.

A pro for this cover is how clear it is. In a dim room with the keyboard back light on, you can barely tell that there is a cover on the keys. You can see every key on the keyboard with the back light on which helps if you need to look at the keyboard every now and then.

Other keyboard covers I have used in the past leave smudge-like marks of the keys on the screen when it is closed for some time. This keyboard cover does not do that. It feels good not having to clean my screen every other day.

Great product and protection for an unbeatable price. Will recommend to peers, friends, family, and any Macbook user
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