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on December 12, 2016
I liked this modem at first and it worked well with my CenturyLink DSL service most of the time. Every now and then, I would have to reboot the modem. You get what you pay for and this was a cheap modem, so I accepted the inconvenience and just went on. Now the issues start. In the last month the modem has been locking up multiple times a day. I tried resetting it to factory defaults, but this only improved the situation for a short time period. Next, I got an email from CenturyLink stating I had "Virus Infected Bot Traffic" coming from my network and that they may take further action and suspend my service if not resolved. So, I checked all my computers and iOS device and no issues were found. Turns out the problem is the DSL modem itself. [...] . This Upvel modem and many others that are listed on the affected device list found in the previous link.

So, I tried contacting Upvel support. First when you search for Upvel online, google indicates this site may be hacked (not a good sign). If you try and visit this site, you get multiple pop ups and are redirecting to various pages including porn. Next, I tired contacting them at their support number, and just get a generic voice mail box that gives no indication that it is even for Upvel. Lastly I have sent them emails, and have received no response. Maybe they gone out of business? Not sure.

I have spent almost a week and have had no luck getting any support from Upvel or a fix for the issues this modem is experiencing. I am replacing it with this Actiontec modem. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004NBZ98K/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 . I even talked to Actiontec support and they were aware of the security vulnerability mentioned above and verified their products are not affected.
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on June 16, 2013
I purchased this unit to replace a 5 year old 2wire ADSL modem router. I needed a new router with integrated ADSL modem and upgraded wireless N speed. Cost is a factor here, as I don't know how long I will keep my current ADSL service, I receive upgrade offers for AT&T uverse almost weekly. But for now I don't care about their TV offerings, preferring streaming my own netflix and hulu content on my own terms. Long story short, after connecting phone line, ethernet cable to PC, starting the installation software on CD, I was back online in 10 minutes . I noticed on the back of the unit that this router comes with a pre-configured wi-fi key. I did however change the SSID and key during the installation. The wireless signal is good and reaches all 4 bedrooms patio and garage. All wi-fi devices work with the upvel router (2 android smartphones, ipad 2 and samsung tv)

There is a USB port on the back of the unit for external storage or 3G modems. I did not try using this function yet. Maybe later I will and update.
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on December 3, 2014
Received the UPVEL router/modem today. I started setting it up and it connected to my DSL provider right away, but couldn't get it to connect to the Internet. I called customer support an talked to Mark who was very helpful, but still wouldn't connect to the Internet. He told me to call my local DSL provider and get some numbers. I called them and they told me to bring it in and they would set it up. I did that and they set it up for me. I still had a problem with my computer connecting, but everything else connected fine. Turns out, I just had to reboot my computer and then it connected. Around 6:30 this evening, Mark from customer service called me back to make sure I had it running and said there's a problem with some computers running windows 7. To me, this is really great customer service that you don't normally find. Also, this modem/router has the best signal strength and seems to be faster than any others have tried. For those reasons I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it.

Update: After using for a day, we started watching a streaming movie. It started dropping connection about an hour into the movie. I had to turn it off and reset it and it went for about 15 minutes and dropped connection. It kept dropping out and I had to keep resetting it. It seemed to be quite hot on the bottom of the unit. The next day, I called customer service and they said they would send me a new unit. I got it in a couple days. I hooked it up today and so far, it seems to be working fine. I will try it to stream another movie in the next couple days and will see if it holds. Their customer service is really good, but will see if it keeps working. I will update again later. I dropped my rating down to 4 stars because of the problems.

Yet another update: the second unit that UPVEL sent to me also started dropping connection with the Internet after a day of use. I didn't want the hassle of going through UPVEL customer service again, so I'm returning it to Amazon for a refund. I will try some other make unit and hope for better luck. I have dropped my rating down to 2 stars. The customer service is very good, but can't fix a bad product. I really believe UPVEL has a serious overheating problem with these units. After heavy video streaming, the unit gets quite hot and starts dropping out. Hopefully they will fix this problem as the unit performs really good when it's working and has good range.
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on December 28, 2014
I received this on July 15th to replace my att modem router. This is the 2nd one. The first one connected only sometimes at first and the stopped connecting to the Internet altogether. The second one was better at first. It connected ok at first when we had only a single Internet connection. Later we got Netflix and connected with roku. Upvel frequently lost connectivity if we used the computer and Netflix at the same time. We tried using one at a time which helped at first but then the connection was lost even using one device at a time. Today the second unit quit altogether - no internet connection. I contacted customer service using my iPhone. Customer support is fantastic so I'm sure they'll reply soon and try to help. The great customer service is the reason for two stars and not one. I do not recommend this modem despite the great customer service, the two year warranty, and the stellar reviews from many others. It doesn't make up for the frustration of being without service!

Update: It seems to be working now! I am hopeful it will continue to work. My firewall was blocking part of the installation so once I reinstalled it worked just fine.
I will update again in a few weeks. I will also be trying this technique with my macbook air to see if it connects easier, too. I hope this helps someone else.
Here's what I did to get the unit installed correctly. This is after calling customer support and having them teach me how to do the basic install and a bit of troubleshooting besides.

I tried all the usual i.e. turning it off for 10 seconds, turning it back on, pressing the reset button, unplugging everything and starting over, using the wizard to install again, etc, etc. many many times each. Finally, I don't know what faith you are or if you believe in such things, but for me, when all else fails, I ask for help.
Here's what I learned when all else fails:

Try this:
Go to the website for install
Go to Maintenance - SysRestart
Select - Return to factory settings (Wait for the system to reboot - it'll take a few minutes.)
Before you try again - Turn off your firewall during installation! Really important step. Otherwise it apparently blocks part of the installation.
After your firewall is turned off, install according to the exact same installation process that you tried before but didn't work. This time, it will work amazingly enough.
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on October 11, 2014
Was fairly simple to configure (but I'm an engineer). HOWEVER, my wireless printer would never complete a connection although it did see the wireless. My computer connected but often drops the signal (and they are less than 10ft away). Smart phones connect much more easily but also drop the signal. The Magic Jack would also drop the signal and it was hardwire connected. I came to realize that the modem is the culprit in dropping the internet signal. After watching the indicator lights on the front, the DSL stayed steady on (which may indicate that the CenturyLink signal is good) but the other dependent signals of "internet" and "Wireless" and "LAN" channels were blinking out quite often.

I looked over the reviews of several ADSL2 wireless modems, from those with the greatest number of best reviews to the most expensive, and they all have a negative reviews concerning frequent dropped connections. So, it appears that finding a reliable unit is just a matter of trial and error, a gamble at best. Even this unit had a lot of excellent reviews but some people had to go through several replacement units before finding one that was reliable. That being said, when you get your unit, whatever it is, be prepared to install it immediately and monitor it closely for the first three weeks. On the fourth week be prepared to return it quickly if necessary because Amazon only has a 30 day return policy. I've ordered another model from UPVEL and I'll give that a try. If it doesn't work reliably then I'll switch to a different company and try theirs. BTW, I've also read the reviews on the CenturyLink brand modems and they have the same issues.
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on November 16, 2015
If I could give this 0/5 stars, I would.

This product worked well for about two weeks, then started dropping the internet as well as the wifi. It would also randomly restart itself while in use, and we were having to reset it several times a day. Upvel sent a replacement, but it too started having the same issues. We decided to go back to our old, small-capacity Actiontec, as faster internet speed is not that useful when it is unavailable. We are technologically savvy, and have never had so much trouble with a modem. The man handling email customer support/tech support was inept, didn't recognize the product, and was quite rude to top it off.

I read through the reviews of this product, as I like to be an informed and conscientious consumer, and felt that there were enough positive and glowing reviews that this would be a good purchase. Unfortunately, the number of positive reviews are quite misleading in my opinion and do not reflect their failure rate with us. With the product and replacement both "wearing out" after only a week or two of use and the headache of substandard service, I would recommend paying a bit more for a much better quality of modem and router.
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on April 9, 2015
I bought this modem/router in November of 2013 and was really pleased. Speed and wifi range was very good. Then after a few months it failed. I contacted Upvel and they were great and shipped me a new one. I've been using that one for a few months (had a Netgear that I used in between) and now this one has failed.

When it's working, I think it's superior than the others I've tried, and I've tried quite a few. But the failure rate is unacceptable.
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on February 18, 2014
With Amazon Prime I ordered on a Sunday night and had it Monday morning.

I ordered this modem when my 3 year old Motorola modem started dropping the connection. Getting it hooked up was very easy.

Setting it up, was a bit difficult. I'm not an IT expert, but am fairly computer savvy. I didn't use the CD but rather the quick start through the IP given in the pamphlet. The defaults that are set in the quick installation would cause most to say it doesn't work. I remembered from setting up my last modem to save my VPI settings along with some other notes to make the next time easier. The default VPI for this modem is 8/35 and my ISP is 0/35 so I did change that and was hooked up to the internet quickly.

Where it got complicated was setting up the wireless broadcast. It took about an hour of trying different configurations to first get the wireless signal to broadcast and then to figure out why I had 3 open signals named riger and how to turn them off. I did however, figure it out and now that I'm up and running everything is great!

So far I've tested the wifi on a Windows 7 computer, Kindle Fire HDX tablet, Android phone, Blu Ray player and Linux netbook. On the Linux system I just had to change a connection setting to WEP, all other devices connected immediately.

For those who are not especially tech savvy, the support line is given on a sticker in the pamphlet included with the modem. I've heard that their tech support is excellent so I recommend giving them a call before you throw in the towel and decide the modem/router does not work. Take notes on everything that you do and save them for the next time you have to replace a modem.
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on January 14, 2016

I have rarely had any issues with Amazon's product line, but this is absolutely a TERRIBLE access point / router! The WIFI signal is NOT adjustable! Most AP's have a WIFI signal adjustment in their configuration setup. This one is FIXED at a very low power level.

I had a nearly five year old ATT 2WIRE AP that had WIFI. It was set at the lowest power setting because it was only 20 feet away. It filled all five bars on my laptop signal meter. AT LOW POWER! This UPVAL AP gives out two to three bars of signal! That means it is barely making the trip twenty feet! And, because the signal is low, it takes much longer to access the internet.

Why would anyone produce such a worthless device? And, it isn't inexpensive! Amazon, this is a bad item! It will be returned asap. BEWARE!
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on January 6, 2015
It is advertised that the USB at its back can be used to access a storage drive but I could not find the way to do it. There seem to be no tabs or options in the router's page to configure the access to the USB drive that I plugged in the router. I called Upvel for instructions, because I could not find the instructions to use the advertised feature in any guide or manual online (or the ones that I received). They told me that they were going to send me the instructions by email to do so. I did not receive them so I asked for instructions again. Well, the instructions never came and I still need a router that can support a USB HDD to share.
Edit: I finally received an email from UPVEL with an "explanation" of how to connect to the USB storage in 5 lines. I could connect using the default user and password admin/admin for the Samba server. The user is only allowed to change the password, because the user id is hard set to "admin". I changed the password, restart the internet and repeated all the steps with the new password and I cannot connect to the USB. The new password is not accepted. So, I could not set a password different from "admin", which is an unacceptable low level of security.
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