Customer Reviews: USCutter 28-inch Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Stand and with Sure Cuts A Lot Pro Design & Cut Software
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on August 20, 2012
The truth is this thing carries it's weight. This thing paid for itself 100x before I even replaced the first blade. I use this plotter and a Roland CAMM-1 Pro GX-500 54" in my sign shop, and honestly I tend to use this thing more. For the price, this plotter is well worth it. Some reviews claim this thing is garbage, or hard to setup. It's true the manual was a joke. It reads like a 4th grade Chinese ESL student wrote it but setup only takes two minutes so I'll write down the steps real quick.

Download the driver from
Double click it, and extract it to your desktop
Right click on computer, click manage
Go to device manager, and look for US Cutter blah blah as a device
Right click it, select properties
Click driver, and when the window pops up point it to the folder on your desktop
You should see the .inf file, and the computer will do the rest for you

Install the signblazer software, and when you "setup" look at the model number, not the name.
How easy was that?

This machine doesn't go without a few complaints though. The "software" that they distribute with this plotter is from a now defunct company. Its garbage. In reality, the only thing the software is good at is charting a course. (typically) Trying to use this plotter for 24" vinyl sucks too. The blade is set like 4" into the cutting area, so trying to line it up for a 23" x 120" banner is gonna screw up your whole world. It cost me an entire roll of reflective vinyl the other day. At the very end it started to slip so the vinyl bunched up and it ruined the sign. $45 down the drain and it delayed my project. It happens, and I knew I should have used the big boy. You just get used to what you normally use. I make about 500 signs/decals a day with this cutter and rarely do I have an issue.
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on January 6, 2012
Delivery was prompt. It was exactly what we ordered.

Setup was close to impossible. Instructions are poorly done and clearly not written by an English speaker. Significant aspects of setup simply are not mentioned.

YouTube videos helped immensely to get the thing put together. On-line live support chat was frustrating at best. When finally making progress it cut me off because the "chat was too long." When, after the holiday weekend, I reached a real live human at US Cutter he was EXTREMELY helpful and got the thing working in minutes. Again, there were significant setup components that the instructions just do not cover. Hopefully, they will do a new YouTube video that could be a godsend.

NOTE 1: If you have a Mac, you can't directly use this cutter on a USB port. You need an adapter.
NOTE 2: The software necessary to run the thing only comes with a one year activation. You have to buy a separate annual renewal or (expensive) lifetime license.
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on March 26, 2012
I reviewed several cutters/plotters in this price range for about a month prior to the actual purchase. After weighing the pros and cons of each, I finally settled on the US Cutter MH-721.

I received the item a day earlier than the expected delivery date, which was surprise seeing as how so many shipments are usually a day or more late.

I opened the box immediately and began assembling the stand. The assembly instructions are vague as to how to actually assemble the stand, but with a little patience and a quick pre-assembly review of all of the components I managed to get it assembled in under ten minutes. Just remember that the vinyl roller/holder brackets go on the out side of the stand uprights (I wasn't paying attention and just slapped the first one on). Except for that one minuscule hiccup in assembly, it was fairly easy. With that said however, US Cutter needs to rewrite their instruction manual. It is a little confusing to follow, but once you get passed trying to follow the manual and just use common sense, it is a breeze.

After physically setting up the stand and cutter, I began the long and painful process of getting it installed and able to communicate with the computer. There are about 15 billion people on the internet that have the same question regarding set up using the USB cable, and there are exactly three people on the web with answers. I installed and uninstalled the software and drivers about five times with NO luck in getting it installed, and finally gave up the first night. When I came back the next evening, the cutter magically began working (Better lucky than good I always say). I used a simple piece of card stock paper and the pen attachment to test the cutter and make sure it was able to communicate with computer, and it plotted everything I could throw at it.

Received the vinyl last Friday and switched out the Pen Attachment for the blade holder, and fed my first piece of Vinyl through the machine. My first several cuts were used to adjust the machines cut speed and cut pressure. After the first several cuts, I didn't have any issues with the cutting of the vinyl itself. There is a small learning curve with making sure the vinyl is fed correctly and with the start position of the cutting carriage. Simple enough to learn, but a pain when you don't pay attention and it slices through a design you have already cut.

All in all this machine is great. It does everything it is advertised to do and then some. The only limitation is vinyl size and your imagination.
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on October 17, 2012
I was extremely hesitant before purchasing this item due to the large amount of negative feedback left regarding its building procedures and software installation and over-all function, but thought I would give it a chance due to its inexpensive cost (low-risk).

The fact is, this is an extremely easy to construct and operate piece of gear that anyone with half a brain can setup and operate. Anyone who complains about this is just lacks in common sense instructions and general technical know-how (you all know who you are).
I unpacked it 2 hours ago and its cutting vinyl as we speak. Piece of cake!
My only suggestion is this: If you are completely useless with a computer, screwdriver and/or general software - look elsewhere. Unsure about this? Have you ever called Ikea for help building something? Than this unit isn't for you. This unit is geared for design industry people, yet budgeted for the average cheap/moron who's too tight to pay a legitimate plotting service (myself included). Know the facts - of which are stated above. This is the best value for the buck. I'll break even on this unit after 4 jobs - there's no risk on this one (unless you're stupid). USCutter products are excellent and highly recommended for any user/professional.
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on June 4, 2015
The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it didn't come with instructions on how to set it up. I had to look it up on youtube and even with that, there are still some pieces I had no idea what they were for. This is the video that SORT OF helped me:
review image
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on April 27, 2015
Awesome cutter until it broke during a move. I still haven't heard back from them! Please someone help! Look at my photo! How am I supposed to know where the wires go? I need some electrical help! Anyone? How am I supposed to know which wire goes where? I figured the brown would be ground so I gambled with the other two and it miraculously was surpassing the power switch off button on the power strip that has other things plugged in as well. Haha everything else was off but the machine was on! That didn't sound right and was sketchy so I switched the wires and turned it on, then the machine starting blinking randomly. Any electricians out there? Nether of those ways seemed legit.. LoL
review image
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on October 23, 2010
I did a bunch or research B4 finally falling on the MH-721. like any item you can find bad reviews online but i must say i couldnt be happier! the quality of everything it came with is insane! it cuts in such fine detail that i couldnt even see that fine to remove the waste vinyl! i have never used one of these B4 but joined the US cutter website and using the forum i had answers to anything i could ask within minutes so by the end of the day i knew everything i needed to know.
The pen attachment is awesome you can run paper thru and it will draw perfect pictures on the paper! This is very heavy i think it was 46 lbs shipped! if your choosing this one you wont be sorry!!
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on July 25, 2013
I ordered from Amazon in the morning and the plotter arrived the next day via FedEx. I didn't have to pay expedited shipping. The USPlotter website says that all orders placed before 1 PM ship the same day. My machine shipped from the Memphis warehouse.
The plotter and stand are of basic construction but sturdy and functional. The machine does not use much space, which is convenient.
The stand does not come with assembly instructions, but the screws provided can only fit one way. I had no problem figuring out the assembly, especially because it is a quite simple stand (I had checked previous reviews and expected the assembly to be difficult and confusing but it is not so).
The software installation gave me NO problems. The driver installed easily, too. My computer recognized a new USB device and asked me to insert the disk (provided).
After a few tests and getting acquainted with the machine and software, I was able to cut jobs right away.
A first-time plotter user might have problems understanding the software and file import from CorelDraw, but for people that have used plotters for a while, there should be no problem using this machine whatsoever. The cutting speed is not very high, but I am otherwise quite pleased with the product.
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on June 12, 2012
I purchased this machine to get a started cutting vinyl and making my own decals for friends and for sale. I did not realize what I was getting myself into. I use a Mac Pro and I am fluent with Adobe Illustrator, I am currently using Adobe CS6.

This industry uses severely outdated technologies and archaic software to accomplish what should be a very simple process. That being said, when it works, it works.

My MH-721 came with a stand, a USB cable, a serial cable, a few cutting blades, a driver disc (useless), some PC software, and a booklet "manual".

The booklet appears to have been written by a 2nd Grade-level foreign student. It really is that bad. The booklet is completely useless save a few steps setting up the stand (which is cryptic and poorly documented - I set it up without the book just by figuring it out).

The "sign Blazer" software is Windows only, and it is some of the worst software I have ever seen. Perhaps it works, but I'll never find out. It is the most hideous interface I think I could imagine ever being written for an app. Clearly created by people who have no concept of iconography, standards, or aesthetics. I can figure out almost any graphic app, but this one left me at a loss. Buttons have crappy, incoherent icons, gradient backgrounds everywhere (even in the menus?!?!), poor documentation, and poor support for modern standards.

Fortunately, I found the US Cutter forums site where lots of people are available to help with technical issues and support for current technologies. While there, I was able to uncover plug-in support for Adobe Illustrator and a Mac version of the "signCut" app (which is used for sending the cutting instructions to the machine itself).

Be warned - according to US Cutter, this machine requires a serial connection that does not exist on more modern computers (and all Macs). you must use a USB-Serial converter, this one is recommended:

It does not ship in the box (it should). Order it today if you are purchasing the MH-series cutters, as their drivers do not support USB as of the date of this post.

The Us Cutter telephone support was a fantastic experience. The representative was helpful and understanding. Apparently, all Us Cutter purchases come with lifetime phone support at (888) 298-8143. To get started, the US Cutter rep sent me to the following site. It seems helpful. It is also not documented or mentioned anywhere else that I can find, so bookmark it.

That should be on their homepage, right???

The world of vinyl cutting is controlled with an iron fist by companies who have been building software since the days of Windows NT4, and they really have not updated their apps beyond support for USB (barely) and new OS versions. Not only that, but the software is either extremely expensive, or requires an overpriced subscription to use. Prepare to be blown away by what you have to pay to send art to your printer, and by the low quality of the software for the cost. It is staggering.

Fortunately, the SignCut app is free for the first year with the purchase of a new machine. I may just keep purchasing machines in stead of renewing my subscription - at least I'll have something to show for it that way. We shall see.

I have seen posts telling me that it is possible to run the Windows apps in VMWare Fusion or Parallels. I have not tried this yet as I'm still waiting for my Serial adapter to arrive. If I can get this thing running on my Mac and Illustrator, then I won't even try the windows apps.


Software Makers:



Us Cutter Forums:[...]

A great link for Mac owners:
(remember that MX model users are required to use a serial adapter)
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on June 24, 2011
i received this machine 3 weeks ago.. went through process of the installation and preparation and flipped the switch to turn it on and DOA... i called the company ( us cutters ) to go through the steps of diagnosing the problem etc.. we came to the conclusion that it needed to be returned. not a problem at first because the job that it was purchased for is still 3 weeks away.
waited a week for return label,no email. 2nd call and said they would send ( e-mail ) and that i wasn't in the system,2nd week still no email, 3rd time called again, said it takes a while for the email to arrive.. wha..? called today 4th time and 3 weeks later still no email and has purchased a cutter from a different company and is still waiting on the email.. my advice is to leave us cutters alone and purchase somewhere else, simply because of the service that have..
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