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on October 21, 2013
These cord organizers are great for sticking all over cabinets, desks, and anywhere else you have a lot of wires running. The package contains two sizes, one small (fits 1-2 phone charger cables) and one large (fits 1-2 power strip cords). My only complaint is that the glue is permanent and cannot be removed from the surface you are attaching the guide to easily. I wish these were made with 3M Command adhesive strips so they can be removed without any trace. Other than that no complaints.
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on July 9, 2016
UT Wire UTW-D18-BK D-Wings Cord Organizer Combo Kit, Black, 18-Piece
Let's see how well the "UT Wire UTW-D18-BK D-Wings Cord Organizer Combo Kit" performs today. I'm guessing, it'll perform about the same as it did yesterday and will again tomorrow, but I digress.

Cable organizers, clips and clamps are as numerous here as galaxies in the Universe (hyperbole anyone?), so trying to choose one can lead to information overload, especially if, like me, you need some in a hurry and didn't actually plan to make a career out of researching them.

I originally went looking for another type of clip (the 'C-style', stick and snap-lock variety) but wasn't able to find a set within my allotted price range and shipping constraints. Down one rabbit hole of research after another I went, until I discovered this product and was IMMEDIATELY INTRIGUED. I liked its unique design, flexible looking appearance and the "around the corner" wire support claims.

I SO wanted to mash that big ol’ ADD TO CART button and Checkout quick, fast and in a hurry; BUT a dominant theme emerged from a plethora of the negative reviews (I ALWAYS read those first). Apparently, these D-Wings "seem" NOT to stick all that well?? Well, this simply cannot be; I cannot and will NOT accept it! I wanted THESE clamps AND I NEEDED them to STICK AND STAY PUT; so I made sure that they would do just that!

I did what I usually do in these cases, went with my gut and improvised. A little "preventative medicine" later and I had also ordered another product (a super-sticky double-sided tape) to back these up. Kind of like their own little arch support if you will. That idea actually came from one or more of the reviews below (thanks).

Manufacturer's Claims:
* Keep cords out of the way and away from the floor. - Yep, does this JUST FINE!

* Guide and hold cords around corner, edge or curve. - A FINE job here too!

* Self-Adhesive with 3M foam tape that will not leave nail holes on surfaces. (Oops, Houston we MAY have a problem! See below.)

* Set includes 12 Small D-Wings and 6 Large D-Wings in black finish. - It DOES and they ARE.

* Inner Diameter: 3/8" (Small) and 1/2" (Large) - I didn't measure, I just used SWAG.

* An ABSOLUTE JOY TO WORK WITH, these are flexible enough so that one can insert and remove cables at will, yet they close up like a clam shell to prevent (mostly) cords from falling out. See the Effectiveness section, below for what I mean by mostly.

* Quality / Craftsmanship is SUPERB with the exception of the purported adhesive backing problem. We'll need to check this out.

* I simply adore their ability to help guide cords around corners. This is actually a benefit I didn't go looking for but found quite handy.

* The two different sizes were perfect allowing for the retention of multiple cable sizes and combinations. See the Effectiveness section, below.

* Easy of use is EXCELLENT IF you are willing to solve the not-so-sticky sticky back problem. I was able to which is why I like them so much.

* Easy of use is NOT so good IF you CANNOT or are UNWILLING to put the extra effort and money into purchasing an ADD-ON to solve the purported adhesive backing problem. I did, so I'm delighted! However, others might simply migrate to another brand of clip rather that take this extra step or deal with the hassle.

* Price / Value: I would really like to see MORE Clips for the same amount of money or the same 18 for a little less coin. BECAUSE I WANT MORE, MORE, MORE of these clips.

Initial Summary:
I tend to be long winded, so I'll put my conclusions and rating here near the top. That way if you're in a hurry, you can glean that information and be on your way. If you want all the juicy details, then you can reach further into the myriad pages of this tome.

Here are my conclusions:

1) This UT Wire UTW-D18-BK D-Wings Cord Organizer Combo Kit performs EXTREMELY WELL and is of SUPERB QUALITY AND USABILITY, BUT I have found that in my usage IT REQUIRES AN ADD-ON PRODUCT IN ORDER TO ATTAIN THIS LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE CONSISTENTLY. This additional double-sided adhesive tape is cheap enough and one roll should last through 4-5 bags of these clips - probably even longer.

2) I've found that a THOROUGH SURFACE PREPARATION as described in the Effectiveness section, below can achieve “adequate performance” (you’ll need to define that for yourself). After that has been done, I find these Clips hold mild loads well, but still seem to suffer form a somewhat, shall we say, "underpowered" adhesion.

3) At the time of this writing, a bag of 18 assorted clips cost $6.99 (exclusive of shipping and tax). Which for a Prime member brings them in at $0.39 each. They world be MUCH MORE reasonable in the $0.30 - $0.25 range yielding 24-28 clips respectively instead of the current 18.

*** Overall, I'm giving the "UT Wire UTW-D18-BK D-Wings Cord Organizer Combo Kit, Black, 18-Piece" by UT Wire, a rating of 4 STARS. You may argue that 3 STARS is more reasonable for the average shopper considering the necessity to bundle it up with additional double-sided sticky tape, and I get your point. For you, consider it a 3 and act accordingly. For those who are good with their hands, and those challenged by fixing and making things better; this fix turns a good Clip INTO A GREAT CLIP!

So spin the wheel and pick your Stars: 3 or 4. Spoiler Alert: There MAY be a way for the manufacturer itself to make all this moot and turn the product into a 5-Star-Bonanza! However, you'll have to read to the end to find out about that.

My Rating Rational:
I typically judge products on these five main criteria:

a) Craftsmanship: How well made is the product in terms of its materials, construction, appearance, etc.?

b) Effectiveness: Does it do the job for which it was intended both for me personally and for the everyday shopper?

c) Pricing: I want to see good value (not necessarily cheap, but priced according to the product's quality and effectiveness).

d) Easy of Use: Is the user experience enhanced by a, b and c, above, or do they negatively affect and thereby diminish it?

e) Company Support (Responsiveness and responsibility): When necessary, does the seller/manufacturer stand behind their product with a good warranty (on paper AND in practice) and are they available and willing to provide usage and problem-solving advice if needed?

These Clips are VERY WELL MADE except possibly for the perceived problem with the so-called "underpowered adhesion" on the backing. I'm only rating the Clips themselves here; below I'll tackle the adhesive. 4 STARS.

* As I said, I REALLY ENJOY WORKING WITH THESE CLIPS. They are flexible enough so that one can insert and remove cables at will, yet they close up like a clam shell to prevent (mostly) cords from falling out. I say mostly because, IF you mount them completely upside down with the grooved opening pointing straight down, a lone cable MIGHT slip out. You would normally want to mount them horizontally so that the weight of the cable pushes down against the side of the clip and NOT directly over the opening. Alternatively, you could mount them vertically so that the weight of the cables is up and down and, again, not specifically out toward the opening slit.

* The two different sizes were perfect allowing me to bundle MULTIPLE wall-wart device-side power cables or 2-3 USB cables inside the smaller (3/8") clips. The larger (1/2" diameter) clips can comfortably accommodate 2 AC line cords or 2 CAT 6 Ethernet cables each. This will of course, depend upon the size of your AC cable, e.g., normal 14-guage lamp cord is quite a bit smaller in diameter than a typical air conditioner cord would be.

The large ones can comfortably hold one RG6 Coax cable possibly 2. I will upload a photo soon showing one of the 1/2" diameter ones holding two CAT 6 Ethernet AND one Gigundo, HQ sleeved HDMI cable. Mind you, it would NOT contain it if mounted upside-down, but horizontal or vertical mounting would most likely work fine on this (see photo soon). I haven't checked, but I would SUSPECT that the smaller ones could each hold a single Ethernet or coax cable with ease and POSSIBLY 2 with some effort. I've used up my first package already, so I cannot test this theory. Nevertheless, I'll be ordering a few more packages soon, and I'll try to update this review with a more definitive answer then.

* Now, let's tackle this issue of the adhesive. It would be reckless to discount the experiences of a fair number of reviewers who say these clips don't stick well or at all. So let me share my experiences on this issue.

For the not sticking at all, I believe this clearly as a case of IMPROPER PREPARATION OF THE RECEIVING SURFACE. Think of it like CPU heatsinks on a microprocessor. They come with a Thermal Interface Material (TIM) designed to fill the microscopic gaps in even the smoothest appearing of materials. Even finely machined aluminum and copper would not transfer heat from the processor to the heatsinks effectively without the TIM filling in the voids.

Thus, it is with adhesives and the surfaces to which you apply them. However, they are generally a bit more forgiving - I mean who would want to put heatsink compound on their walls, etc.? – BUT you CANNOT simply peel, stick, and hope for good results. The moment you load them down, the clips would start falling like autumn leaves. YOU MUST PREPARE THE SURFACE BEFORE YOU APPLY THE CLIPS. Now, I've made a big commotion out of this because IT IS IMPORTANT, but NOT that difficult. A quick wash with lightly soaped water, followed by a clear water rinse and a thorough drying with a micro fiber or otherwise lint-free cloth works wonders.

Another technique that I (and many pros) use involves cleaning the SMALL surface area with Isopropyl alcohol. I personally use 99% strength because I already have it for motherboard cleaning. It releases flammable fumes that grow with the size of the area being cleaned. WARNING: 99% or even 91% Isopropyl alcohol is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS in confined spaces and explosions CAN and DO occur!!! ADEQUATE VENTILATION and NO IGNITION SOURCES ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. WITHOUT THIS VENTILATION, EVEN A TINY SPARK FROM A FAN, REFRIGERATOR OR LIGHT SWITCH COULD CAUSE IGNITION. PLEASE REMEMBER, this method works FOR ME. I am NOT ENDORSING or RECOMMENDING IT TO YOU OR ANYONE ELSE. Do your OWN research and then act wisely and prudently. IF YOU DO DECIDE to use alcohol, then the common household 70% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is safer and nearly as effective; it simply takes longer to dry. WHEN IN DOUBT, GET SOMEONE WITH EXPERIENCE TO HELP YOU. END OF CONSPICUOUS WARNING.

Once your surface is THOROUGHLY CLEAN, apply the clip in one smooth motion applying significant pressure for 10-15 seconds without moving the clip around. This should solve 90% of the “lack-a-sticky-itis” disease problems :)

* Now, how about the issue of sticking but an inability to handle larger loads well? First, refer back to the previous section on surface preparation and ensure that is not the problem. For heavy loads and for permanency issues, you MAY need the "stick-fix". Go search Amazon for a good quality, super-sticky, double-sided mounting tape and pick up a 3-5 yard roll for $6 - $8 (enough for a lot of bags of these clips). 3M offers a clear brand that will stick Venus to Mars but is a tad difficult to work with. Still, it's the one I use and STUFF STAYS PUT! Simply cut a rectangle of the tape big enough for your Clip and stick it between the Clip and your CLEANED surface. Bob's your uncle.

You shouldn't be required to go this extra mile, but if you like the Clips as much as I do, you'll probably find it worthwhile. All said and done, 4 Stars.

Price / Value:
At the writing of this review, a bag of 18 assorted clips cost $6.99 (exclusive of shipping and tax). Prime ships free so for me they come out to $0.39 each. As I've already stated, I LOVE these CLIPS and plan to continue using them to completely re-do my wiring and cable routing. I really haven't found anything else that comes close to doing the job for me as well as these; I just wish there were more in a bag. For example at the same $6.99, $0.25 / clip would yield about 28 clips per bag. At that point, I would stand on my head and spit nickels in joy. However, somewhere in between would be a good compromise. 4 STARS.

Ease of Use:
* Once, I achieved good clean surfaces and applied the "stick-fix" (above). These are dirt easy to use. Still, you shouldn't need to be bothered by the second issue unless your Geek-Factor is high, so for the masses, 3 STARS.

Company Support:
I didn't need to contact the manufacturer. N/A STARS.

Summary and Conclusion:

| Craftsmanship: | 4 Stars |
| Effectiveness: | 4 Stars |
| Price / Value: | 4 Stars |
| Ease of Use: | 3 Stars |
| Company Support: | N/A |
| Total: | 3.75 Stars | (15 / 20) x 5 = 3.75

I try my best to rate a product OBJECTIVELY according to my stated criteria. When dealing with a fractional score, the choice of rounding up or down is MINE alone and usually made SUBJECTIVELY depending upon how much I like the product. Less than .5 is usually truncated, while .5-.9 is usually rounded up - "usually".

In this case, for me it's a no-brainer - 4 FAIRLY SOLID STARS IT IS. I LOVE the clips and have managed to modify them so they work perfectly for ME. The point is though, I should not have had to and the vast majority of people buying this kit will not choose to or be able or willing to take this extra step. I personally think that UT Wire has a marvelous opportunity here to turn this VERY NICE 4-Star product into a 5-STAR-SUPER-STUNNER!

In my opinion, here's how:

1) In the short term, drop the price / unit from $0.39 each to somewhere in the $0.30 - $0.25 range yielding 24-28 clips respectively instead of the current 18. That’s great for the consumer who, like me, already has the required modification nailed and is planning to buy more product. However, this would only allow me to up the rating in the Price / Value section to 5 and change the overall rating from 3.75 to a SOLID 4 Stars. It helps but only in perception.

2) The real value comes in beefing up the adhesive backing so that it's robust and will hold well PROVIDED the user does an ADEQUATE JOB OF SURFACE PREPARATION. This would actually require changes to the production line, BUT, look what it does to the ratings in my table above:

They ALL go up by 1 resulting in: (19 / 20) x 5 = 4.75

At that point, I would happily up MY rating up to 5 STARS. However, here's the better part. No longer could users claim they don't stick and stay stuck. Now you have a perfect product and hopefully more sales. Think about it maybe.

Thanks for tuning in all.

I PAID FULL PRICE FOR THIS SET OF CORD ORGANIZERS. I shop on Amazon 3-4 times a week and mainly peruse the product reviews to guide my buying decisions. The HONESTY and ACCURACY of those reviews are or paramount importance to me. Therefore, I attempt to be as helpful, accurate, and transparent as I can. One reason why the majority of my reviews are positive is that I'm quite good at knowing WHAT I WANT and I RESEARCH the products EXTENSIVELY before I buy. Naturally then, I'm most often pleased by how they perform. I'm also handy with tools, so the occasional nit can OFTEN be picked without returning the product. Of course, I do get a dud now and then. If so, I'll explain in the review what I did to fix it, or how good the seller/manufacturer was at addressing my particular issue. In short, I'll report MY findings and experiences, assign a Star rating based upon them, and then let you the reader decide for yourself whether or not to buy the product.
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on March 13, 2017
Product works good for a little while, but ends up coming unstuck. You have to constantly keep trying to get them to stick on whatever surface you are using them on. I end up having to "deal" with the cords every couple of days, which defeats the purpose of these. Perhaps if I buy some more heavy duty type of double stick tape, they might work better. Not great the way they are.
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on November 7, 2014
I used these to route headphone & microphone cable on the underside of my desk and they worked fairly well.

• Easy to apply. Peel the piece off the adhesive and stick it on. It's really as easy as that.
• Easy to get cables into each piece. Push the cable into the d-wing at the seam and it goes in easily.

• Cables seems to pop out if they are under a medium amount of pulling force. Example: Based on what I used these for (see above) the cables would pop out at various points under the desk. Not so much at the last d-wing or first one in the row, but randomly throughout the chain I strung along.
• Adhesive is hit or miss. Some of them stick to the desk perfectly and have no problems at all, but some of them become trouble pieces and pop off frequently. I tried using double sided tape to assist them but to no avail. The only solution to this was to toss the troubled piece and replace it with another from the bag.

Works well for what I need with a couple minor inconveniences. I just wish there were more solutions to the problem as it seems like it's either these are a smaller / weaker kind.
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on December 29, 2015
These have been a life saver. Use one on a night stand in order to keep a phone charger in place and it hasn't budged in close to year. It even stayed in place while the stand was moved. I also just brought a few of them into work in order to organize and hold some cords to clean the clutter around my desk, and they are working great thus far. Really like that the package comes with two sizes, so that there is some choice as to which one to use. Would be nice if they maybe added a pull tab or some other way to make them slightly easier to remove once I am done with them, but the strong adhesive is appreciated!
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on January 26, 2015
These organizers STICK wherever placed. MUCH Appreciated.
The diameter is about the size of a standard Coax cable, but for my home network I find (A: they stick wherever placed), and B) can accomodate 3-4 ethernet cables or 1-3 power cords, or some handy combination.
Cables are easily removed from the organizer, yet do not simply fall out on there own. Interesting.

Extremely useful, recommended to help you untangle/organize your .. whatevers.
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on March 13, 2015
Great little cable stays. I have a ton of cables in my home office and have been looking for something to help control them. I have tried a bunch of ideas and products and have to say I really love these. I've been working on Main Frames, Servers and PC's for quite a while and they use a hardened plastic version of these, and have for years. I wish I had thought of making the soft rubber ones. One advantage is the cable will stay as long as you want but with a slight tug will release from the D-Wing.

I would recommend these to anyone and plan to buy a bunch more myself. By the way I noticed that the company that makes these "UT Wire" also makes a variety of other cable control products so check them out!

Nice size
Bag comes with 12 small and 6 large ones
Made of a soft rubber
Very easy to use

Can't think of any
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on June 27, 2014
totally worthless. they don't hold wires in place. even on tight grip thick wire, the material it way too crappy to hold it. I am not sure what purpose they serve. the self adhesive is junk and peals right off whatever you stick it to. another contribution to the trash can
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on June 10, 2015
These are definitely an acquired taste. But If you get, them I bet you'll end up using them all. GOOD ALTERNATE USE: The package comes with keepers of two sizes. The smaller size makes a great replacement for broken keyboard legs. I have several of my favorite keyboards from Dell. They have legs that pivot down in to place, kind of like landing gear. Over time the plastic pins the legs pivot on break.This leaves the keyboard flat on the table/desk which is most uncomfortable. Stick two of these next to where the legs are and you are back in business.
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on June 29, 2016
These worked out OK, but the 3M sticky stuff wasn't as good as I was expecting. When I stuck them on the wall to hold some speaker wire they fell off. Then I followed the instructions and held them for 30 seconds and that helped, but still not too impressed. They were bigger than I thought so I cut a couple in half, but they didn't stick well that way even after holding them.
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