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on April 15, 2013
Let me start by saying that my initial inclination was to rate this as a 5-star item, but there is a caveat to that, which I will get to in the course of my overall review, that caused me to settle on a 4-star rating.

Having said that, I think the item itself is terrific. The holster is completely modular, with heavy-duty velcro strap adjustments for custom fitting to every dimension of the weapon. I myself am using this to holster a Gen-4 Glock 23 with a Crimson Trace Lightguard and Laser Grip installed, but it is readily apparent that the holster could accommodate a MUCH larger (or smaller) weapon, and still be completely usable.

It took me about 15-20 minutes of subtle adjustments to the depth of holster, width, interior dimensions, length of the hang strap from my belt, and the two leg straps to get it to where it is a perfect fit...but that should be completely expected for an item specifically designed for universal appeal.

I read all the other reviews on here before buying this item myself, and I was nervous regarding the leg straps, because there was a repeated criticism about how they barely fit. Well...I don't know if UTG has lengthened the straps over time in response to these complaints, or if the previous reviewers who had this issue were Sumo Wrestlers, or what...but I am 6'2" 270 lbs. I played Linebacker in college. I have always had thighs the size of tree-trunks, and now that I've gotten a little bit older, I've also gotten out of playing shape...so I am a big dude to begin with, and I've gotten a little bit fat as well, and the leg straps on this item fit me just fine after adjustment, with plenty (and when I say plenty, I mean there is still 6-8" of tail on the strap) of room remaining to make a larger leg opening, and additionally, the (female) end of the buckle attachment has an elastic component to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

So...unless you're in the neighborhood of 400+ lbs, I think you can put those concerns to rest.

Another feature of the leg straps is that they have two rubberized seams running along the entire length (the grey bits shown in the default photograph). They serve a purpose...keeping the straps in place and stationary on the leg...which is important to me, as the reason I bought this item in the first place was to carry a firearm while backpacking in the wilderness. I myself would prefer them to be black, but that is a purely aesthetic issue which can likely be solved (if one cared enough to do it) with a Sharpie marker, and I have not downgraded my rating in any way because of it.

Another repeat negative I read which concerned me was that the pocket for the spare magazine was too small to fit the 13-round clip for the Glock 23. Well...I have a Glock 23, and the pocket fits that spare magazine like a glove. I am not a significant gun enthusiast, so I don't know the size comparison from the magazine for my weapon to others out there, but if you are reading this, and you DO know how your spare magazine compares to mine, if it's bigger, it will be a tight squeeze, if it's the same or smaller, you'll have no issue whatsoever...and the flap that closes over the pouch (but not the pouch itself) is adjustable velcro as well, and able to be lengthened, so it would likely be able to fit an extended capacity magazine without much trouble.

The reason that I decided to rank this a 4-star item is the snap / velcro closure buckle for the weapon holster itself. I played around with the orientation, length, method of closure (the straps have both a snap button and velcro tabs), etc for a good 10 minutes without finding a combination that was satisfactory.

I want to be able to release the buckle and draw the weapon relatively quickly, and with only one hand.

I am not trying to be Wyatt Earp or Doc Holliday...I just want to know that if faced with an aggressive grizzly bear at 30 yards, that I can get the weapon out before it is inside of 20 yards if (God forbid) I actually have to fire on an animal that does not respond to Counter Assault Bear spray. As it comes, out of the box, I could not find a combination that I deemed acceptable. When the snap button is in the correct alignment, the velcro tabs seem to always be in the way, and having both of the closure methods engaged seems cumbersome...like I will not be able to draw the weapon under duress without some trouble. I tried reversing the straps, I tried tucking back the velcro closure tab out of the way into another velcro component fold of the holster, I tried everything I thought might help, and I never did find the right combination.

For me, personally, I have two other holsters (one belt, and one shoulder) that also have velcro components which I rarely use. After trying (unsuccessfully) to find the right method with the buckle provided with this item, I ended up taking the closure buckle strap off of one of those other holsters that I like much better, and simply attached it to this holster.

Maybe if I didn't have those other items, and was forced to be more stubborn with the equipment provided with this one, I eventually would have found the perfect combination and then I could, without reservation, make this a 5-star item. I did not have the requisite patience for any more trial & error, and that one simple modification makes this a 100% perfectly-fitting tactical leg holster...for me...but not everyone is likely to have spare holsters laying around to strip for parts, and therefore I made this a 4-star rating so that perhaps those of you who (like me) read the reviews looking for negatives, and basically eschew the 5-star ratings altogether, would hopefully find this review and be all the wiser before making your purchase.

Other than that one issue, which like I said does not affect me personally, this is a terrific product, sturdily-made, and VERY modular...just SOOOO adjustable to fit the needs and / or preferences of each individual gun owner. When you couple that with the fact that this holster is (currently) available for under $20 dollars?! No-brainer. Buy it. You won't regret it.

If you've made it this far into the review, I hope it's been helpful and informative...I've uploaded five "customer images" to better show the features that are difficult to see in the stock photograph Amazon uses.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on September 16, 2015
This leg holster is actually more than I expected. Especially for the price. I bought this as an add-on item to my UTG 547 vest. The holster assembly (and it really is an assembly) is made of durable, thick nylon and velcro. It attached perfectly to the belt of my vest and with several adjustments (I say several as it takes a little bit to get the leg straps, holster, etc conformed to your body type) the assembly feels like it's part of my leg and meant to be there. I adjusted and fit the holster to a Sig Sauer full frame p226 9mm. It will accommodate a larger (or smaller) pistol. It does not "swing" around on my leg...again, proper adjusting. Even running, the holster stayed in place. Final mounting position (I did not have to adjust the height) was mid thigh as it should be.

The only somewhat awkward component is the thumb strap (velcro and snap assembly) that holds the pistol in place (wraps over top the hammer of my pistol). It's awkward as to draw the pistol you must first release the velcro, then unsnap the snap which then frees the pistol. I did not take off points for this...as there are options here. You do not have to secure the velcro...leaving only the snap. Although, when on the move, the velcro is an added component to ensure the pistol stays in place. Also, with practice, releasing the velcro and snap will become muscle memory...applying a right to left sweep seems to do the trick. If you are looking for a quick draw holster, this probably isn't for you.

The nylon, holster padding, straps, velcro, clips...are all thick and of what I would consider great quality. There was no fraying or loose thread when I opened it up...which at least told me the effort was put into the creation of the holster. I do really like the quick release (large clip) which gives you the option of removing the holster from your leg without the need to undo velcro, etc. The holster can be completely removed with releasing 3 clips. I've been impressed with UTG and they continue to get my money because they create great products.
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on October 18, 2016
This is a great universal leg holster. I didn't see many reviews by females so I thought I'd share this fits me (a 5'4" 120# female). It also fits my Ruger P95 great! I spent maybe 30 min playing around with the fit to get it just right. I didn't like the Velcro over the thumb lock so I simply folded the Velcro flap back and tucked it away while sizing the holster So now I only have the button thumb lock. The mag holder also holds my 10 and 15 round mags just fine. Great price and great product.
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on December 24, 2016
It will hold the gun with retention as long as a light is mounted to the gun, therefore it can be used with the thumb break open. The adjustments are a bit strange for the thumb break. Normally the snap would be positioned on the side of the gun, but for this it should be directly over the hammer, because the Velcro is the primary thumb break, you'll sweep the Velcro all the way down then sweep your thumb back to pop the snap it's quick and the draw is quick as long as the thumb break is positioned properly and tight.

I thought yeah.. a double snap would be quicker, pop pop would be better break but I believe they designed the retention this way to make securing it quicker for momentary holstering, but that's debatable, all depends on the reflexes and dexterity of the operator. The secondary break takes most if not all of the tension so another snap instead of Velcro would be better but it performs as should the way it is.
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on November 2, 2017
This is a very durable and secure holster. I've had this for about 3-4 years now and still use it for airsoft. It holds my full metal 1911 gas pistol snug. We play on rugged terrain up in the forrest and I'm able to run and roll around in shrubbery and mud and have never had my gun fall out. The adjustable leg straps were great to my surprise, I'm a tiny 4'10" skinny asian chick and I was able to adjust the straps to stay secured to my leg. I also love that it has a pocket for an extra mag

I've also used this holster to go with a few of my past Halloween costumes and it looks great with some leather booty shorts and knee high boots :P

All in all, amazing holster and VERY reasonable price. I would recommend it for airsoft!
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on January 2, 2014
Fits a Glock 19 right out of the box. The clips, straps and velcro are very strong, overall good build quality. The leg straps have rubber strips molded into the straps to add traction. It is adjustable in every which way, should fit any gun, except maybe sub compacts. What surprised me is that the leg straps, don't help support the weight of the gun, in fact they tend to slide down my leg and actually add an additional pull on the belt. So the belt needs to be substantial and on pretty tight to hold the weight of the gun and small tugs from the leg straps as you move about.

Good construction
Holds gun well during active movement
it takes two hands to remove pistol without releasing the snaps (if someone else is trying to take it)

Lose access to pockets
Bottom of holster is open, debris could enter into barrel
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on January 31, 2012
This UTG Holster exceeded my expectations. UTG has a reputation of being just for airsoft guns. This holster breaks out of that stigma and more! I was considering spending more money on a Blackhawk or Condor holster, but based on the reviews and price of this UTG holster, I couldn't' resist giving it a try. Let me tell you, I'm glad I saved the money because although this holster is lower in price, there is very little sacrifice (if any) in overall quality! I barely just opened and adjusted the holster to size today (took less than 10 minutes), so I can't really comment on the longevity in terms of durability. But from the way the materials are (thick nylon and reinforced stitching) and the straps, Velcro, and buckles, I would say that this holster feels adequately strong and robust. I would feel confident to use this on any day.

Anyway, this fits my Beretta PX4 (.40 cal) just fine. Due to the design of this holster, I was able to adjust the size to fit my pistol with my Insight MX6 laser/light combo attached on the rail. The magazine compartment seemed to be tight upon initial inspection, but I was able to squeeze one of my spare mags in (pretty snug) without problems.

I did readjust the thumb break snap straps (what ever they're called) that holds your pistol securely in the holster. Out of the package, IMO they are set incorrectly (probably correctly if you were a lefty and this was a left handed holster). I want to be able to disengage the thumb snaps in one fluid motion towards the right in order to quick draw. In order to achieve this, I had to reverse the way they were initially installed. I had to totally remove both straps by slipping my pocket knife (with care not to damage anything) between the Velcro in order for me to pull them out and insert them on opposite sides. After a little tweaking in the sizing, they are perfect now! I also like that there's an option to put a Velcro strap over the snaps to provide even more securing of your pistol. However, this feature would only get in the way if you want to "quick draw." But if you're in an environment where quick drawing isn't necessary, I like having that extra piece of security on the straps (i.e. great if you have to run with your holster on).

From the default picture of this product, I really thought the gray stripes were just for looks, but they are actually rubberized to the touch. This is a great surprise to me because they actually serve a function! They help give the straps some friction to help grab on to your leg/clothing and reduce your pistol from swinging around. Great touch!

In terms of the fit, well it's fully adjustable and universal, so it would fit most people. I'm 5'9" 160lbs and it fits just great. After adjusting the leg straps, I had a lot of left over slack dangling around. I didn't want to cut these off in case I wanted to let a friend use this holster. I found an easy solution... I basically used some Velcro straps I had laying around. These are the type used for wire management that I bought here on Amazon. I highly recommend these, not only for the holster, but in general. Check out the picture I posted in the "customer images" of how I used them.

Lastly, the holster is lined with a felt like material. This is nothing new and most quality tactical nylon holsters have a lining to protect the finish on your gun. I'm just happy that this is built in... standardized or not.

For the money, you can't go wrong with this holster. It's versatile and very functional. It seems built to last and I'm overall happy with my purchase. Check out the pictures I posted in the "customer images" for further details.
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on October 18, 2017
Yeah purchase it for my Smith & Wesson PC Government model 1911. Drop holster are easier to draw from if you put it at arms length as compared to a hip holster you have to reach up to get. It fits snug as it doesn’t have a rail and I can’t put many attachments on it. Slides out easily. So 4 stars for that. As an added bonus/on another note I do have an AR pistol. I decided to see if it would fit it and low and behold it barely does with a ten round mag inserted. You can’t strap it in completely and it makes it impossible to unholster unless you have no attachments on it like an angled foregrip. You can’t unholster the AR pistol unless you undo all of the straps so you can kiss a over 2 second SHTF situation goodbye. In the event that you can unholster it I feel sorry for everyone down range. So I just decided to throw a picture up for the people who want an AR holster. Overall it’s comfortable.
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on January 4, 2016
For the price, this is one of those holsters that can't be beat because of it's versatility. It will holster a large variety of handguns, you can take it out into the woods without too much fear of messing it up because of the price. Iif something does happen to it, you can simply get another one without breaking the bank too much. You can make the holster a little shorter by removing the drop down strap with the attached buckle. I use mine and would definitely would buy another one if I needed one.
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on January 2, 2015
Despite my large frame, this fits my leg. I can adjust it to fit my different weapons without a lot of hassle. I wish I could have gotten it in tan or sand, but it is comfortable, is adjustable so it sits exactly where I am most comfortable with it, and seems durable overall. I don't enjoy running around with it, but movement is not too hampered. Most importantly, I can draw my weapon somewhat cleanly, and holster it securely. (Better on the secure than the clean draw, but for the money, I really cannot complain.)

Update> I wish I had not rated this as high. It is falling a part. Better be prepared to put it back together. I have sewn this thing 3 different times and it keeps coming apart in different areas. You get what you pay for...
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