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on November 30, 2015
Hi, I'm Dave and I'm a WiFi-aholic.

The recent addition of 10 Nest Protect Fire Alarms, pushed my Apple Airport Extreme to its breaking point. While the multiple computers, iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, multiple Sonos players and the new Protects continued to work fine, Netflix streaming was no longer possible. I now had over 50 devices connected to my network and this was more than the Airport Extreme, or any other retail grade router available on the market today, could handle.

The Ubiquiti router took my network to the next level. I ordered it on Amazon and it was delivered the next day. The GUI interface included a Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) Wizard, that made it easy to establish a simple configuration (port configuration, DHCP, NAT, and basic firewall rules). While more advanced configuration (e.g., port forwarding, IPv6, UPnP, L2TP, etc) requires some networking/programing background/knowledge, the community forums on www.ubnt.com are very active and an excellent source of information and support. I've found the Ubiquiti router to be very reliable, feature rich and flexible. Great value for the money!
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on March 24, 2016
I have gone through more home routers than I care to remember. The longest they last is about 2 years before they start to die a slow death due to the amount of traffic that is going out of my home. Having the need to both 1) work from home and 2) have dozens of devices hooked up for internet access causes me to have a very high level of traffic going in and out of my home. I needed a solution that was able to handle the bandwidth that I was sending out and do it with business class devices.

I decided to get the mid-level EdgeRouter for my house as it handles the 1 million packets per second but also has the ability to utilize PoE on the ports in case I required it.

Initial setup was not as painful as other reviews had me believe it might be, the wizards Ubiquiti has built into the latest interface makes it very simple to setup a basic router. From there I was able to tailor the router for my specific requirements and within an hour or two I was fully configured and ready to go. However, even with the wizards I would not suggest this product for the atypical home user as this does require understanding of basic network standards.

My device does have a high pitch sound coming out of it at various times and it does run pretty hot. I purchased a USB fan which I mounted to the top of the device to blow air across it because the heat on it was of great concern to me. Heat is the leading cause of electronics to die and the USB fan puts my mind at ease since it will greatly increase the lifespan of the router.
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on July 12, 2015
Recently my sister's 10+ year old router quit working. I was looking at getting one of these, and mentioned it to her. Next thing I know she's got one on order! Because I'm the family tech support, I ordered one (thanks to Amazon Prime I got mine first) so I could get an idea of how it works. Well, all I can say is that I'm very impressed. Out of the box, the first thing you should do is upgrade the firmware to v1.70. The unit I received came with much older firmware that didn't include "wizards."

Once updated, the installation process is very straightforward. Just remember you need to set a static IP address on your PC to 192.168.1.(any number between 2 and 255). Then point your browser to You'll likely get a warning about the security certificate, on Safari I had to allow the connection to get the GUI to work. My sister had issues with Internet Explorer, but I don't know what version she was running. I had her download Chrome and it worked fine after that.

However, the primary reason I bought this router was it's support of IPv6. The GUI doesn't do much other than have a way to set DHCP on an interface. To get it working you need to dive into the CLI. This isn't hard, but it seems there's a few different ways to configure the router for IPv6, and most of what I've read in the support forums isn't correct for newer firmware versions. My ISP (Comcast cable) correctly assigns it a /64 address, but for some reason every time I go through the "best" tutorial I could find, the eth0 interface (Internet side), disappears from the GUI. It still seems to route IPv4 and my devices get correct IPv6 addresses, but it just won't route. When I add eth0 back in it loses all the configuration again. Hopefully Ubiquiti is working on fixing this issue (and improving the IPv6 setup process overall) because it does move packets very very well. So for now, it loses a star. Also note that the current "best" configuration is assuming your ISP is handing out static IPv6 addresses, something that will break down the road, maybe sooner than later.

EDIT: I forgot something. Both my unit and the one my sister received included a 48V power supply and had no problems running my access point.

2nd EDIT: I found a good configuration for IPv6 with Comcast (my WAN interface is ETH0, local LAN is switch0):

dhcpv6-pd {
pd 0 {
interface switch0 {
host-address ::1
service slaac
prefix-length /64
rapid-commit enable

You'll also need to add IPv6 specific rules to the firewall:

ipv6-name IPV6WAN_IN {
default-action drop
description "IPv6WAN to Internal"
rule 100 {
action accept
description "Allow established connections"
log disable
state {
established enable
related enable
rule 200 {
action drop
state {
invalid enable
ipv6-receive-redirects disable
ipv6-src-route disable

If this looks like gibberish to you, you might want a different router.
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on March 2, 2015
I have two ERLite-3 already and thought I'd give this one a try as I need some POE for my other Ubiquiti products. This is even better then the ERLite-3. The POE is a must have if you have any other Ubiquiti products. Cleans up the mess that the power bricks create. The extra ports and the ability to turn eth2 eth3 and eth4 into a switch is handy.

EdgeOS is coming along great, the GUI is very useable now and they are still actively moving CLI only feature into the realm of the user friendly. This is a very powerful router. If you can dream it up, there is probably a way to make it work on here.

Very close to plug and play, and not as intimidating as it once was.
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on October 3, 2014
It's an incredible router, and for an incredible price. You definitely need to understand advanced routing to configure this, so don't think that it's a turn key solution like a Linksys. I'm amazed at the quality for the price. It's just an incredible appliance. I'm going to keep adding Ubiquiti devices to my network and swap out my Cisco hardware. I use this at home, but it's more than capable of running a business. I love that I can even turn it into a load balancer. Stunning! It outperforms my ASA 5505, and I don't have to buy licenses for it.

- Incredibly fast
- Incredibly reliable - haven't had to restart it since initial configuration
- Small, quiet
- The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is very friendly and easy to use
- One price for all the features

- Doesn't have an Intrusion Prevention/Detection plugin (to be fair, it's a router. But if they're not going to put a module into the router, they should at least sell one separately, which they don't).
- Some of the GUI tools like traffic monitoring can stop working, but that's just a software version issue that they'll probably fix. The CLI works fine.
- If you're not good at enterprise-level networking, you're in over your head (but that's not really a con)
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on June 12, 2015
I have spent a small fortune on consumer routers, Cisco "linksys", Netgear, even the latest Netgear nighthawk wifi (R8000). None worked and always had issues with the 25-30 devices (Mostly wired, about 10 wifi cell phones/laptops etc) I finally heard about ubiquity because of an RF microwave project I worked on. Purchased this router as a last ditch effort to finally get good bandwidth from my century link FTTH fiber connection (100Mb down / 50Mb up). I used the wizard to setup a single wan with 3 Lan connection using firewall/DHCP/NAT. Worked so amazing I was floored. To think 179 bucks and it works flawlessly. I then turned the R8000 into an access point for wifi and I think the R8000 is great as an access point but sucks as a router.

I also have a work phone and separate internet through cox (150Mb Down / 20Mb up). I found out I could use load balancing and combine the 2 into one. I now have a 250Mb down and 70Mb up consistent connection. Files, VoIP, gaming, online video everything is flawless. We even had Netflix, Hulu, a game of call of duty, and I was downloading a 95GB file from work and never not once did anything degrade. All streams maintained HD no lag on COD and file still transferred in a respectable time.

Can't say enough about how impressed I am with ubiquity. Next step is getting a couple of their access points that can be ceiling mounted and run over POE which this router supports. Also FYI this router is rated at 1Million packets per second!

In the attached photo the blue cables are wired to 3 TP-LINK 8 port GIGE switches.
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on February 22, 2014
This product has been great, coupled with the Unifi AP. It actually solved an issued with my Nest Thermostat and Asus N66U. I couldn't be happier with this purchase. It has opened up all kinds of possibilities for my home network. One of them being the ability to isolate external devices that would create a back door into my network like the Sprint Airave from my personally owned devices. This device has met my requirements and far exceeded my expectations. As a direct result of my purchase and success, several of my friends have jumped on board and purchased this device to great success.
review image
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on September 17, 2016
I come from the world of Linux where everything is done done the hard way only because nothing is documented. I've used IPfire and pfSense for routing and even tried to configure a Linux server as a gateway to milk a little more power out of the system, but had droped back to just using my modem's fouting functions to reduce noise near my entertainment system. I've never liked that solution for a variety of reasons, so when I started having problems I my network originating from my modem's routing software, I came upon this solution.

In the few days I've had it, I can say that it is at least as powerful as IPfire ever was, and at least twice as well documented. One check I have not yet made is the claim of extra configurability via the CLI interface which is accessable from the browser, this kind of power is why I had thought to use raw Linux. One sugestion I would make to a new user is to follow the tutorial at [...], this will give a good starting point for configuring the router. The box tends to trade noise for heat, this concerns me enough to consider hacking the power supply and placing a single fan on the outside; the heat output would not bother me as much if other reports did not say that the inificient cooling damaged their devices at about 6 months.
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on August 11, 2016
Wonderful router and incredibly versatile. I'm not sure that my review will add much to the existing reviews that describe the features in depth, but I found it worked incredibly well in an intense home-use setting. There is enormous flexibility and power built into the software and while you can get at most of it via the web interface, there are some things that require using the command line. I'd say that this is more for a power user than a casual one. But, there are lots of great routers for casual home use out there, so to have one where, for example, you can set up router changes to automatically commit via git to a repository, is an incredibly wonderful thing. I have found it very reliable and when I purchased a second one for an alternate location, it was straightforward to upload the configuration settings that I wanted from the first router. The one issue that I did run into was that the new router had to have the firmware updated to match the existing router in order for the existing router configuration to upload properly. There is nothing surprising about that necessity, but the messages and errors I received when doing it in the other order certainly were not illuminating.
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on January 14, 2017
I love this router! I bought one of these and a UniFi AP to replace my Asus router at home. This is definitely a "prosumer" device. Even if you have a lot of technical experience with things like configuring firewall rules, DHCP servers, VPN servers, and general network theory, be prepared to spend time doing online research to use this to its full potential. That said, these are very popular and there is a ton of stuff out there to help you.
I have a decent size home lab, with multiple servers, network switches and storage devices, so this was perfect for me.
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