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on September 6, 2012
Took just minutes to blanket our motel with wifi from 8 of this magic gizmo's (after the physical installation of course). After a year of headaches with SonicWall Sonicpoints costing thousands we finally gave up and replaced them with Unifi AP's. Puts the sonicwall system to shame. Provides the same level of security and a FAR more useful feature set then the sonicwall sonicpoint system in a more intuitive interface that "just works". Somehow i can buy 4 of these far superior devices for the cost of one sonicpoint....

Pro's - Works perfectly. After using these and a few other Ubiquiti WiFi products i will not look back at any other brands. period.

Con's - almost made me cry over all the cruddy wifi garbage i have overpaid for through the years.....
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on May 21, 2016
I recently purchased 6 of these Ubiquiti UAP and 2 UAP-IW for my 9200 sf home. Ultimately, only 3 UAP were needed.

Goal: I wanted wireless users to be able to "roam" from one end of the home to the other without being required to disconnect from one AP and then manually connect to another.

First Attempt: Initially, I tried using the "zero handoff" feature. Although I was able to get this to work, the network speed was very slow (10-20 MBPS). After speaking with Ubiquiti tech support I learned that this was about the best that I would get.

Second Attempt: I reconfigured the network as follows... Three UAP ... each on a separate channel (1, 6, 11). The radio power level for each UAP was set to "Medium". Then, I configured the RSSI feature for each of the UAP to automatically disconnect the client when the receiver's signal dropped to -70 dBM. This works great! We get a very solid 75 MBPS download / 20 MBPS upload according to

Final Configuration: Three UAP on separate channels as described above. Three wireless networks (SSID) that work on ALL of the UAP devices at the same time. (Private network for business, private network for personal use, guest network for everyone else.) In other words, all three SSID are available at each UAP.

Conclusion: We have great wireless connectivity throughout our very large home. Wireless users can "roam" from one end of the home to the other and the client device will automatically switch to the strongest UAP. The UniFi software is awesome. This software is installed on a PC that is connected to the network. You then use the software to configure the various Ubiquiti components. Once the configuration is complete you can exit the program. There is also a "Chat" feature built right in to the UniFi software. I used this extensively to chat directly with UniFi tech support almost instantly. Five stars to Ubiquiti Chat support!
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on September 22, 2012
Our installation is an historic church, with thick brick walls, plaster over metal lathe, and concrete on steel pan floors. In other words, a wireless nightmare. We replaced consumer-grade APs with three of these and were able to get rid of the wall-wart adapters and general ugliness of that solution. Power over Ethernet is a real win!

I also love the management system. After dealing with DD-WRT on the old setup, (which is not bad, just too tech-heavy for my users), the controller software is a dream: intuitive, powerful, and well, unified. You load it, it finds your APs, upgrades their software, and you are on your way. You can monitor usage, and even block problem users by MAC addresses (realize that this is not a complete security solution). Plus, the system has some nice features for site survey work and troubleshooting coverage problems.

Finally, the ability to set up a 'guest network' (as a separate virtual WLAN) is a huge win for us. We wanted a secure network for our staff, plus a completely open, (but bandwidth limited) network for church users and guests. Even a WPA password led to support problems as users show up with all manner of ancient laptops. The controller software offers many options should we need something more complicated and secure in the future.

If you want to know more, I'd suggest going to the Ubiquiti website and downloading the UniFi AP/AP-LR User Guide. Very impressive.
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on August 26, 2013
It may seem like overkill to have all three in a house but I think it's just right. I have full coverage everywhere on my property. This is pretty nice to have. No dead spots anywhere that I can find. The software is pretty good and has some nice reporting. I admittedly didn't really read the documentation but it was pretty straight forward to figure out. These look very nice mounted on my ceilings. If the lights bother you, you can shut them off in the software. All of them run off of my Zyxel usg-50 (well the poe devices are plugged in there) and I used 100 ft shielded cat5 with no issues. Depending on the device, some phones, computers, gaming systems, etc see all three ap's with the same name or they just see one ap listed. My phone sees all three but will connect to whichever is strongest when I roam around. My computer sees all three though. Just pointing this out. Anyways, these are great. This was my first experience with Ubiquiti and it's been a good one so far.
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on March 30, 2012
I have been in IT for over 15 years and I know that you usually get what you pay for so I was very skeptical, but I must say this is an amazing product. I installed a school with six AP's. The hard part was running the cable. I purchased two of the 3 packs and they just worked. I installed the controller on a desktop system saving $1200 just in the controller from other venders. The controller is completely user friendly and I can see everyone that is connected, the status of the AP's and the coverage. It has been a month and the school Wi-Fi is solid. I am installing another school with nine AP's and feel it will also be a success.
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on April 13, 2017
Installed 3 AP and they are working fine. As this is a product review
- Setup was easy
- These are big and disks and if you are trying to use them in home they dont fit any where. They look ugly pure white cheap plastic material they might be ok for an office environment but not for home. Why cant they make nice looking small box which you can fit anywhere ?
- Management interface is not user friendly and you need to run this on a machine which is WIRED to the same LAN
- they are slow to boot-up and sync
- Does not work with CHROMECAST. still trying to find answer
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on June 2, 2015
This right here. This is the bees knees. I have purchased countless and let me repeat countless consumer grade routers and could get reception out in the garage during the winter but never the summer. I was sick of it and wanted to try something different. These were simple, streamlined, and so easy to set up. You'll want to either have a dedicated VM or a low end little tower to run the control software. No complaints though. Don't waste your time on anything else. This is the real deal.
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on July 15, 2016
Started out ok, good speed good range but after only about 6months one died. Support was the worst, I had to insist on replacing it under warranty as they kept me going in circles getting nowhere. After. Got the replacement which took over 3 weeks I set it up and all was good until the next one did the same thing. This time no more warranty, so I'm screwed as if wait for the other 2 to die. Other better options don't buy this!
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on March 25, 2013
Like some of the other reviewers, we have a small motel that has struggled to get a decent wifi system installed in our motel. This one took minutes to install and get up and running. Life is much better now. No more constant resetting of our wireless system. No more calls to our local computer clinic and having them come out to do nothing. Weve spent thousands of dollars on commercial quality equipment that was just crap. Weve scrapped it all and now the unifi system is all we need. No problems yet, and its been running for several months now uninterrupted.
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on April 13, 2017
This is the best wireless access points on the market but not easy to configure unless you are tech savvy. They require special (specific) Ubiquity Manufacturer Software that you must download from their site. Once I understood the software and made the configuration the APs produced a strong signal one floor up and one floor down.
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