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on September 20, 2016
I've spent a lot of money on home routers and equipment over the years only to struggle with blanketing every square foot of my home with a strong signal. Now that's not to say that it's been bad everywhere but we all have dead spots. Especially in my newer house the upstairs and downstairs may as well be in different zip codes. I had them pre-wire a couple of locations in the ceiling to attach these during building. I was actually looking at another brand altogether but the reviews were pretty poor overall. Facebook advertises their stuff a lot for reference.

So I am in the IT field and use the models above this to sell customers WiFi for price conscious shoppers that won't or can't afford Cisco AP's. I like these as much if not more in a lot of ways. They don't require a warranty to be purchased every year, and they perform awesome for WiFi overall sharing information to make sure you are connected to the strongest signal at all times.

With home routers you will experience lockups occasionally,which require you to reboot, you'll get drops when a lot of devices are connected, and any number of things. These have been up for over 30 days and I haven't seen a single drop. I have full bars everywhere in my home and haven't touched these since. That might change after a year but all of the others that I have in the field are pretty much the same. They just work. All the time. I'd highly recommend these over everything else in the same price point.
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on March 26, 2013
I have been trying to get enterprise results in my business with very little success until now. I received my order and within an hour had all of the access points installed and running. They are powerful, fast, easy to install and easy to manage. Guests and employees can now walk from room to room and building to building without having to log into another access point. One network SSID to remember and one password to remember. I no longer get complaints from guests about an inability to connect to the network. WOW! My search for an enterprise class system is over and I couldn't be more satisfied. I would gladly recommend Ubiwuiti UniFi to anyone wanting a powerful easy to manage and use wifi system.

Update: October 31, 2013. I ran an advertised update for this equipment. One of my six access points quit working immediately. Nothing I could do would get it to work. I had to request an RMA from the manufacturer and I had to pay shipping to return the product. I really didn't appreciate having to pay for the shipping because it was their update that seemed to cause the problem and it was still clearly under warranty!

Update: November 8, 2013. They sent me a brand new one in the box and just like the originals it was easy. I am still amazed that I had to pay shipping to return something under warranty! Still love the product just not the support.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 16, 2013
We have a wireless network based around the CISCO 5500 series controller at work. There was no way I could afford this for home.

After reading the reviews I opted for this kit. I have one in the house, one in a 3,000 sq foot detached workshop, and one at our horse stables. All tied together with 4 Ubiiquiti NanoStation M5s, two Ubuiqiti NanoStation2 Locos, and a Ubiquiti UniFI AP. The system links 19 security cameras, multiple servers, gate control systems, and a wide array of desktops, servers and handheld WiFi devices, on our small ranch.

The Ubiiquiti solutions work flawlessly. Never skip a beat. Just perfect. They are not really aimed at novice home users, as they require some good networking skills. I just updated the firmware on an AP, and noticed its uptime was 284 days! You just don't get that with your NetGear or other consumer grade APs. These are priced consumer grade, but 100% Enterprise class in stability, features, and design.
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on February 29, 2016
I love these long range AP's. They are controller (computer/server) based and once you setup the software on the server, can be setup really fast. All i have to do is adopt it to the particular location in the software and the AP will provision itself. It did take me a while to figure out how to make the controller see the AP's at my remote sites that are connected through VPN tunnels. but once I figured it out, it was a piece of cake. For anyone having this issue or need some guidance, all you need to do is create a forward lookup zone on your DNS server(s) called unifi, then create an A record in that zone with the server IP in it. from any computer in your L2/L3 network, you should be able to ping unifi. Even from the sites connected remotely you should be able to ping the server by name (for simplicity I named my server unifi also). once I did this, the controller was able to see the AP's. If you have already configured the AP's on a laptop like I did and then decide to setup the server, you will need to SSH into the AP and then type "info" to see the status of the AP. If it is not pointed to your new controller, type "set-inform[...]. AP will reboot and will become available to the controller. you will just have to re-assign it to your site and let it provision itself. alternatively you can reset the AP to defaults via SSH or the button on the unit then it will search for unifi by default and show up on the controller.

The software is very nice and shows you the coverage area of the AP's and i setup an image of the buildings and where the AP's are located so I can see my coverage area. you can also see if an AP goes out.

I also setup a guest network, made the connection open and require a password to get to the internet like the hotels do. then redirect the page to my companies website. you have good control as an admin.
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on June 16, 2016
Wow! This product is absolutely AWESOME! No, I did not receive the product for free or at a discount. These APs perform exactly as advertised. They are very simple to set up. The coverage is amazing. If you enable "ZHO", which means "Zero Hand Off" protocol, your devices (Ipad, cell phones, etc.) will connect with whichever AP is closest. With ZHO, all three APs operate on the same channel with the same SSID. If the APs detect your device will preform better by connecting to a different AP, the one the device is connected to will send a "disconnect" command, and your device will seamlessly connect to the other AP. That is awesome if you're roaming around the house or office. No need to pay big bucks for EERO or Luma.
One thing you must be aware of: These must each be wired. The EERO and Luma products only require one of the APs to be wired, and the others do not have to be wired. In fact, the Luma doesn't even support wired haulback (yet), while EERO does. Because each of these UniFi APs have to be wired, it may not be the solution you're looking for. But if you have more than one wired ethernet location and can plug these bad boys in, there is absolutely no reason to pay the big bucks for those other products. I very highly recommend these APs.
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on November 17, 2014
Once its working i love it. but to get it to work: headack. Installing the online software is the problem. After checking several blog this was my solution to install the software. If ubiquiti software was installed: remove software. Remove the Java-software. Install Java-software version 7. install ubiquiti software. My problem was that the ubiquiti software was not working because my computer was on Java-software version 8 (update 25). I could not believe ubiquiti was not Java Version 8 compatible. The Jave Version 7 is downloadable till april 2015. I hope ubiquiti has solved the problem before this time.
Also when starting the software in the IE browser it comes with cerfificate errors. Ok, you can ignore them. But it not neat.
The Jave problem costed me 1 afternoon, but as i said in the beginning: i love the ubiquite uap-lr-3 unifi ap enterprise long range wifi system.
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on August 11, 2015
I went through dozens and dozens of sites and reviews to find the best consumer grade access point that acts as good as a top end commercial grade one and think I've found it. I was debating whether to spend a fair but more and get the Pro unit or this "Long Range" version. I'm glad I purchased these units!

Setup was quick and easy. Even for people with limited networking & Wi-Fi knowledge it should be easy. The biggest problem people write is the software. It's nothing to worry about, it looks and feel like a web browser based page. If you're worried about the software forget your worries. I'm usually an advanced type operator when sitting things up but followed the quick prompts and it was so simple, asked if I would like to upgrade the unit, very easy to click and navigate to rename things, change channels, set power levels, etc. Very easy to see all the devices, name the brand if they only show the MAC ID.

Coverage. These units are very powerful and do an amazing job. I replace a one year old Wi-Fi router I had issues with and wow did this impress with coverage through walls, floors, trees, garage doors, etc. In places where Wi-Fi would drop previously I had full 95%+ signal. I have a 3500sq ft house and my entire house and half acre property was covered by one unit on one side of the house. I place a second unit on the other size of the house and now my signal is 75+% in the worst corner in my house behind metal HVAC ducting. I tested the coverage outside my house and had 50% + signal in every direction I could go within 150ft of my house. All round.....A GREAT SIGNAL! One last point, one of the units was sitting on my office desk upside down while testing and the other on a TV stand in the bedroom upside down. This didn't affect performance in any direction.

Pros: Everything you want, Awesome coverage, Easy to install and setup, Guest Network if needed, great price for what you get, mounts anywhere, Power over Ethernet included, seamless roaming from one to the other.
Cons: None

Right now I give this a 5 star, 6 if I could.

If things change with my review I will certainly log back in and update it.
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on August 9, 2015
I have a large home and one wireless router was not going to cut it. I tried adding a 2nd wireless access point but even if you configure it correctly you may still have issues with some devices roaming between the two access points.

I staggered these out in a triangle which gave me great coverage. They can be easily configured by installing software on a computer but some of the more advanced features may require someone with a little IT know how.

There are some installation options but the best solution would be to run a network cable from your home router or a switch to each device. They can then be setup for zero roaming which eliminates the formentioned issue with some devices roaming from access point to access point.

One of the nice features is the included POE injectors. For those that done know this allows you to install the access point to a ceiling and send power over the network cable. So at your router/switch you run a small cable to the POE injector and then you run the network cable from the POE injector to the spot in the ceiling where you will install the access point. You will only need to plug the access point into the network cable as no power sources is needed.

I highly recommend this for large homes and businesses. This offeres an enterprise class wireless system at a fraction of the cost of competing products from cisco and other companies.
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on September 15, 2015
The most amazing access points available. I've tried 5 or 6 consumer access points, all different brands, all different types (N, AC, etc), all resulting in very poor coverage, speed and reliability.

I finally purchased this package and one of these units covers 2 or 3 times the area, is far more reliable, and even seems to have increased connection speeds.

The only downside to these is the configuration. They are a pain to configure, no question about it. I'm a programmer by trade and it took me an hour to get the software I installed on my machine to recognize the unit. After that, the setup was fairly straight-forward.

Be aware that it will require you to install software on your computer in order to configure them. There is no web interface like a normal access point. The software must be run, then you connect to the software with your browser. Once connected, it still took quite some time and carefully following the instructions to get it / them setup. Once they are setup, there is no reason to run the software again, unless you need to make configuration changes.

Once they are setup and running, boy do they work well. Best range and speed of anything I've tried so far. I'd buy again in a heartbeat, and I'd give them more than 5 stars if I could.
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on June 17, 2015
These things are amazing. I had installed 1 several months ago and kept an eye on it to make sure it was going to work. Last week I installed 4 more on the same network and they all work together seamlessly. The great thing is that after you configure the first one, the rest are really really really just plug and play. The UniFi software adopts the new ones and adds them to the group. They are then sooooo easy to manage. We used to have the WAP54G's scattered around which meant you had to log in to each AP individually to make changes. With these you can make the change once in the software and BOOM! it's done. The POE adapters come with it so I didn't have to place them near outlets. You can just place them anywhere you can run Ethernet cable. The range is excellent and the price is unbeatable.
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