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on September 20, 2012
The Ubiquiti UniFi access points are easily in the same class as Cisco Aironet 1040 access points but are a fraction of the price. A single UAP-LR covers my entire house (and patio) with great signal strength, and replaced two older "consumer grade" 802.11g APs. It doesn't bog down with a dozen (or more) connected and active devices like our old APs did. And it's never "locked up" requiring a reboot to allow new connections like the old ones did every month or so.

It's worth pointing out that Ubiquiti UniFi wireless products are not "consumer products" (as in home retail consumers). They are targeted for commercial application, comparable to Cisco Aironet wireless products. In other words, they are not targeted towards the average home user where you just plug it in and it works. You need to have knowledge about networking and be willing to potentially do the initial configuration on a "sandbox" (isolated) network unless you're willing to disrupt your "live" network. The controller used for configuring/monitoring it is Java based, so if you have other software that is dependent on specific Java versions, then you will want to use a separate VM to install and run the controller from. The device itself is actually running a Linux kernel, and allows you to SSH into it to do troubleshooting, but I've only logged into it out of curiosity. It's an amazingly well engineered device.

It provides a variety of features that commercial network admins will appreciate, like multiple VLANs, QoS (per user rate limiting), WMM, and isolated Guest traffic (and a whole bunch of guest user features like billing integration). But residential installations can simply skip those since they aren't enabled by default (although home installs probably would want to enable WMM to prioritize voice and video). It also supports L3 management if you have multiple subnets and APs.

Cables don't typically come with commercial products and this is no exception. The device provides a clean ceiling mount installation with no visible cables and a very sleek low profile appearance. You simply need to drill a hole for the cable and then two for the anchors (a template is provided). The hardest part was snaking the cat5e cable down from the attic in my vaulted ceiling, but it was worth the effort. It comes with a Ubiquiti proprietary 24 Volt power PoE adapter. Note this model AP can't be 802.3af 48 volt PoE switch powered like the more expensive UAP-Pro model, so you have to use the included PoE adapter. Be aware that you shouldn't locate the AP where people will regularly be within 6-7 feet of it - it's putting out 27 dBm @ 2.4 GHz! The Tx radio is about 3 times more powerful than most home APs, which explains why one of these will replace 2 (or even 3) consumer grade APs.

In a nutshell, the Ubiquiti UAP-LR provides commercial grade performance and features but at a home user price. But don't expect home user ease of setup. Highly recommended for network geeks who want a kicka** AP at home and you're too honest to steal a Cisco 1040 from work. Sure, the 1040 is dual band N but it only puts out a max 20 dBm (and costs 3x the UAP-LR).

Update July 12, 2015: After 39 months of trouble-free operation, my unit sometimes will not restart after a power outage. It takes several power on/off cycles on the PoE adapter to get it to boot and run. I ruled out the PoE injector as the problem by swapping it with another and the result is the same. Looks like it's about at it's EOL. Not sure what I'll replace it with. It's a great AP, but I think there might be better options out there now since Ubiquiti hasn't really been updating their product line in the past three years.
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on October 23, 2012
I design, install, and maintain computer networks for a living. A local hotel needed more reliable WiFi and I quoted them for Cisco hardware. The price was too high so we decided to try these out instead. Compared to the old hardware we have fewer access points, and more reliable WiFi. In practice they have about the same range as the Cisco hardware we originally quoted and we have not had to play around with them since they were installed. They just work.

Keep in mind this is commercial equipment and if you need help hire someone who knows what they are doing. None of the setup made me think too hard or sweat a decision. If you are familiar with terms like SSID, PSK, and VLAN this will be a breeze.

The package contains all that you need except an existing network and ethernet cables.
Specifically it contains a POE injector, wall mounting ring and screws with drywall anchors, as well as a metal ring and longer screws for suspended ceiling installs but the rings could be used to hang the access point from just about anything flat. There is no hardware to mount this from a pole or mast but that's just fine since it is an indoor access point.
Finally it contains the software and manuals needed for configuration. Those are also available for free from the manufacturer's website.

This product does require that you use proprietary software to configure it. You should probably know what you want your SSID and PSK to be and you will get to choose your username and password. Finally the management suite is fairly deep for the price, it supports VLANs, multiple WLANs, user groups, and more.

One novelty I found myself using despite calling the feature stupid at the outset is a map that allows you to make notes about the location and function of each device.
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on January 27, 2013
I've used these for a while but today was the big test. I had 100 users coming in for a conference, each user had a iPad or laptop. I was really nervous to see if this access point could handle 100+ users. We'll the conference started at 8:30AM this morning and its now going on 11:00AM. I have consistently had over 80+ users on and everyone is flying. Im EXTREMELY impressed with this access point. I have it hooked to a Netgear 1750 wireless router but i have the Netgears wireless turned off. Im basically just using the Netgear for DHCP and DNS. Our cable connection is a 80\5 connection which is just the high end business class cable connection. So far so good!
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on December 18, 2012
So, I am a computer tech since 1995 so I have been around and seen a few things here and there. Almost 4 years ago we bought a house with some older plaster walls that have the metal mesh in them and I have been struggling to buy all sorts of devices that are $500 and less. My issue was always that the wifi was in the garage and it would NOT work in the livingroom which is about 30 feet away at a diagonal with a few walls in between. I have tried Hawking outdoor high power AP's INSIDE my house, I have tried enGenius outdoor for $289 inside the attic, I have had the most luck with having the Apple Airport Extreme, I have tried every linksys, cisco, netgear, dlink, luxul and more products. The issue was always the same, I would not get proper wireless in my house and on top of that, the AP's usually would either drop off or just malfunction constantly from the interference from the wireless baby monitor we have. Long story short, I finally stumbled onto Ubiquiti because one of the AP's I got at my supplier was by PDQ which turned out to be just a company using ubiquiti antennas and netgear routers and packaging them as their AP stations. So I took a chance and got this Unifi LR model, placed it in my garage, left the medium signal strength and WOW! I had more coverage that was stable and interference free in most of my house! Was getting about 60% coverage. So, I mounted it a hallway in the middle of my house, set the signal to HIGH and now, I have FULL WiFi reception about a 40 foot radius in any direction including the garage without a single dropped packet and it doesnt even seem to be bothered by the baby cam and even my URC remote controls work properly in every room... I have tried all sorts of expensive junk and I am amazed how well this works compared to ther items.

The software is picky to the java version and windows version you have. My advice, uninstall JAVA from your pc FIRST, then install the Ubiquiti software which will reinstall their needed version of java. After that, it's easy as pie to setup. It allows you to setup as many AP's as you want and all as one AP/Network!

Amazing product, thank you Ubiquiti, I am forever greatful and will start replacing all of my client's AP's with these units... I finally found what I have been searching for.

--UPDATE 01/2013--

Just rolled out 2 of these in one of my clients commercial building (about 8000sq ft) and I got full bars in every corner. The software was awesome, within 20 minutes of powering on the AP's, I had setup a main management level wifi with full networking and bandwidth, and then created a "users" group in the unifi software and throttled their wifi to 1mb/0.5mb and setup their own separate wifi with guest access to prevent network access. The software is absolutely amazing. I recommend to pair this with a Luxul XBR2300 router which is how I install these all the time now (3 setups done, 2 to go). My house is still working great and THANK YOU UBIQUITI for a reliable, solid and affordable prodcut!
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on July 19, 2015
Very easy to setup with the latest software and works great using the standard settings. Before and after signal heat apps attached.

I bought the LR long range unit but the highest power setting caused some problems due to too much signal so the standard unit is fine for in the home.
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on May 3, 2015
Had my UniFi Acces Point for over 8 months now and boy, if I could buy another... I would, but I don't need to - because this doohickey more than adequately provides full signal bars all throughout my 3-level home. I have 3 signal bars halfway down the block when getting mail and even able to access my wifi when at the neighbors across the street. I have it mounted on the ceiling on the upper floor and used an existing speaker/ceiling drop which I routed its wire to the media panel which fortunately is also on the upper floor. I was able to find the location of media cabinet from my unfinished attic by poking through the ceiling with a fiberglass wire pull rod and leading it to the access point. Wear a mask... you don't wanna be breathing in the fiberglass insulation up there.

[UPDATE - 12 Months Later]
Still solid as heck... no fails at all and reboots/recovers smoothly after broadband failure or from a power loss. Super strong signals and zero complaints of laggy internet even during large parties.
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on February 25, 2014
I have purchase countless Ubiquiti products since their launch in 2005. I do give this product 5 stars even though I have a bit of negative feedback in this review. The negative feedback is not for the product or the seller... but to some of the reviewers. For those that are just scanning feed backs before purchasing... if you are someone that has never used Ubiquiti products before, or have no understanding of network infrastructure, or evidently like some reviewers here have no concept of what the word "Enterprise" means, just move on to another product. If you are looking to simply add WiFi to your home and have no clue what you're doing, you should either visit a retail store and talk with someone there about a home access point or wireless router (there is a difference) or look in to Ubiquiti's wireless home routers(AirRouter). Those types of devices have a simplified setup process for home users. If you are looking to get an extremely powerful AP and would like to use advanced features such as seeing the amount of data your devices on your wireless network are using, kick/block certain devices from accessing the internet, restrict how much data devices can use, manage multiple APs with software running on a single machine, and much, much more... this is a great AP for that.

This is an Enterprise solution, meaning it is designed for larger network infrastructures in mind. It can be used in a home based network but know that you need to install software on a machine and configure this AP.


Look at large number of positive reviews and notice that many of the people that are using them are in a business environment and quite possibly IT personnel:
Commercial grade - more power than a Cisco 1040
Commercial WiFi done cheap and well
Enterprise level wifi at consumer level price!

Look at the very small number of negative reviews and notice that many of them have no clue what this device was designed for or how to utilize such a product:
I can't put it to work!
Don't buy Ubiquiti APs - Being forced to use a config software without a standard web config is a deal-breaker (just like Apple APs)

I love it when people generalize/stereotype... Don't buy Ubiquiti because it uses a software config instead of a standard web config? Really? Have you looked at any other products by Ubiquiti? This is one of the only ones that even have a software config and it does for a reason... (ENTERPRISE!!!)

If you decide to purchase this product for your home and you spend the time to learn how to utilize this device, I am sure that you will find that Ubiquiti product are a superior product. It is the reason they are one of the world's leaders in wireless networking. They actually have wireless antennas that can connect networks over 50km away!

If you decide to purchase this product and you do NOT spend the time to learn how to utilize it... please seek assistance, do NOT post your incompetency here and try to throw dirt on a good name for the rest of us to have to read.
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on October 22, 2014
My first time experience with this product was good. I am an experienced IT consultant, and did not find the setup hard- but as other reviewers have noted, the experience is VERY different than the process used with the typical consumer router/WiFi.

Others have noted many details, but here are a couple concepts that I have not seen mentioned so far:
With these access points you do not configure the unit directly. The required (and not included in the box) management software guides you through the initial setup with so little fuss that it's not obvious what it did. My first unit was ready to use in minutes, once I had downloaded and installed the management software (the download link is listed in the quick start guide, but not very obvious.)

So here are the concepts Ubiquiti uses, but are not well laid out in the literature:

Settings of all kinds are stored in a "site" - and stored in the management software of the computer you are using, not in the access point (at first.)
This includes the the admin user name and password, the SSID, and the pre-shared key (which is the official name of the WiFi password.)
When you connect the UniFi to your LAN, the management software discovers it and lists it as an "unplaced" Access point. Using a graphical drag and drop interface, you "place" the unit in a site - and when you drop it there, with no further action on the part of the user, the management software pushes all the relevant settings out to the new access point.
You don't see this happen during the initial wizard, if this is a brand new installation on a PC that has never had the software before. In a brand new install, a site called "default" is created, and the new access point is place in the site with the settings you entered in response to questions from the wizard.
If you are setting up a single one of these access points for home use - that's it. You are done. It's disconcertingly quick, and leaves you thinking there must be more to do.
The simplicity is partly because the wizard is good, but mostly because there really is not a lot to set on a device like this that is a pure access point. It's not a router, it doesn't do NAT, or fire walling, or port forwarding, or QOS, or DHCP. It doesn't need, and normally would not have a fixed IP address.
It's just an access point - but it is a very, very good access point. Far better range and throughput than my ASUS RT-N16, which is a pretty good unit itself.
So, it's a great addition to a network that already has a router, and needs WiFi. Where it really starts to shine is if you need to cover a large space with multiple access points. Add another unit to the LAN, open the management software, drag it to the "site" and you are done. You can add dozens, or even hundreds. And when you do, they have a feature that is not available on any home WiFi: they create a single large Wifi coverage area, and the units talk to each other, and keep track of what client devices are connected to which access point, and automatically hand off from one to another, similar to the way cell towers hand your phone off to a different tower.
Lastly, to clear up one common question: You DO NOT need the management software running on any computer on the LAN for all the good stuff to happen. Access points DO store the settings internally in non-volatile memory. Units DO talk directly to each other to do the cool roaming hand off independent of the console. You only need to run the management console to make changes. And if you have a bunch of access points in a "site", the changes are automatically pushed out to all the units in a "rolling update"
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on November 15, 2013
I use one of these in my home and three of them at my place of employment. I'm very impressed with the range. For my home use, I previously used a different brand and had problems with coverage even after purchasing the range extender antennas supplied by the manufacturer. With the Unifi LR, I have no range problems.

These access points do not have a built-in web-based configuration interface like most consumer-model access points. Instead, you have to install the included controller software on one of your computers. It runs on Linux, Windows, or Mac. If you have just one of these access points, you may not see much value in having controller software. However, if you have several APs, the controller software make managing them a breeze.
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on June 10, 2014
This is a fantastic Access Point. Well worth the money in my case. I purchase an ASUS RT-AC66U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1750, and honestly I loved it as a router, and the features it has BUT for a wifi the range wasn't good enough for me. Also had alot of issues with going outside and then coming back into the house. Phone would show wifi connection but wouldn't work. Was forced to turn off wifi on my phone and then turn it back on every time. Needless to say it was getting very annoying. Also when having Bon fires in my back yard around 200ft away from the house wifi was spotty and basically wouldn't work correctly.

Since installing the new Long Range AP wifi has been great. No dropped connections when going outside then back inside. 2-3 bars at my bonfire pit, in fact I can go to my back fence around 400-500 ft from the house and get stable 2 bar connection from this Access Point. Tested Speeds from that distance and its working as it should.

Unifi Software is amazing. I love the software that you download from the manufacturer. Makes setup very easy. Its not for the timid though. I work in the IT field and this AP setup in about 5 mins. I can see Novice to intermediate IT experience having some issues with the setup. Now some of the documentation may seem lacking but this is geared for enterprises, this is for actual Businesses. So the support and documentation is supplied accordingly.

When you first install the software make sure to click the upgrade tab and update the firmware on the Access Point. I noticed I was getting horrible speeds at first. After upgrading the firmware it started showing correct speeds.

Make Sure you check the Wifi Channel of your neighbors wifi. Picking the correct channel will ensure uninterrupted signal. I used an app on my android phone called wifi explorer to make this happen. Also if your adding more than one AP using Unifi you need to pick a different channel for the second Access Point, so its important to know what channel your Access Point is using.

Distance Tests with the POE adapter make a couple things clear, it does matter how far the Ethernet cord is from the POE adapter. The distance from where the LAN is coming in doesn't seem to matter (Within Reason you should know the max distance of a ethernet cord and not to surpass that). Where it matters is how far the device is from the POE port on the POE injector. I setup mine so its behind my entertainment center so that from the AP to the POE port its about 7 feet. Before I did that i was running everything from my server room in my basement. Was getting less than half the speed I was supposed to. Moving the POE injector closer fixed that issue.

Overall easy to setup for a person who understands networking, could be difficult for a normal user. Has amazing range and stable. If you have setup other routers in the past this shouldn't be that difficult. I purchased this for home because I needed it but also because I plan on installing 3 of these in a new office building we are moving to at work.

If you have a questions I will be happy to help out. Comment below
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