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on November 29, 2016
Okay, so after many failed attempts with Ubisoft (the developer) and Amazon to get CDs of these games that worked I've finally went with the digital download. The file is massive (8G) and takes a while to download but if you have the space this is the way to go. No worrying about busted registration codes or anything.

That said, buying the game has been one of the few great experiences I've had with this product. Not to say that the game is bad (it isn't). In fact, I'm rather enjoying it. Still there's something off about it.

My first complaint is that the game is very short. I'm through the second memory block and I've already hit 10% completion. The map in which you can move is also very small. It's a fraction of the size compared to Rome in the previous game.

The new additions to gameplay are fun but nothing outstanding. Basically, the main reason to purchase this game is to complete the trilogy and find out what happens to the main character. Other than that everything feels very flat. It's as if this should have been included with the last game (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood) but they decided to spin it off for a little extra profit.
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on June 25, 2014
Got this one for just under 5 bucks and it looks like the price doubled the same day. Used the Amazon downloader and probably should've just activated it on Ubi and cut out the middle man. I do do that with Steam products. Even as I was ordering this one noticed I was seeing a $4.99 offer and also noticed the same deal going for $11.99 don't know what's up with that other than the price changed the same day I was ordering. They do have a disc that is cheaper but by the time you pay shipping etc etc. Don't know why they don't just give you the key code.
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on October 24, 2014
I bought Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed Revelations, both for Windows 7 (64-bit). Both install and work perfectly with my Xbox 360 wireless controller for Windows. You just have to remember to set it to the Xbox controller under Options. The updates are huge (over 1GB) even installing the 8GB from DVD. I sure wouldn't want to buy the online download version, that would be almost 10GB with updates!

The graphics quality is amazing on my HP laptop widescreen HD monitor at the highest resolution (1920 x something, can't remember exact number) with NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Sound quality through my Bose wi-fi speaker is fantastic. Control is seamless. This game was way ahead of its time, amazing even today in its resolution, realism, and game play.

UPDATE: If your Assassin's Creed Revelations will not install (as I've heard some say the Uplay installer crashes), then it's possible you need updated drivers on your computer to play this game, or your computer does not meet the minimum requirements. I can't advise you, and recommend you contact Uplay technical support (at Ubisoft) to help you troubleshoot the problem. I can say it installed seamlessly with Windows 7 64-bit and all the latest updates to the time of installation. Many people don't keep up with Windows updates because they're bandwidth and time consuming, but problems with installation of games is one consequence of lacking due diligence in updating Windows.
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on April 2, 2013
ubisoft seems to be going backwards in the gameplay as they have not fixed any of the problems I have seen yet. walk up to a guard to assassinate and what does he do? just stands there and extends his knife and sheathes it. really? is that what the assassin's guild is training their members to do? hmmmmm to many bombs and guns. fighting isn't much fun anymore. doesn't seem like stealth is even a factor anymore. the templar captains will notice you from 3 blocks away when all your doing is walking on rooftops. trying to attack specific enemies is very difficult. I constantly get switched to enemies I don't want to attack. my vision is forced in directions I don't want it during battle even if I press LT(xbox 360 controller) to disable target lock which annoyingly locks automatically whether you want it to or not if an enemy attacks you which makes running and climbing very difficult which is what made this series in the first place.
there are a few new things I've liked so far which is the blade hook. helps you to climb faster and you can slide down ropes. counter steal and grab which is pretty cool in a fight. helps to get medicine if you're all out and about to die. timing on the counters seems to be a little off on this game though. I will play through the game for the story and thats about it. may just youtube the story for the next few. not sure I want to give ubisoft any more money. Oh and if you don't already know this game binds itself to your uplay account and can't be used to on any other account ever. so don't buy used copy of the game. it's worthless. I myself made up an account just for the game so I can sell later. will only play once.


wow I have been trying out the multiplayer for this game the last week or so and OMG this game is horribly made. there is no fighting which I figured would be a big part of the game. so it's only assassination kills. sometimes you can't even kill you can only stun. wtf? guess your sword only works sometimes. you can be half way through a jump trying to outrun someone and the game will pull you back onto the roof or ledge and give the other player the kill unless you are the one trying to kill then they get away. really? half the time the contested kills and stuns don't even work. the climbing is way different than in the regular game so playing story mode isn't even practice. this game is horrible. it just gets me pissed off and I regret buying it more than ever now. I can't play it anymore. I can't sell it cuz ubisoft makes you register it so that it's worthless. horrible company and horrible game. won't be buying anymore more products from ubisoft ever again.


just changed my password for Uplay and couldn't sign in for hours and ended up changing my password like 5 times till it finally let me sign in on one. this company keeps getting worse and worse. avoid Ubisoft at all costs. will never buy another Ubisoft product again.
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on December 29, 2013
Personally, I like to beat-up on annoying citizens and switch over to first-person view to see their facial expressions afterwards... Ubisoft seems to have taken that view-mode out.

Though I hated Minstrels in Ezio's previous games, what I loved even more was being able to savagely beat them up and hear them lamenting at my disapproval of their musical "art"; they only appear in one mission in this game.

Ezio doesn't have a cape (Armor of Brutus isn't available for the PC version of AC:Revelations)!!! That's sacrilege!

I used to hate how in AC:Brotherhood, horses would always seem to get in your way whenever you wanted to loot corpses. While there are no horses to pester you here (except for missions that involve a horse-drawn carriage), I actually miss being able to swing my sword while on horseback like a mad man, and to recklessly plow through unsuspecting civilians by just running through them!

Subject 16's Puzzles... yeah... they're not exactly in this game compared to AC2 and Brotherhood. Those were fun.

Listening to Shawn and Rebecca bicker at every chance they get.

If Ezio is your favorite Assassin in the entire franchise, and care a lot about his story, there's practically no reason you should skip buying this game.

While there are actually Italians living in Constantinople (in-game), they don't shout/exclaim "Assassino!" when they see you kill a guard (or an innocent bystander) as in previous games..... I always liked hearing that in AC2 and AC:Brotherhood.... "ASSASSINO!"
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on January 25, 2013
I may not have given it many stars but that is because as a longtime fan of the series I felt it paled in comparison to the earlier entries but if you have not played earlier games or only a little then I would recommend it to you.

Before I start ranting I want to establish what liked about the game:
First, pretty much anything that was established in Brotherhood like the assassin recruits, the more aggressive combat, parachutes and Borgia towers. Second, the hook blade is not completely revolutionary but it allows you to jump higher when climbing, quickly traverse the city on ziplines and knock down or run past opponents. Third, the bombs that allow you distract, wound or kill guards but despite the large variety only a few are actually practical. Thats really about it, but its still the same Assassin's Creed and the dumb fun you get from stealthy assasinations and fighting of large guard groups is still quite enjoyable.

What I didn't like doesn't completely compromise the game but with such a large, creative and well funded team they should have certainly been able to make something more compelling:
First, the story is boring, anti-climatic and a pretty much unimportant tale that just witnesses (spoilerish)Enzio passing on the torch, it rides far too smoothly and they never even attempt to throw a curveball, the story is how you expect from the start. The characters were rather dull, I felt no despair when one died and no anguish against betrayal. I was hoping that a healthy chunk of the game would be re-living Altair's memories but instead there are only a few parts that all take place in the Maysaf castle, disappointing but not the worst the game has to offer.

The combat was not changed that much but I found it irrating that could'nt counter attacks in time (possibly due to the mouse and keyboard, I strongly recommend a controller or playing on a console) in addition one of they enemies can shoot you with a pistol in one hand and a sword in the other, its impossible to guard against this assault and there might be multiple enemies doing this so I get shot 3 times, while I desperately try to disrupt one of them.

Going on I disliked how they made one rather large city instead of 3 or more smaller ones, some people may find that it gives the developers more time to do one city well instead of 3 poorly but I get bored of visiting the same locations and witnessing the same architectures whereas every city in AC2 was fundamentally different.

The Monetary system also felt rigged, like it was meant for a larger game and longer storyline but I felt like I could rarely keep above 20000 quid. My finances require me to pay for medicine, ammunition, repairs and bribes but I also have to buy shops in order to pay the shopkeepers, the game only has 1 of each shop open in the beginning so you have to buy pretty much every shop in order to quickly make purchases. Not only does this drain my pouch it also takes forever to find and buy them and every time you do so you gain a 25% increase in notieriety, which in turn can only be drained by bribing heralds (public officials are rare, I only found 1 in my playtime)

Overall its a decent game but loses points for a weak story, thin environment, some weak spots in combat (for the most part its terrific) and mostly because it doesnt add anything new both in story and gameplay, yes it has hook blades and bombs but combat and platforming remain completely untouched and makes a very poor finish to the Enzio trilogy.
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on March 14, 2015
this is the first game i purchased and the one that got me hooked. when I can find them under $5 or $10 for the PC I buy them. have I, II, III, REV, IV, and D/L content plus "extra content packages or whatever". the only one I paid $30 for was IV with all the (scam) DLC and expansion package (that's it) on steam for $30 which I thought was worth it until it took over 24 hours on frontier DSL to d/l from them. someday high speed will come to this area OF AMERICA!!

so far i like this the best out of all named in this review. although the new TR GOTY?! I stopped playing AC and played that until I beat it ENTIRELY. which took about 2 weeks plus at no special hurry. but sickeningly, HOURS work shift HOURS of playing. kind of like writing amazon reviews.
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on July 13, 2016
This was my second Assassin's Creed game: I'd played part of Black Flag before.
The mechanics were a fairly big change from Black Flag; I fell off a lot more buildings in this game than in Black Flag.
I really enjoyed it! You can tell it is older than the newer games, but I enjoyed it all the way through :D

Revelations is beautiful. It's a work of art, and I mean that. It could be in an art gallery. I had several times when I paused what I was doing and just gazed at the city around me; the game is that great.
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on May 6, 2017
I'm a fan of AC games so I got it on Amazon for a great price. I recommend it to anyone who likes to play in an open world.
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on April 8, 2017
A much better Assassin's Creed than the Brotherhood. Play this one twice over playing through the Brotherhood game.
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