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on March 24, 2015
My first entry into the Assassin's Creed Series. I picked it because of the Historical time period. I read the posted reviews before purchasing and obviously many of them were written by "hard core" gamers, which I am not. I enjoy single player only and have had bad experiences on line attempting multiplayer games. There are certain parts of AC3 that are a little tedious, but that happens with all games. But, with the shear enjoyment of searching vast worlds and getting absorbed with the story, I am thoroughly impressed. There are multi side missions that you can get involved in for hours. One major issue that came about, was with the cloud save. I was about half way through the game when my save games would not sync with cloud and everything was lost. I had no choice but to start over. The scenes at the beginning are long and you can't skip them. After several re-starts I checked on-line for a solution. If you don't need the cloud for multiple computers, go to the gear icon in the start up and disable it. if you are on a single computer no problem. Fingers crossed, at this point games are saved. The hunting scenes are great as well as the ship and land battle fights. Don't over analyze it, just play it and have fun. "Fight on Connor"
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on March 15, 2016
Ever since I heard about the AC franchise, I've been interested. Games that revolve around story and character are my thing, so AC's beautiful mesh between history and fantasy was an instant draw. There was however the maturity rating to look at, and I didn't have an Xbox or ps. For a long time I totally ignored the game. One day I happened to watch an AC walk through episode. I knew that somehow I HAD to get a game. I did.
The first thing I'll say is that this game is extremely gory, an I was glad for the ability to turn said gore OFF. In today's world, it's hard to find games with such an option. Unfortunately, there are a few moments where the cursing elevates and the sexuality rises, and I can't turn that off. In any case I'm glad that the creators allowed some self-censorship. No one should have to watch a good game go by because the content is against their standards, and no one who likes the things that contradict with these standards should suffer for it either. The ability to control gore was a great compromise, and maybe there could be a way to blank out particularly offending curse words and sexual scenes. Yes, I know I'm giving suggestions a little (a lot) late, but it's something to consider.
The story was so... So... SO immersive. I love stories of the Revolutionary War, and meeting historical figures such as a certain Benjamin Franklin in the eyes of a fictional character was astonishing. My family was around during my first playthrough, and they can testify that I had a heartattack at every little historical reference. Playing Haytham was very fun to be contrary to some of the comments I've heard; I was actually kind of sad to find out I wouldn't the entire game. Connor though was equally amusing. I thought his background was awesome and his journey to heroism even better, especially because I got to join him. The only thing I disliked about Conner was the VERY annoying Native American voice overs. I don't know if the language was authentic or not, but it sure sounded choppy and downright irritating. Other than that the main characters were well rounded and captivating.
Here comes the bad news: I bought the game for PC. And the controls suck. It's very, very difficult to do anything stealthily, and this led to many, many frustrated sessions of trying to beat one bloody level in the first few sequences. Add the fact that the PC game does have a few glitches (Haytam refuses to hide in the tall grass sometimes, instead deciding assassinating people right in front of the enemy was the best choice.) and you have a fuming, hysterical girl who forgoes full synchronization and just wants to beat the dang level. It's possible I'm just bad at the game, but seeing as I have a history of figuring out controls and techniques pretty quickly, I don't think that's the case.
All in all AC3 was a really fun, cool game, and I definitely plan on getting my hands on some of the newer ones (Syndicate anyone?). I do recommend that if at all possible you buy an Xbox to play it on or a PC compatible control because the PC controls were mindtearing and there were a few glitches.
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on February 20, 2014
Having played all of the AC games (excepting a few non PC platforms and DLC content), I'm very invested in this series. All four games up until 3 have been more or less fantastic. Maybe this one will be too. I'm only a few hours into the game, and I'm hoping that things take a turn for the better. I tend to buy AAA big titles at least 6 months to a year after they've first come out so I don't have to deal with bugs, therefor that hasn't been a problem for me. The plot thus far is pretty simple, if not all together unexciting. Again, progress will show. Won't even bother talking about graphics because it's post 2010 and every game has beautiful architecture, character models, color & lighting, etc. The biggest drawback to the game is, for me, the most important part: the controls are abysmal. Revelations had taken on a bit of the sluggish momentum from the first game, differing from 2 and Brotherhood with Ezio as a spry, young lad and feeling light as a feather. 3 however has the feeling of walking around with anvils attached to your legs. This could easily be forgiven except for the fact that the action layout for combat has been changed. After four entire games with a sensible, instinctive format, they decided to change it? First of all, for long time fans it's a confusing washout; for newcomers it's completely non-intuitive. This has essentially ruined gameplay; instead of a fluid, immersive trail through the game, combat has created a series rigid walls of boring reaction based button presses between annoying (and often unnecessary) cutscenes. This has been a big let down, and I really hope they've changed combat back to how it originally was for future games.
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on December 22, 2014
Half way through installing the game I got a message that Punkbuster had not installed because it did not have access, but the game installed anyway. I then tried to play the game and got a message that a file was missing and the game would not play, that I might be able to correct this by re-installing the game. During re-installing the game I again got a message that Punkbuster was not installed and when I tried to play I got a message that a file was missing. I think Punkbuster is a malware program that my computer was set up to block. They do not tell you before you buy the game what malware is on it and block you from playing if you do not accept their malware. Enough said?
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on April 3, 2013
Great for any revolutionary history buff and those learning about it along with exploring another of Desmond's ancestors. There are a ton of side things to do besides the main narrative the same as ACII. I like the changes to the combat system and additional skills. The graphics and animation are improved as to be expected as technology advances. It overall feels more organic and alive though I will admit that certain elements feel rushed or added as an afterthought. It doesn't have the finished feel of ACII. But I am also willing to accept that it could be as much the fact that as the AC story comes closer to modern times, the history feels less exotic. It's hard to compare the American revolution to the birth of the Rennaisance and feel the same emotional pull.

Understand that elements of the revolution are not played out exactly as they happened due to it being a game and the need to incorporate Connor somehow. Same as with ACII but like the previous game there is a journal built in where you can read accurate biographical information about the historical places and characters in question.

That being said, I never found Connor Kenway any less dynamic than Ezio or Altair. He is certainly his own personality so don't expect him to be either of them in different robes. He is the first Native American to get a title role that represents one of the many North American cultures so honestly and free of stereotypes and romanticisms. This was done with the help of a hired team of Native consultants from the same culture that Connor represents. This also included Native voice actors and whole cut scenes entirely in one of the Mohawk dialects with subtitles. It also properly addresses an overlooked facet of North American culture that many tribes or bands were matrilineal and looked to elder women as their leaders.

ACIII upholds the Ubisoft standard of being not only entertainment but a vehicle to cultural and historical appreciation for those interested in pursuing the "real story" outside the game.
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on January 6, 2013
I got this game for Christmas and installed it the same day but just recently got around to playing it, originally there were some massive lag issues but that was on my end, not the game's (I'm on a laptop with a 650M GPU that was underclocking itself as the new Kepler technology tends to do when the chip gets hot, so I had to force the GPU's clock to remain at a single clock as opposed to letting it fluctuate). Now that it's fixed I get a solid 40-60 FPS at 1600 x 900 (native for me) resolution with almost everything on max or the middle aside AA. I'm about 7 hours or so into the story, which I find nicely written, though as someone who likes history I find some plot points cringe worthy. I like the historical accuracy mixed with the studio's own sometimes humorous fiction.

There are some weird plot points I feel that don't make sense but are overall minor and insignificant to the plot.

Overall the game is very fun and the only install issue I had is that I failed to realize the code needed to be typed exactly how it is written into uPlay, which is a nice system for DRM, it allows you to unlock content for using their awards system, whenever you get an achievement you get uplay points which you can spend on more content. I've yet to play without an internet connection so I'm not sure how that will fair, but time will tell.

One of my favorite features is being able to captain a ship, they could make a game entirely based on this type of combat, it feels reminiscent of Battlestations Pacific in how the ship is controlled but more simple like it should be. They integrate the mission types well, there are missions to make trade routes more secure for when you conduct trade with ships, as well as story missions that are good. some of the earlier trade route missions are completed easily and in under a couple of minutes but they get longer and more enjoyable

I will attempt to address some of the complaints people have been posting about in newer reviews:

The controls they're fairly easy to use; holding right mouse button makes you sprint/run and if you run into an object you'll climb/jump on it and this is how you get around. I have little issue with this, I've climbed up things I didn't mean to while sprinting but it's never been serious enough to make me fail a mission or anything.

Hunting can be annoying; I've found that sticking to the trees with the hidden blade equipped provides the best result, that or stay in tall grass so you're hidden and throw bait, this is how the game teaches you to hunt in the introduction to the feature. The only hunting method I'm not sure how to do properly yet is the snare.

I do agree that full sync is hard if not impossible (for me yet) to achieve and that you have more fun going for just a few of them if any at all, sometimes it is fun to do but after a few failed missions because of trying to complete the optional objectives it's funner to just give up on them and play the story. As to the varying damage/controls being rigged to make you fail missions I've never encountered this, I didn't have any issues saving Terry or any other mission where I felt like I'm taking more damage or not acting like I should be.

I do however slightly dislike that one click of the mouse will do a massive combo attack to show off the fancy animations, while the game doesn't seriously suffer from the "one button does everything" syndrome some others do, I don't like it as much and still find myself clicking the attack button plenty while attacking because of the sheer number of animations going on.

If anyone has questions/comments I will help as best I can.
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on December 24, 2012
To start, I am a big fan of the AC (Assassin's Creed) series. I have loved everything about the games through AC 1 through Revelations. However, this one did drop down on my list as great after I played it. It wasn't that the creators weren't creative and great in the making of the game. The most disappointing things, to me, were the eagle vision change and the combat system change.
The eagle vision change was that it became so dark that if you were standing in the forest and you had your horse next to you, you couldn't see it. It was pitch black. You could see some things sure, that were colored a certain color by your eagle vision, and maybe if the game allowed you to see, but beyond that, not much. It was annoying.
Also, the combat system change was that you could counter, probably easier than you could before, but you could only counter when an icon came up. I enjoyed it better when you could use your eyes to just watch for an attack, like AC 1 or 2. Seriously, I would sometimes just have eagle vision running and see my enemies in red and watch who would attack next and counter then chain. With this new system of attacking you can only counter when the icon comes up, which isn't always when someone's attacking, which proves to be a pain because you can't get out of the way fast enough so you take a hit.
I honestly wouldn't mind the "no magic potions" policy if the combat system was good enough so I could take out enemies as easy as I could in the past games.
Also, the combat system doesn't react like it did in the past. In the past, enemies would usually die after a certain amount of hits, not in this game. Thus, the game loses some realism from that. It annoyed me also. You'd literally have to go all the way through the combo or counter or chain of a kill in order to kill someone. To anyone who's played and is reading this, you've probably experienced this annoyance at one point or another.
You'll probably be most annoyed with this when you've died a couple of times because the ease of killing isn't as simple as in the past games.
Also, whilst you gain a bow and arrow, and can do a huge amount of stuff, your back to a similar weapon set in AC Brotherhood, without the ease of killing enemies as quickly and easily. For anyone who's played AC Brotherhood you should know I considered Brotherhood a lot better than this game.
The way Connor is in the game really hasn't excited me near as much as the scenes outside the game. Sorry Connor, but the game doesn't show you off well, thus you take a back-seat to Altair and Ezio.
I am amazed at Altair and Ezio, but I'm afraid, thanks to in-game play, I can't put Connor in the same category as those two. Sure, Connor is a great fighter and person, but I just imagine Ezio or Altair fighting in this time, with their combat system, slashing through enemies in half the time or less and being able to control and aid the people in a way that would cut the work time that Connor does in half or less. If Connor was as good in-game, at least to me, as he was outside the game I would equivelate him to Ezio and Altair, but the game really doesn't cut it with Connor.
In full honesty, I do find the real Connor, who is best shown by his scenes outside the game, as a Master Assassin along with Ezio and Altair.
Moving on, you don't have your quickness with firing off bullets anymore, due to the "new and improved" muskets and hand-guns. Also, the newer bombs from AC Revelations are gone. The only real upside to me, in weapons, was the hook-blade, which is an awesome thing to have. The bow, really, just takes the place of the crossbow, to me. Honestly, though, I think I like the crossbow more.
Moving on to the positives now, the game is awesome on the storyline side. The storyline was very creative and well done. I can actually understand why some things are different and why the story doesn't accommodate some weapons and gaining of money like before. Both Desmond's Story and the main Animus story are awesome. I was very impressed with Desmond's story. Although, the combat system is the same for Desmond's Story, so no go for easier kills in the real world either. Remembering something from the beginning of the game, I thought Connor was supposed to help Desmond out with his skills. Besides climbing, I think the fighting methodology, from in-game, really doesn't help Desmond at all. He should've stuck with the fighting skills of Ezio and Altair, those two should cover it.
The naval battles of this game are awesome also. These things are, sadly, some of the only things that probably gave me a rush playing this game. I didn't really gain much rush at many points throughout the game besides the naval battles. Possibly the experience from dying a couple times in a row due to a poor combat system might have set me on the major negative for this game.
Anyways, the naval battles are definitely great to play through. Although, I don't know if you can play them through again once you finish they are awesome missions. Being able to gun down enemy ships and such is always awesome, at least to me. The experience of being able to maneuver your ship through the sea is a great feeling.
The only thing that can be a bit annoying is gaining money. Whilst I'll admit I enjoy hunting, gaining money specifically from crafting and such can be very annoying as you can't just go over and buy a weapon, a naval thing, etc. Whilst I'll admit this adds to the realism, this may get annoying for you along the way. You're probably going to wonder how long it is going to take to save up for this one item that's 10,000+. I would probably tell you "a while."
Anyways, this is still a good game. However, you might find the past games more exciting.
I give this four stars due to the combat system, eagle vision, and other negatives you can find throughout the game. I'm not going to cut it down further than that as this does not qualify to be an average game. The AC series has never been that.
However, I am more looking forward to a better game next time around in the next new AC game.
Alright, thanks for reading, hope this tells you a bit about the game.
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on December 26, 2013
If you are an avid Assassin's Creed fan, and you play this, you will still find this entertaining. I am a big fan of the series, but I tried to look at this game with an objective eye.

New Engine, Game looks great
Sailing minigame is fun
Seeing historical figures, (e.g. Ben Franklin, George Washington, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere) can be kind of fun

Not many assassinations
Tutorial is essentially 10 hours
The first character you get to play as is much more interesting then the main character
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on January 10, 2013
The storyline simply doesn't make any sense or even slightly enjoyable to me. I feel zero connection or understanding of the character(s).

Being a long time Assassin fan i couldn't wrap myself around this even from the beginning roll out of the game.But ended up purchasing to see if Ubisoft would deliver a better storyline then that of the original one. Failed tremendously, but i was wowed by the level of Detail and the full use of the latest graphics capabilities. Other than that this game is quiet unplayable to me. The first couple of missions i dragged myself through are beyond weak, it may be the fact that this game is heavily revolved around guns and explosives rather than hand to hand fighting makes this freaking boring. even the hand to hand fighting is just rather difficult to understand as the mechanics often don't work as the creators intended. I see the style they tried to implement but its just no where near as good as the mechanics of the first Creed.

Major problem with Ubisoft, is that they fully implemented online game interaction foro single player gaming. Not to fun to me, another reason why gaming is starting to become burdensome. But i'll save that rant for a forum or something.

-Best Graphics I've seen next to Battlefield 3
-Smooth game play(synchronized transitioning)
-Lots of Features

-Weak and under developed Storyline
-Extremely downgraded Fighting Mechanics
-Modern weapons are annoying to use
-Heavily revolved around Modern weapon combat
-Stupid AI
-Annoying AI
-Multi-player is boring

Overall i don't recommend this game unless you just want to look at the good graphics. Which for me is like once every 2 weeks. which means its extremely under valued in comparison to other games on the market. This game should drop to about 25 bucks for its to be of any value.
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on October 6, 2014
A stunning game, despite all of the hate around it. Definitely not the worst of the AC series, and arguable one of the best-looking open world games out there. Combat feels great, and the animations are incredible. Conner (the main protagonist) has over 1000 character animations alone.
Naval combat is fun, although the old tailing missions are still here. Unfortunately, you're stuck in story missions for a little while, but as soon as those end you're free to explore however you see fit. There is so much to do, and you will never find a dull moment with this game.
The parkour system feels great, and there are tons of different weapons you can use to fight with.
Without spoiling anything, the game does have a rather upsetting ending to the desmond story, but I never much cared for the modern-day missions anyhow.
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