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This was rates very well and easy to learn by many people. I tried to get used to it to learn how to play my new electric guitar. I had always wanted to learn how to play. Either I didn't understand how to use it right or something else wasn't right though. It seems that either I missed a step but it seemed to get into doing certain chords but not really explaining how to set up my fingers to get the sounds right. It worked real well though to help do things like tune the guitar. Another downside was the limited library of some tired old rock songs. It did have good music though but not enough. You can get more if you want to purchase more. I bought it with the cable so I didn't have to buy that separately. After some time I gave up on it. I think I found it more useful to myself to watch people who created videos on YouTube as to how to play. I still haven't learned to play yet because I gave up on it for a while. I may give the app another shot now that I picked up some of the basics elsewhere.

Disclaimer: I sometimes receive products at a deep discount for my unbiased review. I was offered no incentive for purchasing this product and I am giving my own personal opinion based on how I honestly feel about the product. In other words, I paid full price for this item I purchased. I take my reviews seriously and include my own opinion and experience with each product. Just like you, the reader, I heavily rely on reviews for all of my personal purchases and because of this I want to let you know I won't rate an item 4 stars or more if I would buy it at again at full price. So you can use this as a guide to determine whether it is good or bad.

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on May 11, 2014
TL;DR: I gave it a four star rating as if Rocksmith 2014 never existed. In reality the only reason to buy Rocksmith 1 anymore is be able to import the songs into Rocksmith 2014 which cost another 10$ on top of purchase price. Both games are great for making use of that guitar you have lying around the house.

I purchased the original Rocksmith on my Xbox360 when it first came out (I picked up the PC version as my 2014 version is also on PC). I had owned a guitar for a little over a year before Rocksmith came out. The guitar just sat and collected dust for that year. After picking up Rocksmith I ended up purchasing 6 guitars (an SG, 3 Strats, a Tele,and an acoustic) and a Bass. So fair warning this can get quite expensive.

The game works well with all my guitars. It should be noted that if your intonation is of by a bit the game will have trouble registering that you played the correct fret. I had a little bit of an issue when I changed string gauge without doing a proper setup. So make sure you guitar is properly setup for best results. Also I did have a stretch of time where Windows had trouble detecting the Realtone cable from time to time. This doesn't seem to be an issue anymore or was fixed in 2014 (I'm not entirely sure; also I'm now running Windows 8.1 for reference).

On to the game play. The way the songs are presented is fairly intuitive and the game really does match your skill level. So you make quick progress in the first few weeks. After that it actually requires a bit more effort to get the chords correct and learn how to shift properly. Rocksmith 1 riff repeater is terrible for practicing tricky sections of the song you are working on.

The arcade is fun and does help you practice the fundamentals. Dawn of the Chorded is probably my favorite and helps you learn the chord names as well as develop the muscle memory for those chords.

But as the TL;DR at the top states Rocksmith 2014 is so much better than Rocksmith 1 that you won't be able to switch between the two without getting extremely frustrated at the slow and clunky UI that is Rocksmith 1. The four star rating is essentially due to the slow UI and terrible riff-repeater.

My biggest issue with both Rocksmith games is the price of the DLC. It is 3$ a song though it is slightly cheaper if bought in the multi-song packs. If you are patient, Steam has had the Rocksmith 1 DLC on sale in the past for around 50% off I think.
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on June 21, 2013
I purchased Rocksmith for the XBOX 360. Having the real tone cable, I decided to pick up the PC version as well to be able to play Rocksmith if I'm on the road or to not take up the TV (what also helped me decision was that the PC version was less than $10 when I bought it). I will review the Rocksmith game as well as compare my experience with the XBOX console version and the PC version. FYI, this download requires a Steam account. It took about an hour to download on my connection. No huge issues for me during download or installation.

Rocksmith is a pretty awesome tool for guitarists of all levels. I consider myself an intermediate guitarist. I am self-taught and mostly play acoustic/fingerstyle guitar. I caught Rocksmith on sale and decided to pick up an electric guitar to give it a shot. So far, I am not disappointed. The games main premise is to teach you songs. Learn the songs on a real guitar, score high enough and you unlock rewards and even more songs.

+Rocksmith magically adjusts to match your skill level. It catches on pretty quickly to how many notes or chords you can handle. You never have to worry about never getting to the end of the song because Rocksmith constantly adjusts the song difficulty.

+Different rehearsal modes help master songs. I really enjoy the riff repeater feature. It takes a section of the song and you can either play the section slowly, gradually picking up speed each time you complete the section perfectly. My favorite is the Leveler mode. Each time you complete the section, it adds on more notes until you reach 100% mastery. If you feel that rehearsal mode doesn't give you enough credit in attempting more complexity you can manually adjust the settings in riff repeater.

+Song selection is varied. While i'm not familiar with a lot of the songs, it was a great way to get to know other genres of music and gain appreciation for them. I think for added variety they can add some jazz and blues types of songs.

+Virtual amp & cable: You only get one tone until you start unlocking custom tones and other gears. The virtual amp is pretty awesome and is one of the biggest reasons I invested in Rocksmith. I didn't want to invest in an amp, and for a beginner, I think what Rocksmith has to offer is more than adequate. Once you start unlocking gear, you can mess around and create your own tones. Score high enough on songs and you get that song tones as well.

This edition does not come with the cable but can be purchased seperately. The cable is cross-platform so I can use it on both the XBOX and on the PC.

TO BE IMPROVED - I found the game really innovative and interesting that it's difficult to really find anything that I absolutely didn't like. Here are a few points that could be improved upon, though.

-Rhythm/Strumming - There is zero instruction on rhythm and strumming patterns. Beginning guitarists will have to go elsewhere to learn how to create appropriate strumming patterns. For strumming sections, you can get away with all downstrokes.

-Finger placement - I think that Rocksmith could have easily added an option to display suggest finger placement on the fretboard. It already shows you, quite uselessly with fingerprints, that you should move your finger from one fret to another. However, it doesn't suggest which ones.

-Guitarcade - Guitarcade is a bit of a letdown. Some of the games can be useful tools such as Ducks/Superducks which lets you practice finding the right note on the fretboard. however, for many of the games, they are just that, games. I think there could have been more added value with a bit more focus on learning or another mode that was focused on learning scales/chords rather than playing (yes, I know it's a game).

-Audio latency - This was a bigger problem on the XBOX than on my PC. There is still a slight delay in the PC version on my computer but nothing to the point of the game being unplayable. I'm sure that performance varies from computer to computer.

-Visual display - The Rocksmith display is innovative but as someone with a bit of experience reading music and tablature, it was confusing. Standard tab is read so that you look at the tablature or chord diagram and then project it onto the guitar fretboard. The Rocksmith display, however, is read as if the notes are coming towards your guitar. This may be simple for absolute beginners but for guitar tab readers, it looks backwards/upside down and downright confusing. There is an option to invert the display so it more closely resembles tab (high e-string on the top rather than the bottom. Honestly, I recommend that you immediately start playing the game with the inverted setting as it will be easier to read standard tab when you want to play outside of Rocksmith. On top of that, the display moves around unnecessarily at times and can be a bit disconcerting or distracting.

-Tuner - Before every song, the game asks you to pluck each string so it can check the guitar's tuning. Unless it's absolutely off, it really won't care or ask you to adjust the tuning. It's a pretty useless and tedious feature since it doesn't really check for precision. I recommend using the built-in precision tuner or your own guitar tuner at the start of each game session to ensure that your guitar is well-tuned.

-Menus and loading times - Menus are not intuitive and constant loading screens are annoying.

XBOX vs PC Version
Should you buy the console version or PC version of Rocksmith? From my experience having both, it all depends on what you have and what technical issues you're willing to work with. There are a couple things that might give the PC more of an advantage of over the console version of Rocksmith. First off, with a little tinkering, you can play user-made, custom songs on Rocksmith on the PC. As far as I know, this feature isn't available on the Xbox or PS3. Secondly, laptops are portable; bring Rocksmith with you. Thirdly, for me it's a bit easier glancing from a laptop screen to the guitar fretboard than from a TV screen.

Overall though, it really depends on what kind of computer you have. I have a run-of-the-mill budget laptop from the $500-$600 range. It is not intended for gaming but the PC version of Rocksmith ran well enough until I got to more difficult levels. There is a graphic lag when I run the game on my PC so when the songs really start throwing a lot of notes and chords at you, it's difficult to visually keep track of it when it starts lagging. Unlike the console version, there really wasn't a huge issue with audio latency for me.

The Xbox has a known audio latency issue that's easily fixed by using analog audio without fiddling with your HDMI set-up. In my opinion, it's not as huge an issue as trying to figure out the graphic lag on the PC. Graphics were hands-down much better on the Xbox than on my PC.

All in all, if you do have a fancy gaming computer, I don't see any reason why not to get Rocksmith for the PC. If you don't have a powerful machine, it might be best to stay away and get a console edition if you have a PS3 or Xbox.


If you really want to give guitar a shot, this isn't a bad way to start out. Rocksmith has its faults but it can be a really great tool for learning songs. I want to remind buyers that is a game/tool. There are still a lot of missing elements that you won't get from Rocksmith (like how to strum a guitar) but for it provides, it's an excellent practice and learning tool, especially if you want to simulate playing guitar in a band-like environment.

If it's important to you, I am using a short-scale Ibanez GRGM21 Mikro Electric Guitar (Black Night). If you also get a cheap guitar to play Rocksmith, I recommend getting it profesionally set-up as having good intonation is key to playing this game. Out of the box, the guitar did not work that great with the game. After getting the intonation fixed, it works like a charm with the game.
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on July 29, 2013
I've been playing casually for about 10 years. I bought this while it was on sale and I already owned the PS3 version. I wanted this version for PC to help remedy the audio lag I was experiencing on the PS3.

This game is great and is very useful for beginners and experienced players alike. I'm not a huge fan of a lot of the songs on RS, but some have grown on me.

The audio lag on my laptop is almost nil and sounds great through headphones. My only problem is now I have video lag, but that is because my laptop is not a beefed up gaming machine. There are settings on the game to help solve these issues and they are helpful.

Overall, pretty satisfied with this game for such a cheap price!
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on July 12, 2013
By making me "play a video game", Rocksmith is succeeding in the fulfillment of a lifetime dream- to actually play a guitar! My son (30) is pretty proud of his old man (51) for picking up and playing. It's also providing a valuable bonding tool for my youngest child (19). We play together often. Thanks rocksmith for a real game changer!!!
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on July 23, 2014
Awesome way to learn guitar. I've had zero issues with the software. The songs are presented in a fun way and adapts to your abilities. Setup was pretty easy.

My one gripe is the song selection is not that great...there just aren't very many good songs on here. The vast majority of them I've never heard of. I've lost interest largely due to this...I just don't care to learn any of these songs so instead I've resorted to using guitar tabs I've found online instead of using Rocksmith.
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on March 6, 2014
I play almost every evening. No more hunting through papers. No more messing with buttons to get the tone you want. There are lots of songs and more all the time. If you don't know a section the riff repeater really helps. You can slow the section down and learn it. If you have a good cable / high speed connection the download does not take that long. I already had a cable. (You need a special one for the game.) The cable is the same for bothrRocksmith versions. But, this version is much better than the first one.
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on August 5, 2013
I give 5 stars because this game match everything it says, fast learning for all types of players. Beginers to masters.
I like the way it teaches you. When I like the song, I put it on the riff repeater for fast learning. You start by receiving a few notes that deppending on your accuracy you the percentage of the difficult starts to grow till 100% that's the real thing.
I recommend that game to all types of guitar and bass players. You can buy DLC that brings you a lot of genres from heavy metal to indie rock.
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on June 28, 2013
Having a lot of fun with the program. I'm still not "playing" maybe, but I've improved enough to believe I will be.

Playing the songs is fun and the lessons are short practical and too the point.

I'm not saying this is an alternative to qualified instruction. I am saying you can learn a lot from the program, then start taking lessons and spend your hard earned, learning to make the sounds you want to make, rather than loosing time and money on basics. Go get you one of these.
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on July 20, 2016
It is the cheapest, easiest way to expand your RS 2014 collection.You buy this (original rock smith) and CD import tool dlc for RS 2014. Almost all the songs in original rock smith is automatically added to your RS2014.
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