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on April 30, 2007
Because this Web site already contains quite a few very detailed reviews of Ubuntu Hacks, I'm going to provide a very brief synopsis of why I found the book useful.

I've been running Ubuntu Linux as my primary operating system for a bit less than three months. There've been a few teeth-gnashing, table-pounding "Linux moments", but on the whole Ubuntu's installability, basic configurability, and usability are all superior to other Linux distributions I've tried and abandoned over the past three or so years.

But, like a lot of people I've run Windows most of the time. That means there's bound to be a lot about Linux in general, and Ubuntu in particular, that I don't know. This is where Ubuntu Hacks provides useful and usable information that helped me "comfortabilize" Ubuntu.

The primary categories of information in Ubuntu Hacks are (a) adjusting stuff that's already there, and (b) installing new, useful stuff that's not part of a default installation. Between those two categories, Ubuntu Hacks will help a new Ubuntu user become more thoroughly oriented with his or her new Linux system. To cite but one example, Ubuntu Hacks enabled me to install and configure the free VMware Server that allows me to run a Windows virtual machine "under" Linux. This in turn is greatly reducing the number of times I need to boot into my dual-boot computer's Windows partition...

Finally, I'll add that over the past year or so I've cut *way* back on the number of technical books I'm buying. A book must provide me not only with information, but organize and present that information in a way that allows me to efficiently locate and apply it. Ubuntu Hacks fulfills that requirement.
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on April 15, 2011
I love anything that O'Reilly puts out typically, and this was no exception. The hacks, of course, aren't what most people would think of hacks, but they are very neat tricks that give you a lot of advanced options and customization. I felt this book was thorough enough that any skill level could understand how to do these tricks and (basically) know what's going on. I myself am a Ubuntu newbie, but i still find this book very useful. Note however that this is not a Ubuntu guide, just some cool tricks, If you want an Ubuntu i would recommend the Official Ubuntu book (i like the older 2008 & 2009 versions better than the newer ones) or A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux or Ubuntu Unleased. All those are great; they cover a bunch of stuff and do it from the ground up.
This book is slightly more advanced but very helpful, more of a reference format, rather than straight reading (though you can do that.) As far as the datedness of the book compared to the versions of Ubuntu out, that doesn't seem to be an issue.

O'Reilly didn't disappoint, and for the price i got it used (great condition) i feel like it was an excellent purchase.
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on February 9, 2007
Like the other "HACKS" books in the series this format is useful for quick unencumbered access to good information via the numbered hacks with references to related hacks within the body of the text as necessary. Where the "For Dummies Series" tries to cut through the technical text and get to the meat of a subject the HACKS series does a superior job of this via its layout, so don't buy the "yellow books". I also purchased "Beginning Ubuntu Linux" by Kent Thomas, ISBN-10: 1590596277. The 2nd edition of Kent's book is do out soon. I was able to get Ubuntu on my main computer (dual boot with windows xp sk2) up and running with out a glitch. I highly recommend this HACKS books, like any book there are a couple of kinks. The most prominent one is chasing down the multimedia codec's and installing them so you can a very flexible multimedia player. The reference to the website for the codec's is outdated, but with a good google you will be able to find them. I choose to use "mplayer" instead of the default install of "totem", but that was just a personal choice on my part. If your are ready for Linux the Ubuntu distro and this book is for you.
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on October 6, 2010
Firstly let me say that I'm a beginner with Ubuntu and therefore it may change the way I received the book. I found the book easy to read, it presents the basics steps to get familiar with Ubuntu in a organized and progressive way.
It is not a book to learn how to program extensive and complex scripts although it presents some small examples.
Some examples are out-of-date and that is why the rate 4 but there is always a way to workaround specially looking at the forums.
It has chapters as "Package Management", "Security" and "Administration" that I found very useful and can make me save a lot of my time.
I recommend the book for newbies in Ubuntu.
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on December 10, 2013
Nice Ubuntu book and I use some of the things in it once in awhile. You really don't have to do a lot of this stuff with the shell anymore unless you want to try it old school. Linux has improved greatly over the years but you can learn some good "hacks" form it. I keep a copy next to my computer in case I run into a problem or want try a new "hack".
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on January 23, 2015
Good. The problem is that all guides are out of date. Ubuntu is Great / the Linux leader & improving fast. It is so easy to use - have no fear. Jump in, what ever guide you use - or none. Windows only apps run under the WINE interface. I wrote the WINE guide for some.
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on March 25, 2015
Many of the hacks require programming skills which I do not have. What I have tried worked great. Other hachs read like winners and are probably very good, and for that reason i would give this book its highest rating.
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on August 8, 2007
I have been using UBUNTU now for about 6-8 months. I LOVE it so much makes me wonder why I used Windows operating system for so long. After using it we decided to get this hand book to learn the tweaks for some programs that were not working properly ... this will give you a lot of great advice & tip's to getting the best experience while using UBUNTU. After researching all the different book for getting the most out this amazing operating system ... we settled on this one & were not disappointed!! Would highly recommend to everyone!
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on July 6, 2010
Everyone should look at the "used" books instead of new.
The books are in great shape and at a fraction of the price.
This book was no exception. Arrived in great shape and very quickly.

I am very happy with this purchase.
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on January 3, 2007
With the growing use of Ubuntu Linux, this book is a real gem for people using Ubuntu and want to add or modify the Ubuntu release. Linux is still not ready for prime time for the average PC user but with Ubuntu it is getting closer.

My only regret was that the book had some errors or missing updates such that some of their "hacks" did not work. Their web site that supposedly addresses these problems is way out of date.
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