Customer Reviews: The Ultimate Attraction
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on May 19, 2005
Closer to 3 and a half stars than 4 (3.65).

A rather short unrated adult "comedy" based on the series of adult graphic novels by Milo Manara that go under the name "Click." Lots of nudity and "action." The film is also known as: "Click: The Ultimate Attraction," and "Click: The Body Beautiful." The movie has a copyright of 2002, but there are a series of 7 90 minute TV movies that were made in 1997 based on "Click", and "Ultimate Attraction" might be one of those TV movies.

DVD Features: The DVD contains the movie, biographies, and available hits (4 trailers including "Ultimate Attraction," "Midnight Tease 2," "Knocking on Death's Door," and "Emmanuelle: First Contact.")

Credits: Stars: Gabriella Hall (Linda - trainer; "Erotic Misadventures of the Invisible Man" and over 30 other films and TV series), David Chielens (Ben), Nina Leichtling (Margo; "Anywhere but Here"), Jacqueline Lovell (Susan; "Lolita 2000"), Rick Jordan (Ted Fields; "Click: For the Love of the Click"), Robert Donovan (William Haywood - spa owner; "Shadow Dancer") and Taylor St.Claire (New Linda). The director is Rafael Glenn. Interesting, it would appear that financing came from Ireland-Holland-France & the USA.

Plot: A failing gym/spa tries to keep in business, and keep from being taken over, by using an electronic device to make customers very very "excited." The device literally fell from the sky, dropped through the toilet by a man trying to prevent its capture by the police.

Review: Unlike the other movie that I have reviewed based on a Manara series; I've read the "Click" series of books. While both the movie and the books use an electronic device, the books require an actual implantation of a receiver into the brain. The movie does not require this operation for the device to cause an individual to be infected by "adult happy" vibes. Both include at least one prudish woman that is "changed." The "victim" was the "good" person in the book, not the manipulators like in the movie. This movie does not really have the feel of a Manara book (though the books aren't all great). And unlike that other movie, this one jumps immediately into nudity and "adult fun time."

The movie feels a lot longer than it actually is because the "adult fun" nude scenes just go on way too long, and actually becomes a little boring (it has to say something that I found myself fast forwarding through the overly long nude scenes, and there's at least one scene that I didn't fast forward through more because of the music than the action; and several of the "good" scenes are fuzzy or foggy). That and there is a lot less "mainstream" scenes in this movie than there probably should be. The movie does seem to be a step above a movie with just nude scenes with filler, but it isn't that far away from that type of movie.

Some of the acting isn't that bad, some is like something like you might find on a soap opera, and some is quite bad (though one on of the stars obviously knows how to act). I believe this film occurred after "Erotic Misadventures of the Invisible Man." If I'm right, then Hall's acting has regressed (and maybe shows why she stars in these types of movies and gets bit parts in mainstream movies). The plot is very thin, nothing more than a means to have nudity and adult fun. The humor is quite thin in this adult comedy, though there appear to be parts that seem as if they are supposed to be funny. The sound made by the active device is very irritating. Most of the women are attractive, and while it is harder for me to tell, most of the men seem to fall into the less attractive category (at least two might fall into the handsome category). Hall is a rather attractive woman, a "real" looking woman (other than the overly endowed top (that's before the "large balloons" gag, during which she is gigantic, clothed, but gigantic, at which point her "natural" size doesn't look as large)), but she does appear to be a little too fleshy to be an overly tight/fit fitness trainer, like she is supposed to be. The film inserts some common San Francisco scenes to remind the audience that the film is supposed to occur in that city. Overall, starts slow and some of the scenes are just too long. (3.65)
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on June 19, 2003
I think he's a Hispanic guy of some sort, but he's so unfunny and geeky I just fast-forwarded all of his speaking parts. (Mind you these movies are not unfamiliar with the fast-forward button... Yao Ming?)
Regardless, what's her face is sexy as usual, but when she transforms and goes into the sauna with another chick and... well I DON'T WANNA RUIN ANYTHING... but yeah. They don't just talk about the weather.
The unrated version shows some shlongs which I really didn't need to see, but hey you can use it as an excuse to show your girlfriend.
I thought the best scene was the scene where the gym owner gets some of the female antagonist in his office. It is a really hot and steamy scene... very believable.
Some of the girls are a bit ugly side (check out the one in the juice-pouring part) and some of the guys in the cast are just boys (see the exercise bike scene) which I thought was a bit strange.
A mixed bag with questionable casting but some good, memorable softcore/semi-hardcore scenes.
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on December 30, 2000
The plot behind this film is silly, Gabriella Hall and her boyfriend find a contraption that turns on unsuspecting people at a health club. That said, the sex scenes are great, Gabriella looks fantastic, and there's enough other babes that are well worth looking at. This is clearly an x-rated flick as there are several shots with female gentalia.
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on March 23, 2011
The Ultimate Attraction(1998) is the kind of soft-core erotica that one sees on Cinemax during the nightowl hours. It does have some creativity and it's based on the Click comic books by Milo Manara. Gabriella Hall is a fun, bubbly, sexy brunette and she alone makes the film worth a look. The acting in the film is hammy and the production values are decent for a low budget movie. Two personal trainers(Hall and David Chielens) at a gym get their hands on a remote control that can raise one's libido or alter one's superficial appearance! If this plot sounds silly, it is! This unpretentious soft-core erotic DVD may appeal to you if it's your cup of tea.
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on February 19, 2014
I love movies like this where things are happening and strangely enough people are ok with it. They are like whoa whats going on and then they are like who cares the other people seem to think it is ok Lets do this!!!!
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on December 16, 2009
This is a must have for all Gabriella Hall fans as she is just drop dead gorgeous in this film and the sex scenes are also very well done. I would recommend this for all Gabriella Hall fans as she is at her best in this movie and for couples who want to spice up their sex lives.
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on August 8, 2015
It is one of Cinema x late night movie, lots of nudity (T &A only), beautiful women with fake sex, fake breasts, and a very weak story.
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on February 27, 2001
I am often fond of saying that a film should be viewed in its own context. It is unfair to compare "Casablanca", "Star Wars", "Gone With the Wind", "Debbie Does Dallas" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". What metric could you possibly use?
I don't just limit that philosophy to film. I feel the same way about books and artwork and music. Is it fair to compare Britney Spears to Beethoven? Probably not.
Instead, I prefer to judge a piece on its own merits. I look at a painting and say to myself "What is this trying to say?" I watch a film and I ask "What is this trying to be?" As such, I find that I can love and hate individual artists and pieces in the bubblegum pop and classical music genres as well as in the Hollywood blockbuster and late-night erotica film genres as well as anything else.
Now that I have said all of that, I must address, Ultimate Attraction. There have been some light-hearted erotic B-Movie flicks that I have greatly enjoyed. Maui Heat: Swimsuit Edition and I'm Watching You immediately come to mind. Ultimate Attraction could probably be looked at as a run-of-the-mill film in those terms.
Sadly, it should be so much more than that. The film is based on the Click! series of books by Milo Manara, an acclaimed series of adult graphic novels detailing the use of a device that sexually stimulates people it is pointed at.
The film is torn. For the most part it is simply frivolous, playful sexuality but it hints at something deeper. It touches on the effects and consequences of the power of such a device. Gabriella Hall's performance hints at an underlayer of deeper characterization but then falls flat of providing it. We, as viewers, are given just enough to realize how much we are truly missing. Similarly the script hints ever so slightly at the moral issues behind using such a device but only enough to make the viewer wonder more.
Hall's performance is adequate for a late night skin flick as are those of her co-stars Robert Donovan and David Chielens. However, Jacqueline Lovell (a veteran of the genre, who frequently surprises me in similar films with her rare ability to actually act) drift through her role as if she didn't want to be there. Other actors in the film have poor performances even by Direct-To-Video erotica standards. This all stands to underscore the failures of the film.
I must admit that I was very bored when I watched the movie, and it did amuse me. The story is funny. The cast is attractive. There are quite a few situational gags. The film is certainly watchable and perhaps even enjoyable to an extent, but there are several films in the genre that deliver much stronger. I suggest the The Key to Sex (also featuring Lovell) and Alien Erotica (also featuring Hall) for humorous erotica. Though the film presents a good story idea which isn't realized. For better more story oriented erotica, I suggest Summer Temptations 2(Hall) and I'm Watching You(Lovell).
I almost wish the film would have been less ambitious. That would have made me think of it as mediocre. Instead, I think it has bitten off a bit more than it can chew and so falls a little short.
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on June 30, 2014
These movies seldom let you down if your expectations are what one expects from movies of Gabriella Hall and her colleagues and this one doesn't disappoint
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on August 9, 2012
This is a very typical erotic comedy. The nudity is pleasant yet not overt. The actors are attractive. The comedy is a bit too overkill.
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