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on April 2, 2012
If you look at Jennifer's profile on Amazon you'll see she has 17 books. Not all of them are books. A lot of them are long reports. I have a lot of them and I like them however if you have not bought any of them and are deciding which one to buy I suggest you buy this one first.

This one is a book and not a report. Her reports are more focused on a single topic. This book goes over many topics. I don't understand why this book is priced the same as her reports but since they're priced the same you should get this one.

If you are willing to spend more money her 1 Day Diet book has the best diet information and her Effortless Exercise book has the best exercise information. If you got both of those you could skip getting this book even though you'd be wise to also get it.

The only book I didn't like of hers was the Common Weight Loss book. I felt it was too abbreviated and I didn't like that it was in a format of an interview instead of in chapters. But even with that book she made up for it with the two bonus books you get with it.
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on September 3, 2012
As the founder of Excuse Proof Fitness and a published kindle health & fitness author myself, I'm always on the lookout to see what other fitness experts are up to and check out their work. After seeing Jennifer's books all over amazon, I got curious to see what kind of advice she was offering. When I read this book, I knew why she's made such a name for herself. She really knows her stuff!

The first part of the book is mostly a "trick" (which surprisingly I've never seen before) that is designed to help curb appetite and lose weight without any other major changes to the diet. I can't attest to whether or not it would work, but it seems plausible and Jennifer claims to have gotten enough good results from her clients to confirm its effectiveness. Her reasoning is sound and I consider it to be a useful approach for people who want a way to lose some extra weight while gradually making more long term shifts to their eating habits.

The next part of the book really blew me away though. While I was familiar with all the tips and tricks she offered, that's only because I've spent 8 years studying just about every material on health and fitness with regards to diet, nutrition, hormones, exercise, etc. She's obviously done just as much homework herself and then just lays out all of that on a silver platter for people to take home with this one little book.

The only "problem" is because it's presented as an inexpensive kindle book, people might not realize just how much value they're actually getting from what's found in it.

There are a few minor things I disagree with, like needing to eat 6 small meals a day to keep up the metabolism. The research on intermittent fasting has, in my opinion, debunked that. But I was surprised to see just how much stuff I agreed with Jennifer on considering the amount of nonsense out there in the health and fitness world.

If you're looking for simple, straight to the point strategies you can start applying today to lose weight and improve your health, I give my highest recommendations to The Ultimate Diet Guide.
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on December 5, 2012
This is just one of several of Jennifer's books that I have on my Amazon Kindle. The reason I can relate to Jennifer is that both she (I believe) and I have thyroid problems. In 1994, I had radioactive iodine to destroy my thyroid. I was hyperthyroid and lost 30 pounds in the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas before that -- without even trying. Had I known then what I know now, I would have never so willingly allowed the radioactive iodine cocktail to be given to me without trying all other options first. Nearly 18 years, and more than 100 pounds gained later, I am realizing the significance of my endocrinologist's last words to me: "Good Luck losing weight." When normal people (and by normal I mean those who didn't have radioactive iodine destroy their thyroid) go on a diet and exercise to lose weight, a combination of the two things generally produces some results. This is not the case with me. Part of it is that my metabolism is sluggish, I'm always cold and tired, and the added weight is adding additional health problems on top of my non-existent thyroid. One of the few "diets" that I have tried and successfully lost a little weight with is Jennifer's protein water diet. I was skeptical at first, but I did lose a couple of pounds after the first day of trying it. I'm pretty sure this wasn't just water weight because I have occasionally taken Lasix for edema, where even after a higher dose and a lot of urination, I weigh myself the next morning and didn't lose an ounce. It's not like the good old days when I'd weigh less the next morning even when I didn't try. My irregular overnight work schedule prevents me from doing the protein water as often as I would like. When I work overnights, I usually sleep during the day. I really can't be waking up every hour and a half to drink the protein water. I basically wouldn't get any sleep. I've also tried the protein diet during work but there is usually so much snack food and food around at my job, it is very difficult to not cheat. So, yes it's my own fault. I hope to start the new year with more serious protein water days, more exercise, and healthier overall eating. Wish me luck.
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on November 13, 2012
WOW! Despite a handful of 3 star and lower reviews, I decided to take my chance on this kindle book. Well worth the listen! Some I have read before elsewhere by other authors, which seems to me to lend to the credibility of the information. Some was new information that I will do more research on. The best part may be that she gives you a link for a free copy of another of her books as a thank you for hearing her out! (2 books for a total of $2.99? Sorry, but I can't even get used physical copies of books at the thrift store for that.) The link worked perfectly to download the book to my computer, which I can still have read to me. This book cut through all the "fluff", as she called it, to state the information plainly, and she invites you to research on your own to verify the information she presents. It only took, I think, less than 2hrs for my kindle to read the book to me, and I was glued the entire time. I'm one of those people that if you don't grab my attention in the first few pages, I won't finish the book, reading or listening to it. I wanted the basic information NOW and got just that. Awesome tips and suggestions, and I carry my kindle with me so it's all at my fingertips to boot.
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on September 16, 2012
The ideas in this book are favorable to me. I liked the idea of the protein water and implemented that immediately in my daily routine at work. It really does help the hunger or gravings. Since only half a scoop seems to be too flavorless for me I started out with one full scoop, but as the week went along I figured out that if I use a lot of ice and keep it really cold, I can stand the "watered down protein powder", hence, I taught myself to dring the protein water. It has not helped my weight loss yet, but I know I am on the right track. But it has helped me not to snack so much, if at all. I will move on to Diet #2 as outlined in the book, it seems to work well into my daily routine and I could stick to it much better than the 1-Day diet. I also like the length of this book: detailed enough to make sense, but not so long winded that it sounds like blah,blah, and "move on yet" information. I am looking forward for more books from this author.
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on September 3, 2012
I have used this food plan before and know how effective it is. The protein water satisfies hunger in between meals and I never feel hungry or crave additional foods. I wake up hungry and ready for breakfast, which I am not good at eating most of the time. I also notice when I am following this food plan how much calmer I feel. I get the benefits of weight loss along with a space in Nirvana. The quick tips are filled with a plethora of information that everyone should be able to find something to use as their favorite. I love deep breathing and jumping on a mini trampoline. My grand kids love jumping on the trampoline, also. When they come to visit we take turns seeing who can jump the most in a 3 minute time period as it has a timer attached. One of my favorite things about Jennifer's books are the way she tells you where to find things she recommends and even puts the link right there if she has it. This is a compact, quick read with a multitude of information. "Ultimate" sums up the contents of this book.
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on January 26, 2013
I have actually never written an amazon review before now but this book is worth it. That is especially true if it helps other people to take the plunge and read it. Instead of reviewing every chapter or general content, I am going to give you some real progress I have seen. All the other reviews seem to to focus in on the rest you may want to know about. I used to be very active when younger and over seven years, my body gained quite a bit of weight with changes to career and less time to exercise. With a wedding approaching, it was time to start losing the excess weight. I gave this book a try, mainly because all of the reviews were solid and I am so glad that I did. Everything in this small book is easy to add to your life. Being that I was already on a weight watchers type of "diet", I added the protein water regimen to what I was doing and on day 1, I could feel the difference. I felt less hungry, had no cravings and more energy. I think it balanced my blood sugar between meals and took the hard part out of dieting. After that success, I integrated 8 of the recommended vitamins/supplements (all natural) and hoped that would also be successful. Unbelievably, they are also doing exactly what she said they would. Basically, they seem to be getting my body moving forward without weight loss plateaus. I am losing weight like most do their first week dieting every week. I will give you some real numbers.... I started this January 3rd, supplements about a week later and in less than a month (as it is the 26th), I am down a solid 15 pounds. Read this book, follow the EASY advice.
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on September 17, 2012
Jennifer's weight loss information is invaluable. Her tips on snacks, condiments, spices and flavourings is very informative - lots of ideas for ramping up the metabolism. She gives a long list of helpful supplements which some people might need advice from a health care provider, say, naturopath. Many food sources are easy to adapt into a diet plan. For those who eat healthily, I can see easy transition to the strict version of the main diet to accelerate weight loss. I am using the protein shakes currently on the one day diet plan which Jennifer recommends. I can see that including these in the ultimate diet would be a bonus to hold off those hunger pangs. I have enjoyed reading many of Jennifer's books in ebook format and find them very informative. I find myself making notes to keep the information organised in my head and it's good to refer back to. Thank you Jennifer for all your sharing and insights.
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on December 10, 2012
I like that she kept the book brief and that she lets you know up front that you are getting the nitty gritty of what you need and not all the useless stuff you can research on your own if a particular idea appeals to you. Read it and Do it!! Love that philosophy. You are given several options so you make the choice on what works best for you. Then she gives you things to try if the initial plan is not working. It is a quick look at weight loss that is not bogged down and interesting to read. I recommend this book to those looking for a new insight to weight loss.
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on September 6, 2012
I am not new to diets but again and I must say as usual I have learnt something new from Mrs Jolan's book - and it is the fourth book of hers I have read. I would strongly advise this book to those though who are new to the dieting "business" feel the need to change something in their rather unhealthy and hectic life but do not really know how or are afraid it will cost too much time they do not have (and effort at that)as the title suggests. Here you will find things that are easy to implement, do not take much time, are not a complex, hard to stick with program that one stops implementing after just a few days. A whole bunch of useful tips on different, very different aspects - food, supplements, exercises - some very quick and easy tips just for anybody, some not so easy - you choose what you want and wish to do - a lot of things to choose from so that anybody can find and implement something to improve their lives. It is really a good and worth reading book - just go and try it.
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