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on July 28, 2016
UPDATE: When I posted the photo and my one star review for the keyboard having two "H" keys and no "F" key their customer service reached out to me right away and offered to replace and apologized for the faulty keyboard. I adore companies who have excellent customer service so I changed the amount of stars for this product. It really is a good product but I just got a faulty one. A+ customer service!

One Star Review: I was so excited to get this so I could do work and school work on the go with my iPad mini instead of lugging my computer around. It's a nice product BUT there's no "F" key. There's just two "H" keys? I can't use this. Disappointed. I guess that's why the price is what is is.
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on March 28, 2012
I adore my iPad and take it with me just about everywhere. I also have a huge laptop that weighs about 10 pounds that I haul around occasionally when I need to work or take notes at meetings. I kept wishing there was a way I could easily take notes on my iPad, but the on-screen keyboard is just too much of a pain to use for a 2 hour meeting.

I found this keyboard and have been using it for a couple of months now. It works fantastically! I cannot believe it was so reasonably priced for how well it works.

* Syncs seamlessly with my iPad - the Bluetooth connection worked immediately.
* Keyboard is small and lightweight - fits perfectly in my backpack.
* Great key action - it's easy to type. The keys don't feel weird or rubbery. Using this keyboard is very similar to using a regular computer keyboard.

* I wish it had a case, but that would not prevent me from buying it again or recommending it.

Overall, this is a slick little keyboard. I'm very happy with how it performs, and I'd much rather haul it around than my laptop!
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on March 28, 2013
This keyboard (which I'm using to write this review on my iPad) works just fine, and I would otherwise be quite satisfied with it, except for one major flaw. It disconnects from your device within about 30 seconds if you're not actively typing. So if you pause while writing for any appreciable length of time, and then start typing again, you have to wait for it to reconnect. I only received the keyboard yesterday, and this "feature" is maddening, and makes it virtually useless for any serious writing. This baby is getting returned, since I cannot find any way to turn this "feature" (flaw) off.
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on January 5, 2015
I was so excited when my keyboard came in the mail! I use this keyboard for my iPad Air

•Shipped fast! (The same day)
•Delivered in about a weeks time
•Stays connected to my booth tooth (I don't any problems with this keyboard disconnecting to my bluetooth
•Perfect size and it doesn't get in the way of the other work that I have to do.
•Works just like the apple keyboard, which I love!
•I can use this for my iPhone 6 as well

•Needs a battery (triple A) in order for it to work. I don't mind it because I only use this keyboard for work purposes, however, I didn't know that it needed batteries. Thankfully I had some :)

That's the only negative I have though. I absolutely love this keyboard and I recommend it to anyone!

I hope this helps :)
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on February 9, 2017
This is a great cheap bluetooth keyboard. I use it with my macbook air and it works well. The one thing I didn't notice is it takes triple A batteries. I'd prefer a rechargeable one, but for the price I was okay with it. The reason I took 1 star off is because the keys are very loud. My girlfriend bought the same one and was using it for class lectures, and people around her complained that it was so loud that it was distracting. I also noticed it being very loud, but only use it at home and its not a problem for me. It also would be nice if it came with a case, so you could put it in your bag and not worry about it getting damaged.

Update 3/21: I purchased this keyboard on 1/29. Now that I have had it for 6 weeks, I have one big problem with it. You have to punch down on the keys very hard to get the strokes to register. It is constantly missing keys and then I have to go back and edit the typos. I still think it is a good cheap keyboard if you are just using it casually. But, I have had some back problems for the past 2-3 months and have been using this extensively so I can do work in bed. I am highly considering ordering a different one because it is just slowing down my work way too much. In a 4 hour session of work, it probably costs me 20-30 minutes in time because I constantly have to go back and fix the keystrokes that it does not register.

Update 3/22: After my update yesterday, their customer service team reached out to me to help resolve the problems I've had with the keyboard. This was unexpected and quite prompt. I will update again after seeing what happens.

Update3/24: They sent me the rechargeable bluetooth keyboard for free. They believed this one would not have the issues the battery operated one was having. Will update when I actually try it out.

Update 3/28: I have been using the rechargeable keyboard for a few days,including a 3 hour session today. It is still having the same problem with not recording keystrokes (mainly with the spacebar, which makes it all the more annoying). I think the problem is partially caused by the fact that I have to lay in a flat position due to my back and cannot strike the keys as hard as I would normally, but I am definitely hitting the keys. I also do not type very fast, maybe 45wpm at the most.

I would like to give more stars because their customer service was so great, but neither keyboard is really working out for me. That being said, if you are looking at getting one, I'd definitely get the rechargeable one. It looks a bit nicer and is a bit sturdier than the battery operated one. I think the extra cost would be worth it.
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A Generic But Quality Wireless (Bluetooth) Keyboard. "K1280" A Critical Review.

This wireless, keyboard "K1280" is a good quality wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard that works well with Windows and The Mac and with the Android OS, but you'll have to make some adjustments.

*** Inspection ***

The K1280 looks identical to the Apple wireless keyboard. In fact, from a design standpoint, it is an exact clone, right down to the spacing of the keys. And, when I say identical, I mean walking around my work area for a couple of weeks and thinking that I'm picking up my Apple keyboard only to discover that I'm picking up this device. (see video) The device, however, is different in a few cosmetic ways.

First, the device is almost entirely plastic but beautifully painted in an aluminum-silver color, where as the Apple is made from a brushed aluminum.

The K1280 runs on 2 AAA batteries and the backside has about a 1.5" incline. This is actually more comfortable for me to type on for longer periods than the Apple, which has a slightly lower incline.

The keys are responsive, albeit a slight bit jiggly but nothing near feeling cheap.

*** Function ***


After a couple of minutes to setting up and syncing to the computer, all of the functions of the keys work precisely as it should.

And, you do notice that the keyboard is very lightweight. I find this idea for packing and using it with my laptop, tablet and smartphone.


I have a Sprint Evo 3D running Android 2.3/ Bluetooth 3.0.

I was particularly interested in how it work with Android because there are times when the touch feature on the smartphone or tablet just isn't practical when there's an alternative. And, I'm specifically referring to using an office suite.

The 1st keyboard I ordered, I thought may have been defective because although most of the keyboard features worked, the "Cap lock" and the "Direction Keys" didn't. A replacement came a few days later and the issues were identical.

After some investigations, I discovered an issue NOT with the keyboard itself but with The Android OS.

The features DO work but because Google has Android as an open-source OS, there isn't a universal (i.e. "standard") coding that is given to all hardware and 3rd party developers. So, some products will work well with "this" device or "that" program and not others.

This seems to be where the issue is resolved with the Cap Lock and Direction Keys issue.

To get around this, if you have a similar device or issue-- The Cap lock function is found by toggling the SHIFT key and the Direction Keys are essentially the opposite given so the left/right are the up/down and vice-versa.

*** Conclusion ***

Considering the cost versus value and throw in versatility and convenience, this is really a spectacular buy. I have two (2) wireless Apple remotes and a Verbatim wireless keyboard and mouse and this keyboard has almost the best of both.

So, wireless Bluetooth keyboard "K1280" 4.5 stars.
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on February 2, 2017
Light turns on for a few seconds, then the device shuts back off again. My MacBook Pro can only 'see' it under bluetooth devices for under four seconds before it falls off again.

Maybe I just got a bad keyboard; it doesn't matter, I'm shelling out for quality next time. You get what you pay for..

I can't speak for the other devices, but I wouldn't recommend this for the MacBook Pro.
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on May 23, 2016
Update! (Look for updated info below)

I purchased this for my niece for Christmas. She specifically asked for an inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard to use with her tablet. This seemed like a reasonable option.

She was happy on Christmas to have it and she used it that day. After that, I never really saw it again. I asked about it and she said she still uses it, but that she gets annoyed that she has to keep getting batteries for it.

Lesson learned, I suppose. If I go for one myself, it will be one I can just plug in to charge.

(Update - 6/21/2016)

I was contacted by Anker as they were concerned that I was not happy with their product because of the issue I had. They were kind enough to replace the unit for me. While my review on this product still stands, I do appreciate the effort that Anker has made to make sure I was happy with my purchase. Because of this, I feel more confident about buying products with their name on it in the future.
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on March 3, 2017
Mine did not work. When I received the keyboard I did not have the correct batteries, by the time I got around to purchasing the correct batteries one month had elapsed. The product does not stay on and will not connect to my IPad. It is unusable. When I contacted the seller they said apologized for the defective device but said because the over 30 days had passed they would not accept a return and suggested reaching out to the manufacturer. The only reason I gave this one star is because I am unable to give it zero.
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on April 26, 2016
This is a neat little keyboard. I love how it can be paired to any devices I'm actually typing this review with it paired to my smartphone and it seems to be doing a great job. I'm planning on teaching my son how to type this summer and didn't want to spend a ton of money on a keyboard since he's 9. The price of this is excellent. It came packaged well and has nice instructions. I actually paired it to my phone without reading them first so it's really easy to use. I haven't tried pairing it with my other devices yet but I'm sure it will work fine. If I have any problems, I'll update my review.

So far, it's pretty sweet. I hope it doesn't eat through batteries fast. If it does, I'll update my review. I love how it only takes 2 AAAs. It's really lightweight even with the batteries. It's extremely thin and the part where the batteries go, gives the keyboard a little angle. It seems pretty sturdy but I'd either save the box it came in or get it a case or planning on taking it on to-go missions.

It doesn't look like it would be waterproof but I wasn't expecting anything like that. I'm happy with it.
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