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on July 23, 2012

This is not a 3-mode, 900 lumen light. This is a 510 lumen, 5-mode light. After noting that I recieved a 5-mode light when I was expecting a 3-mode light, and although it was brighter than my 280 lumen 4Sevens light, it was nowhere near 900 lumens...I did some digging.

In the reviews, many noted the 5 modes, but made no mention that it was supposed to be 3. Several people correctly noted that it seemed to be 500 lumens. So I went to the Dealextreme website and browsed the Ultrafire models. There is no model that matches the descripton. But I DID find one that matched what I recieved from Amazon, even the price point:

Google "Dealextreme". When you find the site, the listing that matches what you recieve here is: "UltraFire WF-502B XM-LT6 5-Mode 510-Lumen Memory White LED Flashlight with Clip (1*18650)"

THIS is what you get. You WILL NOT get a 900-lumen light with 3 modes for $16. It is likely, Amazon is not aware and this is the fault of the source. I plan to contact Amazon next to make them aware.

THAT BEING SAID....A 500 lumen Ultrafire for $16 is not something to pass on. It's still a good light. And unlike many of the Fenix and 4Sevens lights I own, the strobe isn't too fast...its just the right frequency to REALLY screw somebody up who has ill-intent in the dark.

Just so you know what you are getting.....If it were labeled correctly, I would rate it five stars. But since it is not, I am giving it 2 stars.
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on March 4, 2013
I ordered one of these and liked it so much, I ordered another. I went against my better judgement and ordered from another seller. Long story short, the first one was the real deal, the second was a fake/knock off. Here's the info.

First one ordered from - Able Provider - 100% legit item. As described, 3 modes. Awesome quality light.
Second one ordered from - Pandora's Secret - FAKE. Item is a knock off. Has 5 modes and the quality is garbage.

See my photo with info here -

I have ordered another from Able Provider and hope that it's like the first one I received. We shall see. I will update this when it comes in. Please look at your light and make sure you didn't get a fake/knock off. If you did and don't care, well there you go. If you do care, contact customer service.
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on December 4, 2012
Maybe I got a lemon, but this lamp had to go back. Fortunately Amazon makes it very easy to return.
The main problem was that on bright beam it would go on for a few seconds and immediately tun off. On low beam it would overheat pretty quickly. Besides that, the switch, at the bottom of the barrel is very inconvenient for one-hand operation.
Also, it does not come with a battery or any chargers.

I did re-order another lamp, the 'Black CREE LED Rechargeable Flashlight 500 lumens', which is a totally different experience. I love this flashlight. The switch is on the side of the barrel, and it comes with a battery and house and car chargers. This is the one to get.
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on March 30, 2013
I have about 10 flashlights, the ones I depend upon are Maglites and a Surefire. I keep them in my cars, camping bags, gun bag, travel luggage, one at work and a few around the house. But none are over 310 lumens so I thought I'd try something new.

I bought this light as a 1000 lumen product, but somehow is about half as bright as my Maglite 310 lumen. After about 30 minutes with Ultrafire batteries, it starts to fade quicker than my Maglite with standard Duracells.

Plan to spend an additional $20 on a battery setup which aren't readily available retail.

Mine did not come with the light pouch as advertised. So I bought a separate "Ultrafire Nylon Camouflaged Flashlight Holster Case Cover Small" pouch that was microscopic and didn't fit the light.

Lastly, the clip is crap. Its made of cheap metal that breaks off instead of the usual spring steel that goes back to it's original shape. If it came with the pouch, it wouldn't matter but the clip would have been handy for keeping it accessible in the pocket.

Overall investment is about $38. All in all, AVOID ULTRAFIRE unless it's a gift for someone you don't like.
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on February 29, 2012
** Edit ** I have come to like the 501b much more! It seems of higher quality all around and is compatible with the remote switches out there. Best of all you can find them for close to $10 bucks!

I love this flashlight... I love how bright it is and its price. These are my two driving factors behind my 5 star review. Sure it's not a Surefire or a Streamlight or a (insert overly expensive brand name) BUT at this moment... NEITHER offer a Cree XM-L emitter and are NOT as bright as this for many times the price! No, you cannot drop it into 30 feet of water for three weeks and you probably cannot run over it with a steam roller and have it still work... BUT... You CAN buy 5 or 10 of them for the price of many of the competitors and again; THEY ARE NOT AS BRIGHT!

Extremely bright (not 900 or 1000 lumens like advertised but 550 or better for sure)
Price.. Price.. Price... ( Look for them at $16 to $18 bucks, you will find them.)
18650 Li-ion battery compatibility.
Glass lens.
5 modes ( High, medium, low, stobe, SOS )
Relatively good quality.. see below.

Quality concerns with the machining of the battery compartment threads. They work and will be fine if you are careful taking the cap on and off. IMHO the threads are too fine and they should have went with a more coarse thread like some other lights.

Stobe mode is hit or miss.. two of mine are more like a moderate flashing than a strobe and two strobe relatively quicky. Not a variable strobe like the higher end lights.

Rear push button travel inconsitency. Two of my lights have a shorter stroke and are easier to press when holding the light in your fist and pressing with your thumb. The other two I actually cannot turn on with my thumb I have to move my index finger to the rear to be able to push far enough in to engage the switch. I have fixed this by custom making a spacer that is longer than the one supplied inside the switch cap. I have made them so long that you barely have to push the button to engage the switch.

Belt clip is cheezy!

I know that seems like alot of cons for a review of 5 stars but I am sticking with it. You just cannot argue with the price and the brightness. You will NOT be dissapointed with this light unless you are a $150 flashlight snob in which case I can sell you one of mine for $150 then maybe you will be happy. For me, no flashlight is worth $150 bucks, especially when it is only 220 lumens. If your someone who can consistenly carry a flashlight on your person at all times maybe its worth buying a expensive one... I prefer the "strength in numbers" approach. I have two mounted to rifles, one in my night stand and one for my vehicle. I plan to buy a few more to stick in random places for good measure!
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on August 23, 2014
Talk about bright! All flashlights I've used before pale in comparison with this one. It's way cheaper than similar flashlights available at outdoor stores like Cabelas or Gander Mountain. I live out in the country and have to go outside at night. This thing is not only bright, it projects a long distance--maybe 100 feet. It also has several settings: high beam, low beam, strobe, and slow flashing. The strobe setting is for security or defense against an attacker. I've tried it on a friend and it makes people stop and turn away almost immediately. I've bought half a dozen of these and leave them in my vehicles, by my bed and in my brief case. Be aware that this does not use conventional batteries. I've dropped them and they keep on going. I would not suggest dropping it on purpose. You need to buy matching batteries which I've only found on Amazon. That's not a problem though. The batteries are cheap and rechargeable. I bought a couple dozen just to be sure I would have extra. Buy this if you are looking for an inexpensive, bright flashlight. No worries
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on April 25, 2017
I received a five mode flashlight. The aluminum body is well constructed, but this flashlight puts out no more light than flashlights I have purchased at Walmart for around ten dollars that run on 2 AA batteries. My estimate is that it puts out around 200 lumens. It also has a weird throw that I am not used to. It's kind unfocused when pointed at nearby objects, but it does seem to throw some good light at a distance. I purchased some panasonic 3400mh batteries expecting to need the juice. They are way under stressed in this light. I think this will be a good flashlight if I can find a decent drop-in upgrade. I'd be happy to take some recommendations on that.
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on October 7, 2015
Ordered Aug 6. On Sep 20 contacted company about not receiving product. Very good customer service and promptly re-sent my order. Received Oct 7. Upon receipt was satisfied at inital quality. However that didn't last long. After 3 minutes the light started blinking rapidly followed by an intense heat. Unit got very hot to touch. Like a hot curling iron. I let unit cool down, replaced batteries with a new battery and unit won't work now. So now I'm out the cost of the light and the special batteries it takes. It's not even worth sending it back. I don't recommend this product. Seemed like a decent light for the 3 minutes it worked. Poor quality control.
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on May 19, 2013
These new gen flashlights are finally going to make LEDs the way we all use flashlights, and the 18650 or similar LiIon batteries are worth the switch since 1.2-1.5 volt batteries require those awful three-cell holders in recent LED devices.

The Ultrafire has a nice feel in the hand, and is plenty bright to see the beam in a bright room in daylight. The switch between Hi and Low and strobe is not easy; about one in three times I turn it on to strobe and everyone is startled. Someone else pointed out that a soft touch on the switch changes modes but this is too subtle for me.

My ideal lamp would have a better selector switch and maybe an internal charger and a way to become a table light by twisting the lens out. I've seen these features on other lights, but not in the same one, or with the LiIon battery. I suspect the perfect option is just around the corner, but the Ultrafire 502 will be great until perfect comes along.
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on April 4, 2013
I use this thing everyday. My flashlights were all 3 mode as described. There is a memory function to the flashlight. Soft presses cycled through modes. Hard clicks turn on and off the flashlight. You have to wait about 5 to 10 seconds for the memory to work. If you hard click on and of too quickly you will cycled through the modes. I use this thing everyday I always find uses for it. I attached all 10 of them to an old tactical vest i had and rode my bike through the city at night. People were getting pissed at me. I Had to turn them off they were causing people to yell stuff at me, flash their brights coming the opposite way, and flip me off. I started to get vertigo. It's basically like having 10 strobing headlights attached to you. These things could easily induce a seizure as they are brighter than car headlights. The light is really white. I tested mine against a border patrol agent who had like a 3 foot long mag-light. Not even close!
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