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4.4 out of 5 stars
Ulzana's Raid [VHS]
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on January 9, 2014
About the single most authentic Indian/Soldier movie ever. Horse action unsurpassed. Characters excellent and believable. Would be 5 stars except for inexplicable cuts to film. Bought VHS copy 20 years ago, released for Britain, which had all the horse action cut out and destroyed the movie. I had seen it prior on TV with horse action included. Bought this DVD to replace the VHS with missing action and pleased to find it included, also other scenes which were never in the old one but disappointed to find cuts to this new film which were intact in the old one. The first cut is where the Captain talks to the fort commander, trying to avoid being sent out on patrol after the Apaches and the Major lets him get away with it and appoints Bruce Davison (lieutenant) in his place. The other cut is where the Sergeant and trooper (Richard Farnsworth) are sent out to trail a wounded Apache against the advice of Mr Macintosh (Burt Lancaster) and the scene where the trooper is shot from ambush by the Apache, is missing. All we see is the Sergeant returning alone to the main party and telling of the death of the trooper. Cannot imagine any reason why these cuts were made, but that aside, love the movie.
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on December 8, 2016
Ulzana's Raid is the ultimate about Indian warefare, particularly in the Southwest with the Apaches as ultimately the last holdouts among the
Native Americans. One telling set of comments pretty much sums up some of the gruesomeness of this tale: When will Ulzana fight?
The answer, Ulzana doesn't want to fight, just kill you.

Having studied Indian warefare from the Eastern Coast to the American West, this movie ranks among the best and is one of Burt Lancaster's
finest films.
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on January 29, 2014
A raiding party of Apache indians has escaped the reservation and the calvary is sent to bring them back. The raiding party commits rape and murder and it's portrayed, as it really is, in a brutal way. Along the way, the army lieutenant leading the calvary, talks morality with the scouts, asking what makes the Apache so cruel. The scouts, Burt Lancaster & Jorge Luke are outstanding in their roles. This movie is for fans who like some realism in their westerns.
This may be the most underrated western ever made! If not, it sure is close. There are a lot more famous westerns that aren't nearly as good!!
If your idea of a great western is Bonanza, move along. But if you're more the Gunsmoke type, check this movie out!
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VINE VOICEon January 10, 2012
This review is strictly limited to the print quality of the new Universal Vault Series DVD R is anamorphic widescreen and looks to be remastered. The colors are vibrant and crisp and it is a joy to watch...I'd avoid the full frame versions (some of which are ridiculously priced) and stick with this relatively inexpensive version of one of the hardest to find Lancaster/Aldrich flicks.... The other reviewers cover the film , mine is just to assure others that this version will not disappoint.
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on July 19, 2014
Realistic, gritty. Excellent actors and intelligent writing. Apaches protrayed as intelligent but ruthless.

1.77 aspect, english subtitled, dolby - two channels.

video is good.

Only negatives the subtitle is missing some text in spots, and missing scenes mentioned by others exist.

All in all a darn good western worth investing in, hope longer version comes on the market.

Bought Universal version, 4:3 aspect too.
A European trailer has scenes where Captain Gates gets the Major to assign Lieutenant Garnett to lead the detail to find Ulzana. I haven't found where to get the trailer, but I think it's viewable on utube. Too bad this isn't in any DVD versions that I know of. The UK version was heavily cut due to censoring of scenes where horses considered abused.
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on May 11, 2014
I first watched this movie as part of a course on counterinsurgency. It was apparently intended as an allegory for the American experience in Vietnam, and I can definitely see that. I recently bought this movie as a discussion primer for leadership, risk assessment, and tactical decision-making. My twenty-something year old students are quickly transfixed by the raw and gritty plot. The acting is superb by all involved which indicates a great directing effort. The actor playing Ke-Ni-Tay puts in an amazing performance. I can see where this movie may have been almost too much for audiences back in the 70's. Ulzana's Raid is even more relevant today, given our contemporary experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. Outstanding movie.
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on February 27, 2013
I don't know how to verify the details of the red-white interaction in the frontier west.

There's lots of interesting details that differ from what is in most texts and movies.

The jist of this film is a small raid by a few indians who leave the reservaion and terrorize the surrounding countryside.

The result is that the cavalery partol sent to capture and return the renegades does so at a large cost in men.

The indian side is represented by the indian guide to that patrol. Get the movie and judge for yourself.

Not just another cavalry versus indians shoot-um-up.
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on August 12, 2002
This is one of my favourite westerns, but never have I seen a film in so many different cuts! Ulzana's Raid has appeared in at least two different cuts on British TV in the last few years; the UK video release is different again; and - you guessed it - this US DVD release is yet another cut. This edition is one of the fullest (it is nearly seven minutes longer than the UK video, and contains several segments that I've not seen previously) but there are some interesting omissions.
1) During the Major's briefing at Fort Lowell, after McIntosh and DeBuin have left Captain Gates suggests DeBuin for command of the detail. The Major is unimpressed, as Gates is clearly showing cowardice because he expects a transfer back east in the near future. "What is it you have back there? An uncle?" says the Major. "My mother's brother," says Gates. "Out here, that's what we call an uncle," sneers the Major. But, realising Gates's utter uselessness, he gives the detail to DeBuin anyway. In the scene shortly afterwards, of course, Gates implies that he has done DeBuin a great favour.
2) When the detail settles at Rukheyser's for the night, DeBuin comes upon MacIntosh reading from what is in fact the dead settler's family diary. MacIntosh comments briefly on this, and gives DeBuin a potted history of the Rukyeysers' fortunes before Ulzana's attack.
3) After DeBuin has despatched the Sergeant and Miller to hunt down MacIntosh's wounded brave, there is a scene in which both men are pinned down by the lone apache. Miller is wounded, then killed as he tries to hang on to their horses while the Sergeant gives covering fire.
I think this DVD is the most satisfactory viewing I've had so far, but it really seems extraordinary that there is no definitive cut of this fine, timeless classic.
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on April 22, 2017
I had the movie on VHS but have long wanted to get the DVD - this is one of the best and true-to-life westerns - Burt does a great job - recommended by SBJ
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on April 16, 2012
In my humble opinion this is one of the greatest westerns ever made. I love military history so I cannot complain about much in this film. Hollywood cannot explain history but does a great job at entertaining. If you want history then go read a book. But this film is the rarity in that the script, acting and direction gives you a real feel for that troubled era.
This film is about two alien cultures slugging it out in the Southwest and only one culture can win. Racism, bad government policies, deceitful government agents and finally desperation on both sides means violence is going to erupt. Co-o-ol flick.
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