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Unapologetic [Explicit]
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$11.05+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on July 20, 2017
My second favorite Rihanna album (after anti) This album is full of uptempo bops. Perfect for a party or to lift your spirits up. Its banger after banger. No real artistry but what do you expect from Rihanna. One of her best releases.
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on September 29, 2016
One of my favorite albums - I am a Classically Trained musician and this genre of music isn't something I normally listen to - however the musicality, subject matter, use of traditional and contemporary sounds and motifs - makes this an amazing musical experience. Collaborations with performing artists, producers and song writers make this a must have for this decade's top albums. Sonic Novels where the entire album of tracks are met with a theme throughout are rare these days. You have your Hit-Single, your B-Side and then you have your Album with Unapologetic.
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on June 8, 2013
Rihanna's follow-up to the dance-tastic "Talk That Talk" fails to live up to its predecessor. Instead of songs that belong on a lively party playlist ("We Found Love", "Where Have You Been"), the songs included on "Unapologetic" can be downright depressing at times- in the dubstep-inspired ballad "What Now?", Rihanna sings "And there's no one to call 'cause I'm just playing games with them all". Albeit a good line, that pretty much sums up the vibe of this album. Yes, there are the standard, hedonistic dance-pop tunes like "Jump" and "Right Now", but they lack the sparkle and pure fun of songs like "We Found Love"- this formula is getting worn out, in my opinion. And there's also the auto-tuned messes of "Loveeeeee Song" and "Phresh Off the Runway", which grind on listeners' ears and are straight-up dislikeable. That's not to say this album doesn't have its standouts- I personally love "Love Without Tragedy" and "Half Of Me", although that's probably because Emeli Sande co-wrote "Half Of Me" so it was bound to be a great ballad. Regardless of its standouts, this album isn't worth purchasing the entire thing- I reccommend "Love Without Tragedy" and "Half Of Me".
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on December 17, 2012
Well, for me it's really hard to review this album by Rihanna, since I loved "Talk That Talk", and I was expecting this album to sound more like TTT. I was really surprised and excited at the same time to find out that Rihanna is going back to her R&B roots in this record, "Unapologetic" is a surprisingly good album. Even though everybody knows she rarely writes her music, you can notice that she's more involved with the music in this album, this album is SO Rihanna. Tracks like "Phresh Out The Runaway", "Numb", "Get It Over With", "Loveeeeee Song" and "Pour It Up" go to a more R&B, guetto/hood direction. While she flirts with dubstep and EDM in songs like "Jump", "Right Now" and "Lost In Paradise". The shocking duet with her abusing ex Chris Brown ("Nobody's Business), is one of the best tracks in "Unapologetic", it has a very 90's dance music vibe. But the 2-part song "Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary" is one of the most personal songs Rihanna has ever made, it's just an amazing song, with her uplifting vocals. Well, "Diamonds" of course is her latest hit and an uplifting pop ballad, with electronic influences. To sum it up, "Unapologetic" is a great record, that returns to the music she use to make on her "Good Girl Gone Bad" and "Rated R" albums, but even though I love Rihanna, I feel like she needs to go on vacation for like 2 years and come back with a kick-ass record.
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on April 11, 2013
First of all, I like Rihanna's music, in general. I still think her previous music is better than pretty much everything on this CD. I feel like the CD, in general, is lacking something - creativity? I got sick of it really fast which is a bummer, and I thought some of the tracks had very little substance, example, "No Love Allowed," could have been so much more than it was. Missed the boat there! I feel like she started the song off great but never finished it. That song just didn't scream Rihanna, it seemed like they forgot to finish it. It lacked the same kind of depth and development most of her other tracks have. You can hear the difference. Some of the tracks I thought were really just a waste of space were "Nobody's Business," and "Pour it Up". I don't want to hear about Chris Brown anymore, that's YOUR business, right? As for "Pour it Up", I'm a fan of the occasional grimy track about ballin' out, but this was better sang by a man, not by Rihanna. That sounds sexist, oh well. Leave the 'throwin' it up' and 'dolla' bills' to the thugs and rappers who don't have anything else to rap about, we're way to oversaturated with that trash. Hope the next CD is better!
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on March 6, 2013
Rihanna has established herself as one of the best pop vocalists of the new millennium, so why hype an album that is sub par with previous acts? It's just the same old fast-paced pop songs, and I was expecting more creativity from her; she's done it before on "Good Girl Gone Bad" and "Rated R". That's not to say there aren't any good tracks: "Phresh Out The Runway," "Pour It Up," "No Love Allowed" and "Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary" are creative tracks and classic Rihanna. I especially like "Pour It Up" since she loves building this ethos of being a gangster, as she's done in other albums ("Hard" on Rated R); it's actually quite funny. They certainly make up for some otherwise lackluster tracks that won't be anything but filler in albums. For someone as seasoned as Rihanna, she should be doing much better. To date, I haven't enjoyed any of her major singles except for "Pour It Up". Let's hope that changes.
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on January 2, 2013
Overall, there's great production value to this album. However, there's no standout, radio worthy, pop-catchy tracks. That may be praise or critique. If you're one who doesn't care for what it blasted over the airwaves, then this album may be more for you. If you are fans of Rihanna's pop hits such as Umbrella or Rude Boy I find such anthems void on this album. That's not to say there's not the sometimes crass, often repetitive verses aren't here. They definitely are. They just aren't as catchy (or perhaps, not as annoying). If you're a Rihanna fan, you'll probably enjoy. If you're not, I doubt this will change your mind. It isn't her strongest offering to date.
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on January 1, 2013
As a fan of both explicit and non-explicit music/ things; I can appreciate Rhi Rhi.... This album is not as good as "Good Girl Gone Bad" (I think any album will have a tough time beating that), "Rated R", or "LOUD", but, the overall delivery is better than "Talk That Talk" . I can listen to 85% of the album with no major issues.... Loveeee Song took awhile to get into, but, i 'love' it and Future's voice fits it.... Actually all the songs with features are good.... Pour It Up, Diamonds, Half of Me, What Now, Stay, and Love Without Tragedy (though a little short) are amongst my faves.... Any Rihanna fan should add this to their collection.....!
P.S. I do agree that she can do without the use of the 'N' word...
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on March 30, 2017
Good sound quality
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on December 4, 2012
I am shocked at how much I like this album. I wasn't a huge fan of Talk that Talk so I think this is a nice comeback for me. I think I like it about as much as the Good Girl Gone Bad album. Numb, Pour it Up, What Now, Get it Over With, and Nobody's Business are my favorites. When I hear the song "What Now" I see someone doing a nice contemporary dance. Nobody's Business is a nice upbeat song with Chris Brown. This song is definitely letting us know that what they have going on between them is really none of our business, just theirs. This song also have a Michael Jackson vibe to it and I found out why. This song was inspired by Michael Jackson's song "The Way You Make Me Feel", which is one of my favorite MJ's songs. So yes, I actually give this album 4.25./5 stars! GO HEAD RI RI lol
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