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on July 18, 2016
This is the game that makes Uncharted the great franchise it is. After finally getting around to beating the first game, I had this impression that Uncharted is good, but expected something more. Finally I got around to the sequel Among Thieves. This game improved on all core gameplay issues I had with the first all while delivering once again an even better story.

In terms of the combat, while the controls can still be a little wonky at times, Naughty Dog certainly improved upon them. I found the firefights weren't as tedious and honestly fun. What my gripe about the first game is is that the gameplay itself is not particularly fun. The story and characters essentially carry that game. This game improves upon the shooting sections, but adds more platforming sections, puzzles, and crazy action sequences to the game which the first game lacks. It makes for an ultimately fun game. The train section is just epic and the fight through the city on the rooftops is fun. However, while the game does add more of this, it still could have used more crazy sections like the train in particularly. It was definitely the most memorable action sequence of the game.

Now Uncharted is a game notably known for its story. Among Thieves once again finds Nathan Drake seemingly done with the treasure hunting business only to be lured back into it by old associates on a quest to find yet another lost city, but this time it is Shambala. This takes Drake on a quest around SE Asia and particularly the Himalayas region. This simply provides for a beautiful backdrop to this game and man does it look beautiful. The story itself is excellent. The villains are better than that of the first game, but the main antagonist is still just a throw away villain, typical power hungry guy.

To sum it up, Uncharted 2 is the game that makes this franchise great. It improves upon the gameplay aspects of the first game and delivers a fun experience. The story is great and the main cast of characters are great. Awesome game.
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on February 25, 2015
I have purchased this game sometimes in 2011 or 2012 based on the reviews. I tried it out, thought all the reviews are hype and after an hour of game play, I've decided that I don't like it. And so this game has spent the last few years in the drawer untouched.

I'll be honest with you, the game was ready back then, I wasn't.
Last weekend, out of boredom, I've decided to give it try, only this time I kept on playing. And I have played it for 3 days, completely blown away!

You know, every now and then a fantastic game comes out that stands above all. I knew that Heavy Rain or Little Big Planet are those games, but I never thought Uncharted 2 would be in that category. And it's not! It's even better. This game ladies and gentlemen is simply put, a masterpiece. This is the game that stands above those amazing games. What makes me rave about this so much? I'll explain:

This game is from 2009! You could buy this game today for PS3 and still go WOW over the graphics. They visual side of this game is beautiful. I have not seen a game with such a spectacular scenery, color vibrancy, variety of surroundings and views. Just as strong as the graphics is the story. It catches you within the first hour and never let's go. This is a story of a guy that somehow becomes YOU. And he lives through a story that becomes YOUR story. And then, there is the final component besides the game play that makes this game so unique, the music. I am going to describe the music in three simple letters: OMG. I have not ever seen/heard video, gameplay, sounds and music compliment each other this much.

I now understand that here are games that have game play and music. This game IS the game play, IS the music, this game IS the graphics. This game IS all that. That is why Uncharted is so special. I bow to Naughty Dog, the creators of Crash Bandicoot, for this game. It is, truly, an experience every gamer needs to have. It packs adventure, action, amazing story line, lots of excitement, humor too and even nice butts.

I myself am a FPS type of a player and I don't even like 3rd person view games. Still love it the game this much. Worth every penny as it gives you the experience of a lifetime. If you just liked Lara Croft, this game will make you fall in love unconditionally with this genre.
Please, play it.
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The story plays out like a great movie. There are better voice actors for this game than there are in many movies. Every single character is believable and it makes following the storyline even more enjoyable. The character development is great and you get to know them in the game as if they were real people.

Each level is different from another. It has a very Indiana Jones/National Treasure kind of feel to it. The scenery is beautiful, with everything being something you can climb up or jump from.

While the shooting of guns in the game is not the same as in a typical war simulation game (i.e. Call of Duty), they have made the scenes where shooting is part of the mission, play very well and is a lot of fun.

Some missions are far more challenging than others. There were a few that definitely took me some time to complete, and others that I could get through on the first try. It's a nice mix of missions, without anything ever getting too repetitive.

There are tons of hidden things to collect in this game, so even after you have completed the storyline, it will take you several more run throughs of the game to find them all.

Definitely a must have game for the PS3!
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I know it's a little unique since I'm still playing the first game but I've also started playing the sequel to that game as well, and while I was astounded by the story and graphics of the first this one blew me away with the detail, action, storyline, and characters in the game that you know this is one of the games that will become a live action movie soon. I've always loved the movie action hero or video game hero who has the witty humor and smart mouth when faced with danger and Nathan Drake has become part of that iconic group reaching in heights of the likes of Indiana Jones, other than Metal Gear Solid 4 this was one of the few games that finally pushed me into getting my PS3 and as you play through the levels in a attempt to thwart the bad guys Drake does it with style. The other thing you got to love about the games are the great characters in it like Victor Solomon Drakes best friend and partner with his daring adventures, Elena Fisher a young female reporter who can hold her own in a dire situation and is Drake's love even though both try an deny this, Chloe Frazer another female adventurer from Drakes past as well as romantic connection between them both in the past, Harry Flynn a rogue who has a past with Drake and Chloe but only has his own interest at heart, and the bad guy of the game Zoran Lazarevic who is the one person Drake most stop at all cost. As you play the game in go against or ally with these people in the game, and the way the makers of the game and the script writer and voice actors put 110 percent in their characters and story is amazing and you'll see why this game is probably the top rated seller of last year without question. So like many other reviewers have said if you bought the first game this sequel is a very must have and once you've played it I guarantee you'll be waiting for the third game like the rest of us too...
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on December 29, 2009
I never played the first "Drake's Uncharted" game, but now I'm wondering if that was as amazing as this one. I just got this game yesterday and played for over two-hours, finding it hard to stop myself from playing through the night. From the opening sequence, mini-cut-scenes, great story line and dialogue, this is one of the best games I've ever played. The movement is super realistic, as are the graphics. The only thing that keeps me from claiming this game is "Perfect" is the shooting. Shooting is a bit awkward and it's clear that it is was not the focus of the gamemakers, but everything else really makes up for it.
I have only gone through 3 chapters of this game and I already feel like it was worth the $50. I'm looking forward to playing through the single-player more, and then seeing what the online gameplay has to offer as well.
This is a must-have for any PS3 owner.
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on March 13, 2014
I think this is even better than the first one, the story is even bigger with much more risk. The gameplay is basically the same, the only real difference is that you no longer use the Sixaxis to aim your grenades, which is enough to call it vastly better than the first. There are a few flaws with it that can get annoying, it's a bit trial and error-y. The game isn't terribly hard, there's just some platforming situations that have to be done a few times to get through. That being said, it is worth it to get through them just to see the next part of the story. Everything about the story is fantastic, the writing, voice acting and graphics are just top notch. I get immediately immersed in every single cutscene. Don't get confused, though, the gameplay is still fun. It's a bit like L.A. Noire in that respect, heavy on story with very basic but satisfying gameplay. Nolan North alone makes this worth seeing and playing. They need to make awards for video games casts that carry the same prestige of an Oscar just to give ones to people like Nolan North and Steve Blum.
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on October 14, 2009
Without doubt the greatest game I have ever played, it exceeds Metal Gear Solid 4 in every aspect, in addition to besting the already impressive Uncharted 1. The vastness of it, the intense action, yet with every detail still perfect. No tearing. And no installs either, just the way it should be done.

Took me 13 hours on Normal. Just gets better and better as you go along. So many memorable moments, and just standing there gazing up in the air, taking in the sheer beauty of the art.

Also worthy of a special mention, with LPCM, center set to large and dynamic range to maximum, the audio is exceptional. The thunderstorms especially, had the dog looking around getting nervous. Nice levels of very deep bass as called for by the moment. Kudos to the sound team.

A massively, highly polished gem. If you have a PS3, buy this game. No hesitation. This is the state of the art of PS3 game development.

This review contains no spoilers, everything will be minty fresh when you first play it.

P.S. There is some swearing, hence the Teen rating. Not for young children. For big boys (and girls), it's just a non stop feast of entertainment.
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VINE VOICEon August 9, 2010
I'm just joining the chorus to say that this game is really good. I'm not much into the genre of kill-everything, shoot-everything type games, but this game had me intrigued from the beginning and then it started getting even better. Although there certainly is a lot of shooting, killing, and throw-down, there's also a lot of suspense, beautiful graphics, great acting, and an interesting story-line.

It was actually the Shambhala related story-line that intrigued me. Shambhala is a mythical kingdom that comes from the Kalachakra tantra cycle of teachings in Tibetan Buddhism. It is the origin of the term "Shangri La" (a mispronunciation of Shambhala). As someone very interested in the Kalachakra tantra, I was wondering what this storyline would be about. How amazing that the main character, Drake, is after the Cintamani stone (Wishfulfilling Jem -- familiar to all Buddhists) on a chase that takes him to the mythical/mystical kingdom of Shambhala. There is even a point where Drake finds himself in a Tibetan village, and everyone is speaking Tibetan. (Perfect, real Tibetan -- a language I've studied!) At various places, a giant statue of Vajrakilaya, a phurbu (ritual dagger), dorjee (vajra) and various other Tibetan-related artefacts and references come into play. So, that's an added bonus if you're familiar with all this. If not, at least it's of some educational value for people who may not know much about Tibet and its endangered culture. So props to the designers for doing their homework.

But, of course, what keeps one's interest are the hair-raising chases, near-misses, and the excellent storyline involving two lovely ladies and some really remarkable graphics and acting. What more could you want? The game has my heart pacing most of the time I'm playing at it. Probably good for me, for cardiac health, but maybe not advisable if you have a weak heart!
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on October 18, 2010
I usually don't tell people that one game is worth buying a PS3 for.......and that's still the case so don't get too excited. However if I were to tell you the top 3 games to pick up, this would be one of them.

Honestly, Uncharted 2 is the closest to all-around perfect for a third person shooter.........ever. Even MGS4 wasn't perfect in that it is an acquired taste with its heavy handed story telling (greatest series in videogame history) and stealth. The campaign is just incredible. Everyone knows by now that Uncharted 2 is the best looking game on the PS3. I have amazon verified purchases of Killzone 2, God of War 3, and MGS4. I'm not going to say those don't come close (GoW 3 actually is on par with it), but this is the most colorful, beautiful, and consistently detailed game available on consoles. Its really amazing and on my Samsung HDTV I pop this one in when I know guests are in our apartment. I leave my door open on purpose. I never had a game look so good that I flaunt it on my HDTV.

No one seems to notice the physics on display in the gameplay. If I BARELY make a jump over a gap it'll show in the animation. If I fall from a height and then try to dart off in another direction, Drake's legs will buckle, then he'll move. This isn't God of War 3 where Kratos' jumps are flawless. Drake seems more human because he will stumble, grunt (Kratos grunts too), and land imperfectly at times. All this platforming also helps to remind me that I'm alone. Drake has no army and (most of the time) no friends to back him up. As Drake, I'm an explorer on my own and will do what I can to achieve my goal if it means climbing up a mountain, on the side of a moving train, or jumping on loose ice on the edge of a cliff.

Another thing some people won't see are the times where you can use stealth. Some enemy soldiers have patrol routes and if you sit back and be patient, you can learn them. Sneaking up on an enemy will reward you with a stealth kill. There should have been more stealth kill animations...MUCH MORE. But the few there are very rewarding. The sneaking was so well suited to the game that I hope with U3 there are entire levels that require complete stealth. And please give us more silenced weaponry to get the job done.

People can really make the story seem like its groundbreaking, but its not. That's not to say that its bad, but coming from a hardcore MGS fan, its great, not superb. You, know the National Treasure type. What's groundbreaking is the voice acting. Nothing else even comes close. Uncharted is far and away the best voiced game in existence, period. The story is great. Its very focused and doesn't offer a whole lot of twists and turns, but its really like an action movie. The action and set pieces are also the best I've ever seen. Some parts can even rival God of War's awesome quicktime events. While the story is nowhere near MGS caliber, its a great action adventure with tons of set pieces and FLAWLESS FLAWLESS voice acting. Its an very entertaining story, unlike Killzone 2 where the story is kill everyone and come home.

MP is a blast. This and LBP are the only games that I play MP ALL THE TIME on. Its balanced, fun and the amount of modes is just staggering. While SP is worth the price tag alone, MP just takes this game to 11/10.

I have 3 problems with U2. First of all, the shooting in Uncharted 2 is entirely different from Uncharted 1. In U1, you could not see your bullet travel through the air and stream into the enemy. Wherever you aimed at on the enemy is where the bullet entered. In this game you can actually see the bullet flying through the air, which took a lot of getting used to for me, and to this day it still bothers me.

My second gripe, albeit minor, is that at times, you feel like there are too many locations in the game. This problem can be entirely ignored however, because the first Uncharted is focused on a single location-the jungle. In this wonderful game you will travel to the mountains, a (better) jungle, an arctic environment (and leave tracks and kick up the snow!), temples, and even a residential town in Nepal! If you were fresh off of beating U1, then this may seem a bit overwhelming:)

My third problem that I have with all shooting games besides MW2 is that in the campaign it takes too many shots to kill your enemy. Its not half as severe as Killzone 2 though. KZ2 requires almost half a clip!

Overall this is a buy. Don't rent it cause you won't want to give it back. KILLER APP! If you still aren't convinced, are there any games this gen on Amazon that have over 690 reviews with a 5 star average?

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on December 2, 2013
I love the cut scenes and the dialogue in this game. They blend together so perfectly, It's like watching a mini-movie inside a game. The graphics are also very well done too. The platforming controls are fine and I like the melee aspect of the combat. Do not care much for teh gun play though, It's rather unsatisfying. Aside from that, It's a must have game due to the well done graphics and fantastic story line.
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